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Do You Need Special Travel Insurance When Pregnant

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What Happens If I Go Intolabourabroad

Going intolabourunexpectedly while abroad can be a stressful experience. This is why having the proper travel insurance, which meets your specific needs, is so important. Youll need to cover the medical costs, but a prolonged stay in your holiday destination, to account for a hospital period, can disrupt your travel plans significantly.This is especially true with a premature birth, when thebaby requires additional care. Travel insurance can help relieve you of these problems, with the rightpolicycovering your medical expenses, as well as providing you with a place to stay and alternative travel home. If youre planning on giving birth abroad in another EU country, or Norway, Iceland, Switzerland or Liechtenstein, youll need a valid EHIC/GHIC and an S2 guarantee form.

The S2 form covers you for specific maternity care, but an EHIC/GHIC can insure you for any state-provided medical care that you or your baby may need.

Please check that your EHIC is still within its valid date. After the UK left the EU, you won’t be able to get a replacement EHIC, and will instead need to apply for a Global Health Insurance Card .

What Is Not Covered For Pregnancy

Please keep in mind that under our travel insurance policies:

  • No cover is provided for standard check-ups or scans.
  • No cover exists where serious, unexpected complications of your pregnancy occur after the 23rd week of pregnancy.
  • No cover exists for childbirth or the health of a newborn child, regardless of the stage of pregnancy at which the child is born.

Please read the Product Disclosure Statement so you understand what’s included in the plans. We want you to find the best policy to suit your travel needs as an expectant mother.

What’s Covered During Pregnancy

One common question we hear from travelers is, What does travel insurance cover when youre pregnant? This video explains situations that can and cant be covered. In general, travel insurance can cover financial losses resulting from unforeseen pregnancy complications. Normal pregnancy can be considered a covered reason for trip cancellation, if the pregnancy occurs after the effective coverage date.

Is Pregnancy Classed As A Medical Condition For Travel Insurance

If you are experiencing complications with your current pregnancy, or have done with previous pregnancy, you will need to declare this when booking your policy. If you have a pre-existing medical condition that has a greater risk of causing medical complications with your pregnancy, then you will need to declare it and screen your condition.

For the later stages of pregnancies , we do not offer cover for claims relating to normal pregnancy and normal childbirth or cancellation.

Medical expenses and cancellation cover is provided in the later stages should the following complications arise:

  • Toxaemia
  • Emergency Caesarean
  • A termination needed for medical reasons
  • Premature birth more than 12 weeks before the expected delivery date.

Can I Travel While Im Pregnant

Do You Need Travel Insurance? The Real Scoop!

Most women need to travel at least some distances often locally and by car. Some women will have the need or desire to travel longer distances perhaps by car or airplane or other means. For most pregnant women, travel will be no problem in the first 20-24 weeks of pregnancy. Once you are past 24 weeks, you will need to consider how far you will be from home, what hazards the area you are travelling to may pose, and how you will get there. Long flights or road trips may be difficult once you are into the later stages of pregnancy. There may be issues regarding unanticipated needs for care related to the pregnancy while outside of Canada. This can be quite expensive and having Canadian health care coverage will probably not cover all the costs. Consider obtaining commercial coverage and ensure what the benefits are. If you will be travelling bring with you a copy of your pregnancy records to be given to the health care provider where you may be if necessary.

What Cover Do I Get For My Pregnancy

Cover-More Travel Insurance looks after the mother, if serious, unexpected pregnancy complications arise before the 24th week of the pregnancy. If youre travelling in the first 23 weeks of your pregnancy and you meet the conditions in the Product Disclosure Statement, we can provide you with:

  • Overseas emergency medical expenses cover for serious and unexpected pregnancy complications
  • 24-hour travel assistance services
  • Access to an Australian-based doctor via *

We do not cover childbirth or neonatal care overseas. Overseas births can be complicated and expensive. We recommend travel before the 24th week of pregnancy to reduce the risk of an overseas birth.

If you travel after the 23rd week, Cover-More can provide cover for non-pregnancy related events. Youll have standard policy elements like luggage cover and any medical conditions not related to your pregnancy.

