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Can You Insure A Car Not In Your Name Ontario

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How Fault Is Determined

Can you Insure a Vehicle You Don’t Own?

After you report an accident, your insurance company will determine fault by following the Insurance Act and Fault Determination Rules. These rules:

  • Use diagrams to cover more than 40 accident situations that can be applied to almost every possible road collision scenario
  • Are applied regardless of road or weather conditions, visibility, point of impact on the vehicles, or the actions of pedestrians

Note that in some cases, fault may be shared between multiple parties involved in an accident.

Can I Get Car Insurance Quotes On A Car That Is Not In My Name

This depends on the insurance company as well as the information you have regarding the vehicle you’re trying to get insurance coverage for. It is important to be honest with the insurance company about the situation so they can make sure you have an insurable interest in the car for which you’re trying to get car insurance rates. Depending on the situation, insurance companies may be willing to provide insurance quotes even if you’re not the owner of the car, but that does not mean they’ll sell you a policy.

How To Get The Best Recreational Vehicle Insurance In Ontario

Protecting your recreational vehicles lets you enjoy your hobbies. While you can add your motorhome or trailer to your home insurance, a separate policy offers the best protection you wont have to make a claim against your home insurance if something happens.

Coverage varies for each type of recreational vehicle, but every policy will include liability and property damage coverage.

Recreational vehicles include:

  • Boats

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Demonstrate Your Need For Auto Insurance

Fully explain your situation and need to your insurance provider. Some insurers may grant coverage if you cannot afford a car of your own and its your only form of transportation that you require on a regular basis. If you have the vehicle in your possession on a regular basis some insurers may grant auto insurance coverage for you. A good example is when university students live on campus and have possession of their parents vehicle.

What About Two Car Insurance Policies On One Person

Can You Insure A Car Not In Your Name In Arizona Ideas ...

Many responsible car owners will shop around before committing to a car insurance policy. The easiest option is to add a new car to an existing policy. But sometimes, it can work out cheaper to take out a new policy entirely.

Under Canadian law, you can to take out as many car insurance policies as you desire. So if youre wondering, I have 2 cars to insure, what should I do? the best option is to shop around and find an appropriate policy possible for each of your cars.

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How To Prove Insurable Interest

In order to prove your insurable interest, when you apply for car insurance you may need to submit your carâs registration or yourcarâs title, also called a pink slip, which is an official document that says who owns a vehicle.But if you donât own a car, then itâs harder to prove to an insurance provider that you have a legitimate reason to insure it.

Settling A Claim If You Have A Car Loan

If you have a car loan, your car insurance policy will usually include a loss payee clause. A loss payee clause makes your lender your beneficiary. In case of loss or damage to your car, your insurance company will pay your lender up to the remaining balance of your car loan when you make a claim.

When you make a claim, your insurance company may, at its discretion, give the money to either:

  • you, so you can fix your car when you submit a claim
  • your lender, who would then give you the money for repairs after you submit receipts proving they were done

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Whats A Primary Driver

The primary driver is the person who regularly drives that vehicle. Every car is assigned a primary driver and the base insurance rates are calculated on that individuals driving history, including any tickets or accidents they may have experienced. Primary drivers dont have to own their vehicles, but they must use them more than anyone else. For example, its totally fine for a parent to own a vehicle that is mostly driven by their child or a nanny.

What If I Dont Add A Secondary Driver

How To Get Cheap Car Insurance in Ontario | 13 ways to get Cheaper Ontario Auto Insurance

The short answer is: add them. If somebody can be deemed a secondary driver, insurance rules say you need to add them to your policy. Your insurer will help you ensure that your coverage is adequate to protect the drivers of the vehicles. This approach provides peace of mind and guarantees that you and those you love are protected, should anything happen.

Dont wait until your car insurance renewal to add frequent drivers, or else a claim could be denied on the grounds of misrepresentation.

Another one of the second driver insurance rules is that insurance companies can deny claims if a driver wasnt truthful about the level of risk for the policy in question. Adding a the appropriate people to your list protects you from that possibility because it paints a clear picture about the level of risk tied to your policy.

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What If An Accident Happens Without Occasional Driver Insurance

Not everyone who drives your car needs insurance, necessarily. For example, someone using your truck to move their furniture to their new home wouldnt need to be put on your insurance. But what if that person borrowing your truck to move gets into an accident?

Your insurance policy should cover the costs in the event of an accident if the driver has or complies with the following:

  • A Canadian drivers license.
  • Follows the rules stated in your insurance policy .
  • Doesnt participate in any illegal activities .
  • A common belief is that if your friend drives your car and gets into an accident it wont affect your insurance premium. In fact, if your insurance company is covering the damage, your insurance premium is likely to increase. The reason for this is because you are trusting someone with your car and covering your car with someone else driving it in this scenario. If an accident were to occur, then it would affect your insurance to a degree .

