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Can You Test Drive A Car Without Insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions About Test Drive Insurance

Never been easier to get caught driving without insurance (with subtitles)

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    You Can’t Drive Your Car Without A Valid Mot

    First things first. Legally, you have to have a valid MOT to drive a car. There are only a couple of exceptions to this.

    Driving it to a pre-booked MOT test. You’ll need to be able to prove that’s where you’re going if you get stopped. Some temporary car insurance policies allow this – but Cuvva’s doesn’t. It’s fine with our subscription policy, though.

    If your car is less than 3 years old. But even this isn’t a hard rule. Some types of vehicles have to be MOT’d before they’re 3 years old.

    And if the person who owned the car before you got it MOT’d when it was less than 3 years’ old, the normal rules apply, and you’ll have to get it MOT’d every year.

    Can I Get Car Insurance At The Dealership

    Yes, you can get insurance at the dealership, before buying a car. Most dealers will let you use a computer to shop for car insurance online before you buy a vehicle. Or you can use an app on your phone to shop for insurance while sitting in the dealership office.

    Both of these methods can be lifesavers when buying a car on the weekend.

    Otherwise, you might be able to use a weekend car-buying hotline. Many insurance companies set these up so people can get coverage for cars they buy on a Saturday or Sunday.

    Worst-case scenario: you go home without the car, buy coverage there, and then return the next day to pick it up.

    Whichever tactic you use, dont forget that legal minimum liability car insurance usually isnt enough to protect you if you cause an accident.

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    Test Drive Insurance Top Tips

    • Dont drive any car unless youre 100 per cent sure youre insured to do so.
    • Large dealerships will usually cover you to drive their demonstrators, but at smaller dealers you may need to get your own insurance cover. Ask first.
    • Understand the terms of the insurance cover before driving, its likely to only offer third party cover.
    • Take your driving licence with you when you go to take a test drive.

    Buying From A Dealership

    Can U Test Drive A Car Without Insurance

    When buying a car from a dealer, the party with an interest in the vehicle is the dealer. Since the car is not registered and titled like a personal automobile, it needs special garage liability insurance that is written specifically for a commercial new or used car dealership.

    The coverage that is purchased by the dealer will provide protection when lot vehicles are damaged or when a third-party suffers damages or injuries while a lot vehicle is being driven.

    Both employees and customers who are test driving cars on the lot are covered for liability and for physical damage claims.

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    When To Purchase Insurance If You’re Buying Your First Car

    If you’re buying your first car, it’s best to get an insurance policy before completing the purchase.

    While some dealers will let you purchase a vehicle without proof of insurance, none can allow you to drive it off the lot without showing the car is insured.

    All 50 states and the District of Columbia require drivers to have financial responsibility of some kind.

    Insurance premiums also differ according to the vehicle. More expensive cars generally cost more to insure. If you’re choosing between a few different cars, get insurance quotes for each model so you understand the insurance costs before purchasing the vehicle.

    Young drivers may also need to decide whether to purchase their own insurance policy or join a parent’s existing policy. Some parents may be tempted to put their teen on a separate policy in order to protect their premium rate. But because insuring a young person on a solo policy is expensive, it’s typically more cost-effective to add the teen to an existing policy.

    If you’re leasing or financing a vehicle, the lender may ask you to purchase coverage with limits that are higher than your state’s minimum. Additionally, some leasing contracts include a “forced place” clause that allows the leasing company to select and charge for an insurance policy on behalf of the lessor if they don’t provide proof of insurance within a specified time frame. Ask about these matters before signing any paperwork.

    Is My Car Insurance Valid Without An Mot

    Driving without a valid MOT is likely to invalidate your car insurance which means your insurer can refuse to pay for any repairs.

    Remember that if your insurer refuses to cover the cost of an accident and its considered your fault, itll be down to you to pay damages to other injured parties. Needless to say, this can leave you with huge costs.

    Driving without valid insurance is also an offence and could result in a £300 fine and up to six penalty points. In some cases, you could also be disqualified from driving.

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    Why Do I Need Test Drive Insurance

    Buying a car is a big financial decision, and a test drive could help you decide whether a car is right for you. If youre buying a new car privately, you need to make sure youre insured to take it out for a test drive. Thats where RAC Test Drive Insurance comes in. Its a flexible, short-term policy that covers you for as little as an hour. Not only could it save you money, any claim made wont impact the owners no claims discount.

