Are Ipads Covered On Home Insurance

Are Personal Belongings Covered By Insurance On Vacation

Your contents insurance will typically cover you for your personal property while temporarily removed from your premises in your possession, worldwide. For example, if you go on vacation, you will have some of your possessions with you. If something should happen to personal items, your contents insurance could cover you just as if you were at home. Insured items would be subject to the same coverage provisions in your policy, including the deductible.

What Is Ipad Insurance

iPad insurance can protect you from a range of iPad-related misadventures cracked screens, water damage or theft and greatly lower the costs of repairing or replacing the device, which can be significant for the uninsured.

This guide will explore a few different options you can choose to cover your iPad.

Is Mobile Phone Insurance Necessary

There are reasons why mobile phone insurance might sound like a good idea. For example, if:

  • you have a history of lost, stolen or broken phones
  • you have an expensive smartphone and/or youre locked into a long-term contract
  • you couldnt afford to replace the handset and wouldnt want to downgrade to a cheaper model
  • you rely on your mobile phone and would need an instant replacement if it was lost, stolen or damaged .

But while all these might be true, mobile phone insurance isnt necessarily the answer. For example:

  • its often quite expensive
  • there are better value alternative options available
  • many policies contain exclusions that make them difficult to claim on. For example, while they usually cover the cost of replacing apps and music, the insurance doesnt offer any protection against loss of data.

What Homeowners Insurance Will And Wont Cover

Standard homeowners insurance policies will pay to repair or replace electronics along with the rest of your personal belongings if theyre stolen or damaged in fire, disaster or other problem covered by insurance. But limits apply, including:

  • A homeowners policy wont pay out if your electronic device stops working or if its damaged in an accident, like if you drop it.

  • Portable electronics, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, are typically covered only up to $1,500 under a standard homeowners policy, according to the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America. You can buy additional coverage.

  • Unless you have replacement cost coverage, if your electronics are damaged or stolen, your homeowners insurance will only pay for their current value. Usually that wont be enough to replace them with new items.

  • A power surge can ruin computers and electronics that are plugged in. Many home insurance policies pay for damage caused by a power surge due to lightning. However, standard homeowners policies exclude computer equipment and electronics if theyre damaged by a home power surge not caused by lightning.

Heres The Breakdown Of Phone & Device Insurance:

  • Youre protected from drops, theft, and water damage even when your warranty stops
  • You get coverage immediately and youre covered everywhere you go
  • Two years of coverage only costs a fraction of what your phone costs
  • It doesnt matter when your phone or device was purchased or if its used
  • You get a discount when you choose Progressive!

There’s a good chance youve dropped your phone and shattered the screen. It happens to the best of us. However, in most cases its not covered under the manufacturers standard warranty.

Thats where mobile phone insurance comes in. It covers slips, accidents, and even those didnt-mean-to moments your warranty doesnt, including cracked screens, liquid damage, theft and, yes, drops. Theres no age limit for your device and you are covered internationally. Plus, youll get a 5% discount when you buy through Progressive. Need more convincing? See if cell phone insurance is worth it for you.

Progressive® Phone & Electronic Device Insurance is provided by Worth Ave. Group.

Policy Wording In Product Disclosure Statements

Brand Here’s what the PDS says
For any one item, pair, set, collection or system of general contents items, we will pay up to the sum insured. The general contents covered by your Policy are listed in the table below:
  • portable electronic devices including, mobile phones, smart phones, GPS, tablet computers and laptops
The following items have a maximum amount payable for any one claim. The amounts are listed below and are included within your contents sum insuredElectronic audio, visual and computer equipment
The following items have a maximum amount payable for any one claim. The amounts are listed below and are included within your contents sum insured

How To Get Insurance For Your New Ipad And Other Gadgets

Maybe you just purchased a big-screen TV and want to protect against a Wii controller getting thrown through the screen. Or perhaps the warranty on your brand-new iPad doesn’t offer enough peace of mind. If you’ve invested a lot of money in gadgets, the proper insurance coverage can provide financial protection in case of mishaps and disasters.

Home and renters insurance

Electronics are covered under most renters and home insurance policies if they are lost or damaged by threats that the policy covers, such as fire, lightning, wind or theft, according to the Insurance Information Institute. That being said, limits do apply to this coverage:

Specialty Insurance

Some specialty companies offer insurance policies tailored to technology. Safeware, for example, specializes in computer insurance for individuals and companies. Individuals can insure desktops, laptops and tablet PCs like the iPad) for threats like cracked screens, drops, theft, fires, floods and power surges. If your computer is “totaled,” you’ll get cash for its market value.

