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Can An Undocumented Person Get Life Insurance

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Immigrants Can Apply For Medical Coverage Through Covered California

Can an illegal immigrant get a life insurance?

Those who are undocumented have two options:

  • Check for Medi-Cal eligibility
  • Enroll in a health plan through Health for California
  • They can check to see if they are eligible for free or low cost Medi-Cal which is coverage through the state of California, though benefits may be limited. The other option would be to purchase a health plan privately by enrolling through an insurance agency like Health for California Insurance Center. You would have a variety of insurance companies to select a plan through such as Kaiser, Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net, etc. Keep in mind through, undocumented individuals are not subject to a penalty.

    Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals individuals are not considered legally present in the U.S. As such, they are not eligible for Covered California. These individuals may be eligible for Medi-Cal and can apply for Medi-Cal coverage through Covered California or at any Medi-Cal office.

    How Much Does Life Insurance For Undocumented Immigrants Cost

    While immigration status does not affect life insurance rates, insurance companies will do a criminal background and employment history check to determine if you are high-risk, which can increase your premiums.

    Life insurance rates also vary based on age, gender, coverage limits, and medical history. The table below shows standard term life insurance rates by age and term limits:

    Average $100,000 Term Life Insurance Policy Rates for a Non-Smoker by Age, Gender, and Term


    These are just average rates, and your life insurance rates can vary based on the type of life insurance policy you choose. Fortunately, if you are young and relatively healthy, you can expect to pay lower rates.

    Can Undocumented Immigrants Receive Death Benefits From Life Insurance Policies

    Life insurance policies are in place to take care of your loved ones after you pass. Federal law protects life insurance beneficiaries, and undocumented immigrants can receive death benefits from life insurance policies regardless of immigration status.

    Unfortunately, government agencies may intervene due to immigration status. If youre facing issues finding life insurance coverage or collecting death benefits, consult with an immigration lawyer.

    Learn your rights before you buy life insurance for undocumented immigrants, and get quotes online from local companies so you know which offers the best rates. Start here with our free comparison tool below.

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    Some Different Rules Apply For Medicaid And For Premium Subsidies

    If you’re an immigrant arriving in the U.S., one of the first things on your to-do list is obtaining health insurance. Unlike many other countries, the U.S. does not have universal health coverage. And although Medicare and Medicaid are government-sponsored health plans, they’re not available to new immigrants.

    This article will answer some frequently asked questions about what health insurance options are available for immigrants, including new arrivals and those who have been in the U.S. for a long time.

    How Do I File A Life Insurance Application

    Can An Undocumented Person Get Life Insurance

    At immigrant life insurance, we will help you do this. The first part is getting personal information from you. We often need your name, address, any past addresses, your current occupation, and how long you have worked there.

    We would also need your ITIN, green card, or Social Security card information.

    We will then answer basic questions about your health. You should respond to these questions truthfully. If you dont answer them honestly, and you die, the insurance company may conduct an investigation and finds out you lied on your application, meaning your death benefit will not be paid to your beneficiaries.

    Some serious illnesses or physical problems will make it difficult for you to get life insurance. If you have a terminal disease, are disabled, or have drug or alcohol addiction problems, it will be difficult to get life insurance until these conditions improve.

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    How Does An Insurance Company Know If Someone Died By Suicide

    If a policyholder dies, their beneficiaries typically file a claim, and the insurance company asks for a death certificate. That certificate describes the cause of death and points out if the death was self-inflicted.

    If the death certificate is doubtful or involves a questionable cause of death, the insurance company can require additional proof, such as a medical history examiner report, an autopsy report, an EMS report, etc.

    Because the investigation of deaths by suicide takes more time than usual, receiving the average life insurance payout and the policys benefit might be prolonged. Even though the claim process can be time-consuming and complex, beneficiaries should not let that demoralize them from filing a claim. Its possible to receive benefits that will help them financially to recover in some way from the tragedy.

    NOTE: Some insurance policies would exclude coverage if the covered person died while committing a felony. And, according to a policys slayer rule, benefits arent typically paid out if a beneficiary murders the policyholder.

    Can I Get Life Insurance As An Undocumented Immigrant

    If youre an undocumented immigrant interested in getting life insurance, there are options out there for you. However, getting the coverage you need might be more difficult than if you did have documentation. Some life insurance companies will only require that you reside in the United States and have a taxpayer ID number, which makes it relatively easy to get life insurance even if you are undocumented. Other companies may have stricter requirements that will limit you from getting insurance with them. Look for insurance agencies that have experience working with people of varying immigration statuses. They will be able to help you find solutions that you may not previously have considered.

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    Life Insurance Underwriting And Illegal People

    When a citizen of the United States applies for a life insurance policy, the application calls for a social security number, a work permit number, or other documented ways to determine who a person is. Questions on the application apply to experiences and contacts here in the United States.

