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Breast Pumps Covered By Insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield

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What Breast Pumps Does Bcbs Cover Can I Get Any Pump I Want

Your Blue Cross Blue Shield pump benefits depend upon the state plan under which you are covered and/or the state in which you reside. Once we verify your insurance, well let you know what breast pumps are fully covered .

1 Natural Way offers the following breast pump brands to choose from: , , , , , , , and . We offer standard and deluxe models, as well as many great portable and hands-free breast pumps that are so useful for busy moms.

If you prefer a more expensive pump than one that is fully covered by your plan, you can apply the cost of a covered breast pump toward the cost of a pump of your choice.

The plans that we work with are listed by state in the chart below. Please note, however, that 1 Natural Way will still need to verify that we are in-network with your individual plan. Get started here!


Adding A New Baby To Your Insurance Plan

Congratulations! There is nothing sweeter than welcoming a new baby into your home. You probably already had a checklist of everything you needed to do pack the hospital bag, install the car seat, and of course, dont forget about adding your newest bundle of joy to your health insurance plan.

The process of adding a new baby to your insurance plan is different based on what kind of insurance plan you have. Group members are enrolled in a group plan, usually offered by an employer. Direct enrolled members purchased their health insurance off or directly through our website.

Group members:

If you currently have a policy that covers child, the newborns coverage is effective on the birth date. However, a phone call or a change form will still need to be submitted to add the child within 60 days of the date of birth.

If your current policy does not cover children, you may either call our office at 1-800-432-3990 or send in a change form within 60 days of the babys birth in order to change your policy to one that does cover children. If a call is placed to add the child, follow up with your group and send in a change form signed by you and your group leader.

To obtain a copy of the change form please contact your group administrator or contact us.

Direct enrolled members:

If you currently have a policy that covers child, the newborns coverage is effective on the birth date. However, a change form or a phone call will still need to be made to cover the child.

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What Other Bcbs Benefits Can 1 Natural Way Help Me With

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Insurance Covered Breast Pumps

In addition to a free breast pump through most BCBS plans, moms with certain plans can also receive and/or .

Support bands ease discomfort by relieving pregnancy-related pressure from the abdomen, hips, and lower back, while maternity compression stockings help reduce swelling and discomfort and promote circulation in the legs.

Many moms with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance are also eligible for and breast pump replacement parts and accessories. Pump parts and supplies can be delivered montly through 1 Natural Way’s .

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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Breast Pumps

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the most well-known insurances in the United States, so millions of women will eventually want to know if they can get a free breast pump through Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

For most BCBS moms, the answer is YES! Under the Affordable Care Act, non-grandfathered insurance plans are required to cover a breast pump. Breast pumps are often covered under the Womens Preventative benefit and are sometimes covered under the durable medical equipment benefit.

Whats more is that Blue Cross Blue Shield typically allows one breast pump per pregnancy and a double electric breast pump is usually covered .

Coverage varies from plan to plan, however. To learn exactly what your plan covers, you should contact the member services number on the back of your insurance ID card. Or, fill out our and we will verify your coverage.

What Supplies Will I Need

Though breastfeeding is often touted as free, there are a few supplies to consider purchasing that will help make it easier:

  • A few nursing bras or tank tops for easier access
  • Disposable or cloth nursing pads to absorb leaks
  • Hot-and-cold therapy packs to relieve engorgement and plugged ducts
  • Nipple balm or cream to soothe sore nipples
  • A breastfeeding support pillow for added comfort
  • A breast pump for times you need to be away from your baby

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Can I Get A Breast Pump Through My Babys Insurance

Medi-Cal and other insurance plans Medi-Cal and other medical insurance plans may provide a breast pump when a mother cant feed her baby at her breast. A doctors referral may be necessary. WIC mothers who work full time or attend school for long hours may be eligible for a free electric breast pump. Yes you can!.

How To Order The Breast Pump

5 Best Breast Pumps You Can Buy In 2022

I will focus in on the process we went through using Edgepark, since its the only one we have used.

During one of my wifes visits to the doctor, he provided a prescription to order the pump. I called Edgepark and they took my information including my health plan and also the expected delivery date. The pump can be ordered fifteen days before the expected date so I was asked to call back then.

Fast forward to fifteen days out, I called again to order the pump and there were no issues at all. I had a prescription ready to send over, but the office at Edgepark coordinated directly with our doctor and Horizon BCBS to make the process seamless for us. A few days after the call, we had the pump at our doorstep and the Horizon BCBS Omnia Silver plan covered it.

