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Can You Get Car Insurance Without A License In California

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List Yourself As An Excluded Driver


The key to getting car insurance without a license is buying a policy where you are listed as an excluded driver. This alleviates risk for the auto insurance company because you and your vehicle will not be covered if you drive the car and get into an accident.

Keep in mind: If you’re pulled over, you’ll be treated as if you were driving without insurance, which could result in fines and vehicle impoundment.

Since the unlicensed car owner isn’t allowed to operate the vehicle, someone else will have to be listed as the primary driver on the policy. This should be the person who typically uses the car, such as a spouse, family member or roommate.

It is fairly typical for the policyholder and vehicle owner to be different from the primary driver on a car insurance policy. This is sometimes the case for elderly drivers or for people with health problems. In these situations, a caretaker may need to be listed as the primary driver on the patient’s auto insurance policy.

When determining who will be the primary driver on the account, keep in mind that car insurance companies will use motor vehicle records along with other factors to set your rates.

If the person you choose as the primary driver on your policy is considered a high-risk driver either due to their driving record or age you can expect an increase to your premiums.

Can You Buy A Car Without A Drivers License

If youre shopping for auto insurance without a drivers license, then you might also be shopping for cars. So can you really buy a car without a drivers license?

You might be able to buy a car without a valid drivers license, but you could run into significant issues. And what about financing a car with no drivers license? Some car dealerships will refuse to sell you a car without a valid drivers license, for example.

Many car dealerships require proof of insurance. If you were able to buy auto insurance without a drivers license, then you may be able to buy a vehicle without ever showing your drivers license.

If you financed your vehicle, lenders reserve the right to put force-placed insurance on your vehicle if you didnt buy the appropriate amount of auto insurance coverage on your own.

Generally, reputable dealers will make it difficult to buy a car without a drivers license. However, you should be able to find plenty of used car dealerships and similar companies in your area that may be more flexible with license requirements.

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How To Purchase Car Insurance Without A License

After shopping around to find the best policy to suit your needs, you will want to follow the steps below to secure your insurance. Sometimes smaller companies may be your best option if the reason for not having your license is a suspension since your driving record may more drastically affect rates at a national company.

  • Exclude yourself as a driver on the policy: When you exclude yourself as a driver on the policy, you are legally stating that you have no license and will not be driving the vehicle. If you are caught driving the vehicle or get in an accident while driving, your insurance will not honor the claim.
  • List the primary drivers: Since you will be an excluded driver on the policy, you will need to list the drivers who will be covered while operating your vehicle,
  • The Zebra says, if you are having problems finding a company to provide you with insurance because you don’t have a license, it may be beneficial to make one of the primary drivers a co-owner on your vehicle. You can do this by listing the primary driver as a co-owner on the vehicle registration. This way, you can apply for your policy using their name and license number.

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    What Is An Excluded Driver

    If you find a company that will write you a policy without a license, you may need to name yourself as an excluded driver on the policy, which is exactly what it sounds like: it means your car insurance doesnât apply if youâre driving.

    You canât drive your car if you donât have a valid license, and your insurance company wants to make sure you know that â and that they wonât pay if you do. Car insurance does not give you permission to drive a car â only a valid driverâs license does that. If you donât have a driverâs license, you canât legally drive.

    If youâre planning on getting a license in the future, once you get your license, youâll have to contact your insurance company to be named as a driver on the policy â until then, you wonât be covered, even if you have your license. Be aware that your rates may change once you get your license and add yourself as a driver on the policy â as a new driver, youâll likely be rated at a higher rate than your previous primary driver.

    Keep in mind, not all insurers will let you include a primary driver other than yourself on an insurance policy. If you donât have a license, you may need to shop around quite a bit to find a company willing to take you on.

    Many of the biggest car insurance companies â like State Farm and Allstate â will turn you away if you donât have a license. This leaves you with the smaller, regional carriers to choose from.

    Penalties For Driving Without A License

    Can You Get Car Insurance Without A License In Texas

    If you are planning to drive a vehicle without a valid drivers license, dont. Driving without a license is a terrible idea and can result in major penalties.

    Specific fines vary by state, but in many cases, your vehicle will be impounded and youll spend six months in prison. Most states issue fines for a first offense ranging from $100 to $1,000. In Indiana, fines can be as high as $10,000.

    Having unlicensed driver’s insurance will not shield you from the penalties of driving without a license.

