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Can Convicted Felons Get Life Insurance

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Getting Life Insurance After Committing a Felony

Agents know up front that it will take considerably more work to get a policy issued for an applicant who has been convicted of a felony.

If you go through the typical call center agency, you’ll likely be declined because the agent doesn’t want to spend time on a case that may end up declined after they’ve invested time working on your case. You should, however, speak with an independent agent who has access to multiple insurance companies and is willing to do what it takes to get your policy issued.

Your independent agent will know in advance whether you have a chance at traditional life insurance or whether you need to get guaranteed issue insurance as a last resort.

In short, they will have the experience to offer you the guidance you need to make an informed decision. Agents, who are experienced in hard-to-place or high-risk cases, love the challenge involved and are willing to act on your behalf to remove the roadblocks that can result from a felony conviction.

If you’d like to have an honest, no obligation conversation about your options, please fill out our quote request form and we’ll be touch shortly. Life insurance is our only business and we know it well.

How To Get Life Insurance With A Felony

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  • Many life insurance providers consider having a felony a high risk and some do not offer coverage if you have a felony.
  • If you have a felony, find a life independent insurance agent that helps high-risk applicants.
  • If you are denied coverage, consider employer-provided group life insurance or guaranteed issue life insurance.
  • Read more about guaranteed issue life insurance.

If you have a criminal record, depending on whether you have a felony or misdemeanor, you may not be able to get life insurance. Life insurance premiums are based on your risk to insurance providers, and having a felony criminal record is seen as a high-risk for many life insurance companies.

That doesn’t mean there are no life insurance options for those who have a felony, though you may just need to shop around more.

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Life Insurance For Felons

Can a Felon Become a Life Insurance Agent?

Questions we sometimes hear about life insurance policies in relation to criminal records and convictions are:

  • If you have a criminal record, can you buy life insurance?
  • How do you apply for life insurance if youre a convicted felon?
  • Can you still get life insurance if youre in prison?

The answerslike most insurance questionscan sometimes feel complicated. As with many other decisions made by insurance companies, it comes down to an issue of risk. At SelectQuote, our licensed insurance agents can help you answer these life insurance and other questions and more. This article will talk more about life insurance and if felony charges impact your ability to find coverage.

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Do Insurance Companies Look At Felonies The Same Way

Different insurance companies have different underwriting guidelines they all underwrite their policies but often with different underwriting criteria. Each insurance company will have multiple life insurance policy types that have entirely different underwriting criteria.

For example: if you have a felony for assault, you may not be able to purchase a term life insurance policy but may be eligible to purchase an accidental death or whole life policy.

Can You Get Life Insurance While In Prison

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. state and federal correctional facilities held an estimated 1,505,400 prisoners on December 31, 2016.

If these people did not get life insurance before being incarcerated, could they get a policy once inside?

Chances are no.

Life insurance companies evaluate the risks of individuals who apply and the risk of insuring someone in prison is much too high to take on.

Janet Gillespie, a spokeswoman for Prudential, states:

We do not offer life insurance coverage to any incarcerated individual our underwriter feels this is industrywide.

Besides, most life insurance companies require a medical exam, and a paramedical examiner is not going to go into a prison to take the necessary samples.

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Why Do Life Insurance Companies Care About Your Criminal Record

Those with criminal records tend to live riskier lives and often have lower life expectancy rates. According to some case studies, each year of incarceration can take two years off of ones life, which isnt in the best interest of the companies writing these policies.

Since felony convictions are punishable with one year or more in prison, some insurance companies consider convicted felons riskier to insure.

In order to find the most affordable life insurance for felons, we recommend shopping around for quotes from multiple companies to see which offers the best rates.

How Can I Buy Life Insurance For Felons

How Can I Get A Job As A Convicted Felon?

Try getting a term life insurance or whole life insurance policy through some of the best companies first. If they approve you for a standard life insurance policy, follow the companys instructions to get your policy.

The good news is if the traditional route doesnt work, you can look for guaranteed issue life insurance or burial insurance.

These life insurance policies are easier to obtain but lack the capabilities of customized term life insurance and whole life insurance. Also, you wont have to take a medical exam for them.

What can you not do if you are a convicted felon? Lying on your life insurance application will disqualify you from getting a policy.

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Eligibility Criteria To Become A Life Insurance Agent

A felon can become a life insurance agent if he meets the following eligibility criteria

1 The age of the felon should be 18 years or above.

2 A felon must be a US citizen.

3 He must be a high school graduate.

4 A felon must reside in a particular state where he would like to become an agent

5 Becoming a life insurance agent does not require a specific degree.

6 Some companies in the insurance sector give preference to a college degree.

7 A professional degree in areas of business, management, marketing, finance is recommended.

8 A felon must appear for a pre-licensing life insurance exam as this is different from one state to another.

9 The total number of study hours is 20 to 50 depending on the state requirement.

10 The life insurance program must be completed from a recognized institute or university, or through distance learning.

11 All new insurance agents receive adequate on-the-job training from an organization before being hired.

Why Do Life Insurance Companies Care If Ive Been Convicted Of A Previous Felony Or Misdemeanor

There are many reasons why most of the best life insurance companies are going to care if you have been convicted of a Felony or Misdemeanor.

