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Are Life Insurance Policies Public Record

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Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company Of Philadelphia

Ways to Organize Life Insurance Records

The Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company was organized by a group of Philadelphia Quakers in 1865, and by World War I it had become one of the largest life insurance companies in the country with a strong presence in the New York and Boston markets.

The Provident Life & Trust Company of Philadelphia was incorporated on March 22, 1865, and opened for business on July 31, 1865. In addition to the main office staff, the company employed an increasing force of special agents or “canvassers”, who moved into New York and Massachusetts in 1866, as well as Maryland, New Jersey, and upstate Pennsylvania.

The Provident Life? forty agencies with five hundred agents were in operation across America.

In 1922 the Pennsylvania legislature revised state tax laws affecting mutual life insurance companies, which allowed for an expanded trust business. Provident Life & Trust decided for mutualization and by December 1922 had separate life insurance and trust departments. On December 29, PLT officially changed its name to Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company of Philadelphia. In 1923 Provident Mutual undertook a national advertising campaign to stimulate sales. The advertising strategy, which included journal advertising, direct mail and radio programs, became an integral part of Provident Mutual’s operation.

From the description of Records, 1832-1982. . WorldCat record id: 122547382

Other Tips For Finding A Lost Life Insurance Policy

It is possible the company that issued your life insurance policy has changed its name, merged with another company or sold your policy to another insurance company. You should have been notified of this change at the time it happened. For this reason, it is important to make sure your mailing address is always current on your policy. However, if you did not receive an updated policy, you will need to locate the life insurer that services and pays claims on your policy.

In many cases, you can contact the Division of Insurance to assist you in finding the new name of your insurer. You should have the full legal name of the company that issued the policy and the state where the policy was purchased. The Division can usually track name changes and/or mergers that impacted the insurance company.

If the policy holder has passed and you need help locating a lost policy:

Check the mail following the death of the policyholder, keeping an eye out for premium notices or dividend notices. If the life insurance policy is paid up, there may still be annual notices from the company regarding the status of the policy.

Contact the Unclaimed Property division of the State Treasurer’s Office. If a life insurance company finds that an insured person has passed away, but is unable to find the beneficiary of the policy, the company will turn the death benefit to the state where the policy was bought as “unclaimed property.” The beneficiary is still able to collect this money.;

Keep Life Insurance Out Of Public View With A Trust

A trust can be a valuable tool for life insurance planning, and it can be setup rather easily.

A life insurance trust can be established as an Inter Vivos or living trust which will cause all of the property that is placed into the trust to pass directly to a beneficiary or beneficiaries without having to go through probate.

The privacy of the affairs of the family who established the trust is protected, as all of the property and funds of the family, is already in the trust, so there is no transfer of any assets from a physical standpoint.

Since nothing needs to be probated, there is no chance for the privacy to be broken.

This type of trust is also ideal when minor children are still at home. If a simultaneous death should occur which takes both parents, a guardian would have been named and the trust would receive life insurance to fund the upbringing of the children by the guardian.

Most living trusts are of the revocable kind which gives the controlling family members the right to control their property that is held in the trust.

As such the property owner has complete control over the property, yet when death occurs, privacy is assured.

Be sure to hire an attorney to draw up a trust such as this that will be complicit with your will and both instruments will work together if a death should occur. The trust is the instrument that holds the assets, and the will is the instruction as to the disposition of the assets.

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What Are The Benefits Of Planning Early

After a sudden death, many beneficiaries are left wondering how to find life insurance policies of a deceased parent. It’s a situation that can be easily avoided by having the right conversations while your parents are alive. Although topics surrounding the death of a loved one can be tough to talk about, asking your parents about their life insurance policies and finding out where they keep important plan-related documents can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

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Locate A Life Insurance Policy

Are life insurance policies public record?

If you suspect that a loved one had a life policy, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has created a Life Insurance Policy Locator service to help consumers locate benefits from life insurance policies or annuity contracts purchased anywhere in the United States.; The companies will search their records to determine whether they have life policies or annuity contracts and will contact you directly only if they find a policy in the name of the deceased and you are the designated beneficiary or authorized legal representative. This service is free of charge. Prior to utilizing this service, you are required to conduct a diligent search of the deceased person’s records.

