Do Rabbits Need Pet Insurance

What Exclusions Are There On Rabbit Insurance

Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Most policies only cover you for unforeseen illnesses. If your bunny has a pre-existing medical condition, your insurer wouldn’t cover you for treatment related to it. To get cover for this, you’d need to take out a policy that includes pre-existing conditions, which will be expensive.

Costs for routine treatments like vaccinations, spaying/neutering, worming or flea treatments also arent covered. Its common for dental problems to be excluded too. Illnesses preventable by getting your rabbit vaccinated aren’t included either.

Alternatives To Insuring House Rabbits

Just because we dont have rabbit insurance doesnt mean we dont prepare for vet visits. Rather than paying an insurance premium, I save money every month into a small emergency fund. Its separate from my OH MY GOD I LOST MY JOB emergency fund, and is there to cover unexpected vet and car bills.

Get yourself one. Put £10 in a month and itll build into a nice little buffer should your rabbit need their teeth filing, or eats your baseboards or whatever.

Why Purchase Rabbit Insurance

Rabbits, like dogs and cats, need a vet check-up at least once a year to check their teeth and check for health problems.; Rabbits tend to have overgrown teeth and the issues that develop from that.

Rabbits can live long lives with proper care and if your rabbit develops an infection or gets hurt, the bills can be expensive.

Its very common to end up with a vet bill that costs up to $5,000 or more!; And when that unexpected illness occurs, pet insurance policy is a true saver!

Nationwide Pet insurance, who partnered with VPI, is the only pet insurance company in the United States that offers coverage for rabbits as part of their exotic pet plans that also includes ferrets, amphibians, reptiles, turtles to name a few.

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Some of the common illnesses that can occur in rabbits:

  • Ileus bowel is not able to properly eliminate waste.
  • Pink Eye
  • Hospital Stay

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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost

While individual costs will vary based on your pets breed, age, health and the tier you opt for, across 11 of the top pet insurers, the average monthly cost for dog insurance is $42.45, while pet insurance for cats costs an average of $20.99 per month, according to Value Penguin.

Have an exotic pet ? Your options are a bit more limited, but you can still find coverage. Check out Pet Assure and Nationwide for plans for birds, rabbits, reptiles and other members of the animal kingdom.

Do All Of My Pets Need To Be Treated

All pets need to be treated because of the cross contamination between animals. While most will not jump species, fleas and some mange mites can so we need to be very aware of these risks.

Young rabbits are often most susceptible to parasites, so when you get your bunny vaccinated, be sure to discuss your parasitic control plan with your vet.

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What Does Our Rabbit Insurance Cover

Our rabbit insurance is a lifetime policy, meaning it will cover conditions your rabbit faces in their lifetime, but up to a set vet fee limit which is reinstated each year. You want to make sure your fluffy companion keeps healthy and happy, so weve put together the below table to outline what you will get from our lifetime policy.

What Are Common Symptoms Of Parasites

Whilst some parasites cause obvious clinical signs, other parasites can lay dormant for long periods of time and only cause clinical signs when there is another disease or stressful complication occurring alongside. This means parasitic disease can often be difficult to diagnose. Some common symptoms are listed below.

Endoparasites weight loss, change in faeces consistency/colour/frequency, anaemia.;;

Ectoparasites itching, hair loss, scabby skin, redness of the skin, bleeding skin.

Some parasites like E. cuniculi can cause neurological signs, for example a head tilt, which should be taken very seriously and brought to your vets attention immediately.;

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The Cost Of Owning Rabbits

Are you thinking of getting rabbits? Its a really exciting decision to make but one which takes a lot of consideration to make sure youre able to meet their welfare needs.

As well as thinking about if you can give your bunnies plenty of space and the right kind of company, its important to think about how much it will cost to care for them. Finances are easy to forget in all the buzz of getting a new pet but its really important to understand the lifelong cost youre committing to.

What Companies Cover Rabbits

Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Currently, Nationwide Insurance is the only insurance company to offer pet insurance to rabbits. Rabbit insurance premiums vary by the rabbit breed or location, but some policies may start as low as $35 per month. They have one basic plan, which is described as Bird and Exotic Pet Insurance. They may offer different limits and deductible options.

Here is an example on how a plan with an unlimited amount, $250 deductible and 90% reimbursement might work for rabbit owners. The rabbit sees a vet and is billed for covered services that total up to $600. The owner must pay the $250, which leaves a balance of $350. Of this amount, the insurance company pays $315 , and the owner pays $35 PLUS the $250 for a total of $285.

While this may seem like a lot, its a huge help when you consider what the bill was originally. Keep in mind also that the bill for veterinary services for an exotic animal, which is how rabbits are often categorized, can be much higher than $600 if the rabbit develops a serious illness.

