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Can A Minor Get Their Own Car Insurance

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It’s possible to tell your insurance company not to cover your teen, but it’s not a given. This is called a named exclusion.

Through an endorsement to your policy, you and your insurance company mutually agree that the driver isn’t covered, which means neither is any accident the driver causes. Not all companies allow this, and not all state do either.

Do I Have To Add My Teenage Driver To My Insurance

A teenage driver must have car insurance in almost every state, so they can either be added to your policy or insured with a separate policy. Buying a standalone policy for a teenager can be expensive due to their lack of driving experience and a higher likelihood of accidents, so it’s usually more affordable to add a young driver to your existing policy. By adding them to your policy, they benefit from the savings and rate you’ve earned as a longtime driver with an established . Here are a few more reasons why it’s usually best to add a young adult driver to your car insurance policy:

  • Control

    Since you already own the policy, you can easily add and update coverages to make sure your teen driver has the right protection.

  • Flexibility

    If your household has multiple vehicles, your teenager will be insured to drive all of them.

  • Convenience

    Youll only have to manage one policy.

  • Pro tip:

    A separate policy is rarely the cheaper option for a young driver, but there may be a few exceptions. For example, if you drive a luxury vehicle or an expensive sports car and your teen isn’t going to drive it, it may be cheaper for them to have a separate policy. Talk to your insurer to fully weigh your options. You should still add your teenager to your policy since they live in your household. However, if the teen has a separate policy and will not drive any of the vehicles on your policy, then he or she may be eligible to be excluded from coverage on your policy.

    Buy A Car That’s Cheaper To Insure

    If you or your parents are buying a new or used car for you to drive once you turn 16, one major consideration is how much it costs to insure. The price of car insurance varies significantly by car model â for example, we found in our study of the cheapest cars to insure that a Honda CR-V, the car with the lowest monthly rates, is 33% cheaper to insure than a Ford Mustang.

    Buying a fun or fast car â like a Mustang â may seem appealing, but it’s likely to be much more expensive to buy, drive and insure than a car like a Honda Civic. Plus, if you do get in an accident, a sports car will be more expensive to repair.

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    Tell Your Teen They Cant Drive Until They Bring Up Their Grades

    Asking a teenager to delay learning to drive until their mid-20s probably wont go over well. But you own the cars and its your insurance policy. If your teen doesnt have that B average, you could insist that they wait to get the license until their grades come up. Or if your teen is employed, you could make them pay the extra premium that their bad grades are costing you.

    You might have also heard that rates are cheaper if your kid waits until theyre 17 or 18 to drive. But its really the grades and not the age that insurers are considering with high school and college students, according to Weedin.

    Rates on new young drivers are based on grades, not age. The only criteria that an insurance company can use on young drivers that indicates responsibility is their GPA. Waiting doesnt have an impact, Weedin said.

    How Could Having My Teen Driver On A Separate Policy Affect My Liability Coverage

    Can A Minor Get Car Insurance On Their Own

    The argument that a teen driver should obtain a separate policy with less coverage to keep costs down ignores several potential problems- chief among them that in many states the parents are still legally liable for their childs actions- particularly if they are still minors- and therefore the parents could still be sued for their childs actions behind the wheel regardless of whether the teen driver has a separate policy. If the teen driver DOES have a separate policy, the parents own auto insurance might not come into play, and they could be left with a very large bill.

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    Should I Buy My Own Car Insurance Policy

    If you live in your parents’ home, you can remain on their car insurance policy so long as they are listed as the vehicle owner of the car you are driving. There is no specific age limit set by car insurance companies as to when a person needs their own insurance policy. Married couples are the most common adult parties who remain on the same policy. People living together or certain family members can share coverage depending on the situation.

    Keep in mind, insurance companies often only allow one or two carriers to access and make changes to the policy. So if you are not among those listed, you’re still covered. But you lack a certain amount of control.

    Most companies limit policies to households. All people living within a home who have access to a vehicle and are related to the policyholder can be covered by a single insurance policy. If you and your parents live in different states, some insurance companies may offer options for proof of insurance. Especially with local companies, this might require extra steps.

