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Can You Get Car Insurance With A Suspended License

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How Do I Know If My License Has Been Suspended


You can check the status of your Ontario drivers license by either visiting a MTO office near you, or go to their website and order one online.

Drivers license check includes the status of your license, any conditions that are required and also if you can drive your commercial vehicle in the United States.

Do Car Insurance Companies Run Your License

Car insurance companies have to know whether youre a licensed driver. Theyll use your drivers license to learn more about your driving record. If you cant present your drivers license, an auto insurance company may deny you coverage.

If you happen to have a poor driving record, some companies may deny you coverage. If youve had a suspended license, The General Insurance may be more willing to work with you than other companies.

Can a car insurance company suspend your license?

Does GEICO suspend licenses? Do other companies? Car insurance companies like GEICO cant suspend your license. Only the DMV can suspend a license.

You May Need Insurance

Its illegal to drive with a suspended license, but that doesnt necessarily mean you should disregard your car insurance. Your insurance company will discover your suspension the next time your motor vehicle report is pulled, typically near renewal time. In some cases, the individual who has had their license suspended or revoked has one or more good reasons to maintain their insurance.

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Can You Rent A Car With A Suspended License

Car rental companies will not allow you to rent a car with a suspended license. Furthermore, many major rental car companies including Avis, Budget and Dollar reserve the right to perform an electronic DMV check of your driving record to confirm your license isn’t suspended or revoked. Additionally, some rental car agencies may reject drivers if they have recent traffic violations such as DUIs.

Reinstate A Suspended Drivers Licence

Can You Get Car Insurance with a Suspended Driver

How to get a drivers licence back after it has been suspended in Ontario.

You can lose your drivers licence for many reasons but every suspension is considered serious.Your licence could be suspended:

  • at the side of the road
  • a court could order a suspension
  • if you receive a suspension letter from the Ministry of Transportation

A court will order a suspension if you are convicted of violating certain driving-related laws.

Your drivers licence could be suspended if you:

  • have alcohol in your blood
  • fail or refuse to give a breath sample when asked by police
  • break the graduated licensing rules for new drivers
  • fail to insure your vehicle
  • fail to stop for a police officer and court believes that you tried to escape police
  • accumulate too many demerit points on your driving record
  • fail to attend a demerit point interview on your driving record
  • the result of a demerit point interview is unsatisfactory
  • fail to pay claim/court judgement
  • fail to attend the remedial measures program
  • fail to file a vision report
  • do not pay court-ordered child or spousal support
  • do not pay a traffic fine when ordered by a court
  • have a medical condition that a doctor believes could affect your ability to drive safely
  • are convicted of certain driving-related offences

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What Happens If You Get In A Wreck With A Suspended License

Will car insurance cover an accident if I have a suspended license?

This can be complicated. If your license is suspended, you shouldnt drive any vehicle. Therefore, an accident with a suspended license may not be covered by your insurance. Driving with a suspended license may result in your license being revoked.

Having a car accident with a suspended license can greatly increase your troubles. You can face more serious charges, possible jail time, and greater fines. Its also not a given that your insurance will cover an accident with a suspended license.

Its also important to note that driving with suspended car insurance or no proof of insurance will make matters worse.

Driving without car insurance can have serious consequences. This table breaks down by state the penalties you might see if you are caught driving with no car insurance.

Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance by State

Administrative Drivers License Suspensions:

Administrative drivers license suspensions are usually tied to non-moving violations.

Reasons can include:

  • Unpaid parking tickets
  • Outstanding Child Support Payments to the Family Responsibility Office
  • Outstanding payment to the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund is considered an Administrative lapse because there is no driving offence CONVICTION connected with the Suspension

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What Does Car Insurance Look Like After A Drivers License Is Reinstated

After a driver that had their license suspended for an extended period of time gets their license back, they might think that the hard part of the whole ordeal is over. However, often the trouble has just begun.

The first thing to consider is whether you can get SR-22 insurance with a suspended license. An SR-22 is a form provided by your car insurance company that states you have at least the minimum coverage required by law. Your car insurance provider will issue the form, but it generally means a big rate increase.

You will be required to show proof of insurance before your license will be reinstated in some states. This is definitely something to consider if your license was suspended due to failure to carry enough insurance to meet state requirements.

Depending on the state you live in, you will have to follow slightly different procedures for obtaining car insurance after having your license suspended. However, its possible to purchase an insurance policy even though you currently carry a suspended license.

Terms and conditions will apply to obtain insurance and keep your policy. It wont come without added expenses. You will also have to pay all fines and fees associated with the suspension of your license. Even with a suspended license, you can still get full coverage.

