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Do You Need Special Travel Insurance For A Cruise

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Travel Insurance Can Cover Baggage Loss Damage And Delays

Lets Talk About Cruise Travel Insurance – Do You Need It?

A single missing suitcase can ruin your cruise. Without your evening wear, you wont be able to dine at the ships finest restaurant. Without your swimsuit, youll have to skip the pool. Your only option may be spending hundreds to purchase replacement clothes and toiletries at the ships onboard shops.

Once again, travel insurance can save your cruise! The baggage loss/damage benefit can reimburse you for the actual price, actual cash value, repair or replacement whichever is less of your possessions if your baggage is lost, stolen or damaged during your trip. The baggage delay benefit can reimburse you for reasonable essential items if your baggage is delayed by a common carrier, hotel or tour operator for 24 hours or more. Your insurance policy documents will state the maximum coverage limits as well as items that are excluded from coverage.

Where Can I Buy Cruise Travel Insurance

We’ve formed a cruise travel insurance group, where you can get a discount on cruise insurance. It is free to join.

Or check out our list of the best travel insurance companies. Many include cruise cover as standard or as an optional add-on.

Weve launched a unique travel policy for people with severe medical conditions. It can cover river cruises but not sea cruises and it has no medical screening questionnaire.

We also have a separate article cruise insurance tips that looks in greater detail at the differences between policies and notes some important questions that everyone should consider when buying cruise travel insurance.

Cruise Insurance Policy Coverage

Cruise insurance policies cover trip cancellation/interruption along with other situations that could ruin your vacation. These policies cover medical expenses, missed connections, emergency evacuation and more. A comprehensive cruise insurance policy may cover you against a norovirus outbreak, for prescription drugs for seasickness and for emergency evacuation for treatment at a hospital.

Because cruise travel often involves being out at sea for many days and takes you far away from your own doctors, upgrading your policy to ensure you are medically protected is a wise decision.

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How To Buy Travel Insurance For A Cruise

When purchasing travel insurance I always recommend using a price comparison website. This allows you to type in your details once but you get multiple quotes from different companies.

Without using a comparison website you would have to type in your details to multiple websites to compare quotes. This would be time-consuming and I doubt that anybody would try as many sites as a comparison site can do instantly.

Why Should I Do An Australian Cruise

Do you need special travel insurance for a cruise?

Want action, relaxation, adventure, scenery and luxury? If youve already been on worldwide cruises, not keen on rubbing shoulders with a few thousand other happy travellers on a large cruise ship, and wary about a potential mass transmission of diseases and viruses including COVID-19, or you simply want to explore more of Australia, domestic cruising may be the Australian cruise holiday youve always dreamt of.

Some other benefits of taking a cruise along the Australian coastline include:

  • Access to little seaside towns, remote sites and natural habitats which the larger cruise ships arent able to get to. These shore excursions are usually included in the price of the cruise.
  • You can leave your passport at home.
  • Small group cruising means a more personal experience and less waiting around.
  • No hassles with foreign exchange rates.
  • You can use your Medicare card or private health insurance for medical expenses.

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When Should I Buy Cruise Insurance

The best time to buy is as soon as youve purchased your cruise. This allows you all the cancellation benefits immediately should something come up between the time you purchase and the time you actually travel.

One thing to note is that you cant purchase after you already have an event that will lead to a loss. For example, say you get hurt in an accident that means you wont be able to go on your vacation. You cant purchase insurance and then try to be reimbursed for your trip. This is insurance fraud and the company wont provide reimbursement.

Sorry Mom But Maybe You Need Specialty Cruise Insurance

As I write this, my mother and aunt are on a Caribbean cruise with Holland America. Before she left, Mom asked me if I thought she needed insurance.

Are you kidding? I said. Then I spent the next ten minutes sharing a few horror stories from this very advocacy site, of people kicked off their cruise after suffering a medical emergency, among other things.

My mom listened and then said, Nothings going to happen to me.

But what if it does?

Justin Tysdal, CEO of Seven Corners, a travel insurance company, explains:

Flight delays or cancellations caused by poor weather conditions are, unfortunately, a common occurrence for many travelers. Aside from the major headache delays can create, they can also lead to a missed embarkation of a highly anticipated cruise! Luckily, with a travel insurance policy, some of the additional expenses from a missed cruise or missed connection can be avoided or refunded.

Maybe if Mom hears that from Justin, shell believe it.

How much coverage do you need? Sheryl Hill, the executive director of Depart Smart, an educational nonprofit for travelers, says the minimum is $500,000 in emergency evacuation coverage.

Thats for when you are so sick or hurt you cant wait for port, she says. Like me, shes seen cases a young girl who had ketoacidosis from the onset of Type 1 diabetes, or a man who fell down slippery steps and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Are you listening, Mom?

