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Can You Claim Broken Phone On Travel Insurance

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Accidental Death And Dismemberment Air Flight Accident And Travel Accident

How To Replace a Broken Phone or Device from AT& T | AT& T Wireless

While rare, accidents happen. If youre in an accident during your Trip and suffer a loss of life, limb or sight, this coverage provides payment. Note this coveraeg isn’t available for losses due to sickness or service in the armed forces of any country.

Did You Know you can designate a beneficiary for your travel insurance plan? You can add a beneficiary during checkout.

Think About Cover Not Just Price

The cheapest deal isnt necessarily the best. Make sure you get the right policy, even if it costs a few pounds more. Otherwise you might not be able to claim when you really need to.

Read the main benefits and features information offered by your provider before you buy. This will make sure you know exactly what youre paying for.

Youll have 14 days after you received your policy details to cancel if you find the policy isnt suitable for you.

Best For Cruises: Nationwide

  • Large insurer with a strong reputation

  • Three different cruise insurance plans to choose from

  • Coverage for common cruise issues like missed connections and itinerary changes

  • Some plans have low coverage levels for some incidents

  • Benefit limits are low for trip interruption for any reason

  • Pre-existing conditions may not be covered

Nationwide has been around since 1925 and offers most popular types of insurance including auto, home, and life. They also have an array of travel insurance coverage for individual trips, multi-trips, and cruises.

To protect your single trips, Nationwide offers trip cancelation of up to $10,000 in its Essentials Plan and $30,000 in its Prime Plan. Travelers may also get an annual travel insurance package for just $59 a year to cover delays, medical expenses, medical evacuation, lost luggage, and travel assistance.

Its custom-tailored plans for cruises, however, are what landed it in this category. The Universal Cruise Plan, Choice Cruise Plan, and Luxury Cruise Plan make it easy to pick the right coverage for your individual needs. The cost for a couple on a 10-day cruise to Mexico, for example, was quoted around $200 for both the Universal and Choice plans.

Additionally, all plans include coverage for the weather, an extension of school sessions, work emergencies, and terrorism. The luxury plan also covers the Centers for Disease Control warnings at your destination.

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Are There Limits On Whats Covered

Yes – benefit limits apply with sub limits for Camera and Video equipment as well as smartphones and other items. If you want to increase this cover, you can request to add it for an additional premium. Youll just need to specify the amount you want it covered for, up to the maximum limit, when you purchase your travel insurance policy.

Do Airlines And Cruise Lines Cover Theft

How to claim on your excess insurance

Travel suppliers like the cruise lines and airlines have clauses in their contracts to automatically exclude them from responsibility for theft, so you wont be able to get much out of them. You can make a claim, for example, but youll need to show proof of the items worth and theyll factor in the depreciation of the goods. See what the airlines owe you for more information.

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Electronic Items Checked To A Final Destination

Many savvy travelers know to keep their small, personal electronics in carry-on luggage as they travel. However, not all personal items will fit in the cabin luggage allowance. In this situation, some travelers may opt to check electronics to their final destination as luggage. If something should happen, a travel insurance policy could certainly pay for it under the lost or damaged luggage clause – or so many travelers think.

Many travel insurance policies spell out very clearly what is covered under luggage loss and damage policies. Often covered in these situations are the usual and customary expenses from the travel insurance policies, including daily expenses for lost clothing and personal items. However, plans often cut the line at fragile, valuable, or heirloom items. Electronic items, including computers, often fall into this category. If an electronic item were to get lost or stolen in transit as checked luggage, then there is a good chance it would not be covered under a travel insurance policy.

If an electronic item has to be transported as checked luggage, then it may be time to consider shipping the item instead of taking it to the airport. Shipping via a mail or parcel service offers travelers more protection, including tracking and supplemental insurance if the item gets lost or broken. Otherwise, travelers who pack their electronics with their luggage run the risk of having a claim denied if something goes wrong in transit.

Accommodations That Arent As Expected

An accommodation thats a lot less desirable when you arrive than it looked to be online generally isnt covered by travel insurance. Researching accommodations on review sites like TripAdvisor falls on you. The exception is if your hotel or vacation rental is uninhabitable due to a natural disaster, structural damage, or the like.

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What Is Travel Insurance

Have you ever taken a cruise or planned a trip through a travel agency? If so, you may have seen offers for travel insurance, which covers unexpected expenses resulting from the cancellation or interruption of your scheduled trip. You may be able to buy travel insurance directly from your travel company , or you can obtain quotes directly from travel insurance companies.