And while

Many of these reasons may have nothing to do with you or how you live your life today its safe to say that because you have been convicted of a crime in the past, most insurance companies are going to be worried that you may be convicted of another crime in the future.

Which could

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How Can You Get Life Insurance With A Felony Conviction

The reality is that it isnt easy for people with felony convictions to get life insurance. It can be very frustrating, and the underwriting process might be longer than the usual four to six weeks. There are two routes you can take:

    Life insurance with a misdemeanor is easier to obtain often, insurance companies wont even ask about it.

    How Are You Going To Get Protection From Life Insurance Coverage Corporations That Settle For Felons

    Life Insurance for Felons

    When in search of life insurance coverage, you need to first try and acquire conventional insurance coverage, corresponding to time period life, complete life, and common life insurance coverage. These insurance policies provide the very best protection and permit your beneficiaries to get the very best demise profit.

    Most often, you gainedt be eligible for conventional protection when you have a felony in your file. When this example arises, youll be able to take a look at different choices, together with group insurance coverage, assured concern life insurance coverage, and burial insurance coverage.

    The Insurance coverage Data Institute says that there are a number of ways in which life insurance coverage is bought, one among which is in teams. These insurance policies are offered by employers and all staff are accepted. Nonetheless, should you go away your job or are terminated for any motive, youll lose your protection.

    Assured concern life protection has larger charges however automated acceptance. Burial protection is last expense insurance coverage, offering funding to your funeral and burial. The sort of insurance coverage has a a lot decrease demise profit however is an reasonably priced choice.

    Given the problem of discovering protection, some would possibly think about mendacity about their prison historical past when making use of. Firms will reject your utility should youre untruthful.

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    Can I Buy A Life Insurance Policy On An Inmate

    Insurance companies generally feel as though life insurance for prison inmates is too much of a risk. Underwriters are hesitant to even approach prison inmates as potential insured because of the risks of prison. Access to financial assets is restricted. Medical exams are made more difficult and medical records can be difficult to acquire, making it a nonstarter for most carriers

    Things are different for inmates with existing individual life insurance coverage. As long as you continue to pay your premiums and dont die while committing an actual criminal act, your coverage will be guaranteed.

    The exception to this is group life insurance through your employer. Because you are no longer eligible for employee benefits, you will lose that life insurance coverage.

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    Homeowners Insurance For Felons

    Ironically, felons who are able to buy a home may want to first consider checking their ability to obtain insurance for that home! Protecting their new and very sizable investment is crucial, but sometimes it is very difficult for a felon to get the insurance coverage they need.

    Why? Because it can be hard for them to re-establish their trustworthiness, especially if the crime they were convicted of was fairly recent. One area that can be problematic, yet which is often overlooked until it is too late, is the ability to obtain various forms of insurance. This article will address one such type of insurancehomeowners insurance for felons.

    Why Cant Felons Get Life Insurance

    Can You Get A Professional License w/A Felony? Pt. 2

    It is extremely difficult to get life insurance if you are a felon. Insurance companies are also concerned about the poor health that you may have developed in prison, as well as an increased risk of drug or alcohol abuse. Insurance companies will consider whether you were convicted of a felony or just charged with it.

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    • Life insurance for felons is possible but difficult to buy
    • Certain felonies will disqualify you from a life insurance policy
    • Felons could face higher life insurance rates

    Despite what you may have heard, you can get life insurance for felons. However, it may be challenging to get life insurance quotes for felons it all depends on the nature of the conviction.

    Read through this guide to learn how to buy life insurance for felons, what felonies disqualify felons from life insurance, and which life insurance companies insure felons.

    Are you ready to find affordable life insurance for felons right now? Enter your ZIP code in our free online quote tool above to compare the best companies near you.

    Life insurance depends on age, health, and lifestyle. Regardless of how much a felons lifestyle has changed, life insurance companies will want to know about the felony conviction.

    This ultimately determines the cost of the life insurance policy. If a felon isnt on probation, they may be eligible for a policy.

    Employment With A Felony Record

    Felons are typically expected to get a job upon release from prison. Even if they were not, common sense would dictate theyll need to find work in order to survive and pay the bills!

    But having a felony conviction on your record can prohibit a person from working in many career areas. In fact, many companies have strict hiring policies regarding felons.

    That said, state and federal government lawmakers understand the conundrum this puts felons in. Felons are human being they must be able to work, yet are barred from many careers, thus severely limiting their ability to find a job in an already highly-competitive job market.

    But if a felon cannot find work, what happens? In many cases, exactly what one might expectthe may turn back to crime in order to earn a living. Thus, the felon is now once again a criminal, and may, if busted, face additional prison time if convicted again. Its a cycle that all too many convicts fall into, and lawmakers take different stances on the topic of how to deal with the problem.

    But politics aside, its a fact: felons face a high degree of difficulty landing good-paying jobs once they are back in the community.

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