    Do I Need Auto Insurance To Test Drive A Car

    Root Insurance Test Drive Review (Best Car Insurance?)

    You dont need proof of auto insurance to test-drive a car at a dealership. All you need is a valid drivers license. The dealership has a blanket auto insurance policy for anyone who drives their vehicles.

    However, if you are considering buying a car through a private party, you want to make sure you have coverage and they have coverage before test-driving.

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    Dont Let The Salesperson Steer You To A Vehicle You Dont Want

    Typically, a dealership is always trying to sell the vehicles it has in stock, Fuller told us. And that is not always in the best interest of the customer. If the salesperson really knows the inventory, then he or she is trying to match up the customer with something that can be sold today, Fuller said. If you are not specific and firm about what you want, the dealership will attempt to put you into a vehicle that its trying to move, even if it isnt whats best for you. Dont let yourself be sold a car.

    Dont Give The Dealership Your Car Keys Or Your Drivers License

    It is almost as anachronistic as a pocket watch, but some dealershappily fewer than ever before, according to Christopher Sutton, vice president of automotive retail at J.D. Powerstill engage in tactics designed to keep you in the showroom until a deal is made. A couple of the tried-and-not-so-true tactics revolve around test-drive vehicles. Before a test drive, the salesperson might ask for your car keys and/or your drivers license as security. Then, when you return and want to leave without buying, the car keys or the license will go missing. We dont see it that much anymore, Sutton told us, referring to abusive dealer tactics. And I think the advent of ratings and reviews online . . . has contributed to that.

    Yes, a wise dealership needs to determine that you have a valid driver’s license before allowing you to take a car out for a test spin, but they don’t need to take it from you and hold it as some sort of deposit. It should be enough for them to know your identity and your address. Since you have typically parked your own car at the dealership, there is the strong likelihood you will return. Further, when you go on the test drive, it is obviously good for you to have your driver’s license in your possession.

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    Will A Dealership Let Me Test Drive

    Most car dealerships will allow you to take a short drive in any of their cars. A test drive will enable you to imagine yourself as the owner of that particular car. Test driving works to the advantage of both the customer and the dealership. There are several things to keep in mind when you are test driving cars.

    Take Time Making Your Decision

    Can I Drive a Car Without Insurance?

    Not matter how much you loved the car, its important not to get carried away. First of all, you should always test out a couple of the cars you researched to compare and secondly you should give yourself time to reflect before you make a decision. Speak to the seller and confirm the final costs and then come away.

    When youve talked it over and made up your mind on which vehicle you want, its time to make your purchase.

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    Are There Exceptions To The Permissive Use Provision

    While a majority of standard PAP contracts have permissive use provisions written into them, there are always exceptions to every rule.

    If the driver whos borrowing the vehicle in question has already been excluded from the policy under a driver exclusion form, no coverage will extend under any circumstances until that exclusion is removed and the driver is rated.

    Another exception to the permissive use rule is when you buy a special auto insurance policy called a named driver policy. Under this type of plan, coverage is only provided to individuals who are specifically named on the policy.

    This policy has advantages because premiums tend to be a little lower.

    Now that you know about the terms and definitions within insurance contracts, the next step is to learn just who/what insurance follows. Theres no steadfast rule that says insurance must follow the car or the driver on the policy.

    Instead, there are different conditions and definitions that are used when a claim is filed to verify if coverage will extend. In most cases, liability insurance will follow the car and whoever has permission to drive it.

    So if youre driving a friends car and youve been given permission, as long as you meet the permissive user requirements, the coverage will extend to you. The story is a bit different for physical damage losses.

    Does Comprehensive Insurance Insure Me To Drive Any Vehicle

    While DOC cover is included in many comprehensive policies, its always subject to terms and conditions, including age and experience, so its always best to check your policy details first.

    Many people have fallen foul of the law in the belief that their comprehensive insurance covers them to drive another vehicle owned by someone else.

    The owner of the car has also committed an offence if theyve allowed their vehicle to be used by an uninsured driver, and you may both receive points and a fine.