Travel insurance policies have very specific limitations and exclusions. If you are thinking about buying travel insurance, pay special attention to the fine print. There are a number of different travel insurance options available to cover many types of occurrences or losses associated with traveling. Read the coverage materials carefully and ask questions as needed, so that you understand the benefits being offered.

What Mobile Phone Cover Is Not Included In My Home Insurance Policy

Asurion Phone Insurance and Broken Note8!

If you want to cover your mobile phone to be insured outside the home, youll need to list it as a specified item in your home insurance application or comparison. If you upgrade to the latest model phone check that your insurer will both cover this specific model, and that they are aware you have a new model. Otherwise, the new phone may not be covered.

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What Does Travel Insurance Typically Include

Travel insurance may include many different benefits. Heres a look at some common situations covered by many travel insurance plans:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Baggage and possession loss, damage, and theft
  • Delayed luggage
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Accidental death and dismemberment

There are additional specialty coverages as well, such as customized policies for cruises. Its a good idea to shop around and compare before making a final decision.

Does Travel Insurance Cover If Your Phone Gets Wet

Some policies do cover water damage to your phone, provided that you weren’t being reckless with it, while other brands will specifically exclude any claims related to water damage of phones. Compare the prices of different travel insurance policies, and check the PDS before you buy if that’s what you’re looking for coverage for.

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Claiming For Mobile Phones

Claiming on your travel insurance for a stolen, lost or damaged mobile phone doesn’t have to be difficult. Check your insurer’s general exclusions and luggage and personal effects benefit sections, and then get your documentation together. You’ll generally need:

  • a police report if your phone was stolen
  • a report of proof of loss from your airline, hotel, tour company, etc, if your phone was lost or stolen on their premises
  • receipts/proof of purchase for each item you’re claiming for
  • a repair quote from a reputable provider if an item is damaged
  • the IMEI of a lost or stolen phone, and evidence from your provider that the IMEI has been blocked
  • a phone record statement

I Paid 1200 For A Crook’s Calls

How to Claim Broken Lost or Stolen Phones from Asurion ...

Orange customer Rory Crew was left a whopping £1,200 out of pocket after being caught out by the small print in his mobile phone insurance policy.

After Mr Crews phone had been stolen on a night out with friends, he was horrified to discover the phone company would not cover him for the £1,200 bill racked up by the thief calling Morocco.

Buried in the small print, the policy stated he was not covered for unauthorised calls, but hed never noticed.

The insurance cost Mr Crew, 26, who works for the National Audit Office and is from South London, £6 a month on top of his £26 a month contract an extra £72 a year.

Orange had me over a barrel, says Mr Crew. It wasnt a big enough sum for it to be worth going to court. After fighting for a while I had no choice but to pay the bill.

An Orange spokesman says: If a customers phone is lost or stolen, they should report it immediately so we can block their sim card and prevent any fraudulent calls being made.


The cover is supposed to be simple: if you lose or damage your phone, it will pay so you dont have to fork out for a new handset.

It typically covers you for accidental damage, theft or loss such as mislaying it in a public place and will often cover you for only one claim.

However, if youre prepared to pay more, you can boost your cover so you can make at least two claims a year, secure cover abroad and get accessories such as headphones covered, too.

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Do I Need Mobile Phone Cover With My Home Contents Insurance Policy

As we rely on our mobile phones to run our personal lives and our work lives, pay our bills and keep in contact with friends and family, they have become an essential item.

With some premium mobile phones worth close to £2,000, it makes sense to protect your phone from loss, theft, or damage.

You could consider getting mobile phone insurance through a specialist gadget insurance policy, but if you have home insurance you might be covered already, or could add the protection you need to your home policy for a small charge.

Find out about home insurance with our guide What is home insurance?

Travel Insurance Coverage For Phones

Many travel insurance plans specifically exclude phones from their coverage. For those plans that do cover phones, its important to understand that phones are covered up to a maximum limit and often subject to a deductible.

The limits vary from plan to plan and you will find the coverage for phones including the plan limits listed in the baggage coverage section of your travel insurance plan documentation.

In cases of theft, loss, or damage to your phone, youll need to report the incident to the airline, airport, local police or other such authorities and get a copy of the written report of the loss to include with your travel insurance claim.

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What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover

A typical homeowners insurance policy generally covers your home and your personal property and helps cover the costs of losses that result from covered incidents like:

  • Fire
  • Weight of ice, snow, or sleet
  • Freezing of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or other household systems

Typically, damage caused by floods and earthquakes is not covered by basic homeowner insurance policies. Optional homeowner insurance coverages and policies may be available to cover damage due to such additional threats. Check with your insurance professional for help determining what coverage may be best for your specific needs.