To get the exact amount of coverage and fees, rabbit owners must contact Nationwide directly. The rabbit owner is responsible for paying for the services at the time of the service and then filing a claim with the insurance company. If you have their mobile app, you can submit the claim through your smartphone.

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How Does Pet Insurance Work

Like human health insurance, pet insurance companies help alleviate some of the costs of keeping your pet healthy. You can choose from different levels of coverage, with each plan costing a monthly or annual premium based on how much coverage you choose.

Some plans cover basic scenarios like accidents and injuries, some only cover accidents, and others include accidents, injuries and genetic/hereditary conditions. The more comprehensive the coverage, the higher you can expect the cost to be.

Whether or not you opt for pet insurance, start an emergency fund now for vet care to make sure you can handle unexpected out-of-pocket costs.;

Many plans have a deductible, a certain amount you must pay out of pocket before coverage kicks in. Depending on your policy, this could be anywhere from $0-$2,500 in a plan year. Typically, higher-deductible plans will give you a better percentage of your money back.

While human health insurance works on a copay basis , pet insurance is largely a matter of reimbursement.

You pay the full amount due when you take your pet in for care, then submit a claim to the insurance company afterwards. Depending on your policy, theyll pay you back anywhere from 20 to 100% of covered costs.

Rates are calculated based on your pets age and breed, as well as your location .

Medical, dental, life… there are a lot of options out there. Learn more, plus get great ideas delivered straight to your inbox in The Penny Hoarder Daily

Different Types Of Parasitic Treatment

There are many different treatments and many of them will be used in conjunction with other drugs. In pet rabbits, treatment for worms and coccidia in the bowel are rarely required. There is some controversy over routine treatment for E. cuniculisome argue it should be a constant part of a rabbits preventative health routine, to prevent any infection. Others, however, argue that as most rabbits with E. cuniculi infection will never get ill, overtreating has more risks than benefits. We would advise you to follow your vets advice on this as they will be able to determine the risk your specific rabbit is at, and act accordingly.

Almost all rabbits, however, are at risk of flystrike and ectoparasites, and so routine treatment with a rabbit-safe product is strongly recommended. Never use fipronil-based products in a rabbit, however, as in this species it can cause liver disease.

If you suspect your pet has parasites you should make an appointment to see your vet. Importantly, if you think your pet is healthy, but you want to be sure that the parasitic control protocol you have in place is enough and is working, please contact your veterinary team and they will be happy to discuss this with you.

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How Much Do Rabbits Cost To Keep

If your kids have been driving you as mad as a march hare asking you for a rabbit, then its worth knowing the costs before you hop to it and bring that furry friend home. From the food, to the hutch, vaccinations and the insurance, the average cost of owning a rabbit is said to be around £500 to £1,000 a year.

But remember rabbits are social animals so ideally need to be kept in pairs. Although theyd be able to share bowls, hutches and bottles, any costs below youre going to need to pretty much double.

Its recommended to head to a rehoming centre run by an animal welfare charity when getting your rabbit. Blue Cross and the RSPCA have many centres across the UK and will have health checked any rabbit before handing them over to you.

Of course, these arent the only places to get your rabbit but PDSA recommend checking the health standards of the rabbit and the living conditions before going ahead and buying, especially if you are getting your bunny from a pet shop or from a sanctuary.

The cost of a bunny depends on the breed, prices can vary from £15 to £55 from breeders and pet shops and from rescue adoption centres fees usually range between £25-60 depending on whether the rabbit is neutered and vaccinated.

What You Get With Our Rabbit Pet Insurance

With comprehensive lifetime cover, 24/7 vet assistance and extra savings and discounts, your rabbit wont be the only happy bunny at home.

Advertising and reward cover £250
Emergency boarding or rabbit retreat fees £250

^This only covers dental treatment as a result of accident and illness. Trimming, burring or rasping teeth is not covered

Please note that our rabbit insurance won’t cover any pre-existing conditions and that terms, conditions, excesses, exclusions and limitations apply. You can find out more about the terms of our cover in our;policy documents.

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Average Rabbit Insurance Cost

Compared to a cat or a dog, the number of insurers to choose from for your rabbit is relatively limited. Youre looking around £6 to £16 a month, and the insurance normally would cover vet fees, complementary treatments, advertising and rewards for missing bunnies and pet boarding fees.

Unlike cats and dogs, the breed of your rabbit is said to not make any difference to the cost of your insurance.

Rabbit Pet Insurance Comparison

Expenditures of veterinarian health care rise as modern technology develops. Rabbit Pet Insurance Comparison

Thats due to the much higher cost of supplying these higher-quality solutions because of equipment, training, as well as facilities demands.

You can decrease your animals medical costs by getting pet medical insurance which can aid offset some or most of the prices of diagnosing, dealing with, as well as handling your pet dogs ailments or injuries. In the long run, you will save on your pets health bills with a good pet health plan.

