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Do Car Insurance Companies Check Police Reports

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How To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen In The Future

Car Accident: Does a police report automatically go to your insurance company after a car accident?

A car theft can cause chaos and anxiety, Glawe says. But prevention and a little planning will help you out. Heres what you can do now to prevent a car theft and prepare yourself if one happens:

  • Remove valuables. Dont keep expensive items, handguns, cash, keys or your ID in your car. All of that is inviting to a thief, says , director of strategic communication for the Insurance Information Institute.
  • Always lock your vehicle. Keep your windows closed, too. And if you have an immobilizing device, car alarm, or a GPS tracking system, make sure you use it. Thats what its there for.
  • Find a good parking space. Ruiz suggests parking in safe, well-lit areas, and in your garage rather than your driveway. In public areas, look around for security cameras and try to park near one, if possible.
  • Dont leave your car running in the driveway. Are you one of those people who start their cars and let them run unattended to heat up on winter mornings? Keep in mind that when you leave your keys in, it takes just seconds for someone to take that car, Walker says.
  • Consider getting a newer car. Thieves typically target older vehicles because theyre easier to break into. Plus, theres a market for older car parts. It sounds counterintuitive, but if you drive an older model, know that youre a moving target.

Contact Your Financing Or Leasing Company

If you lease or finance your vehicle, keep the lender in the loop throughout the reporting process. They hold the title on the car, which means any insurance settlement will go to them first, Walker says. Once the insurance company processes your claim and disburses payment to the lender, any remaining funds go to you.

What Is The Purpose Of Auto Insurance Underwriting

Applications must go through the underwriting phase before the company decides whether or not to extend you an offer for insurance.

Since auto insurance rates rely heavily on your statistical likelihood of filing a claim, the company will spend its resources to run reports and look for contradictions in the answers youve given.

The purpose of the underwriting stage is to assess risk, so a company is better able to charge adequate rates.

In the insurance world, a company will never have dead-on projections, but they can invest in underwriting to avoid losing out on profits at the end of the year.

If there were no underwriting, it would be easy for applicants to say anything they wanted to keep their insurance rates low.

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What Do Car Insurance Companies Do If I Dont Report A Car Accident

Its not uncommon for state law to indicate that no reporting is necessary following a minor accident void of personal injury or significant property damage.

In fact, its very common for drivers to be involved in a minor accident and both go on their way without reporting it to anyone.

But insurance companies vary in their reporting requirements based on who they are covering and to what extent the policy covers a vehicle. Some insurance policies specifically spell out the fact that every accident must be reported to them, regardless of how minor.

While they have no means of legal enforcement, they can certainly refuse to pay a claim if a non-reported accident becomes an issue in the future.

They also have the freedom to drop customers who pose a significantly higher risk or have a track record of routinely failing to report accidents.

The Date And Location Of The Crash

Car Accident Report : Increase Auto Insurance Settlements

Details are essential. The date should include the day, month, and year, of course, but also the specific time. It also doesn’t hurt to make note of the day of the week.

In terms of the location, be very specific. Check to make sure everything that applies is included:

  • County

The report should also describe the weather conditions at the time of the accident.

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Accidents And Auto Insurance Premiums

When it comes to evaluating your driving record for the purposes of reassessing your insurance rates, practices vary from company to company.

In general, when you make a claim against your insurance policy above a specific amount due to an incident that is primarily your fault, an insurer will increase your premium by a certain percentage. The amounts and percentages and ceilings of these increases vary from company to company and these increases generally stay on your premium for three years following the claim.

Different insurers have different rules about what constitutes an unacceptably bad driving record. If your history gets markedly worse with serious traffic violations or you have several accidents, your insurance company may decide not to renew your policy.

Some types of accidents are worse than othersfor example, a drunk driving incident is likely to trigger a nonrenewal from virtually every insurance company.

How Are Auto Insurance Policies Underwritten

The internet has completely changed the way companies can underwrite an application. In the past, it could take days or weeks to order reports and get results.

Now, underwriters can access virtually all of the information they need to make a final decision by running electronic reports that display instant results.