Some Of Your Favorite Stuff

Is phone insurance worth it? | Asurion

Baggage delay, damage, and loss policies dont cover everything in your bags. Common travel insurance exclusions include glasses, hearing aids, dental bridges, tickets, passports, keys, cash, and cell phones. In some cases these items are covered but only up to a certain dollar limit, so if you have multiple expensive electronic items , you might not have enough coverage to pay for the loss of all such items.

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Home Insurance And Mobile Phones

Is my phone covered at home?

Many of us couldn’t get by without our smart phones. From social media to selfies, online shopping to organising, we store more than just numbers on our devices these days. And with the average price of mobile phones steadily rising, the cost of replacing a broken or damaged one is also on the up.

So checking if your phone is covered by your home insurance before an accident happens could save you a lot of money and bother.

Beware Of Common Exclusions

Every policy is different, but there are always exclusions:

  • Most insurerswontcover cash thats been left unattended,for example in a bag, a car or a hotel drawer. It needs to be with youor locked in a hotel safe
  • That includes baggage on flights or ferries too. If its in the hold, it usually wont be covered
  • Youll need to prove the loss, so keep bank withdrawal slips or receipts
  • You wont be covered if you dont report the theft or loss to the local police and get a crime reference number or written report. Some impose time limits too

Check policy documents before you leave so you know what your insurer expects you to do if your moneys lost or stolen.

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Is Paying For Travel Insurance Worth It

Travel insurance premiums can cost hundreds of dollars, so its ultimately up to you to decide if its worth the cost. It might not be worth it on lower-cost trips and low-risk vacations. However, expensive international trips or large family vacations can make additional travel insurance a reasonable investment.

If you spend thousands of dollars on a trip, it is probably worth a couple of hundred to make sure you get your money back if the trip doesnt go as planned. If something goes wrong, which can lead to expenses valued at tens of thousands of dollars, its good to have a financial backstop so you dont have to pay for everything out of pocket.

Trip Cancellation For Any Reason

Smartphone user alert! You can claim refund of your phone ...

Trip Cancellation coverage, unfortunately, cant cover every reason that might cause you to cancel your trip. This is where Trip Cancellation For Any Reason coverage can help.

Optional Trip Cancellation For Any Reason can reimburse up to 60% of the penalty amount for your trip if you have to cancel. The reason for your cancellation doesnt matter, but you will need to meet a few other requirements.

To be eligible for this coverage, make sure:

  • You purchased Trip Cancellation For Any Reason within 24 hours of making initial deposit for your trip.
  • You cancel your trip 48 hours or more before your scheduled departure.
  • You insured all of your nonrefundable trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties.
  • You werent disabled from travel when you bought coverage.
  • All insured travelers under the coverage need to cancel in order to use the coverage.
  • The booking for your trip must be your first and only booking for the travel period and destination.
  • This coverage is not available to residents of New York.

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    Making A Claim On Your Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance can give you extra protection if your holiday doesn’t go as planned. This is very important if you are travelling independently because you may find yourself stranded with no way to get home and no rep to help sort out your holiday problem.

    Read this page to find out more about what you need to do if you have to make a claim on your travel insurance policy.

    What Does Travel Insurance Typically Exclude

    Just as homeowners insurance often excludes things like earthquakes and floods, travel insurance has common exclusions you need to know about. Here are some types of coverage you may not get with travel insurance:

    • Weather-related cancellations and delays
    • Trip cancellation or changes due to acts of terrorism
    • Trip cancellation or changes due to a pandemic
    • Injuries from extreme sports and high-adventure activities
    • Cancellation for any reason

    While most policies have limits and exclusions around these circumstances, not all do. In fact, some insurers on this list have special coverage for these exact causes or include them in standard plan terms. Again, this is why its so important to read your policy documents before paying for and locking in your policy.

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    How To Make A Successful Mobile Insurance Claim

    If you’ve opted to pay for a mobile phone insurance policy, then there may come a time when you need to make a claim on that policy. Unfortunately, just as with any other kind of insurance policy, simply having insurance isn’t a guarantee that you’re going to get your cash. That’s why we’re here to help, with our top tips for filing a successful mobile insurance claim. Of course, we can’t promise that you’re going to get your payout, but follow these tips and you’ll increase your chances of getting your money

    Use Email Or Regular Mail To Send The Requested Documentation

    Ripped Off By Asurion and AT& T Phone Insurance!!!

    Are you having problems uploading the required documentation via the online form? In this case, you can send the documentation to one of the following addresses:

    • Brightstar Device Protection, LLC Attn: Asset Protection, P.O. Box 03, Alpharetta, GA 30009-9998

    Should you choose to email or mail the necessary documentation, the claiming process may last longer.

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