Specialty insurer Worth Ave Group covers a variety of gizmos, including computers, cell phones and TVs. Premiums for its iPhone policies start at $55 a year with a $50 deductible). You also can insure your gaming system like an Xbox, Wii or PlayStation) against threats like liquid spills and natural disasters.

Keeping your home inventory up to date

Are Mobile Phones Covered By Home Insurance

If you already have or are considering taking out a home contents insurance policy, your phone may already be covered as part of this.

However, there are some limitations to standard contents insurance that means you might want to upgrade your policy to adequately cover your mobile phone or other gadgets.

Standard contents policies will cover your mobile phone the same as any other item in the home. You will be covered for loss or theft of your mobile phone in the home as well as if it is damaged in a fire, flood, escape of water, etc.

However, many home contents insurance policies have a single item limit, which means that unless you specify your phone as a high-risk item, your payout might be limited to between £500 and £1,000. The details differ with different providers, but if you have a valuable phone it is worth checking the small print.

If you want mobile phone insurance against everyday risks, you might want to ensure your contents insurance policy includes the following features:

Whats The Difference Between High Risk Items And General Personal Possessions

High risk items are belongings that are more frequently stolen:

  • Antiques
  • Musical equipment
  • Medical equipment

General personal possessions are items that you take out of the property on a daily basis or take on holiday, such as jewellery, watches, cameras and clothing. The value of cover for general personal possessions may include some of the high risk items you have specified plus a sum for non-specified items such as clothing.

The Right Policy Coverage

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover electronic equipment under the personal property coverage of the policy but there are two important factors to consider:

  • How much is your deductible for theft losses?
  • How much will your insurance increase if you file a theft claim?
  • Once you know the answer to these questions you will be able to make a decision as to whether you should file a claim. In many cases it will not make sense to file this type of claim and I’ll explain why.


    What Isn’t Covered In Contents Insurance

    High risk items worth more than £1,500 individually or as part of a collection. Pedal cycles worth more than £350. Electronic gadgets worth more than £350. To insure any of the items shown above you must list them individually when you take out the policy. You just need to tell us the brand name, model name and cost to replace it new for each item.

    It also does not cover wiring, fitted kitchen cupboards or window frames. 

    Where To Buy Gadget Insurance

    Your mobile carrier may offer gadget insurance. Stand-alone plans are available from Safeware and Worth Ave. Group.


    Safeware is both an insurance agency and a seller of extended warranty and service plans. Known for its coverage of desktop computers, it also offers policies for tablets, smartphones, electronics, appliances and other home products.

    Insurance pays out to repair or replace smartphones and other electronics. Policies cover against damage from the following:

    • Accidental drops, falls and collisions.

    • Liquid spills.

    • Power surge.

    • Flood, fire and vandalism.

    You have up to 60 days after you buy your device to purchase Safeware insurance. Safeware insurance doesnt replace the manufacturers original warranty, which covers mechanical failures and breakdowns.

    Safeware also sells extended service plans, which do not cover against theft or lost items. Plans start when you buy your device and provide coverage for problems that the manufacturer’s warranty excludes. Safeware extends the manufacturers coverage when the manufacturers warranty expires. The amount of coverage you buy is equal to the amount you paid for the item.

    Worth Ave. Group

    Worth Ave. Group sells insurance for new and used mobile phones and iPhones, iPads and iPods, laptops and Chromebooks, tablets, e-book readers, gaming systems and digital cameras.

    You can purchase Worth Ave. coverage for the following:

    But Worth Ave. wont cover these events:

    • Nuclear hazards.

    Are Roommates Covered

    Good friends or roommates may live together in a place where only one person has an insurance policy. Roommates are not covered by an insurance policy unless they are named on it because they do not fall under the definition of the insured. Therefore, if your friend owns a house and you live in it, or you share an apartment, and you are not a named insured on their insurance policy for personal belongings, then you are not covered for your things. You would need a renter’s policy to cover you or ask to be added to their policy as a named insured to share the policy coverage.

    Is It Value For Money

    Value for money isnt just about price. Always check exactly what youre getting for your money and whether its suitable for your needs.

    If you need a speedy replacement handset, for example, make sure you get a policy that includes it.

    You might be offered mobile phone insurance when buying a new phone or contract. So make sure you shop around for a better deal before accepting.

    Do I Need To Specify All Of My Valuable Items Such As Furniture And Stereo Equipment

    No, the only items you need to specify on your policy for cover within your home are items worth over £1,500 each, if they are classed as high risk which are: Antique or rare books. China, glass and porcelain. Clocks. Coin collections. Electric wheelchairs/disability scooters. Gold and silver including plated articles. Jewellery or watches. Antique or sporting guns. Medal collections. Picture/paintings. Ride on lawnmowers. Stamp collections.