    How is an underwriter who is attempting to evaluate a risk going to be able to make decisions that come from a makeshift hospital in the rural areas of Burma, Bangladesh, or rural Mexico?

    It is easy to see the problem because to qualify for life insurance coverage a person has to prove some continuity of background and the records that support that background.

    This is impossible for many immigrants, legal or illegal.

    Life insurance companies also do not look favorably upon people who are in the process of committing a crime, and people who come to this country illegally are in the process of committing a crime.

    Am I An Illegal Alien Or A Nonresident

    Can You Have Multiple Life Insurance Policies

    If you entered the United States without permission, paperwork, or processing, then you have broken immigration laws in the United States and you are considered an illegal immigrant.

    Most illegal immigration in the United States comes across the American/Mexican border. But, we help many Hispanic immigrants get life insurance when they are in the United States.

    A person considered an alien by the United States is an individual who is not a US citizen. A person deemed to be a non-resident is an alien who has not passed a green card test or a substantial presence test.

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    Can Undocumented Immigrants Obtain Coverage

    Under ACA rules, legally present immigrants can enroll in plans offered through the exchange and can receive premium subsidies if their income makes them eligible. But the ACA does not have any provisions that allow undocumented immigrants to obtain coverage.

    The law explicitly prevents undocumented immigrants from purchasing coverage in the exchangeeven if they pay full price see section 1312 of the ACA. Undocumented immigrants are also generally ineligible for Medicaid.

    There are several states that allow undocumented children to enroll in Medicaid. They use state funds for this coverage, as opposed to the normal mix of state and federal funds used to cover other Medicaid enrollees. California Medicaid already covered undocumented children but the states expanded this program in 2020 to include young adults up to age 26.

    Undocumented immigrants can obtain coverage under employer-sponsored plans or student health plans if they’re otherwise eligible, and they can also purchase individual market coverage as long as they buy it outside of the exchange. But for the time being, they are not able to enroll in coverage through the health insurance exchange in any state.

    How To Shop For Life Insurance As An Immigrant

    Shopping for life insurance as an immigrant can be very challenging. While there are many companies that will offer you good rates, there are some that will charge you far more than they would charge a US citizen, or who will make you provide extensive documentation and proof that you are planning your life in the US. The best way to go about shopping for life insurance is to work with an independent or local insurance agent who can help you sift through your options. Ideally, your insurance agent will be impartial, so they can help you find the best option for you without focusing on sales quotas. You should get quotes from as many different insurance companies as you can, just to make sure that you arent missing out on any good options.

    When choosing the life insurance policy thats best for you, consider your financial obligations and how your death would affect your family. At the very least, your life insurance policy needs to be able to cover funeral expenses. If youve taken out any debts, make sure your death benefit is large enough to pay back the debts you owe. If you support family, youll want to take that into consideration as well you may want to leave them enough money to get by for a while until they can find another source of income.

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    Why Is It Important To Consider Life Insurance For Undocumented Parents

    We all know that it is important for our parents to have some financial plan to cover the cost of a funeral. It is no secret that the Social Security benefit alone would be far from enough to pay for burial and the additional expenses that might arise.

    However, in the case of parents who are foreign nationals, there is an additional reason that may be oftentimes overlooked: Where do your parents want to be buried? It is not unusual for an immigrant to want to be buried in his or her home country. In fact, for one reason or another, many people prefer to return to their roots and end their life journey in their homeland.

    Generally, it costs more to transport remains vs. to travel. In addition, there are several other expenses that could add up like coffin, embalming the body and etc. This is not even factoring in the cost for you to fly out and say your goodbyes.

    Even if your parents, would like to be buried here, the bill of a funeral could anywhere from $3,000 $15,000 or more. Unfortunately, many families do not have the financial ability to cover this expense without putting any strain on their budget.

    In addition, this option may be very beneficial, if they need to secure life insurance to strengthen their application for Parole in Place.

    This is where a final expense policy would come in. Typically, the benefit is anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 and it is often used to cover the funeral costs and additional expenses.

    Are There Any Options For Someone Without A Valid Visa

    Can An Undocumented Person Get Life Insurance

    Yes, you can secure life insurance for your parents, even if they do not have a valid visa. Not every company would consider undocumented immigrants, or for someone without a green card, however, there are available options.

    Their eligibility will be based on several factors and the amount of coverage they need. If your primary objective is to secure a policy to cover the cost of burial expenses, please review our guide on final expense without a green card.

    On a side note, we wanted to bring your attention to an option many of our clients find helpful: Life insurance with living benefits. In a nutshell, it is a type of policy that could payout while the insured is still alive, should he or she be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition. We have contracted with a carrier that offers this benefit to foreign nationals without a green card. Review our guide on the topic to learn more.