In order to manage overheads as well as prepare for veterinary urgent situations, lots of pet moms and dads sign up in pet insurance policy.

The month-to-month cost of such plans can be economical, yet they can cover large quantities of unforeseen veterinarian overheads, which could be a life-saving treatment for your pet dog.

There can be a great deal of products when it concerns pet insurance plans.

In the industry, there are a lot of alternatives, as well as rates as well as coverage have a lot of variables.

What do you do when there is so much noise?

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Wells Fargo Healthy Advantage

Wells Fargos Healthy Advantage program is designed to ease the stress of high veterinary costs by offering customers an alternative payment method.

Wells Fargo Healthy Advantage is a credit card that offers a reasonable interest rate and flexible payment options, making it easier for pet owners to access quality veterinary care when they need it most.

You can use a Healthy Advantage account to pay for any treatments received in a participating veterinary office with no exclusions. All breeds and ages of animals are eligible.

Customers who already have pet insurance can use the Healthy Advantage card to pay for their out-of-pocket expenses, such as their copay and deductible, as well as any costs not covered by their insurance provider.

Wells Fargo has temporarily had its BBB accreditation and rating revoked while it responds to five separate government actions that have been filed against it.

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Is Your Rabbit Likely To Develop Health Issues

Do Rabbits Need Veterinary Care? | Pet Rabbits

If your rabbit is young and a relatively basic breed, you may never have health issues at require vet care. Especially if you give them a proper diet and a good set up so that they have plenty of room to run about.

But if you go for a giant breed , lop breed or a really furry breed you may need to fork out for vet bills annually.

In which case, insurance might be the way to go.

Be sure to check what your policy covers a lot of them wont cover dental issues but if your breed is likely to suffer from arthritis or diabetes, its worth looking into.

Expect to pay 20% once your rabbit is over 7. How ageist.

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Paws Rabbit Insurance Review

4Paws rabbit insurance is a brand name of NCI insurance services Ltd. and when we ran a quote for a 3 year old rabbit in a BN postcode the quote was the same as for NCI’s rabbit insurance.

4Paws offer a Lifetime policy for rabbits, with £2,000 of vet fee cover and £750 for complimentary treatments.

They’ll also cover up to £250 a year for advertising and reward.

4Paws work with Feefo a customer feedback website, and their customer experience score is 4.7/5 based on 379 reviews.

What Is Covered For Life

Our Covered For Life® policies are designed to cover long-term, chronic or recurring illness, as well as short term illness and injury. As long as the policy is renewed each year without a break, we will continue to provide cover for conditions such as diabetes or arthritis which require treatment over a long period of time, often for life. Other insurance policies, such as time-limited policies, will limit the time you can claim for each illness of injury.

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Maintain Your Rabbits Health

A rabbitâs teeth can grow rapidly, and if not cared for properly, can become tusk-like. Overgrown teeth can cause mouth infections, ulcerations and an inability to pick up and eat food. Usually, rabbits can take care of their teeth by grinding them while eating, or during rest, but you should check you rabbit’s teeth regularly.

Discuss your rabbitâs dental care with your veterinarian. There are products available to promote optimal dental health, such as chew toys that can be left in your rabbitâs cage, like PetSmartâs Floss-eez Dental Chews for Small Pets or Doctors Foster and Smithâs Jumbo Crispy Chews. These types of chew treats can help keep your rabbitâs front teeth naturally filed down. If your rabbit shows any signs of gastrointestinal distress, contact your veterinarian immediately. Keep in mind, if your rabbitâs teeth grow too long, they will need to be filed down by a veterinarian.

Rabbits are also very susceptible to ear mites, which irritate the lining of the ear and cause serum and thick, flaky crusts to build up. You can prevent an ear mite infestation by routinely cleaning your rabbitâs ears. If your rabbit develops ear mites, your veterinarian will provide a miticide treatment that should be strictly followed.

What Do Wild Rabbits Eat

May 10, 2021

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

If you see rabbits frequently visiting your yard or your porch and what to feed them, let me tell you these wild rabbits have a similar diet as domestic rabbits.

In this article, I discussed what do wild rabbits eat and how you can befriend them.

Although wild rabbits have a similar diet to domestic rabbits, their diet varies from summer season to winter season.

The wild rabbits diet is variable and slightly differs from domestic rabbits is due to lack of access to different kinds of food.

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Avoid Small Pet Insurance Companies

There more than 14 pet insurance provider in existence today, which number keeps growing.

A firm that has actually been in business for a couple of years is typically a much better choice. The company needs to be in good financial standing to cover its members.

New suppliers may transform their costs extra often and also a lot more substantially as they focus by themselves service metrics.

Business that are developed have a credibility for giving dependable solutions to their clients.

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