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Do Insurance Companies Take Pictures Of Your Home

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What Toinclude Inyourhomeinventorylist

What to know about fires and your homeowner insurance: 2 Wants to Know

Many insurance providers provide a mobile app or cloud-based storage to upload digital photos, videos, and details of your goods. If not, store your digital inventory in the cloud using an online storage option, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, or Microsoft OneDrive.

You can also download an app to your mobile phone or tablet computer to inventory your goods, such as Sortly , Nest Egg , or Memento Database, .

If possible, include as many of the following details for each item:

  • A description of the item, as well as its model or serial number for things such as a laptop computer or appliance
  • A digital photo or video of the item
  • The date you purchased it and how much you paid for it when you bought it
  • The estimated cost to replace the item if you had to buy a new one today

Meet With Several Contractors

Now that the water is gone and the danger of any mold or mildew has been eliminated, its time to repair/rebuild the affected area. For small jobs, meeting with multiple contractors may not be as important. After all, the difference between a few hundred dollars may not be worth the time youd spend in contacting, interviewing, visiting with different professionals.

On the other hand, if youre looking at a major projectespecially one that involves multiple subcontractorsit makes sense to find the very best partner. Again, your insurance company wont tell you who to use. Its up to you to vet contractors, ensure they are properly licensed and insured, and compare their quotes against the settlement figure from your adjuster. Another advantage of meeting with multiple contractors is that, if you think your adjusters estimate is too low, it may help to show that more than one professional agrees.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Go Up If I File A Claim

Every time you file a claim this has a direct impact on your premiums and coverage negatively. As per your insurance provider, if you had a no claims discount then you may lose that the following renewal. This may also raise your premiums after the claim. Typically insurers expect a homeowner to make less than 1-2 claims in a decade. When the number of claims exceeds in a decade then you may be considered a high risk. Whether it is a single claim in many years or many claims in a single year, it all adds up.

Based on the frequency of your claims and the payout, your insurance premiums may change. The increase in premiums could vary as per each insurer. Some insurers may hike your premiums as much as 40% or more. Whereas, others may raise your premiums by only 15% or 20%. More than likely, every claim may cause your premiums to go up and due to your high-risk score, you may even be denied coverage.

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How Tofigureouthowmuchyourpossessionsareworth

Keeping receipts of everything you buy and taking digital images of them to include with the items you have is the best way to determine the replacement cost of your goods. However, you may not have receipts for things you purchased months or years ago. So, what to do?

In that case, try walking through each room of your home with a calculator and adding up the cost of everything you have. For example, peer into your closet and add up the value of every pair of pants, shirts, shoes, jackets, and coats you have. Before long, youll have a view of how much your possessions are worth, even if its only an estimate.

What Happens After A Home Inspection

How to Avoid Rejection of Your Insurance Claim

After a home inspection, the inspector will likely tell you any observations they think are important. They will not be able to tell you the reconstruction value of the home on the spot, but often they can tell you about recommendations they will be making. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and get clarification.

A home inspector can not give you advice about your insurance policy, or make any promises or demands. They are simply there to make a report for the insurance company. You will eventually receive a copy.

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How To Negotiate With Your Home Insurance Companys Adjuster

You shouldnt be intimidated when negotiating with your home insurance companys adjuster. Many insurance companies hand out a low initial offer because they expect the insured policyholder to negotiate or hire a public adjuster. They might give you a low initial offer assuming youre going to reject it.

Delivering a low initial offer is a win-win situation for an insurance company. If you reject it, then they may have another, more reasonable offer lined up. If you accept it, then the insurance company avoids a drawn-out negotiation process, while saving money.

There are two important things to remember when negotiating with your insurance companys home insurance adjuster:

Your Insurance Company is Legally Obliged to Act in Good Faith When you buy a home insurance policy from your insurance company, youre entering into a mutual contract. That contract states that your insurance company must cover certain types of damages. If an insurance company is refusing to cover certain damages that should be covered, intentionally stalling, or failing to thoroughly investigate your claim, then the company may be acting in bad faith. Insurance companies that act in bad faith are liable for lawsuits. Lawsuits can be very expensive for insurance companies, and theyll typically do whatever they can do to avoid a lawsuit.