    When you purchase a vehicle and the title is only under your name while living at home with your parents, you’ll need to purchase a separate policy. This is because all forms need to be under one name, including insurance and vehicle title in order for vehicles to be properly insured.

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    How Much Does Car Insurance Cost For Minors

    Car insurance for minors generally varies on a state-by-state basis. Because minors are less experienced on the road, car insurance companies typically assume they are more likely to file a claim. For that reason, they often face steeper car insurance policies. Luckily, plenty of discounts are available to young drivers, especially if they drive safely.

    Can I Stay On My Parents Car Insurance After Marriage

    How Much Does Your Car Insurance Increase When You Add A Teenager To Your Policy?

    Weve established that you can, at times, remain insured by your parents policy if you move out. But can you stay on your parents policy after marriage? Maybe a better question is, should you?

    If you get married, you are usually no longer dependent on your parents. Insurance companies, as well as your parents and your new spouse, will expect you to get your own car insurance policy. So, when asking, can I be on my parents car insurance if Im married, the answer is generally no. Married couples do pay less for auto insurance so you may still get a decent deal when you purchase your own auto policy.

    However, if your parents own the car you drive and you still live in their home, you can technically stay on their policy. But youll miss out on many opportunities for major savings because oftentimes, car insurance is cheaper when youre married.

    If you own a home or take out renters insurance or even pet insurance, you can bundle all of the policies through the same insurance provider for even more opportunities to lower your rates. Ultimately, getting married is a great time to take out your own car insurance policy.

    If you own a home or take out renters insurance or even pet insurance, you can bundle all of the policies through the same insurance provider for even more opportunities to lower your rates. Ultimately, getting married is a great time to take out your own car insurance policy.

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    What Can Cause You To Be Removed From A Parents Car Insurance Policy

    Now that you know you can stay on your parents car insurance, youll want to avoid a few scenarios that could get you removed from their policy. For example, if you have a poor driving history, its best to have your own car insurance.

    For one thing, make sure you maintain a clean driving record and practice safe driving techniques, especially if youre a young driver. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents are the leading cause of teen deaths. Therefore, if you prove to be a dangerous teen driver, youll either receive incredibly high rates or lose coverage entirely.

    If the insurer does not drop you, at the very least, your parents will not appreciate the rate hikes due to your unsafe driving. Take a look at how just one accident, speeding ticket, or DUI can affect your car insurance rates.

    Average Annual Car Insurance Rates by Driving History


    One accident alone can raise your car insurance rates by around $80 a month. Multiple accidents or tickets will cause your rates to skyrocket. Remember, if youre younger than 25, the consequences are even stricter.

    Additionally, DUIs are an expensive mistake. Drinking and driving not only causes auto insurance companies to place you under a high-risk category, but you may not need to wait for the company to take you off your parents policy. Your parents may choose to remove you first.

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    Different Car Insurance Rates For Teenage Girls And Boys

    Teens on a familys car insurance policy will be rated higher and differently, based on their gender, than older adults. If two parents have boy-and-girl fraternal twins, each getting their drivers license at the same time, the girl will initially receive a better rate than the boy, based on statistical data indicating a lower risk of accidents involving teenage girls, says Kevin Lynch, assistant professor of insurance at The American College of Financial Services in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

    Heres why: According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 9.2 teenage male drivers die in automobile accidents for every 100 million vehicle miles, nearly double the death rate of 5.3 for female teenagers. This explains why insuring a teenage son typically costs 25% more than insuring a teenage daughter.

    Over time, as both genders build their driving records, other insurance underwriting factors come into play. When the daughter turns 21, assuming she has a clean driving record, she will be treated for rate purposes as an adult and given standard adult rates, Lynch says. However, boys may not have standard adult rates until they reach age 25 if they have a clean driving record. Regardless of gender, teaching your teens safe driving is of the utmost importance, both for insurance rates and their safety. Here are some teen driving safety tips to help you get started.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Add A Teenage Driver To My Insurance

    It’s generally cheaper to add a teen driver to an existing insurance policy rather than buy a separate policy for them. That’s because putting a teen driver on their own policy means they don’t benefit from the comparatively lower rate you’ve earned as a more experienced driver. Plus, teen drivers have a greater risk of getting into an accident, which means a separate policy would be priced higher to offset the increased risk of a claim.