Can I Get Cancellation Cover If I Am Pregnant

We offer cancellation cover if you or a travelling companion discover that youre pregnant after the date that the policy is issued or after the date that the trip was booked, whichever was the latter, and are advised by a medical practitioner not to travel. You will only be protected under our cancellation cover if the holiday return date is within 12 weeks of the expected delivery date or if there are unexpected complications with the pregnancy

If you decide that for other reasons related to your pregnancy you would prefer to cancel your trip, it is worth speaking to your airline or tour operator and explaining the situation as these reasons wouldnt be covered under a travel insurance policy.

Travel Insurance And Childbirth

You’re enjoying your babymoon vacation in Cozumel when suddenly you feel the first twinge of labor. Twelve hours later, you’re the proud mother of a baby girl. Will travel insurance cover the cost of labor and delivery?

No. Normal childbirth is not covered by travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance. However, if complications arise in delivery, the costs of emergency medical care may be covered. Also, attending the childbirth of a family member can be a covered reason for trip cancellation, depending on your plan.

While travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance can’t cover every possible pregnancy scenario, we want to do our best to help! Our Assistance team is available 24 hours a day to provide expert advice and aid.

Do You Need Special Travel Insurance When Pregnant

Holiday insurance is always a top priority when booking a getaway, but even more so when it comes to travelling whilst pregnant. A good pregnancy travel insurance policy will cover most potential issues that could arise on your holiday, and give you peace of mind throughout your trip.

A good pregnancy travel insurance policy will cover most potential issues that could arise on your holiday, such as premature birth, and give you peace of mind throughout your trip. We cover pregnancy complications on all of our single trip and annual multi-trip insurance policies , from Budget to Black cover, so you can be covered for the full 40 weeks! We even cover it on our backpackers insurance policies.

Traveling With Newborn Babies

Weâre here to help you at every step of your journey when you fly with your newborn.

Your baby must be at least seven days old to fly, unless itâs for emergency medical treatment. If thatâs the case you will need to complete a medical information form .

You can order a baby bassinet for the aircraft ahead of your flight, either when you book or through Manage Your Booking. To help you on the journey we have separate check-in desks for families and baby strollers at Dubai International airport. On board, we have infant kits with essentials like diapers, bibs and wipes. And there are baby changing tables in our washrooms on board. Find out more about traveling with infants here.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Giving Birth

Weve recently had some questions from readers who want to know whether travel insurance cover giving birth under the medical coverage portion of their policy.

A pregnant traveler who is in an advanced stage of pregnancy is not likely to have travel insurance coverage for a normal birth because the birth is an expected event. Travel insurance only covers unexpected events, and so childbirth is not covered unless its an unusual medical situation.

To be specific, pregnancy is excluded from all travel insurance coverage with exclusionary language like the following:

pregnancy, childbirth, or elective abortion, other than complications of pregnancy;

Its important to understand that travel insurance coverage for pregnancy depends on the circumstances. First, the pregnancy must occur after the travel insurance policys effective date, or its considered a pre-existing medical condition.

Next, premature labor is considered a complication of pregnancy, which is typically covered under a travel insurance plans medical coverage and therefore medical treatment is covered up to the plan limits. Here are the best rules to apply to getting travel insurance to cover giving birth:

  • If the traveler discovers she is pregnant after making travel arrangements and has already purchased travel insurance, shell need to carefully review the plans rules for pregnancy and the coverage for medical conditions.

  • For more details, see How Travel Insurance Covers Pregnancy.

    What Precautions Should I Take When Travelling Whilst Pregnant

    The risk of blood clots associated with long-distance travel increases for pregnant women. To combat this, the NHS advises drinking plenty of water during a flight, and getting up every 30 minutes.

    Wearing a pair of graduated compression or support stockings from the pharmacy can also help to reduce leg swelling.

    You should always take your pregnancy notes with you when travelling and keep them on your person.

    What Is Maternity Insurance

    Do You Need Travelers Insurance? A Complete Guide â sightDOING

    Maternity insurance is a single-premium insurance that provides coverage for both the mother and the baby during the course of the pregnancy and even shortly after birth. This coverage comes in the form of a lump sum payout or daily hospital cash to offset additional medical costs.