What Happens If Your License Is Suspended

Car Insurance with a Suspended License – Best Rate

If your current insurance provider doesnt offer car insurance without a drivers license, or theyre unwilling to offer you a policy when it comes time to renew, you may have to shop around a bit until you can find someone who does.

Accidents can happen, and there are any number of reasons why the state would suspend or revoke your drivers license. In these cases, many municipalities require that you have car insurance before offering to reinstate your driving ability, which can be tricky.

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Applying For Insurance With A Suspended License

If your license has been suspended for failing to maintain insurance, getting a standard policy with a suspended license might not be so easy.

Since you have to meet eligibility requirements to secure insurance, you dont have a chance with preferred providers. Some substandard insurers who charge high-risk rates may still insure your car.

Its easy to have your license suspended but getting it back can be a tedious process. To earn your privilege back, you need insurance, but to get insurance, you need a license.

To get around this, youll need to buy high-risk insurance and add a driver who can legally drive your car to the policy.

You also have to request an SR-22 so that you can file it with the state.

How To Get Suspended License Insurance

Your suspended license doesnt have to be the end of the world. With a little work on your part, youll find insurance to cover you and your car during the time youre not on the road. To recap:

  • Consider a company that specializes in high-risk drivers.
  • Unless your lienholder doesnt let you, you may be able to reduce the insurance youre carrying to get coverage.
  • Explore the option of a restricted rather than a suspended license.
  • Switch policyholders if you can.

If you follow these points carefully, you should be able to find an insurance policy that covers you until your license is reinstated. Youll pay more for it than a driver with no dings on their license, but by gathering several quotes from a range of companies, you should be able to find one that is reasonably priced.

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Reasons To Get Car Insurance With No License

Since getting an auto policy without a license can be difficult, its a good idea to work with a local agent who can help you navigate the application process and find the best car insurance companies to suit your needs.

Here are some common reasons you might need car insurance without a drivers license.

How To Lower Car Insurance Rates After A License Suspension

Can You Get Car Insurance With a Suspended License?

You will be considered a high-risk driver after a driverâs license suspension, which means that your insurance rates will inevitably go up. The good news is that there are some ways to lower your rates via various discounts. The specific options available to you will depend on your chosen insurer.

One great option is to take a defensive driving course. This will not only give you a discount, but it can also show your insurer that you are taking steps to become more responsible behind the wheel. You may also qualify for discounts by bundling your auto insurance with other types of insurance. You can even get a discount for having certain safety and security features on your car.

You can also reduce your car insurance coverage to the minimum required by your state. This is a great strategy to get cheap car insurance and have a lower insurance premium.

Of course, one of the best ways to get the lowest rates is to shop around. When you compare quotes from multiple providers, you should find the best deals on a car insurance policy.

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How Much Does A Suspended License Increase Car Insurance Rates

As mentioned above, you will likely pay higher car insurance rates after a suspended license. That is just one of the consequences of being a high-risk driver, according to insurance companies.

There is also a chance that some insurance companies will refuse to give you any coverage. This would be a decision the company would make based on your perceived level of risk. This means that while you can find auto insurance after your license is suspended, you may have fewer options among various providers than you did before the suspension.

It is also important to note that if you have a suspended license, this will stay on your driving record for several years. How long it stays depends on the state you live in. This means that insurance companies will continue to classify you as high-risk for several years.

As a rule of thumb, you can expect your auto insurance quotes to increase by at least 10% and as much as 50% due to a suspended license. Depending on the reason your license was suspended, the uptick can be even more. For example, DUI-related suspensions tend to lead to even larger increases and make it hard to afford auto insurance.

Reasons Why Your Driving License Can Get Suspended

Many factors can lead to your drivers’ license being suspended. These reasons can include:

  • Failure to pay court fines
  • Driving under influence charges and convictions
  • Not adhering to your restricted driving privileges
  • Accumulating your DMV demerit points
  • Traffic violations in other states
  • Driving without car insurance
  • Providing the DMV with falsified information
  • Medical and physical conditions
  • Other offenses, such as drug-related charges and reckless driving.

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Definite And Indefinite Suspensions

If your suspension is definite, you will likely have to wait until the designated end date, which can range from days to years depending on the offense. A definite suspension may also trigger a suspension-termination fee, which must be paid before your license will be reinstated. An indefinite suspension is not dated and instead requires a specific action to resolve. These types of suspensions may be filed over drivers failing to pay traffic fines, child support, or failing to file an accident report. Those with an indefinite suspension will need to take the necessary action and likely pay a suspension-termination fee to recover their right to drive.