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Cruise Travel Insurance For Pre

At Holiday Extras we can cover a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions with our travel insurance packages and a policy for your cruise is no exception. We cover the majority of pre-existing medical conditions, and ALL medical conditions will be considered. When booking, you will be guided through the process of getting declaring any medical conditions you may have when you call our customer service team, or you can declare the conditions of each individual named on the policy when you buy online via our website. The process is quick and simple both online and via our contact centre. See below for more information.

How Much Does It Cost

Cruise Insurance Information Everyone Needs to Know

Ah, the most important question. After all, every type of insurance is basically a bet between you and the insurance company whether something will happen on your trip.

Prices will vary based on company, trip length, cost, who is being covered, and the sort of coverage you choose. Most companies also offer different levels of plan that have different limits and thus, higher or lower prices.

As a general rule of thumb, traditional cruise insurance offered by a third-party will run about 5%-7.5% of your trip cost. So for a $5,000 trip, expect to pay around $250-$375 for coverage.

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What Australian Cruises Can I Have Cover For

Cruises that take you along the Australian coastline, along rivers and estuaries can be covered by Australian cruise travel insurance.

Some of these cruises include:

  • Kimberley region
  • Rowley Shoals
  • Western Australian coastline
  • Albrohos Islands
  • Arnhem Land
  • Torres Strait Islands

If youre not sure if Australian cruise travel insurance can provide cover you for your type of cruise, contact us now to confirm via email or phone .

Cruise Insurance With Cover For Pre

Many insurers offer travel insurance that includes cover for pre-existing conditions. Weve listed some of the best companies here. Some should cover cruises but options may be limited and prices higher.

Most companies will require you to complete a medical questionnaire that will determine your price. The cost of cover will depend on the severity of the condition and it can vary massively depending on the issue.

Weve created a policy for people with severe conditions that covers river cruises. We do not ask you to complete a questionnaire. Get a quote in seconds for our Urgent Medical Travel Insurance.

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Will Travel Insurance Cover You

… if water levels are high?

When cruising Europe’s rivers in spring, you can encounter high water levels. This is totally dependent on conditions leading into the spring, such as the winter snowfall in the Alps, as well as current weather patterns. It’s tough to predict which river will have an issue and when, but early spring is when it traditionally can happen. Why the water level is high can factor into how an insurance company handles your claim. For example, Christine Buggy, vice president of marketing for Travelex Insurance Services, says, “In the event of a delay or cancellation due to unforeseen inclement weather, you may cancel your trip and receive a refund up to the maximum amount listed on the schedule of benefits.” But, she goes on to say, “If the supplier cancels the trip due to high water levels as a result of torrential rain, coverage would apply under inclement weather.”

… if water levels are low?

… if fog or wind disrupts the voyage?

Insurance clauses dealing with weather, trip delay and cancellation are your friends in the case of fog or wind. When these circumstances stop your itinerary from continuing for a certain length of time, you can make a claim with your insurance provider for compensation for the unused portion of the trip.

… if your ship is going to be swapped out?

You Might Not Be Covered By Regular Medical Insurance While Cruising

Do You Need Special Travel Insurance For A Cruise?

If youre an American and traveling internationally , you may find that most private medical insurance plans in the U.S. wont cover you.

In addition, Original Medicare only covers people traveling outside U.S. borders in limited circumstances.

While certain Medicare Supplement Plans do have some foreign emergency medical benefits, not all do. Be sure to talk to your Medical Supplemental Plan provider to see if youre covered, whats covered, what the limits are and how the bill is paid.

Also note that, in some countries, particularly in Central and South America, travelers may not be discharged from a hospital until their bill is paid in full.

Plus, if you have a medical incident overseas, you could find yourself stuck in a shared hospital room without air conditioning or a private bathroom. The level of care may not be what you expect.

For people traveling internationally, its crucial to know beforehand where to go for any treatment and how theyre going to pay for that treatment, AIG Travels Page said.

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Get The Right Cover For Your Destination For The Right Length Of Time

If youre going on more than one cruise this year, or combining a cruise with a city break or a few weeks at the beach, annual multi-trip travel insurance sometimes works out better value for money than buying a single-trip policy for each break away.

Annual policies cover every trip you make throughout the year, just make sure it covers all your destinations – you can buy European or worldwide policies, depending on where youre going.

Multi-trip policies usually have limits to how many days each individual trip can be. If youre cruising for an extended period of time, look at long-stay travel insurance.

Should I Buy Cruise Insurance Complete Guide To Coverage

A step-by-step guide to cruise insurance, what it covers, and if you need it.

Note: nor the author is an insurance professional. Be sure to review any policy and ask your insurance company any questions you might have.

We are an affiliate of InsureMyTrip, linked below. We receive a small commission if you buy travel insurance through the links included in this article, at no cost to you.