    While maternity insurance will not cover the cost of your delivery or your hospitalisation bills, what it does provide is additional coverage specifically for pregnancy complications or congenital illnesses the newborn might have. Examples of congenital illnesses include Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome and congenital deafness. 

    Maternity insurance lasts the entirety of your pregnancy and continues for 30 days after childbirth. The coverage provided for the newborn could last longer, depending on the plan you purchase. 

    The cost of maternity insurance can range from $300 to $1,600, depending on the coverage offered as well as the age of the mother the younger you are, the lower the premiums. 

    Are There Any Airline Restrictions That Prohibit Pregnant Woman To Travel

    Each airline has a different set of rule regarding how many weeks you can be pregnant before they prohibit you from traveling in their airline. And those rules may keep changing frequently. Additionally, they may also require some medical records and/or physician certificate regarding the fitness of air travel during pregnancy. Please check with airline directly.

    Avoid International Travel During Pregnancy If Possible

    Pregnant women might need to travel for both business and personal reasons. However, unless it’s absolutely necessary, it’s best to avoid traveling during pregnancy. Pregnancy is considered a medically high-risk period.

    You may face minor issues like morning sickness or more serious complications, like pre-term birth at home. However, dealing with these concerns in an unfamiliar country will be much more stressful.

    How To Have The Perfect Babymoon

    If youre expecting your first child, this is the perfect opportunity to get in some peace and quiet. Pick a resort thatll let you indulge in some of these grown-up treats:

    • Adults only the benefit of a babymoon is being able to stay in a hotel that’s just for adults.
    • Swimming a relaxing adults-only holiday means a pool free of divebombing children. Swimming can ease pregnancy aches and pains because in the water we weigh just a tenth of what we do on land.
    • Dining without any little ones with you, why not indulge in a grown-up, late-night dinner? You wont have to worry about bedtimes or finding something for fussy eaters.
    • Spa breaks Plenty of spas offer special pregnancy packages. Pampering treatments like facials, wraps and massages improve circulation, ease tiredness and leave you glowing.

    Travel Insurance For When Youre Pregnant

    Pregnancy holiday insurance covers claims for emergency medical expenses or cancellations until the beginning of your 32nd week of pregnancy . The purpose of pregnancy holiday insurance is to cover any unforeseen events, including bodily injury or illness.

    The key benefits of pregnancy holiday insurance from AllClear are medical expenses coverage up to £15,000,000, cancellation and curtailment coverage up to £5,000, and personal belongings coverage up to £3,000.

    If You May Qualify For Medicaid Or Childrens Health Insurance Program

    • Medicaid and CHIP provide free or low-cost health coverage to millions of Americans, including some low-income people, families and children, and pregnant women.
    • Eligibility for these programs depends on your household size, income, and citizenship or immigration status. Specific rules and benefits vary by state.
    • You can apply for Medicaid or CHIP any time during the year, not just during the annual Open Enrollment Period.
    • You can apply 2 ways: Directly through your state agency, or by filling out a Marketplace application and selecting that you want help paying for coverage.
    • Learn how to apply for Medicaid and CHIP.
  • If found eligible during your pregnancy, youll be covered for 60 days after you give birth. After 60 days, you may no longer qualify. Your state Medicaid or CHIP agency will notify you if your coverage is ending. You can enroll in a Marketplace plan during this time to avoid a break in coverage.
  • If you have Medicaid when you give birth, your newborn is automatically enrolled in Medicaid coverage, and theyll remain eligible for at least a year.
  • What Does Travel Health Insurance Cover

    Most travel insurance plans cover the cost* of the following medical procedures:

    • Consultation or visit with a doctor
    • Hospitalization
    • The cost of prescription drugs and medicine
    • Surgical procedures
    • Emergency services, such as the ambulance and ER
    • The cost of lab tests and X-rays
    • Physical therapy

    Some health insurance plans also cover the following, but not all:

    *The amount or percentage of the cost that they will cover depends on the specific insurance plan that you choose.

    Do I Need To Tell You If Im Pregnant When Im Buying My Travel Insurance

    You dont need to include your pregnancy on your travel insurance, but you do need to tell us about any pregnancy-related health conditions or complications. This may include high blood pressure or gestational .