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    Health Reasons Prevent You From Driving

    If you have a health condition that prevents you from driving, you may still want to consider protection, even if you will not be driving your vehicle for the time being. If you are putting your car in storage for a while and your license expires while you recover, you may still want car insurance to protect you and your vehicle in the case that anything were to happen to your car while in storage.

    You may also want to keep an auto insurance policy if you think you may drive again in the future to avoid a lapse in coverage, which could make your rate higher when you need insurance again.

    Can I Get Car Insurance Without A Driver’s License

    You can get auto insurance without a license, but it’s challenging. A driver’s license is an important part of the auto insurance quote process with insurers, as it’s tied to your driving history. Insurers look at your driving history to gauge if you’re a good or bad driver, and calculate your risk level and policy rate based on that information.

    Furthermore, car insurers often consider policyholders without licenses to be high-risk. That’s because there is the concern that unlicensed drivers might get behind the wheel of their car, regardless of the consequences. If an accident occurs with an unlicensed driver behind the wheel, the insurer will probably wind up having to cover the damages.

    Also remember that if you are able to find a company willing to provide you with auto insurance without a driver’s license, it will probably be more expensive than a policy for a licensed driver.

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    Are Unlicensed Drivers In California Covered By Insurance

    Twenty percent of all fatal vehicle accidents in our country involve an unlicensed driver, reports an AAA Foundation of Public Safety study.;Research found that people with revoked or suspended drivers licenses were nearly five times more likely to be a hit-and-run driver, and half of all unlicensed drivers in deadly crashes tested positive for alcohol. Given these alarming statistics, its no surprise that collisions involving unlicensed drivers in California are a common occurrence. The bigger concern for those who are hit by an unlicensed driver is whether the;driver is;covered by insurance.;;

    It is illegal to drive in California without;carrying;proof of financial responsibility, and for all intents and purposes, this means;having;auto insurance.;;Insurance policy information;must be in the vehicle at all times,;and available to present in the event of an accident. But can you purchase car insurance without a valid CA drivers license? Yes, you can, but;it;doesnt mean that everyone does.;

    Insurance is available to unlicensed drivers;in CA;

    In;California, there are several scenarios that allow a person who does not have a;valid drivers license;to buy;automobile insurance.;

    Auto insurance for people with suspended licenses;

    Legal options after being hit by an unlicensed driver;

    • $5,000;for property damage;;

    Penalties For Driving Without Insurance In An Accident

    How to Get an Insurance License in California

    Most car accidents must be reported, and both drivers will need to present evidence of financial responsibility to the department of motor vehicles. You’ll need to do this if the collision resulted in property damage that exceeds $750, or if it involves injuries or death.

    If you can’t show proof of car insurance after an accident, the state will suspend your license for one year in addition to charging the fine and your car may be impounded until you pay any towing and storage fees.

    After one year, you can apply to have your driving privileges reinstated on the condition that you have proof of financial responsibility. Should you be caught a second time without insurance in an accident, your license will be suspended for up to four years.

    Here’s what you can expect:

    Police officer may order a vehicle impoundment

    First offense after collision

    $100$200 plus penalty assessments of $260$520Mandatory one-year suspension, after which you can have your license reinstated if you maintain an SR-22 and proof of financial responsibility for three yearsCourt may order a vehicle impoundment

    Second and subsequent offense after collision

    $200$500 plus penalty assessments of $520$1,300Up to a four-year suspension; during the last three years of suspension, your privileges can be reinstated if you provide a SR-22 and maintain it.Court may order a vehicle impoundment

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    Ca Good Driver Discount

    Good drivers deserve a break, and in California, those who meet certain criteria could receive at least a 20% discount on their auto insurance premium. In California, a Good Driver is one who²:

  • Has verifiable license experience for at least the previous three years; or
  • Has been licensed in the United States or Canada for the most recent 18 months, which experience must be verifiable, and certifies the previous 18 months of license experience in any jurisdiction outside of the United States or Canada; and
  • Has not accrued more than one Department of Motor Vehicles point in the last three years. A point is usually assigned for a vehicle code violation or a “principally at-fault” accident³; and, if the driver was involved in a “principally at-fault” accident, it must not have resulted in injury or death; and
  • Has not had a conviction during the past ten years for specific driving under the influence related driving offenses or specific felony convictions4.
  • Speak to one of GEICO’s auto insurance agents, if you have any questions.

    How Do I Add A Named Or Primary Driver On My Policy

    Insurance providers offer several ways for you to designate who and who is not covered on your auto policy. As weve mentioned above, you must have a primary driver listed. You also have the option to include one or more named drivers as well. These individuals either have a provisional license or a DMV issued drivers license and while they do operate your vehicle, they dont drive it as often as the primary driver.