Most people dont like to think about the bad things that can happen when you are on vacation. But the truth is that accidents, cancellations, theft and other mishaps can occur, even while youre on your dream trip. For example:

  • You get sick after eating the local food, leading to two days in the hospital.
  • You get pickpocketed in a crowded market, and the thief takes your passport.
  • You miss a connecting flight, meaning you have to unexpectedly pay full price for a hotel room.

The list is endless of what could happen. But they all share one major theme. They can ruin your vacation and potentially cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. These mishaps can be compounded when you are on a cruise. With a cruise ships tight schedule, any delays could cause you to miss the boat. Of course, that means having to purchase lodging, transportation, meals, and more while you try to make arrangements to get back home or catch up with the ship.

To decide if its the right choice for you, weve researched all the ins and outs of cruise insurance to help you out.

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Where Else Can I Cruise Without A Passport

There are a few U.S. territories and other destinations that allow passport-free entry for U.S. citizens.

  • Puerto Rico is a United States Commonwealth, and all U.S. citizens can travel there and to its surrounding islands, Vieques and Culebra, without a passport.
  • Also in the Caribbean, the U.S. Virgin Islands are a U.S. territory thats fair game for passport-less American citizens. You can visit St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John just not the neighboring British Virgin Islands.
  • In the Pacific, some cruises visit Guam, where, although U.S. citizens are required to possess a U.S. passport, on a case-by-case basis, photo I.D. and proof of citizenship may be accepted.3
  • Cruises to Alaska and Hawaii dont require passports, because both are U.S. states. However, if your Alaskan cruise begins or ends in Canada, youd need your passport.

Take note: Just because you dont need a passport to visit these destinations doesnt mean you wont need any official documentation. Make sure you have a government-issued photo ID, naturalization paperwork, and/or birth certificate.

When To Buy Travel Insurance For Your Cruise

Camera Insurance, Do YOU need it or not?

You can purchase insurance plans up to 24 hours before your trip departure date, but we don’t recommend waiting that long. If you do wait, you may not be eligible for many important benefits, such as the waiver of the pre-existing conditions clause.

If you want to be covered for pre-existing medical conditions, you should buy insurance at the time you make your final cruise payment. Not all policies offer pre-existing coverage, but among those that do, each insurer dictates its own coverage window. The deadline is usually 10 to 15 days after making that final payment — or after booking your airfare, if you do that first.

If you aren’t eligible for this waiver, your insurer will look back into your medical history and will not cover any condition for which you sought medical treatment during that time.

When it comes to buying travel insurance, don’t worry if you’ve paid for your cruise but haven’t yet purchased your airline tickets. You can estimate the airfare cost when buying your travel insurance and then give your provider your exact travel itinerary once those tickets are booked. Likewise, if you’re arranging your plane tickets first, buy your travel insurance within two weeks of that purchase, and enter your full cruise fare, even if you have not purchased it or have only paid the deposit.

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Coronavirus And Travel Insurance

As were all aware, the impact that Coronavirus is having globally has meant the cancellation of multiple flights, holidays, events and in particular cruises.

Any new policy wont cover certain claims caused by coronavirus. Its important to know what cover is included on your policy before you book a trip. If youre an existing customer, any trips you booked before your first renewal after 14 September 2020, are unaffected.You can get in touch the normal way if you need to make a claim or renew but please bear in mind that our contact centres are extremely busy right now. As the FCDO can change at any time and airlines and tour providers need to be contacted first we are only looking at claims for trips which are due to depart within the next 14 days. In the meantime, check out our step by step

All Medical Conditions Considered

If you have medical conditions, this should not be a reason to hold you back from exploring the world. Having the right cover in place, should the unfortunate happen, will give you peace of mind while on your adventures.

It’s important that you declare all your medical conditions and any medication that you’re taking.

Post Office Travel Insurance covers most pre-existing medical conditions. Get a quote today to see if we can cover you. If you have a serious pre-existing medical condition that Post Office Travel Insurance cannot offer cover for, the Money and Pensions Scheme have launched a directory listing companies that may be able to help you. The directory can be accessed by either or calling 0800 138 7777.

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Travel Insurance Is There When You Miss The Boat Literally

Time and tide wait for no one. Neither do cruise ships. That’s why missed flights and missing bags become big problems when you’re beginning your cruise vacation. If your flight to Miami is canceled due to weather, causing you to miss embarkation, you’re out of luck and out that snorkeling excursion you were really looking forward to unless you have travel insurance

Trip delay benefits can reimburse you for eligible hotel stays, meals and lost prepaid expenses if your trip is delayed by more the amount of time specified in your travel insurance plan for a covered reason. Missed connection benefits can reimburse you for the cost of transportation to your cruise’s first port of call, where you can catch up with the ship. And Allianz Global Assistance’s 24-hour hotline assistance can help you make the needed changes to your travel plan.

With the right travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance, you dont have to sweat unpredictable delays and missed connections. Youll get there in fact, just think of it as making a grand entrance.

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