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Can You Get Insurance For Your Pet

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Myth #9getting Pet Insurance Before Surgery Is Not Possible

Vet Advice | Should I Get Pet Insurance?

There is some truth to this myth in that pet insurance typically does not cover pre-existing conditions. So, if your pets surgery is for a health issue or injury they had before you enrolled, it would be considered a pre-existing condition and not be covered. However, you can still enroll your pet even if they need surgery or currently has a health condition and get reimbursed for future covered incidents.

Now that these common pet insurance myths have been debunked, check out the coverage options for your pet. Get a free quote.

Can I Cover More Than One Dog On The Same Policy

Yes, you should be able to find multi-pet insurance policies from a range of providers. You might even get a discount for insuring more than one dog on the same policy. Multi-pet policies work just like insuring a single dog, but it means youll only have to worry about one set of paperwork, one set of payments and one renewal.

Unfortunately, Compare the Meerkat dont compare multi-pet insurance policies right now.

What Are The Most Common Dog Health Problems

Illnesses that could affect your furry friend include:

  • ear infections these can be caused by allergies, yeast or ear mites. Surgery can be needed for chronic infections.
  • worms worm infestations can be serious for your pet. Your vet can prescribe medicine, depending on the type of parasite.
  • fleas your vet can give you advice on the best flea treatment for your dog.
  • dermatitis this bacterial infection can become more bothersome if left untreated. Your vet can prescribe antibiotics, anti-inflammatory treatments or steroids.
  • vomiting this can be caused by anything from parasites to pancreatitis.

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Options For Covering The Costs Of Veterinary Care

  • You could set aside enough savings to pay when the time comes
  • You could borrow from friends and family
  • You could launch a crowdfunding campaign
  • You could apply for charitable grants
  • You could acquire veterinary financing on credit, or
  • You could purchase pet health insurance.

If you look online, you might find people touting the importance of financing your own pet care and setting aside money each month over a pets lifetime to pay for veterinary bills. However, this does not work if your pet needs an expensive surgery or test before you’ve accumulated enough savings…nor does it work if you have more than one incident.

1. When thinking about building a savings account, consider this scenario:

You put $50 a month into a savings account for your pet, totaling $600 per year. By the time your pet is ten years old, you have a nest egg of $6,000 to cover any age-related issues that could arise. However, this strategy is deeply flawed.

Dont get me wrong, there is tremendous value in building a rainy-day fund for your vet care and a possible medical emergency. It means there is a higher likelihood that Fidos health issues will be treated, and you wont have to opt for expensive financing options to make sure your dogs and cats stay in good health.

The problem is that your pet will not wait for a time that is convenient for you to become sick or get into trouble.

What if these expenses need to be addressed earlier in your pets lifespan, before youve saved enough to cover them?

The Ability To Go To Different Clinics

Get Pet Health Insurance plans underwritten by United ...

With the best pet insurance providers, you will be given freedom of choice to visit any veterinarian in the United States and still be guaranteed the same type of coverage. This is an extremely important factor to consider and one that should not be taken lightly.

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck with one clinic when you know it is not the best option for you or your pet. So the best pet insurance providers make sure that you can shop around and visit any clinic you want.

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The Ability To Feel Respected Valued And Included In The Coverage

The best pet insurance providers do not discriminate. Instead, they take the approach of welcoming any type of pet owner and their pet into their coverage and care. They recognize that not all pets are created equal and that different breeds and ages result in different types of medical care.

But the best providers dont mind this factorinstead, they embrace it and welcome you into their family with open arms. The best pet insurance providers are there to make your life and your pets life better. It really is as simple as that.

And the best ones embrace these five qualities. From empowering you to get access to any medical care your pet needs at any time or place to take a personal approach to create your pet insurance plan, you will feel well-cared for and have peace of mind when you sign up with the best. So what are you waiting for? Get your pet the insurance they deserve today.


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Is Pet Insurance Worth It Heres A Veterinarians Perspective

Theres no way to anticipate what will happen in the future you cant predict when or how your pets will get sick, or how much it will cost. Pet insurance protects against unexpected veterinary bills. Many pet owners pay out-of-pocket for their pets’ medical expenses, but most Americans struggle to afford a $1500 emergency vet bill. The right pet insurance can be a lifesaver. Learn the basics.

Our pets lives come with uncertainties.No matter how careful or responsible we are, our puppies find and devour socks, our kittens climb and stumble off shelves, and we have a responsibility to mend them back to health. We love our pets, and pet insurance is one tool that enables us to care for them without financial burden.

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Summary Of Moneys Spot Pet Insurance Review

Although Spots pet insurance plans may be more expensive than some competitors, the company is still an excellent option, particularly if youre looking for a policy with unlimited annual benefits. It has a strong reputation for customer service and financial stability, has no upper age limit and it offers multiple deductibles and plans so you can customize your policy to your needs.

