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Does Aaa Auto Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement

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What Is A Premium

Can insurance help pay for my windshield and auto glass replacement?

Now, the word premium has been thrown around a lot in this article, but what exactly does it mean? Maybe this will help put some perspective on the whole topic and help you decide if you should use insurance to replace a windshield.

Insurance premiums are what you pay for your policies. This can be a monthly, semi-annual, or even an upfront payment. If you dont cover the premium, the result will be a cancellation of the policy. Generally, the price of the premium will vary depending on a lot of personal factors such as age, type of coverage, your place of residents, any past claims, and even whether or not the insurance company thinks you are a risk a practice commonly referred to as Moral hazard and Adverse Selection. So the greater the risk, the higher the price.

A good example would be a teenager from the suburbs and a teenager from New York. The latter will have a much higher rate than the former. Given all this information, its possible to calculate your premiums. From there you can decide for yourself what to do.

Reasons To Buy Car Rental Insurance

Even when you have a level of coverage, there are times when its better to purchase additional rental car insurance anyway. These include:

You dont want to pay the deductible in the event of an accident. If the deductible on your auto insurance is high, it would apply to your rental car, too. It may give you peace of mind to just fork up for car rental insurance and know you wont pay end up on the hook for more than that amount.

You dont want to make a claim on your personal insurance. Maybe you recently had a claim and dont want your premium to explode. Two claims in one year can raise your insurance rates significantly, so you may want to err on the side of caution and buy insurance.

Your coverage limits are low. If youll be driving in an unfamiliar area or bad weather and nervous about possible damage to the vehicle, you might consider either raising your coverage levels or picking up additional coverage from the rental car company or a third-party provider.

Youre renting an expensive vehicle. Remember, your AAA auto insurance will only cover up to the limit of your own vehicles policy. You may want to beef up coverage for a luxury SUV. Always be sure to check your coverage limits.

Youre renting in another country. With AAA, youre covered for rental cars in the US. If youre traveling outside the country, youll need to purchase supplemental insurance.


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File a AAA Auto Auto Glass Claim

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  • Windshields Installation Procedures

    We use the best procedures developed by AGRSS, I-CAR, NGA & our own standards SMI meaning safety minded installations.

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    Workmanship, products, and procedures that last a lifetime and saves lives. We are the true experts in auto glass.

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  • Insurance Approved

    We are Insurance approved by ALL insurance companies & we are the number 1 preffered choice by insureds for the highest quality auto glass work.

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  • Installs Safer than the Factory

    If your car is not a Land Rover or Mercedes more than likely the factory did not do a quality job installing the windshield.

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What You Can Expect

AAA works with a third party company that assists in filing claims for auto glass repairs and windshield replacement. Glas Tek is a program participant of AAAs Preferred Auto Glass Program, which means that all windshield replacement work is supported and guaranteed by AAA all over the country. As an AAA windshield replacement program participant, Glas Tek is bound by its contract pricing with AAA, so policyholders can expect the best prices at the lowest possible cost no additional expense for you to shoulder and no additional cost for your auto insurance company.

Will My Insurance Premium Increase Because Of Windshield Claim

Does Car Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement ...

Most major insurance companies’ underwriting guidelines do not consider comprehensive claims as surchargeable claims. A surchargeable claim is when a claim directly impacts your insurance premium. You should not see your premium increase because of a claim used to replace a cracked windshield.

However, high frequency of windshield claims may be taken into consideration by insurance companies as one of the factors in determining future premium.

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Some Insurance Companies Offer Zero

It means that if your windshield can be repaired, your insurance company will cover the cost of repair without any out-of-pocket expense from you.

If you noticed a crack in your windshield, we highly recommend calling your insurance agent right away to find out whether your policy will cover the repair for free. It is always a good idea to repair your windshield immediately.

Driving With A Cracked Wind Shield Is Dangerous

You may be tempted to drive with a cracked windshield if its a small ding and isnt in your line of vision. But its dangerous to do so. Considered a primary safety feature in any automobile, today’s windshields are designed to:

  • Protect occupants in a rollover: A windshield is akin to a load-bearing wall in a house. If it doesn’t remain firmly in place, the roof will collapse under its own weight, injuring or killing those inside.
  • Keep passengers inside the vehicle: In a crash, it’s almost always best not to be ejected. An intact and properly installed windshield not only keeps people in, it also keeps road and crash debris out. According to Safelite, damaged glass is 60% to 70% weaker than intact glass.
  • Cushion the passenger air bag: Air bags deploy with extreme force. The passenger’s front air bag strikes the windshield first. If the windshield comes unmoored, or the glass is weak, the passenger is left unprotected.
  • Ensure visibility: Cheap or chipped glass can distort optics, shatter under the stress of normal driving vibration or temperature variation, and impair wiper blades.

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This Way To Coverage You Can Trust Aaa Auto Insurance For Florida

AAA has been serving America’s drivers for over 100 years. Our motor club services are legendary and provide you with the peace of mind you need while on the road. Our insurance offerings and innovative policy features provide exceptional value. Because of who we are and our longstanding tradition of exceptional service, you will find your insurance experience with AAA Insurance much different than what you have come to expect with other insurance companies.

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best overall value you will find for your automobile and property insurance needs. We have established a tradition of service and savings, which you have come to expect from AAA. Simply put, you will not find a better combination of service and savings. After all, that is what you’ve come to expect from AAA!