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    Should I Let Someone Test Drive The Car I Am Selling If I Dont Have Auto Insurance

    If you are selling a car and dont have plates or insurance, make this clear in your listing. Its best to have proof that you disclosed this to the buyer in writing so that you can protect your interests if the party gets into an accident after you make a transaction.

    No matter how upfront you are, you shouldnt allow the buyer to test drive the car or drive away from your property without first showing that they have their own insurance.

    What If I Have My Own Car Insurance

    Driving Without Insurance – Driving Without / With No Insurance – Section 143 Road Traffic Act 1988

    Same answer as above if youre test driving a car, its typically the dealerships responsibility to cover any damages. However, having your own car insurance is always a good idea, since there are some instances a dealership could hold you liable .

    A good rule of thumb to follow is that the insurance policy usually stays with the car. So, for most states, your personal auto insurance covers your vehicle, and a dealerships car is covered by their insurance policy meaning if you get into an accident while test driving a car at the dealership, itll most likely be covered by their insurance.

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    Insurance For Driving Home A New Car

    Like what you saw on the test drive? You might choose to buy the car there and then. If you are, you can also use temporary car insurance to drive the vehicle home.

    For safety and security when driving away your new purchase, get fully comprehensive drive away insurance from Tempcover.

    Buying a new car is an incredibly exciting event, and the last thing you want to do is sit on the side of the road organising annual insurance. Give yourself time to find the best annual policy while still being able to drive your new set of wheels around.

    With temporary cover available for up to one month, you have plenty of time to enjoy your new car while you arrange ongoing cover.

    Can The Dealer Hold Me Liable For Damages

    All of that being said, while you may be covered under a dealerships insurance, it doesnt mean youll always get off the hook. Depending on the cause of the accident the dealer might hold you liable for damages. While the dealership may initially pay to repair the car, they could subrogate and try to collect from you or your insurer if you caused an accident during the test drive.

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    Do I Need P Plates After Ive Passed My Test

    Some new drivers choose to display green probationary P plates on their car, but theyre not compulsory.

    P Plates are a way of indicating to other motorists that youve recently passed your test and are still getting to grips with the roads.

    If fellow drivers see a P on your car, theyll give you a bit of breathing space at junctions and roundabouts so you dont feel under too much pressure.

    You can display P plates for as long as you want.

    If you want to gain more confidence and experience, you could also enrol on a Pass Plus course.

    This gives you the opportunity to improve your skills in areas such as night driving, motorway driving and driving in different weather conditions.

    An added bonus is that many insurance companies will offer lower premiums to new drivers whove completed the Pass Plus course.

    Dont Inform The Dealership Of A Test Drive

    Can U Test Drive A Car Without Insurance

    Regarding how to test drive a car without buying it, I advise against informing the dealership beforehand that you would be visiting for a test drive.

    Though the dealership will not decline the request, they would want to employ investigative measures to ascertain whether you can afford the car. Since you do not want the dealership to uncover your plan to test drive without buying, you need no appointment with them.

    Simply, decide on the stores to visit, grab your notebook, and get to the store.

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    Test Drive Preparation Top Tips

    • Make sure you do your research and find out exactly which car youll be driving before getting behind the wheel.
    • Understand any differences between the car youre driving and the one youre thinking about driving.
    • Take any bulky items you regularly carry in your car to see how they fit in the new one.
    • Familiarise yourself with all the controls and try pairing your phone with the car before setting off.
    • Take time to set the seat, steering wheel and mirrors as you like them.

    Adding Other Drivers To Your Car Insurance Policy

    Your insurance provider will want to add a regular, but occasional, driver to your policy. A friend who borrows your car once every few months will not need to be named on your policy. However, a friend who uses your car every Monday to do their shopping is a regular driver. Inform your insurer to ensure coverage. If you add them, know their personal information and driving history is required. Also, if your insurer views their driving risk escalates the risk, expect to pay more to cover additional named drivers. Again, if the premium goes up, evaluate a few new auto insurance quotes since different auto insurance providers will weight this differently.

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    Dont Let The Dealership Run A Credit Check

    If you are going to finance your new car with a loan, the dealer will have to run a credit check eventually, but dont agree to this before you are well on your way to completing a deal. A full-on credit check, also known as a hard pull, can negatively affect your credit rating. There is no point okaying a credit check and risking a ding to your credit if youre a long way from buying.

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