Its always a good idea to shop around and get quotes from multiple insurers so you can find the best plan for your pet. Before enrolling your dog or cat, be sure to read the policy documents carefully so that you fully understand its coverages and exclusions.

Dig in to the benefits that Spot Pet Insurance can offer you and your pet

With pet insurance from Spot, you can get reimbursed for vet bills when your dog is treated for a covered condition. Why wait? Click below to get a free quote today!

How Pet Emergencies Can Lead To Long


If an emergency is not completely addressed , an issue may be overlooked or neglected which can lead to additional ongoing treatment costs.

Large expenses can also lead to debt, where interest charges will increase overall costs even further. You should avoid this if at all possible, and considering pet insurance is often the best first step.

For example, perhaps Fido suffers a hip dislocation that just won’t stay in place .

If the pet parent does not have the funds to thoroughly investigate or address the issue, the ideal treatment may be put off to “see how it heals – which can lead to chronic pain for the pet and recurring medication expenses for the pet parent.

Or, perhaps a pet has a urinary tract infection and the pet owner didnt want to pay to have a culture analyzed. Instead, they just start antibiotics and create a UTI that is now resistant to antibiotic treatment…Now, much more expensive medications will be required, and potentially even hospitalization or worse .

Sometimes you really need to do that extra test or that extra treatment.

It’s difficult to know when, which is why pet insurance is worth the cost for many pet owners: the protection grants finanacial peace of mind so that treatment conversations can be about whats the right thing to do, instead of how much it will cost.

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Accident Only Pet Insurance

Accident only pet insurance is the cheapest and most basic type of pet insurance. As the name suggests, it doesn’t cover illnesses – only injuries. Accident only policies provide a fixed sum of money for each accidental injury to help pay for your pets treatment, and will often also stop paying for the injury after twelve months.

Best For Older Dogs: Hartville

No matter how old your pet is, Hartville will let them sign up for a policy. Not only can senior dogs get accident-only coverage, they can still get illness and accident coverage too.

  • Illness, accident, and wellness coverage for all ages

  • One-month trial period

  • Multiple pet discount

  • Long waiting period for injuries

Hartville pet insurance covers all dogs and cats, regardless of their age. Policies are underwritten by Crum & Forster Insurance, which is the same insurer that provides coverage for the ASPCA.

There are two policies available from Hartville. The Complete Coverage policy includes coverage for accidents and illnesses, including conditions like:

  • Hereditary conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Eye disorders

As an alternative, pet owners can buy an Accident-Only Coverage plan that exclusively pays for accident-related injuries and treatment, including:

  • Exam fees
  • Hospitalization
  • Swallowed objects

In addition, Hartville sells a Preventive Care Coverage rider which pays for the cost of routine wellness visits, vaccines, and dental cleanings. You must wait 14 days before you can use your plan for accidents and illnesses.

Pet insurance through Harville starts at $138 per year, but you can easily get a quote online for your pets age, breed, and the amount of coverage you want. You can select a deductible between $100 and $500, with the option for unlimited annual coverage limits . Pet owners can save 10% on their premium for each additional pet they insure.

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For Dogs The Top 10 Most Common Medical Conditions Were:

  • Atopic or allergic dermatitis – average cost to treat: $255
  • Otitis externa – average cost to treat: $172
  • Benign skin neoplasia – average cost to treat: $377
  • Pyoderma – average cost to treat: $128
  • Enteropathy – average cost to treat: $175
  • Gastropathy
  • Periodontitis/Tooth infection – average cost to treat: $400
  • Cystitis or urinary tract infection
  • Anal gland sacculitis/Expression
  • Valvular heart disease or murmur
  • Luckily, there’s another solution for pets with pre-existing conditions.

    What Most Plans Cover:

    Heres How You Can Get Insurance For Your Pet In Case Of ...

    Accident-only plans will only provide reimbursement for emergency care related to accidents, like if your pet is hurt by a car or injures themselves by falling down the stairs. This type of coverage does not cover illnesses or breed-specific issues

    Accident-illness plans provide coverage for both accidents and unexpected illnesses. It is the most common, as it represents about 98% of plans issued by the pet insurance industry. This type of plan wont cover preventive care or pre-existing conditions, but you can expect reimbursement for almost everything else.

    Finally, you can purchase an accident-illness plan with a wellness add-on. This is the most expensive type of plan on the market, but it provides the most comprehensive level of coverage. The only health issues that arent covered pre-existing conditions.

    When comparing providers you’ll want to look for the right blend of comprehsive coverage and lifetime value.