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    Are Immigrants Eligible For Health Insurance Premium Subsidies

    You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to benefit from the ACA. If youre in the U.S. legally regardless of how long youve been here youre eligible for subsidies in the exchange if your income is in the subsidy-eligible range and you dont have access to an affordable employer-sponsored plan that provides minimum value. Premium subsidies are normally only available to exchange enrollees if their income is at least 100% of the federal poverty level , but subsidies also extend below the poverty level for recent immigrants, as described below.

    Lawfully present immigrant status applies to a wide range of people, including those with non-immigrant status such as work visas and student visas. So even if youre only in the U.S. temporarily for a year of studying abroad, for example you can purchase coverage in the health insurance exchange for the state youre living in while in the US. And depending on your income, you might be eligible for a premium subsidy to offset some of the cost of the coverage.

    Life Insurance For Illegal Immigrants Without A Social Security Number Get Covered Today

    There are several things you need to know if you are trying to buy life insurance without a social security number.

    First, and most important thing you need to know is that there is only one carrier in the country who will offer coverage to undocumented immigrants. This company will issue life insurance without social security number as long as you have an ITIN number.

    After reading this article you will know exactly who, how, and what you need to do to buy a life insurance policy if you are an illegal immigrant.

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    What Policies Are Available From Life Insurance Companies That Cover Undocumented Immigrants

    If a life insurance company accepts ITINs, youll be able to get the same coverage as a citizen. However, the best policy depends on factors like your age and health.

    Term life plans are often the best option because they have lower rates. However, these policies are for a limited time, leaving you without coverage once your policy expires. Permanent life plans last for the rest of your life but have higher rates.

    If your age or health results in high rates or coverage limitations, you have other options. Guaranteed issue plans offer automatic acceptance without a medical exam. The rates are higher, but this is an option for those that dont qualify for traditional life insurance due to their advanced age or health history.

    Another option is burial insurance. This policy pays for your final expenses, such as your funeral and burial costs, and has much lower rates. If your primary concern is reducing the debt caused by your death, this is a low-cost alternative to traditional life insurance.

    Life Insurance Companies That Cover Undocumented Immigrants: The Bottom Line

    Life Insurance For Immigrants (Undocumented, Green Card, Work Visa, Resident Aliens)

    Life insurance is available for undocumented immigrants, as long as they have an ITIN, are U.S. residents, and have a U.S. bank account. Rates will be the same as for citizens, and federal law protects the death benefit. Learning about life insurance companies that cover undocumented immigrants will help you obtain coverage.

    Now that you know about life insurance companies that cover undocumented immigrants, enter your ZIP code to find free life insurance rates in your area.

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    Undocumented Individuals Can Apply For Coverage On Behalf Of Documented Family Members

    Immigrants who are not legally present may apply for medical coverage through Covered California on behalf of their lawfully present family members .

    Additionally, Covered California encourages anyone who is lawfully present to apply for health insurance, even if some of their family members are undocumented. Families with mixed immigration status are encouraged to apply with the entire household on the application. Those that are undocumented need to mark no that they are not applying.

    Why You Should Not Worry

    We know the immigration regulations are in flux. You may be worried. Here is why you should not worry about your life insurance application or any death benefit proceeds.

    Life insurance carriers still pay a death benefit. We review thousands of insurance contracts with individuals and families. We never had a contract that said proceeds wont be paid to beneficiaries of undocumented immigrants.The ITIN isnt an indication that you are an undocumented immigrant. Many foreign nationals and other non-us residents require an ITIN. Look at the page we linked from the IRS website. It lists many individuals who need an ITIN. Go to the paragraph, What is an ITIN used for?. The paragraph states they are issued regardless of immigration status, because both resident and nonresidents may have a U.S. filing or reporting requirement under the Internal Revenue Code

    We dont ask questions about your document status. Neither do the carriers. Just go back to the above paragraph. Anyone can receive an ITIN.

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    Why Do Insurance Companies Care About My Immigration Status

    By entering the country illegally, you are violating the immigration laws of the United States. The borders of the United States have been porous for many years. Getting across the United States-Mexico border has been very successful for many.

    With the change in the presidency and unknown immigration policies, coming into the United States from Mexico is a much riskier process. However, the people in the United States already have less to worry about unless the United States current immigration stance changes.

    What that means for an illegal immigrant, is if they have an ITIN number, we can get them illegal immigrant life insurance if they fall within age and health limitations of the carriers insurance policy requirements. If you have a green card, there are even more insurance companies we can get you life insurance through if you fall within the age and health limitations of the carriers insurance policy requirements.

    Think about it the insurance company doesnt know your medical information, they dont know how long you will be in the US, they dont know how much time you will spend out of the US, you may not have a doctor or any medical records in the United States, and you may not have any documentable income.

    Insurance companies will need some documentation to accept you for a life insurance policy. Life insurance without a Social Security Number is possible. An ITIN number is a minimum requirement for life insurance at this time. Other documentation considered:

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