    Your insurance provider also allows you to exclude specific drivers from your policy. Instead of simply not letting them use your car, you can actually save money on your policy if you exclude them. Anyone in your household who has a license suspension or a high-riskdriving history could potentially cause your rates to skyrocket, so by excluding them, youre promising your insurance carrier that this person wont be operating your vehicle.

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    When You Own A Vehicle That Other People Will Drive

    This is one of the most common reasons to get insurance without a drivers license. If you have a vehicle that other people will be driving, it still needs to be insured. Since you are the owner of the vehicle, you will want to be sure that you have proper coverage for those who will be behind the wheel.

    One example would be if you have health issues. You may have a caregiver that needs to take you to doctors appointments and to run errands. Having insurance for the car you own, with your caregiver included as a driver on the policy, provides you with the protection needed. Additionally, those who have chauffeurs and personal drivers for other reasons may want to have their own insurance for the vehicles they own. It will provide protection for the vehicle, even if you are not the one driving it.

    Because insurance companies typically require a drivers license number, you can list another licensed driver as the primary driver. Because of this, you will use their license number when you request the quote. Additionally, you can exclude yourself from coverage.

    Do You Need Insurance If You Have A License But No Car

    Can You Get Auto Insurance Without a License?

    Licensed drivers who dont own a car and do not drive others do not need car insurance.

    If you have a license, do not own a car but regularly drive a car that belongs to someone else, you need non-owners insurance. Also, if you frequently rent cars, you may want to consider buying non-owners insurance to increase the amount of protection you have. Non-owner liability car insurance will kick in if you get into an accident and the damages exceed the amount specified by the owners liability coverage.

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    Can You Buy Car Insurance With A Suspended License

    Yes, you can buy certain types of car insurance with a suspended license. In fact, you will probably need to have your insurer file an SR-22 certificate or equivalent in your state to get your license reinstated. SR-22s are a requirement for high-risk drivers that proves they carry the minimum required amount of liability insurance in their state.

    How Much Does Non Owners Insurance Cost

    The average cost is $474, based on a rate an rate analysis.

    A non-owners policy costs significantly less than a typical insurance policy. That’s because non-owner drivers typically drive less than drivers who own their vehicle, reducing the chances they’ll be in a wreck.

    There are substantial cost differences depending on the state. Here are the most expensive and least expensive state averages for non-owner car insurance:

    Most expensive

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    Find The Right Solution For Your Circumstances

    Thomas J. Brock is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant with 20 years of corporate finance, accounting, and financial planning experience managing large investments including a $4 billion insurance carrier’s investment operations.

    The Balance / Nusha Ashjaee

    Why would you need car insurance if you dont have a license? Legally, you dont need a drivers license to purchase a car. You might buy a car to give as a gift and want to insure it in the meantime. Or you might lose your license for any number of reasons but still have a car under your name. Getting car insurance even when you dont have a license protects your investment if its damaged or stolen.;

    But its not easy to buy insurance without a drivers license number. Insurers use the number to check your driving history and assess whether youre a high-risk driver. They also worry about whether theyll be stuck paying bills for an accident if you decide to drive unlicensed. Because of this added risk, you might have to look beyond big-name insurance companies. A non-standard insurer may be willing to take you on.;

    What Is Non Owner Car Insurance

    How To Get A Car Dealer’s License In California

    Non-owner car insurance provides liability coverage for drivers who need car insurance without a car. It pays for injuries and damages you cause in an accident when you’re driving a car that someone else owns. Non-owners car insurance typically comes into play as a secondary coverage if the car owner’s insurance falls short in paying for the repair and medical bills. That means the insurance policy on the car you’re borrowing will be used first, and then your non-owners insurance policy kicks in if you have higher liability limits than the car owner.

    For example, let’s say your non-owner’s policy has $40,000 in property damage liability, and the owner of the car you’re driving has $20,000 in property damage liability. You borrow the car and cause an accident with $30,000 in damages, leaving $10,000 to be paid by you . Your non-owner’s policy would cover the extra $10,000 because your limits are higher and you have coverage.

    However, non-owners car insurance won’t cover damage to the car you’re driving or cover your injuries if you’re at fault for an accident.

    Non-owners car insurance is a good fit for you if you frequently rent vehicles or drive someone else’s car, or are trying to keep continuous coverage during the time you don’t own a vehicle. Additionally, non owner car insurance is used by high-risk drivers who are required to buy a liability policy to keep a drivers license.

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