You Have the Upper Hand

How Do You List House Contents For Insurance

A home inventory list should include as much of the following information for the items as possible:

  • Description of the item.
  • Make, model, or serial number if applicable.
  • Appraisals or cost at the time of purchase.
  • Where the item was purchased.
  • Date of purchase.
  • Receipts or photos in an attachment, if relevant.
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    Find Cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes In Your Area

    Filing a home insurance claim can be a long process. Most homeowners insurance companies allow you to file small claims online. However, if your home has significant damage or you’re unsure whether your claim would be covered, you should contact an agent.

    Before you file a claim, it’s important to take pictures and videos of the damage to submit as proof to your insurance company. Prior to meeting with the insurance adjuster, it can be helpful to gather quotes from two to three contractors that detail the amount of work required to make repairs and demonstrate the cost involved. When the insurance company sends you a settlement offer, make sure that the amount will cover all of the repairs before you cash the check, because you can dispute the claim if the amount isn’t sufficient.

    Determine If You Need To Leave The Home

    How to know what Florida home insurance companies are the best

    In serious cases, water damage can lead to unsafe or unhealthy living conditions inside the home. Major flooding can draw household chemicals or waste water into the mixnot something you should be wading through. The risk of electrocution may be present. And even after any standing water is gone, mold spores can contaminate the air.

    If you suspect any of these issues are at play, ask your agent and your WD/RC team to advise you on the safest course of action. Most insurance policies include coverage for hotel accommodations and even dining expenses if you are forced to vacate. But youll want to understand how much coverage you have for these items, as well as how youre expected to front and catalogue these expenses . If you do stay and eat elsewhere, be prepared to save receipts.

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    When To Make A Home Inventory List

    The best time to make a home inventory list is now. Even a basic list is better than nothing and will give you a head start on a claim. If you are a first-time homebuyer or getting your first apartment or condo, having a list or going through the process of starting one will also help you understand:

  • How much insurance you need
  • What kind of home insurance you need
  • Insurance has certain limits on what will and won’t be covered for some items. Just because you have an item on a list, that doesn’t mean you will get paid for it. Special limits also exist for particular categories of merchandise. You may need to purchase an insurance rider for items such as jewelry.

    Document Proof Of Ownership

    In some way, you have to show what you own, or make an inventory of your belongings. We recommend taking four photos of every room in your house. Stand in one corner, take a photo of the opposite corner, and repeat this in each of the four corners of the room. You should be capturing all the contents of that room in those images. If a room has a closet, take a specific picture of the closets contents too.

    Now that youve taken your pictures, you want to store them in at least two locations. One at home and one back-up that you can access outside your home. With cloud technology, thats very easy. For example, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Apps, etc., can all store photos that are accessible from any device with an internet connection.

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    How To Properly Document Damage For A Homeowners Insurance Claim

    Following a fire, flood or any type of disaster, you probably have plenty of anxiety and stress. The last thing you want to do is to be reminded of everything you lost. However, you will also want to file a claim with your homeowners insurance thats why you pay the premiums every month so you can recover enough of your losses to feel whole again. To do that, you will have to document everything you lost before you file a claim with your insurer to recover for property damage.

    Before you make a homeowners insurance claim, it is also a good idea to track every conversation with the insurance company. Take detailed notes on every action related to your claim and keep the notes in chronological order, starting with the time and date of the loss, the cause of the loss and what was damaged. Note the exact time and date of the loss, what happened, what was damaged and other relevant details. Every time you have an appointment with the adjusters, contractors and everyone else related to your loss, take lots of notes.

    Just as important as keeping close track of every interaction you have with your insurance company, however, is making sure you can account for the damages you have suffered, including all details and anything that may have an effect on the overall value of your claim. You cant expect an insurance company to simply write you a check based on your quick accounting you need to make a case for every dollar of the loss youre claiming.

    Why Do The Insurance Companys Inspect Your Homes

    How Do Insurance Companies Determine Home Replacement ...

    Are you in the process of buying a new house?

    Did you just switch your home insurance to a different company?

    If either of these answers is yes, you may notice or see that your new insurance company wants to inspect your home.

    This might be an exterior inspection where they take pictures around the outside of the home or an interior inspection where they note things about your electrical, plumbing, and heating units.

    But why is this?

    Depending on the age of your home and maybe the online photos of your property, the insurance company may require an inspection. They are going to look to make sure that the property is maintained and that there are no major liability hazards or maintenance concerns.