    Please also specify any mobile phones, smart phones, laptops, tablets and pedal cycles over £350.

    Other Types Of Electronics You Can Insure Through Progressive

    Along with laptop insurance, you can also insure other electronic devices through us, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, and gaming systems. Get a quote today for a 5% discount.

    Pro tip:

    Back up your files to an external hard drive at least once a week. Laptop insurance may help if your computer gets accidentally damaged or stolen, but it can’t bring back lost data.

    Does Accidental Damage Cover Matching Sets

    Insurers may only pay out to replace the damaged item, even if its part of a set.

    In other words, if youve a set of sofas and one has become damaged, insurers may not pay for a whole new set.

    This could mean that you end up with a sofa that doesnt match the original set.

    Youll need to check your home insurance policy details.

    If matching set cover is part of your policy or youve included it as an add-on, the insurer should replace the entire set if one piece gets damaged.

    Actual Cash Value Vs Replacement Cost Coverage On Your Contents

    Whether you have replacement cost or actual cash value coverage will determine how much you will be paid in a claim. 

    Replacement cost coverage on contents means that the insurance company may repair or replace the item in the event of a loss. If you had to replace the item, you would receive the amount of money required to buy a new item.

    Actual cash value coverage means that you are covered for the value of the item less depreciation. This coverage defines a very limited form of protection. Make sure and ask your insurance agent or broker what the basis of claims settlement is on your insurance coverage for your personal belongings. If it is actual cash value, you may want to ask for a quote for replacement cost insurance.

    Is Ipad Covered By Contents Insurance

    4.4/5coveriPadcoveredinsurancecontents coveriPadcoveredcover

    Not only that, personal possessions cover will also protect items such as iPads, cameras and jewellery, so you won’t need to take out separate insurance for them. This means even if your home insurance policy doesn’t offer this cover as standard, it can be worth paying a little extra to add it on.

    Also, what does content insurance cover? Contents insurance covers the financial cost of repairing or replacing your household personal possessions and furnishings, such as curtains, furniture, white goods, stereo, TV, computers and other electrical appliances, clothing, jewellery, sporting equipment and even toys.

    Also know, can I add insurance to my iPad?

    AppleCare coverage is offered when purchasing an iPad from Apple on its website and in stores, but you can also add it after the fact. Even if you didn’t purchase your iPad from Apple, you can extend your warranty to two years and add physical damage protection within 60 days of your original purchase.

    Is my phone covered by contents insurance?

    Standard contents policies will cover your mobile phone the same as any other item in the home. If your contents insurance policy does not include accidental damage cover, you’ll only be able to claim for damage caused as a result of damage in the home, such as a fire or flood.

    What Our Customers Says

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    What Mobile Phone Cover Is Not Included In My Home Insurance Policy

    If you want to cover your mobile phone to be insured outside the home, youll need to list it as a specified item in your home insurance application or comparison. If you upgrade to the latest model phone check that your insurer will both cover this specific model, and that they are aware you have a new model. Otherwise, the new phone may not be covered.

    Why Do I Need Cover Away From Home

    The cost of replacing items stolen or lost has gone up. In a 2018 Crime Survey for England and Wales 19% people surveyed had items stolen valued between £500 and £999. This is mainly because we’re taking more with us when we leave the house.In addition to the usual money and keys, we’re likely to have a mobile phone, a watch, jewellery and maybe a laptop or tablet. These can add up to thousands of pounds. And if the rest of your family are also taking expensive items out of the house each day too, there’s a very real possibility of shelling out hundreds of pounds on damaged, lost or stolen items.So, what’s the answer? Apart from making sure you safeguard your possessions when you travel, you can take out insurance that covers your personal belongings when you’re away from home.

    Understanding What Home Contents Insurance Covers

    Contents insurancealso known as personal property insurancecan help you replace the items in your home if you have a theft, fire, or other types of insured claim or loss.

    The personal property coverage is insurance that covers the items you have in your home. The contents of your home are made up of all the different things you own in and around your house. Personal belongings include your clothing, electronics, expensive jewelry, and essentially anything movable.

    Does The Policy Cover Jewelry

    Yes, HomeProtect does provide cover for your jewellery. If an item of jewellery is worth more than £1,500 it will need to be specified as a high risk item.

    Please note, that the policy includes a maximum of £5,000 cover in total for gold, silver, gold and silver plated articles, other precious metals, jewellery and furs; or 20% of the total value of contents to be insured. You can increase this limit if needed.

    Please contact our team to arrange a higher level of cover. If you need to cover your jewellery away from the home, please make sure you choose to add cover away from the home when you purchase your policy. Your jewellery will then be insured for periods of up to 90 days, away from the home and outside of the UK.