    Once were familiar with your health and travel needs, we can build the right level of cover for you and your bump. If you forget to let us know about your pre-existing medical conditions, you wont be covered if you need to make a claim.

    If you happen to give birth while youre away, your travel insurance will only cover you for any unexpected complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

    Best Maternity Insurance Plans Available

    Do I Need Travel Insurance?

    There are two types of maternity insurance plans: standalone maternity insurance plans and maternity insurance that is coupled with an investment-linked plan. 

    This article will only look at standalone maternity insurance plans, for pregnancy related complications and congenital illnesses.

    Here are some of the best maternity insurance plans for your decision-making. 

    Plan name

    *Premiums are illustrated based on a 30 year old pregnant mother

    When Should I Go On My Babymoon

    You might be worried about flying while pregnant, so our advice is to take your babymoon during the second trimester when you’re 4-6 months pregnant. If you travel before 12 weeks, you might find you feel nauseous. The risk of miscarriage is also higher in the first 3 months which is why some people prefer not to travel abroad during this period. After your 12-week scan, youll know if its safe to fly away for a week or 2 of relaxation.Travelling after the 28th week of your pregnancy might be more tiring and uncomfortable, and some airlines may ask for a letter from your doctor proving its safe for you to fly.You should always consult with your doctor if youre planning a long-haul flight.

    What Happens If I Do Not Buy Travel Insurance

    You can travel abroad without travel insurance, but you will not have the peace of mind of knowing you are protected should anything go wrong. For example, it’s worth considering not just the cost of your holiday or the loss of your belongings, but the potential cost should the worst happen while you’re away.

    Is Child Birth Covered

    No, we can only provide medical cover for unforeseen bodily injury or illness. Childbirth is not considered to be either unforeseen or an illness or injury. Therefore, on AllClear Gold and Gold Plus policies we can only provide travel insurance for pregnancy if, on your return date, you are no more than 32 weeks pregnant.

    Is It Easy To Get A Travel Insurance Quote If Im Pregnant

    Getting a travel insurance quote that covers your pregnancy shouldnt be any more difficult than getting standard travel insurance.

    Just let insurance providers know your travel dates, holiday destination and any optional extras youd like added to your policy.

    You dont necessarily need to declare your pregnancy as its not considered a pre-existing medical condition. But you should let insurance providers know to ensure you get the right level of cover for any pregnancy-related problems.

    When you compare travel insurance with us, well send you a list of insurance providers, so you can compare policies and choose one that ticks all the right boxes and enjoy a holiday with the peace of mind that you and your baby bump are covered.

    Do I Need Travel Insurance If I Have A European Health Insurance Card

    As well as travel insurance, you should have a European Health Insurance Card or EHIC. As a UK resident you’re entitled to state healthcare when visiting an EU country if you have an EHIC. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are also part of this scheme.

    Your card will be valid until the end of 2020, or when we leave the European Union under Brexit. It’s important to remember that your EHIC doesnt replace travel insurance, it just complements it.

    The EHIC will not cover all medical costs, including emergency repatriation to the UK this is one reason medical claims are so costly, with an air ambulance from Spain to the UK costing an estimated £25,000 .

    Visit, , get a form from your post office or call EHIC to apply for an EHIC card. You can’t use the EHIC card to go abroad for medical treatment, but you’re covered for routine and necessary visits to the doctor or hospital for certain pre-existing conditions, or if you’re pregnant.

    You may be asked to contribute to the cost of your healthcare, but in some cases you can be reimbursed for those costs.

    If you have a pre-existing condition, you can still get a quote. These conditions could include cancer, stroke, serious heart, respiratory and terminal conditions.

    You can contact the Money and Pensions Service  or you can telephone 0800 138 7777.

    What Should Your Maternity Insurance Cover

    Heres what you can expect to find when looking for a maternity insurance plan, though the coverage varies depending on the insurer. 