The following tips may assist you in your search:

If you find a life insurance policy for a deceased relative but cannot locate the company, you can call our Consumer Hotline at 1-800-927-4357 or check the Company Profile on our Website to obtain address and phone contact information.

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How Can I Determine If There’s A Life Insurance Policy In My Name

Although children are often named as beneficiaries of their parents death benefits, family relationships can be complex, leaving individuals unsure whether they’re eligible for a payout. The best way to find out if your parent named you as a beneficiary is to ask while theyre alive. If your parent is deceased, you should locate policy documents or contact the insurance company to determine who the policy’s beneficiaries are.

From Your Social Media Accounts

Anything you post on social media could come back to bite you. Thats even true when youre applying for life insurance. A survey by Lewis& Ellis Actuaries and Consultants;found that most insurance companies surveyed check social media sites during their underwriting process. Most use Google, and some check LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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We Really Do Come Through For Our Clients

Ed, Im a current client of yours and received my annual follow up call from you recently for my Minnesota Life policy. Though this policy will serve my family well for many years to come, I appreciate your personal service and the annual phone call. Every year I send in my check in, It still brings a smile to my face that you were able to find me the perfect policy at an outstanding price. Ive always believed to give credit where credit is due and wanted to thank you for your expertise in this field and superior customer service!


What Happens To Unclaimed Life Insurance Money

Public defender wants to drop out of Nikolas Cruz case

Some states are placing pressure on life insurance companies to pay out unclaimed death benefits. Because of this, insurance companies routinely use Social Security data to check to see if policyholders are still alive. When they find out one passed away, theyll do research to try to find the beneficiaries.

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Turn To A Missing Policy Locator

The National Association of Insurance CommissionersLife Insurance Policy Locator Service and similar services allow consumers who believe they are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy to submit a life insurance policy search by name and request to have insurers check their files. These systems can serve as an unclaimed life insurance database for individuals that need a starting point for retrieving policy information.

The Unique Case Of Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

There is one type of life insurance someone dying can buy, and that is guaranteed issue life insurance.; Everyone in a particular age range qualifies for this type of insurance, regardless of medical history.

Death benefit amounts are small, typically $5,000 to $25,000.

The application is typically very simple; perhaps one page of information about you and your beneficiaries.; There is a catch, however.; If someone dies in the first two years, they typically only get their earned premiums back plus interest .

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Search For The Insurance Company

If you find evidence of a policy and can identify the insurance company, most of your work is done. Beneficiaries who cant locate the insurance company listed on a policy should contact their state insurance department.

Meanwhile, if you do have the insurance company, follow its steps to file a claim. Provided you give all the information and the insurance company approves your claim, the company will typically provide payment in a timely manner.

Contact Those In The Know

Are life insurance policies public record?

You may not know if your parent had a life insurance policy, but someone undoubtedly does. A few phone calls may be all it takes to find the information youre looking for. The following individuals may be able to help you uncover policy specifics:

  • Accountants, investment advisors, estate planners and other financial professionals: If your parents sought financial advice, the professional they worked with may be able to provide details about any life insurance policies.
  • Insurance agents and brokers: If your parents worked with an insurance agent or broker, these professionals will likely know about any insurance policies that were purchased. Even if the only agent you know of is the one they used for auto or home insurance, its worth a try.
  • Former employers: Your parent may have purchased a life insurance policy through the workplace. If so, former employers may be able to provide copies of relevant records. Its also worth checking with your other parents former employers for records of spousal life insurance policies.
  • Industry organizations: If your parent belonged to a union, a fraternal organization or another professional membership group, reach out to their benefits department. Many of these groups offer perks, including life insurance, to members, and records of purchase should be on file at their administrative offices.

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How To Find A Copy Of A Lost Life Insurance Policy

It can take some digging, but the policy document will have all the information you need to file a life insurance claim, including:

  • Name and contact information of the insurer

  • Policy number

  • Name of beneficiary or beneficiaries

  • Death benefit amount

If you know youâre the beneficiary of a life insurance policy but donât have a copy of it, there are a few ways to find a lost policy:

Check For Unclaimed Property

When a life insurance company attempts to pay out on a policy but cant find the beneficiaries, its obligated to turn this unclaimed property over to the state in which the policy was purchased. If you think this may have happened, you can visit the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, which helps connect individuals with unclaimed property that may belong to them.