    How Much Is Your Deductible For Theft Losses

    On a standard homeowner’s insurance policy there is a deductible for all losses such as $500 or $1000. Some policies will have a different deductible for wind and hail but this is usually the case in states that see a lot of damage from such losses. Let’s assume your policy has a $500 deductible for all losses including theft. In order for a claim to pay out the value of the item must be greater than your deductible. With the starting price of a baseline iPad approximately $500 it may not make sense to file a claim unless you purchased an upgraded model. The next thing to consider is if your iPad is worth more than the deductible will it increase your premiums over time.



    Do I Need Personal Possessions Cover

    Although you work from home, there may well be times when you are out and about on business. At times like these, it may be best to also have Personal Possessions cover. Its particularly helpful in case you lose or damage items like jewellery when out of the house. Whats more, this additional cover option will insure the whole family!

    But Wont I Already Be Covered

    If you already have home insurance you might already be covered, at least when youre at home. But as items such as iPads are easy to lose and attractive to thieves, theres also a good chance your insurer will exclude them, or at least not provide cover for them when youre out and about.

    Heres what to check for when it comes to financial protection for your iPad and other mobile devices:

    1. Item exclusionsFirstly, and most importantly, check with your insurer whether your iPad or other type of gadget is covered. It wasnt long ago that many insurers excluded them from their policies as theyre so easy to break or steal.You might have to indicate that you own an iPad, or similar, when buying your cover so the insurer can take it into account when working out your premiums. Or you might have to get it covered separately. Make sure you give them the exact model.

    2. Accidental damageSome policies include accidental damage as standard, but many dont. Dropping an iPad and damaging the screen to the point where its unusable is very common, for example, and can be costly if youre not covered.If your policy does include accidental damage, check if its only for when youre inside the main building, or if it includes gardens and outbuildings too.

    5. Away from home limitsIf you opt for, or have already got, away from home cover in your policy, be aware that the claim limits can differ from the limits that apply when you are in your home.

    Policy Expert


    We Have Grandparents Living With Us Are Their Belongings Covered By Contents Insurance

    Yes. Your contents insurance policy covers the cost of replacing or repairing contents owned by all members of your family who reside at the property.

    Does the policy cover my contents whilst Im moving home? Yes, the HomeProtect policy will cover your belongings whilst moving home. Please bear in mind that this is only cover for fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, theft or attempted theft.

    Shop Around For The Best Deal

    Get as many quotes as possible using this comparison and check:

    • The maximum cover: This should be no less than the cost of your iPad

    • The excess: Beware of £0 excesses, which could increase the cost of your policy

    • The monthly cost: Look for the cheapest policy that offers what you need

    Most insurers offer a discount for buying your policy online and paying in full could also be cheaper. When you have found the cover you need, check with the insurer for any extra discounts you could get.

    What Does Accidental Damage Cover When Added To A Contents Insurance Policy

    A contents insurance policy would usually cover damage caused to your belongings by storms, fire, flood or crime.

    For example, youd be covered if a burglar breaks in and knocks over your TV. 

    With an accidental damage policy, youd be covered if a friend or family member knocked the TV over.

    As long as it was unintentional. 

    Accidental damage for contents insurance should cover things like:

    • A TV that has been broken physically, not electronically
    • Damage to furniture, such as mattresses and sofas
    • Damage to property in your garden
    • Damage to your carpets, such as a red wine stain

    Your possessions should be covered by accidental damage insurance:

    • In your home
    • Outdoors, as long as its within the confines of your property
    • When moving house, but with a professional contractor
    • If you take them with you on holiday if you have personal possessions cover


    Get Mobile Phone Insurance Or Cover As Part Of A Packaged Bank Account

    Packaged bank accounts usually offer mobile phone insurance as one of the benefits in return for a monthly fee:

    • This can be a relatively cheap way of insuring your mobile phone.
    • If its a joint account you might even get both yours and your partners phone insured for the same fee.
    • Always check the level of cover does it meet your needs? How quickly will your handset be replaced? Will you be covered for unauthorised calls?

    If youre thinking of going for a packaged bank account, make sure the benefits you get outweigh the cost of the account.

    Find out more in our guide Packaged accounts

    Are My Personal Possessions Covered Outside The Home Or If I Go On Holiday

    Not unless you have taken out our Personal Possessions cover. This cover is an optional extra that you can purchase with your policy. Under our HomeProtect policy, the Personal Possessions option covers your personal belongings against theft or accidental damage anywhere in the United Kingdom.

    If you are taking these possessions overseas, cover is included for up to 90 days each year. Any individual items worth more than £1,500 will need to be specified on the policy.