    Coverage provided for the mother:

    • Pregnancy complications: Complications that arise from the pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia and eclampsia 
    • Death or total & permanent disability benefit : Lump sum payout upon death or TPD
    • Hospitalisation benefit: Daily cash benefit for each day you are hospitalised due to pregnancy complications

    Some insurance plans also offer additional benefits for the expecting mother, such as mental wellness benefits. It could also cover components such as childbirth medical negligence.

    Coverage provided for the baby:

    • Congenital illnesses
    • Death benefit: Lump sum payout upon death
    • Hospitalisation benefit: Daily cash benefit for each day the baby is hospitalised due to congenital illnesses
    • Outpatient phototherapy benefit due to severe neonatal jaundice: Cash benefit for each day the phototherapy machine is rented

    Exclusions to take note of: Some policies do not cover pregnancies as a result of In-Vitro Fertilisation or other Assisted Conception Procedures. If you have used IVF to conceive, you can specifically look for plans that do not exclude IVF, such as the Aviva MyMaternityPlan and Manulife ReadyMummy.

    Pregnancy Complications And Travel Medical Coverage

    While your plan may not cover cancellation due to a normal pregnancy, it may extend coverage due to complications to a normal pregnancy. If your doctor provides documentation that says you cannot travel due to a complication or prenatal condition, your travel insurance plan may cover reimbursement for trip cancellation.

    If you encounter complications while traveling, a comprehensive plan with emergency medical coverage may reimburse for any costs associated with the care for that condition. This could include evacuation back home if deemed necessary. Make sure to read the details of your plan as it may only offer coverage for complications during a certain time frame of your pregnancy.

    Refusal Of Travel By Carriers

    Why you NEED travel insurance for your next trip abroad

    You and your doctor are 100% comfortable with traveling while pregnant, but the travel carrier may not be. Different carriers have various rules and regulations when it comes to pregnancy.

    Travel insurance will not cover the trip cost if you show up to depart on your trip and are refused service by the carrier. Its the travelers responsibility to know the rules of the travel carriers from which they purchase tickets.

    What About Flying While Pregnant

    Airlines usually set limits beyond which they will not allow pregnant women to fly. This is usually around 36 or 37 weeks if youre carrying a single baby, and 32 weeks if youre pregnant with twins.

    The airline will not stop you flying within the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, and whether you do is a personal decision. However, its not uncommon to experience nausea or morning sickness during this time, which could be uncomfortable. And the risk of miscarriage is also greater during the first trimester.

    Pregnancy Complications: What Does Travel Insurance Cover

    You’re in the first trimester of your pregnancy and feeling fine until you begin feeling extremely nauseous a week before you’re supposed to fly to New York on business. Your doctor diagnoses you with hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe and serious form of morning sickness, and you end up in the hospital on the day of your scheduled flight. Can travel insurance reimburse you for the canceled trip?

    Yes. Travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance can cover losses resulting from unforeseen pregnancy complications, such as pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes or hyperemesis gravidarum. That means your travel insurance may reimburse you for nonrefundable trip costs lost if you must cancel or interrupt your trip because of pregnancy complications. The illness, injury, or medical condition youre experiencing must be disabling enough to make a reasonable person cancel their trip, and a doctor must advise you to cancel it. For example, normal morning sickness would not be a covered reason for trip cancellation. When youre filing a claim for trip cancellation/interruption related to a pregnancy complication, youll need documentation from your physician.

    Travel Insurance When Pregnant

    Your travel insurance will cover you as normal for travel during your pregnancy up to full term. But most policies will set out some exclusions and points to be aware of. 

    • Your insurance will cover you for complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth, but not for routine treatments or a normal birth.
    • Look out for any time restrictions, such as only being covered for complications from a premature birth within the first 32 weeks.
    • Check your airline’s policy – each airline will have separate restrictions on flying when pregnant.
    Help with your trip

    What Are Pregnancy Complications

    A complication is known as a secondary diagnosis occurring prior to, during the course of, concurrent with, or as a result of pregnancy, which may adversely affect the pregnancy outcome. Each insurer will have different rules, but generally, you will need to declare these conditions. E.g:

    • Toxaemia
    • Gestational diabetes
    • Pre-eclampsia
    • Hyperemesis gravidarum
    • Placenta praevia
    • and more…

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