    Some of the most frequent concerns we get from the insurance companies after the inspection has been completed are:

    • Missing handrails on steps Liability Hazard
    • Missing steps off sliding glass or exterior doors- Liability hazard
    • Excess debris in the yard- Fire and property concern
    • Deteriorated Roof- coverage concern
    • Boarded windows or missing siding- coverage concern
    • Rundown detached structures- Property/Coverage concern
    • Do you have a swimming pool, trampoline, dogs, or woodstove that they didnt know about

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    Do Insurance Companies Need Photos

    While insurance companies may not require you to submit photos when filing a claim, you should document the damage as much as possible. The more information you provide to your insurer, the better the chance of a smooth and quick claims process.

    After you experience damage, you should make sure you and your family are safe. Then, you should do what you reasonably can to mitigate any damage soon after it happens. This will make it clearer to the insurance company that damage was caused by the peril itself and that it wasnt residual or pre-existing.

    Then, its in your best interest to document the damage in detail with pictures and videos. Be sure to include relevant, contextual pictures, though. You dont want to bog down your insurer with dozens of useless photos. Clear, meaningful pictures of damage can save you time in the claims process and positively affect your reimbursement.

    We partner with the nation’s top homeowners insurance companies so you can get a custom policy at an affordable price.

    Mistake #: Not Showing The Big Picture

    Adjusters not only require visual proof of damage, they require context as to where the damage was located, how large of an area was affected, and a count of materials such as window screens, etc.

    A good photo provides the adjuster with all of the information they need to quickly approve your supplement items as they can easily see location on the property and the damage to the material.

    Take the examples below two photos below of the same project:

    This photo does not provide enough context for the adjuster to answer these questions:

    • Where is actual damage on the downspout?
    • What is the length of the the downspout Is this building 2 stories, or 4 stories
    • What elevation is this downspout located at in the event there is a re-inspect?

    However, a good picture like the one below will save you time and money, and show that there are additional items beyond downspout repair:

    This photo proves that:

    • The downspout reaches the second story
    • A 2story high charge is necessary
    • A cornice return strip exists and must be accounted for
    • Ladders w/jacks and extra labor is warranted to repair the cornice return strip area
    • As this is a multi-family dwelling, line items for additional caution/safety items and labor for set-up and take-down should be paid

    Yes, I hear ya, the adjuster may have a similar photo on file, but by providing a good photo and editing it in CompanyCam, you are able to show exactly what should be paid.

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    Mistake #: Attaching Too Many Photos With Your Estimate

    I have found that submitting too many photos tends to agitate the adjuster as they feel as though they have to sort through the 158 photos you just shipped over.

    Adjusters are people with a job to do, just like us, and usually have multiple claims crossing their desk. Throwing a wrench in the system by asking them to review 158 photos will likely slow down the review of your supplement estimate and create an unhappy adjuster.

    Submitting only the photos that provide relevant documentation of the line items you are asking for will create good rapport with the adjuster and help create a seamless negotiation process, resulting in less stress and more $$ in your hand at the end of the process.

    Start changing your photo methods today and you will see results! Youll be surprised how great photos can earn a big payout and make the negotiation process go smoothly with the adjuster.

    Whats It Like To Take Pictures For Insurance Companies Using The Onsource App

    What Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You To Know Regarding Your Insurance Claim

    Most work at home opportunities are plastered everywhere online. The minute someone finds a good freelance work gig, its usually saturated pretty quickly. That isnt the case for OnSource.

    Im not sure why this is not as popular as other work at home methods weve seen. Maybe because its more of a steady income and not a get rich quick type of gig.

    The entire process of doing these photos and videos for insurance companies and getting paid is relatively simple. Youre given an address to take a few photos which can take only a few minutes and youre paid for the gig and the mileage.

    You will know there is a job available by getting a phone call or email about the project. You can even schedule the time of the gig in many cases.

    Once you get the call or email you will drive to the location of the gig and take pictures for the insurance companies. The app will log the photos and videos and youre all set.

    The pictures youll take may be of accident damage or just regular photos. You may be required to take photos of specific areas or at specific angles in some cases. All the information will be contained in the email you get when the gig is available.

    Once you have all the photos and videos that are required you simply log into the app and upload them. OnSource then directs them to the right company. The entire process only takes a few minutes on each gig.

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    How Much Personal Property Insurance Do I Need

    Your insurance provider can give you some general property limits based on the dwelling coverage on your homeowner’s policy. However, taking a full inventory of your possessions is the best way to determine how much property coverage you need. Be sure you also compare replacement cost vs. actual cash value coverage, as these provide significantly different amounts of coverage.

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