Underwriters make their decisions based on the underwriting guidelines they are required to use. Each company has its guidelines, which are used to target a particular segment of the market.

Its normal for an underwriter to review each section of the application for obvious errors or contradictions. After doing this, they will run reports.

What do auto insurance companies check when they run these reports?

Youll recall that one of the most common reports an auto insurance company will run is the Motor Vehicle Report . The MVR is a report offered by a state motor vehicle agency that shows if a driver has any minor or major moving violations.

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Whether To Report Your Accident To Your Car Insurance Company

The state of New York does not require you to report your accident to your insurance carrier. However, when you signed the contract between you and your car insurance provider, you agreed to their terms, which includes reporting all accidents to them within a reasonable period of timewhich may be interpreted to mean just a couple days.

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What Is In A Police Accident Report

      The Balance / Julie Bang

      If you get into an auto accident and file a claim with your insurance company, one of the first things they will likely ask you is whether you made a police accident report. If you can get one, you are probably better off.

      If the police do not come to the accident scene, you should be able to visit your local police station or DMV and fill one out. The key is to make sure that the information on the report is accurate before an inaccuracy becomes a problem and potentially costs you money.

      What information is on a police auto accident report?

      How Long Accidents Stay On Your Driving Record

      The length of time an accident can stay on your driving record can depend on state law. Typically, an accident can stay on your driving history for between three and five years. Depending on the state, the countdown period may begin from the date of the accident or the end of the first year in which the accident occurred.

      If you have an accident on your record, the passage of time could help you secure better insurance rates if you have no new accidents or violations. In the meantime, you can ask about discounts that might reduce your premiums or raise your deductibles for a lower premium. And of course, you can always shop around for the best car insurance rates to find the best deal on coverage.

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      Do Insurance Companies Talk To Each Other

      The market for car insurance is a competitive place with a limited number of customers. Each year, insurance companies battle back and forth for their share of the market. While these companies are fierce competitors, that does not mean they do not share information about your claims history.

      Insurance companies share a variety of information about their drivers. Despite competing for the same customer base, these companies exchange information in an effort to provide each other with a complete view of a drivers history. The purpose of sharing this information is to guarantee insurers base their decisions on accurate information. A problem can arise when bad information is shared. In some accident claims, an insurance company could rely on bad information regarding liability for an accident when negotiating a claim. When this happens, a personal injury lawyer might be able to help.

      Why insurance companies share info

      Insurance companies primarily work together in an effort to control policy pricing. By ensuring every insurance company has the best information available, they can prevent one insurer from offering a policy at premiums that are too low. This prevents insurance companies from entering into bidding wars based on bad information.

      What information is

      There are important pieces of information that these insurance companies frequently share. They include:

      How information sharing could impact an injury claim

      How an attorney could help

      What Is Included In Police Reports For Car Accidents

      Do car insurance companies check police reports?

      The information included in a police report for a car accident can vary based on the details of the accident, who filed the report, and where the report was filed. For example, a car accident police report at the scene will be different from the police report filed at a reporting centre.

      The following information is typically included in a police accident report form :

      • Report Number : The police accident report reference number will be indicated.
      • Date and Location : The report will have the date and location details of the accident.
      • Accident Details : Photos of damage, location of damage, type of accident
      • Driver Information : Drivers license, insurance, ownership, contact information of all drivers involved.
      • Vehicle Information : Make and model of vehicles involved in the accident.
      • Statements : Statements of what witnesses and passengers saw.
      • Driver Statement : A statement of the events that led to the car accident from the drivers perspective.
      • Other Information : Any other information that may be relevant to the accident, such as road and weather conditions.

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      Learn Who Files Accident Reports With The Dmv And When

          Car accidents can be stressful and sometimes life-altering. Aside from the shock of an accident itself, there’s also the process of insurance, paperwork, and police reports to deal with. If you’ve been in an accident, whether major or minor, you may be wondering if it will be reported on your driving record and if so, how long it will remain there. Understanding how accident reporting works can offer perspective on how long accidents can linger on a driving record.

          Get The Car Out Of Danger

          Once youve settled that nor you or other persons are injured, carefully drive your car on the side of the road if possible. Set up flares or reflective emergency triangles to alert the other drivers so they can slow down. Alternatively, if the crash was too severe or someone was injured, leave the car as is.