On their website, Edgepark states you can order the pump earlier on in the pregnancy and they will hold the order from you until the fifteen day out mark.

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Does Bluecross Blueshield Cover Breast Pump Supplies

Yes! Many Anthem and Blue Cross plans also cover replacement parts for your pump like:

  • Breast Pump Tubes
  • Valves
  • Breast Milk Storage Containers

Your eligibility will depend on your specific plan and coverage. The good news is, when you use Aeroflow Breastpumps to get your breast pump through insurance – we automatically check your coverage for additional breast pump supplies! Approximately eight weeks after your due date, a Specialist will notify you via email and phone if you’re eligible. Replacement parts include all of the parts that connect to the breast pump motor including tubing, breast shields and valves.

Common Questions About Getting A Breast Pump Through Insurance

    Breast pumps can be costly. Because of the Affordable Care Act , most health insurance providers will cover one pump per pregnancy. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get an insurance-covered breast pump, this guide will walk you through the process and answer some frequently asked questions you may have along the way.

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    How Does Health Care Coverage Work

    Some individuals get health care coverage through their employer as part of their benefits package. Others purchase coverage directly from a health insurance company.

    When you receive care, you present your ID card to the care provider. The card indicates to the provider, which plan you have and how much you need to pay out-of-pocket for care services.

    After your care service the provider sends a claim to your insurance company, and, if the service is covered, the insurance company pays the provider for the service. You receive an Explanation of Benefits statement from the health insurer. The EOB outlines the amount the company paid for the service and any remaining amount that you owe the provider.

    California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board

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    Humana Insurance Guidelines For Breast Pumps

      Per the Affordable Care Act, most insurance companies cover breastfeeding supplies and equipment at little to no cost to patients as a preventative benefit. Learn how simple it is to get your top-of-the-line free breast pump and other motherhood essentials from Aeroflow Breastpumps through your Humana insurance!

      Insurance Covered Breast Pumps And Supplies

      After speaking with BCBS, researching your breast pump options, and finding the right medical supply company, its time to place your order. Regardless of if you decide on purchasing a Medela breast pump, a Spectra pump, an Evenflo pump, or another leading brand, always check to make sure that you have the proper accessories. BCBS often covers accessories and replacement pump parts such as pump tubes, flanges, valves, and even milk storage containers. In recent years, theyve also started covering maternity compression garments , which help to provide support and stabilization both during pregnancy and throughout postpartum healing.

      Again, always confirm the coverage of any additional supplies with your provider. While its a little extra effort, its worth it to ask. A few minutes on the phone could lead to hundreds of dollars in savings.

      Breastfeeding is an important part of a healthy development. Breastmilk provides essential nutrients and vitamins that aid in a growing body and a strong immune system. While nursing is a great way to improve the bond between you and your baby, you wont be with your baby 100% of the time from birth until you introduce solid foods. To make sure that youre providing the opportunity for proper nourishment while youre away, order a Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance covered breast pump today.

      Give Your Baby the Best of You


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      Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Breast Pump Replacement Parts

      Some Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans not only cover a double electric breast pump, but they may also cover replacement parts for your breast pump as well. The price of different flange sizes, storage bags, replacement tubing, and more can add up quickly if theyre not covered by your health insurance. Each Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan is different, so be sure to check if your coverage includes replacement breast pump parts.

      When researching how to get a breast pump through insurance, it is important to remember that every insurance plan is different. Even if someone you know has Blue Cross Blue Shield and got a particular type of breast pump, you may have a plan that covers a different range of breast pumps. Take some time to research which benefits your insurance offers so you can get the best breast pump for you.

      Health insurance wasnt designed to be easy to understand. Thats where Pumps for Mom comes in. We are passionate about helping new and expectant moms get the best breast pump through insurance so they can make the most out of their breastfeeding experience. Our qualification form is easy to complete and helps moms see which insurance breast pumps they qualify for immediately. With top breast pump brands including Medela, Ameda, Spectra, Lansinoh, Freemie, and more, Pumps for Mom is here to help you find the best breast pump for you and your little one. Youve got enough to take care oflet Pumps for Mom handle your breast pump through insurance.

      Blue Cross Blue Shield Breast Pump Coverage And Other Benefits

      BCBSM Annual Meeting Health Care Reform Panelists Address Cost Question
      We Can Help with Your BCBS Breast Pump – and Maybe More!