    Before letting anyone drive your car, whether that be an occasional driver or someone else just once, its always helpful to know whats covered. That way you can you can let family and friends drive your car without causing you stress.

    What Is The Cost Of Basic Car Insurance Coverage

    A basic policy includes liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. To bring you data on the countrywide averages for each coverage type, we pulled data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners .

    Take a look at NAICs data on countrywide averages.

    National Averages for a Basic Car Insurance Policy

    Countrywide Average Rates

    Its important for us to note at this point that if you are driving someone elses vehicle, you need to be considerate of their needs and desires regarding coverage levels. If their vehicle is still being paid for, you must purchase a comprehensive car insurance plan to satisfy their agreement with their lender. If you dont, you could risk them losing their vehicle or facing a fine from the lending company.

    While getting car insurance isnt as cheap as most people would like it to be, it is a necessity if youre going to drive someone elses car or truck. Get the coverage that you need to ensure that your friends vehicle has the coverage necessary to protect them from financial trouble if you should get into an accident while driving their vehicle.

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    How Much Is Car Insurance For A New Driver In Ontario

    Insurance for new drivers in Ontario can be expensive, but luckily, you have a few options:

    • Add the new driver onto an existing policy as an occasional driver or additional insured
    • Purchase a separate car insurance policy for the new driver

    Its also important to do your price shopping if youre a new driver. We can take care of that part well get you auto insurance quotes for new drivers in Ontario from a bunch of different companies.

    Its also a great idea to take an approved Drivers Training Course as most insurers offer a discount. If you drive carefully and avoid getting any tickets, youll be able to see your car insurance rates go down over time.

    Past Losses Or Convictions

    Can You Insure A Car Not In Your Name In Arizona Ideas ...

    Eligibility is also based on things like prior accident record as an example and will vary depending on whether you are looking for a new car insurance policy or wish to renew an existing policy. Other restrictions may arise from past convictions and can vary depending on when your last conviction occurred and the nature of the conviction.Here are the restrictions that may prevent you from getting car insurance:

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    Can You Drive Someone Elses Car Without Insurance In Ontario

    As long as youre licensed to drive in Ontario, you can operate someone elses vehicle even if you dont have insurance of your own. You must receive their explicit permission to operate the vehicle, however. Simply knowing they wouldnt mind is not enough.

    Additionally, if you plan on driving this persons car regularly, you need to follow secondary driver insurance rules in Ontario. This means being listed as a secondary driver on the vehicles insurance policy.

    What Are Car Insurance Add

    If youre buying your own car insurance policy, there are some add-ons that can further protect you in an accident.

    • Classic car coverage. Are you driving your friends vintage car? if so, classic car insurance is a cheaper alternative to regular car insurance.
    • Gap insurance or loan/lease coverage. If you are driving a car thats less than two years old, you should get gap coverage. This coverage will make sure you dont lose any money on a totaled car and can still pay off a loan.
    • MedPay coverage or PIP coverage. Both of these coverages pay for medical bills after an accident, although PIP also pays for lost wages.
    • Roadside assistance coverage. This coverage will help if youre locked out of the car, run out of gas, and other common situations.

    If youre added to someone elses policy, see what add-on coverages they have.

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    Other Types Of Vehicle Permits

    Temporary vehicle permits

    A temporary vehicle permit allows you to drive for short-term purposes only. For example, you can use this permit to drive a vehicle to a:

    • licensing office

    A special permit grants temporary privileges to certain vehicles while they are driving on Ontario roads:

    • out-of-province vehicles
    • laden commercial vehicles e.g., a truck that tows a trailer or carries goods and cargo, over a certain weight

    Gifting A Vehicle To A Family Member


    While a much less complicated process than selling a vehicle to a third party, transfer of ownership to a family member does require a few essential steps. You can transfer ownership of your vehicle in Ontario to a family member without requiring them to pay retail sales tax , but it can only take place once per 12-month period.

    Who qualifies as a family member for this exemption? Here is a list of those eligible from

    • spouse
    • parent or step-parent
    • half siblings
    • adopted siblings

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    What To Expect If You File A Claim With Mandatory Coverage Only

    In Ontario, your mandatory coverage includes Direct Compensation-Property Damage . Depending on the extent to which you were found at fault, you may be eligible to receive costs for:

    • A temporary rental vehicle
    • Damaged personal contents inside the vehicle

    Note that if you were found 50 per cent, or more, at-fault for your accident, and therefore 50 per cent not-at-fault, your company will pay 50 per cent of any loss, less the deductible.

    State Farm Insurance: Best For Students

    State Farm, the largest auto insurance carrier in the nation, earned a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in our research. Its known for its customer service and local agents who help customers manage their policies and answer questions about coverage.