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          Kind Of Coverage For Car Theft Insurance

          You should be insured against stolen cars and other damage due to non-collision incidents such as vandalism or flooding if you have comprehensive car insurance. Suppose your insurance policy includes rental car insurance you can claim the amount you spent on the rental car. There would be a maximum cap allowed while your insurance company evaluates your claim.

          Comprehensive auto insurance is frequently offered as an add-on to your existing policy, but you should check with your insurance provider to see if it is included in yours. If it isnt, you wont be able to file a claim for compensation if your car is stolen. Liability insurance is typically the bare minimum of coverage for most drivers, and its crucial to note that it doesnt cover car theft. Rather, it protects you from harm to other peoples property, as well as other cars and their drivers.

          Collision insurance covers the expense of repairing your car in the event of an accident but no other cars. It does not, however, include coverage for another car or your car being stolen.

          How To Read Whats In A Police Report

          Can the Police tell if I have car insurance?

          Each state has its version of a police accident report or crash report. As soon as possible after a collision, request a copy of the report. It could be the most important piece of evidence in your settlement negotiations.

          Be sure you get a final copy of the report. In accidents involving fatalities, or pending drug or alcohol testing from the hospital, the crash report will be amended to include vital information as it becomes available.

          Review the police report carefully. It will contain several important facts, like driver names and insurance companies, as well as the officers opinion on who was at fault for the crash.

          Police reports include basic facts about the accident, such as:

          • Date, time, and location of the crash
          • Weather, visibility, and road conditions at the scene
          • Make, model, year, and VIN of the vehicles involved
          • Driver addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information
          • Passenger information, including which car they were in and where they were seated
          • Short description of injuries to drivers and passengers
          • Drawn diagram of the accident and where the vehicles ended up

          Elements of the police report that help prove liability include:

          • Description and location of damage to each vehicle
          • Witness names and information
          • Driver alcohol levels
          • Officers opinion of fault and cause of the crash

          The officers written opinion on how the accident happened and whos at fault may be in a section of the report titled Contributing Factors.

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          Do I Have To Report A Car Crash

          You must report serious accidents to your car insurance company. If youre not at fault, your rates wont be affected. High-risk drivers pay $137.75/month more for coverage.

          • You are contractually obligated to report accidents to your auto insurer
          • If there are any injuries involving either party, it is in your best interest to report the accident to your insurance company and the police
          • If you have no fault, reporting an accident will not raise your car insurance costs

          There are so many stresses that come as a result of being involved in a car crash.

          One of the many stressful aspects is the fact that you need to decide whether or not to report the accident to your car insurance company.

          In fact, there are often negative financial consequences that result from reporting such information, even if you do not involve the insurer in making restitution to a third party or to cover your own expenses.

          How Much Will The Surcharge Be

          Just like rates, surcharges are set by the insurer. Some carriers might not charge quite as much as others to stay competitive in the standard industry. Others might charge a huge surcharge to their drivers with just one infraction, so they insure a lower-risk pool of customers.

          Here are the rate increases that you can expect to pay after specific convictions.


          Even though the surcharges from carrier-to-carrier can be dramatically different, theres still an industry standard. Some convictions are considered less serious, and they come with a lesser penalty than others.

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          What Should I Do After A Minor Car Accident Or Fender Bender

          If you’re involved in a minor accident with no injuries and minimal damage to either car, then you may choose not to file a claim or report the accident to the police. However, you should still exchange information just in case you or the other driver decide to file a claim later. For the same reason, you should also let your insurance company know about the incident.

          Gather As Much Information As Possible

          Michigan Car Accident Police Report FAQs

          Use your phone to take pictures of the accident scene and get information from the other driver involved in the accident, including their name, address, phone number, and drivers license number. Then, write down all the vehicle information such as model, year, color, license plate number, or vehicle identification number. If the other person involved in the car crash doesnt report the accident, you should get their insurance policy number and the insurers phone number to report it yourself. Finally, talk to the witnesses and check if they are willing to provide their contact information and details about what they saw.

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