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Contact The Deceaseds Financial Advisors

Anyone who advised the deceased on financial matters or helped themmanage their estate â such as an accountant, attorney, financial planner, banker, or business partners â might be able to track down their insurance policy, or at least tell you which company they purchased the policy from.

Similarly, if the deceased person purchasedhome insurance orauto insurance through an insurance agent, itâs worth contacting them.

If Your Life Insurance Proceeds Falls Into The Hands Of Creditors

Why Life Insurance Companies Request Medical Records : Life Insurance Advice

In most states, do not have access to the proceeds of the life insurance payable at death, if the insured owes money. Life insurance death benefits are normally not paid through the probate process, as the life insurance company pays directly to the named beneficiary of the policy.

The problem arises when the beneficiary owes money to a creditor, which can easily happen if a husband and a wife owe money jointly to a creditor.

In such an instance, the debts of the deceased husband are the debts of the beneficiary, in this case, the spouse. That being the case the creditor could potentially attach the life insurance proceeds as soon as the money is received by the spouse and put into the bank.

Most states have a provision that prohibits creditors from attaching life insurance proceeds, but as soon as the proceeds are received, they cease to be life insurance proceeds.

The use of the settlement options of the life insurance company can be used to forestall creditors attaching the proceeds. An income stream can be set up to pay the money over time to the beneficiary, or the deposit option can be used.

The deposit option keeps the money on deposit with the insurance company and pays interest to the beneficiary. The beneficiary has discretion as to how much money to take out of the deposit fund and when.

Of course, it is possible for the knowledge of insurance proceeds to be in the public records when creditors attach the life insurance proceeds if they are able.

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How To Find If A Life Insurance Policy Exists

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If you have lost a friend or loved one, you may be wondering how to find out if a life insurance policy exists. It would be great if there was a national database you could plug your name into and find out in seconds if youre a beneficiary, but there is no website to find out if someone has life insurance. Getting the answers to your questions may take some work.

Since its not a requirement to let beneficiaries know that they are mentioned in a policy, you may not even know that someone has left you this money. So how to find a deceased persons life insurance policy? Lets take a look at the best way to go about it.

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Contact The Deceaseds Former Employers

Most life insurance policies purchased through employers are term policies that provide coverage only during the time of employment, but sometimes an individual will continue the policy after leaving the company. You might want to check with former employers, labor unions or professional associations to see which company they had life insurance with so you can contact the insurer directly.

Many companies wont provide specific information pertaining to employees outside of when they worked there and their position, so asking what life insurance company they use is a way around this.

Contacting The Company That Services Your Life Insurance Policy

Vital Records

If you are the owner or beneficiary of a life insurance policy written long ago, you may need help locating the life insurer that services and pays claims on the policy.

Over the years, a policy owner may lose touch with the life insurer due to frequent moves, or the company that issued the policy may have changed its name or merged with another company.

Two sources of information can assist you in finding the life insurance company that currently services your policy:

  • State insurance department. The state insurance department of the state in which the insured person resided at the time he or she bought the insurance policy.
  • Best’s Insurance Reports. This annual update lists insurance company names and addresses, as well as insurers’ name changes, mergers and other changes. Reports are available in the reference section of many larger libraries.

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Annuities And Life Insurance Lost Policy Locator

Consumer requests are encrypted and secured to maintain confidentiality. Participating insurers will compare submitted requests with available policyholder information and report all matches to state insurance departments through the Life Insurance Policy Locator. Companies will then contact beneficiaries or their authorized representatives.Check out the Life Insurance Policy Locator and FAQs here:

What Happens If No One Claims The Money

If no one claims the payout on a life insurance policy within a certain amount of time, insurers are required to turn the unclaimed benefits over to the states unclaimed property office, which is generally a subsidiary of the state treasurers office.;

Most states require life insurance companies to make a good faith effort to locate all beneficiaries, as well as checking regularly with a central listing called the Death Master File to ensure that they know when a policyholder has died.

In most states, the law allows several years to pass before insurers turn over the funds to the state. At that point, you would need to contact your states unclaimed property office to inquire about how you might access your benefits.

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