Why Should I Get Car Insurance With A Suspended License

How to Find Insurance With a Suspended License : Insurance Tips & Answers

You may be wondering if its even worth having car insurance with a suspended license. The answer is it definitely is.

Even though you may not be driving for a stretch of time, you want to avoid any gaps in auto insurance coverage or letting your policy lapse. This will result in higher premiums in the future, and depending on why your license was suspended, maintaining car insurance may be a requirement in order to have your license reinstated.

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Does A License Suspension Affect Insurance

A drivers license suspension may or may not affect your car insurance premium. This depends on the reason for the suspension of your drivers license. A Drivers license suspension is divided into two categories: Administrative and Non administrative Suspensions.

Since drivers license suspensions are usually tied with either a moving or non-moving violation, its not only the suspension that can hurt you, but the action that caused it, as well.

Why Is It Important To Keep Auto Insurance While Youre Suspended

For one, its the law. If you need more reason than that, then consider the future consequences.

Going an extended period without car insurance can be compromising your future in a big way.

Auto insurance providers view a gap in coverage as a huge risk in providing coverage.

So if you were to go without coverage until your suspension is lifted, your rates would skyrocket. Keeping coverage can help you keep car insurance costs as low as possible, given your situation.

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How Does An Administrative Driver License Suspension Affect Me

  • If an administrative lapse or suspension is under one year an auto insurance company is not allowed to use the lapse or suspension for rating purposes, however,
  • Some auto insurance companies can rate for administrative lapses and suspensions of a drivers license when the length of the lapse or suspension is between 12 and 36 months, and the auto insurance company has filled properly with the governing body, FSCO.
  • A rate filing for administrative lapses and drivers license suspensions must be subject to the review and approval process of the financial services of Ontario, FSCO, otherwise auto insurance companies cant use lapses and administrative drivers license suspensions of 12 to 36 months in length for rating purposes.

When Will The Dmv Suspend Someones License

Can You Get Insurance With A Suspended License In Florida ...

Driving is a privilege. If you dont earn the privilege to drive and then follow the rules, youre not responsible enough to operate a motor vehicle.

Theres only one way to earn your license, but there are several ways that you can lose it.

Some of the common reasons that for license suspensions include:

  • Driving under the influence conviction
  • Failure to comply with child support orders
  • Failure to maintain required insurance
  • Failure to appear in court for a moving violation summons
  • Presenting fraudulent documentation for drivers license or registration
  • Altered use of a drivers license
  • Conviction of multiple moving violations within a short period of time
  • Failure to pay fines or surcharges as ordered by the court
  • Drug-related offenses

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What Happens If You Get Caught Driving With A Suspended License In Ontario

Driving with a suspended drivers license in Ontario is an auto insurance policy violation and also an offence under the highway traffic act of Ontario.

Getting caught driving while your drivers license is suspended will probably result in:

  • Monetary fine between $1,000 to $50,000, depending on whether its a first or second offence, and if the violation falls under the highway traffic act of Ontario or the Criminal Code of Canada.

The Ontario automobile policy OAP 1 states, section 7.2.2 Illegal Use:

  • We wont pay for loss or damage caused in an incident: if you drive the automobile while not authorized by law

Driving while your license is suspended means youre not authorized to drive by law. Even if you mistakenly forget to renew your drivers license and get caught driving with a lapsed or expired license, you would have violated a policy condition. Unfortunately, this would be cause to deny your car insurance claim and may also leave you in a position where you would be responsible for the injuries and damages of others involved.

Our Recommendations For Auto Insurance

We encourage you to use our free comparison tool to compare car insurance rates between various providers. Just enter your zip code into our quote box, and you will receive several quotes from providers in your area.




We also recommend considering insurance from GEICO, USAA and State Farm.

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What Does A License Suspension Mean

Having a suspended license means that you canât legally drive until your license is reinstated. A suspension is a temporary state . There are a number of violations that can lead to your license being suspended. Those include, but arenât limited to:

  • Driving under the influence

  • Repeat traffic violations or tickets

  • Getting into an at-fault accident without car insurance

How To Get Car Insurance With No License

3 Reasons for a Suspended License in Florida

When youre ready to buy car insurance, dont let not having a license get in your way. In many states, the process is still much the same, and while some companies might ask for your drivers license number to give you a quote, others will only ask how many years the primary driver has had a license.

Rather than spending your time visiting website after website getting auto insurance quotes, head over to Insurify, an auto insurance quote comparison. You wont be asked for your license number and can easily compare personalized quotes from a variety of insurance carriers in minutes.

Once youve found a policy that meets your specific needs, make sure to follow up with an insurance agent when you enroll. You might be asked for the license number of the primary driver, so have that information handy.

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