    Can You Stay On Your Parents Car Insurance If You’re Married

    How Long Can a Child Stay on Their Parents Car Insurance?

    If you get married and you and your spouse live in your parents home, you both may be able to stay on their policy, as you two are considered members of the household.

    However, once you decide to move out of your parents home, you and your significant other will need to purchase your own auto insurance plan.

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    Can I Stay On My Parents Car Insurance Policy If I Move Out

    In some cases, you can stay on your parents vehicle insurance policy even if you move away from home. However, this is sort of a gray area.

    For example, if you are a college student living on campus and being supported by your parents, you can still be kept on their insurance policy without being contested.

    Similarly, if youre living in a property or rental that belongs to your parents, your coverage will not be contested.

    The situation gets a little tricky once you establish independence from your parents. If you are no longer living in the same home and start supporting yourself, your insurance company may want to revisit your individual situation and may decide that you have what is called care, custody, and control of the vehicle.

    If this happens, you should purchase your own independent car insurance policy and be taken off of your parents.

    When To Add A Teen Driver To Your Auto Insurance Policy

    One of the most common questions from parents of teens is when to notify their insurance company of the new driver. There is no standard rule whether you should add your teen when he gets his permit or wait until he progresses to a license. Instead, when to add a teen driver varies depending on state laws, as well as your insurance companys internal guidelines.

    Many car insurance companies allow parents to list a teen with a learners permit on the policy at no charge until the child becomes a fully licensed driver or turns 18 years of age . At the permit stage, the driver must have a licensed driver over the age of 21 in the passenger seat to supervise, making the teen much less of a risk.

    However, not all insurance companies follow this guideline some companies require you to add the teen and start paying premiums for him once he has received his permit. Thus, you should contact your car insurance provider before your child gets his or her permit to find out when your current insurer requires you to add your teen driver.

    If your child wants to wait to get a license, that will certainly save you money. However, dont be surprised if your insurance company asks you about your teen and if he is licensed. Insurers receive reports that list residents at your address and will know you have a teenager. If your child doesnt have a permit or license, your insurance company may still list him on the policy, but as unlicensed and unrated. That wont affect your premiums.

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    What Happens If I Dont Add My Teenager To My Car Insurance

    Dont try to beat the system by failing to add your teen driver to your policy. If you do, and your child is in an accident, your car insurance company could deny coverage stating you committed fraud, specifically material misrepresentation, by not informing it of the licensed driver.

    Alternatively, your insurer may cover the accident but then require you to pay all premiums that should have been paid since your child was licensed. Instead of having his premium spread out during all the months he was licensed, it will be due all at once.

    How Long Can You Stay On Your Parents Car Insurance Policy

    Explained: How to Get a Lower Car Insurance Rate

    Updated on Monday, March 7 2022 | 0 min. read| by Alison Chan

    Find out how long you can stay on your parents car insurance policy, and how to save money when you get your own.

    Theres no age at which you are required to purchase your own car insurance policy. As long as you’re still living at home, you are eligible for coverage under your parents’ policy.

    Typically, drivers need to find their own policies when they move out of their parents’ house. There isnt a defined age when this occurs, of course it varies from person to person.

    Find out how to get off your parents policy, in addition to:

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    How To Reduce Your Parents Insurance Costs

    There may be other ways you can help lower the costs of your parents insurance. Other discounts may apply, including one offered by many insurers for students who keep a B average or higher while at school and a discount for allowing the insurer to use a telematics device to monitor your driving in real time. If you drive the speed limit, avoid hard stops and dont often drive late at night, the insurer will reward these good driving habits with a discount.

    Another way to keep your parents insurance costs low is to drive an older car. Older vehicles are worth less, and it may not make sense to pay for collision and comprehensive insurance because the car would not be worth fixing if its damaged enough to consider an insurance claim. Eliminating that coverage will bring down your parents rate significantly.

    Obviously, it pays to not make claims on your coverage as well. An at-fault accident raises insurance premiums significantly. Even things like getting caught not wearing a seatbelt can influence your costs. Keeping a clean driving record is one important way to keep rates down.

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