    With State Farm, you have many discount opportunities, like discounts for driving safely, getting good grades, bundling home and auto policies, and going accident-free.

    Can you insure a car you dont own with State Farm? No, State Farm requires proof of ownership to insure a vehicle. However, it provides a personal mobility policy, which covers you when youre a pedestrian, passenger, or driver of a vehicle you dont own. It even covers you when youre riding a bike.

    Read more in our full review of State Farm insurance.

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    What Documents Will I Need To Transfer The Permit

    If you decide to gift the vehicle to a family member or decide to sell the vehicle, it is best to have the following paperwork in order:

    • proof of your Ontario vehicle insurance
    • your Ontario drivers license
    • Safety Standards Certificate
    • Spousal Declaration
    • Vehicle Ownership Permit with the completed portion on the back
    • If you are also transferring the license plate , you will need a completed Plate Transfer Declaration
    • Emissions test results

    Do You Need Insurance To Drive Somebody Elses Car

    Can you insure a car not in your name?

    No, most of the time the insurance follows the car. So, if you get into an accident when youre driving a friend or family members car, their existing auto insurance policy will cover the losses, as long as you had permission to drive the vehicle.

    If you cause excessive damage that their insurance policy cant cover, you may be held financially responsible. Thats where a non-owners policy can come in handy. This type of insurance coverage can protect you when you are a pedestrian, and when you are driving someone elses vehicle or a rental car.

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    Adding A Vehicle To An Existing Insurance Policy

    When you already have an auto policy for a car that you own, you may be able to add another vehicle to your existing policy. There are some things that you need to prepare for, however, that prevent total strangers from insuring a vehicle for nefarious reasons.

    Information Needed to Apply for Non-Owner Car Insurance

    Documentation Need to Apply for Non-Owner Car InsuranceReasons for Required Documentation

    If you want to insure the vehicle for your driving purposes only, then you will not need to add other drivers to your policy. When you insure the vehicle under your existing policy, youll need to either give the insurer the make and model or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration vehicle identification number . Both of these identification methods allow insurers to determine the following:

    • Vehicle safety features
    • Vehicle crash rating
    • Vehicle repair costs

    Insurers use these vehicle factors to determine the risk of claim payouts. For example, if a vehicle performs poorly in a crash, insurers can expect to pay more for hospital bills and severe vehicle damage. Costs are then based partially on the insurers analysis of the vehicle.

    Can You Insure A Car Thats Not In Your Name

    Can Someone Else Insure Your Car? – Key Takeaways
    – Yes, you can insure a car you don’t own. Insurance companies want you to have “insurable interest” in the car, but policy terms and state laws vary. – Insurable interest means you have a financial interest to insure the vehicle and its value.- Most car insurance companies, such as Liberty Mutual, GEICO, and State Farm want proof of ownership to insure a vehicle. Progressive allows you to insure someone else’s car with restrictions. – There are four ways you can insure someone else’s car:– Transfer the registration

    Read on to learn more about times when you may be able to insure an automobile you do not own with an insurance company and reach out to licensed insurance agents for more information.

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    How To Insure A Vehicle You Don’t Own

    There are special options to explore when considering insurance for a car someone else drives, or for a car not in your name.

    When insuring a car someone else financed for you, the auto insurance company generally prefers for the policy to be in the owners name. Depending on your situation, there are ways to have coverage on a vehicle you don’t own.

    What Is The Difference Between Vehicle Ownership Permit And Vehicle Registration

    How to save on car insurance & What to know!

    Vehicle ownership is the process of purchasing a car. The permit is the green piece of paper provided to you by the seller. Vehicle registration is the process of registering your vehicle with the province of Ontario.

    To register you will need proof of insurance, a valid license plate and plate sticker. This process can be completed at any ServiceOntario location.

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    Can Someone Drive My Car And Be Covered On My Insurance

    Yes. Both those who drive the car regularly or who borrow it occasionally can be protected by the insurance coverage in place on your vehicle. There are, however, various prerequisites for coverage.

    As noted above, a driver using anothers car on an incidental basis remains protected under the cars insurance policy with no further action. Those who borrow the car on a regular basis and those who have access to the vehicle can rate coverage under a cars policy. However, their personal information and driving history must be listed on the policy.

    This could include a spouse or other family members residing with the insurance holder. Insurability is not limited to that, since theres no requirement for a relationship. In fact, theres no need for a named driver a car user whose name appears on a policy to reside at a common address.

    Theres one hitch, however. The insurer could charge extra for some or all of the named drivers. If theres a perception of increased risk of claim due to other drivers, premiums could go up. It depends on the person, their driving record and the companys evaluation of risk.

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