      Thank you for considering 1 Natural Way to get your breast pump through your BCBS insurance policy. Our goal is to make getting your pump easy, so let us do the heavy lifting!

      Here at 1 Natural Way, your Blue Cross Blue Shield breast pump coverage gets you the best pumps from top rated brands like Spectra, Medela, Ameda and even the Elvie and Willow breast pumps!

      Many BCBS plans offer other maternity benefits in addition to breast pump coverage. These benefits include pregnancy support bands, maternity compression stockings, and lactation constultations – all of which you can get through 1 Natural Way. Breast pump accessories are available from plans like CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield.

      Many moms with BCBS are also eligible for breast pump replacement parts and supplies through our Milkzoom program.

      Find out what products you qualify to receive through your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

      Fill out our simple intake form and let us do the heavy lifting

      How to Order Your Breast Pump through Your BCBS Insurance

      Getting your breast pump through Blue Cross Blue Shield is easy! Follow these simple steps and you could have your insurance covered breast pump within a week!

    • Provide a few key pieces of information. Just fill out the form below as completely as you can.
    • Get started now by filling out the form below!

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      Bluecross Blueshield Maternity Compression Coverage

      Aside from covering your breast pump through insurance, BlueCross BlueShield also provides coverage for maternity & postpartum compression garments. These are medical devices that have been designed by healthcare professionals to provide support, relief, and stabilization for increased comfort during pregnancy and to assist with postpartum healing. Most policyholders with BCBS qualify to receive maternity support bands , compression socks, and postpartum recovery garments through insurance but they are subject to deductible and coinsurance. If you fill out our Qualify Through Insurance Form, we automatically check your coverage for maternity and postpartum compression items as well!

      Why Is Breast Milk So Important

      Your breast milk has just the right amount of nutrients and protective antibodies that are not available in any other source and its easy for your baby to digest. Those protective antibodies reduce the risk of illnesses and chronic conditions later in life. There are also health benefits for mothers, including reduced risk of developing certain types of cancer and type-2 diabetes. It also saves money by eliminating or reducing formula cost, reducing healthcare visits, prescriptions and hospitalizations. Thats why breast milk is the perfect food for your baby!

      Federal Employee Program members must order their electric breast pump through CVS Caremark. Some members may have additional out-of-pocket costs. To be sure, call the customer service number on the back of your ID card.

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      Why Are Breast Pumps Covered Under Bcbs

      While many people go years without needing to fully understand the scope of their insurance, having a baby quickly turns you into expert. If youre delivering in the hospital, its important to know what your insurance covers and what it does not. Take the time to talk to your provider and the hospital to avoid unexpected costs. Then youll need to sort out regular doctors appointments, any vitamins, vaccinations, or medications your baby will need, and ongoing developmental checkups. To make sure that you start off on the right foot, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers insurance covered breast pumps and breastfeeding support.

      Breast pumps are considered durable medical equipment , which is a type of equipment that provides therapeutic benefits to a patient in need due to certain conditions or illnesses. Because of this, and longstanding research on the benefits of breastmilk to a growing baby, the Affordable Care Act now requires insurance providers to cover the cost of a breast pump for new and expecting mothers.

      The best way to make sure that you fully understand what you can and cannot access through your BCBS coverage is to call them directly or work with a medical supply company like Byram Healthcare. Using our system, its easy to order your breast pump through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

      The Importance Of Getting A Breast Pump

      Carefirst BCBS Breast Pump Coverage

      From the moment you find out youre pregnant until the day you deliver, youll be working through an evolving to-do list in an attempt to get as much ready as possible. While becoming a parent creates a new, never ending list of demands, its nice to be able to emanate some sense of control while we still can. Crossing things off of our to-do list, buying supplies, and setting up the nursery are great ways to have a productive pregnancy. Doing so ahead of time will give you the chance to focus on bonding with your newborn after youve delivered. If you really want to get yourself prepared for parenthood, its important to do some research on a breast pump and find something that works for you.

      Breast pumps are an essential item to have in your post-delivery inventory. While youll likely want to breastfeed exclusively for the first few weeks, its not always the reality. Many new mothers have a hard time breastfeeding and need some additional help. If your baby struggles with latching or you need to catch up on some much-needed sleep, its always good to have options available. A breast pump allows you to provide your baby with essential nutrients and minerals when, for whatever reason, youre not able to nurse.

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