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    Costs Can Outweigh Benefits:

    Every six seconds a pet owner faces a vet bill of $1,000 or more, according to, an online marketplace. That sounds scary, but in a country of 185 million cats and dogs, thats about a 3% chance over a year of it happening to your pet. In a study done by Consumer Checkbook, insurance was a worse deal when the cat or dog was lucky to have only low to moderate health problems, and a better deal when they suffered lots of medical problems. But the problem with spending so much to insure against disaster is that the odds of calamity are fairly long.

    Enroll In Cat Insurance While Theyre Kittens

    Whether youre thinking about adopting a kitten or youve recently brought one home, its a good idea to enroll your new pet in health insurance as soon as you can. The sooner you get coverage, the sooner you can start getting reimbursements for unexpected veterinary costs.

    No pet insurance will cover pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is any health condition that was diagnosed before your pets health insurance took effect.

    If you buy insurance only after your cat gets sick, the insurance company wont cover the costs of treating that illness. Some conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, or arthritis, may even require long-term care.

    The veterinary costs associated with ongoing treatments can add up. For example, even a short-term hospitalization of your pet can cost up to $1,700 without insurance. If your pet needs surgery, you could be stuck with costs as high as $5,000.

    A good practice is to enroll your cat into an insurance plan right after you adopt them. Some conditions can emerge in your cats early years and can affect them for the rest of their lives. With cat insurance, youll have peace of mind knowing your pet will always have access to affordable care.

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    Who Is Covered By Pet Health Insurance

    When you get pet insurance you own the policy and your pet is covered. So even though youre the policyholder you cant use pet health insurance to get your wisdom teeth out you also cant use it for other pets.

    A pet insurance policy wont cover all pet owners living under roof, nor will it cover you for more than one pet. So if your fur fam includes more than four legs youll want to make sure you have a separate policy for each of your pets you wont be able to claim veterinary bills for a cat whos not covered.

    Ready To Get Pet Insurance

    Pet Insurance 101: Does your dog need it?

    Its easy to become confused with all the insurance lingo, pricing plans, coverage, etc. Thats why were here to help. Were pet insurance experts, so feel free to ask any questions below. If youre ready, head on over to our pet insurance reviews to see the current rankings of our top recommendations and why we think theyre the best in the business.

    Do you have enough information to choose the right pet insurance plan for you?

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    Three: How Much Does Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Cost

    Get a free pet insurance quote from the company that delivers the best value.

    The only way to find out is to get a free quote.

    Why can’t I just tell you?

    Different breeds have different health profiles, so they have different rates. Age and where you live also matter. So the only way to get an accurate answer is to go to the Healthy Paws website and answer a few simple questions:

    • Pet’s name

    How Do I Get A Pet Insurance Quote

    Just click Get quotes at the top of this page and fill in some details about you and your pet.

    Youll need to tell us about their breed, age and gender and any previous issues with their health or behaviour.

    Youll get help choosing to see policies for short-term illness , or policies that cover longer-term issues .

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    Finding Good Pet Insurance

    Finding good pet insurance is a lot like finding good health insurance for humans. You have to do some research, and there are multiple ways for you to find them. In general, there are three main ways that people get pet insurance: employer benefits, marketplace options, and directly from provider companies.

    If your employer offers pet insurance coverage, you can opt to go through them, though you may have limited options. You can also find a pet insurance marketplace that lets you choose from several companies. Pet insurance marketplaces include and

    The final way for you to find good pet insurance is to go directly to the source. Often, insurance companies that offer other types of insurance will offer pet insurance as well, such as Farmers or Lemonade. You can also opt for a company thats focused specifically on pets, such as ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

    How Do I Choose The Right Dog Insurance

    Do You Need Health Insurance For Your Pet Life Daily

    Before you purchase your dogs insurance plan, be sure to familiarize yourself with what each plan offers. Compare the coverage provided under each plan with individual health concerns for your dog and his breed.

    Even if you have a healthy puppy today, knowing what illnesses are prevalent in your dogs breed will help you select the right plan. Talk with your vet about what you should plan for as your pet ages. For example, some breeds are more susceptible to hip and joint problems and cancer. Although no one wants to anticipate the worst, its the best plan of action when shopping for your dogs insurance policy. Choose the best plan based on the right cost AND coverage benefits, not price alone.

  • Narrow down your choices with a review of our top three provider recommendations and category winners for specific needs.
  • Contact at least three companies and obtain quotes based on the information you provide about your pets breed, age, health, and needs. If you have more than one pet, ask about a multi-pet discount.
  • Have your vet send in each of your pets records to the company that youre considering. A company thats genuinely interested in your business will review your pets records and clearly outline any excluded conditions from your pets insurance plan . Its important to understand the coverage details before you buy any insurance plan.
  • Weigh the cost of monthly premiums against the types of coverage offered: accident, illness, and wellness, as well as any add-ons.
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