What To Do If You Have A Broken Windshield

Windshield Repair/Replacement Cost & Your Insurance | Safelite AutoGlass

If your windshield breaks, you should file a claim as soon as possible and before any repairs are made. If the damage occurs while you’re driving, pull over as soon as you can, and report your claim immediately.

If your windshield gets chipped or cracked, you should file a comprehensive claim as soon as you can and before you proceed with repairs.

Important note: You shouldn’t wait too long after the damage occurs to file a glass claim, and the claim should be filed before any repairs take place. The longer you wait to get your windshield or window fixed, the more likely the chip or crack will spread.

Learn more about when it’s better to repair or replace your windshield.

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Aaa Membership Does Not Include Car Rental Insurance

Different membership levels in the AAA provide different levels of services. Membership may cost between $60 and $100 with a sliding scale of inclusions.

  • no young driver fee
  • discounts on flights, hotels, cruises and more

When you ask AutoSlash for a quote, we factor in the AAA discount when comparing thousands of publicly available coupon codes to get you the very best rate.

When You Should Replace Your Windshield

In general, your windshield needs to be replaced if it has a fissure larger than a dollar bill or a chip thats larger than a quarter. If the damage is small and falls out of the drivers line of sight, it can usually be repaired rather than replaced.

Why is AAA Auto Insurance so cheap?

AAA Auto Insurance is cheap because the company offers a wide variety of discounts that almost anyone can get, including autopay and paperless discounts. AAA Auto Insurance ranked 14th overall in WalletHub’s cheap car insurance study of more than 40 major insurers. However, AAA only offers coverage to AAA members, partly because it offers discounts for safety inspections and certain safety features, paying in full upfront, and more. Plus, AAA Auto Insurance rewards customer loyalty with discounts for insuring more than one car or bundling multiple policies, such as home and full answer

To get a personalized quote from AAA Auto Insurance, you can speak to a representative by calling 1 222-4968.

Should I use insurance to replace my windshield?

Glass damage is usually covered by comprehensive insurance, which pays for repairs after damage caused by something other than an accident, such as natural disasters or vandalism. Comprehensive coverage deductibles vary between policies, but they can range from $50 to $2,000. By comparison, fixing a windshield costs between $100 and $400, depending on the extent of the damage.

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Will Nail Polish Stop A Windshield Crack

Clear nail polish can fill the nooks and crannies of your small windshield chips and cracks and when it dries, helps to seal and protect it from the cold and elements that cause further cracking! … Once that is dry, simply apply a thin layer of clear nail polish to the damaged area and let dry. Jan 31, 2014

Can a 12 inch crack in windshield be repaired?

If the crack is less than 12 inches long, or if the chip is smaller than a quarter, the damage can typically be repaired without having to replace your windshield. * If you’re going to drive your car before you repair the windshield, make sure the crack or chip doesn’t interfere with your view. Aug 3, 2011

Is there a way to stop a windshield crack from spreading?

Apply Superglue or Clear Nail Polish Then, as a low-fidelity solution, apply clear nail polish or superglue to the chip. Allow the polish or glue to dry, and then place a piece of clear packing tape over the area to help keep dirt out until you can have the chip repaired.

What is the largest windshield crack that can be repaired?

Windshield repair technology is a rapidly advancing industry, so the ability to repair large chips or cracks changes often and can vary depending on the repair company. Generally speaking, chips smaller than a quarter, and cracks up to three inches long can be easily repaired. Nov 29, 2016

How To File Your Aaa Windshield Replacement Claim

Does car insurance cover a cracked windshield?

AAA windshield replacement insurance claims require the policyholder to call Glas Tek personally for assistance during the claim process. Glas Tek will then facilitate a conference call AAA so your claim is received and managed as quickly as possible. As part of the process, AAA will ask a few questions that will help the insurance company verify the circumstances of the incident related to your claim.

After filing your claim, AAA will verify your insurance coverage based on your policy on record. Once the information is confirmed, AAA will instruct Glas Tek to begin the replacement work on your car. In most cases, the whole process of claim filing over the phone would take about 15 minutes or less.

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Aaa Approved Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repairs

Start your AAA Windshield Replacement Claim Online Now!

Glas Tek is a preferred AAA windshield replacement or repair mobile service provider. AAA stands behind Glas Teks auto glass replacement and repair services and backs them up with a double guarantee. This double guarantee should give AAA insurance policy holders the confidence that they have chosen the right AAA windshield replacement and repair company. We honor all AAA contract pricing so that there will NEVER be any additional costs for you or your insurance company. Filing a claim is fast and easy and only takes about 10-15 minutes of your time. We will walk you through the process and answer all of your questions before the claim process begins. We are here to help and want to make sure the AAA claim process is comfortable and easy for all. Visit our auto glass replacement insurance page to learn more on the claim process.

Will Insurance Cover Windshield Chip Repair

The good news is that most auto insurance policies will pay for your windshield chip repair and even waive the deductible. Insurers would rather have you make the quick and cheap fix so you dont have to file a windshield insurance claim later on.

What if you already have a cracked windshield? Typically, your comprehensive coverage will cover repairing a crack in your windshield if its less than 6 inches long about the length of a dollar bill. Many insurers will cover the repair with no deductible as long as you use a company within the insurers network.

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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Windshield

Repairing a windshield is less expensive than replacing one. That’s because the cost to repair a windshield generally varies by how much of the glass needs fixing. In contrast, the cost of a windshield replacement can vary based on many factors, including:

  • Your car’s make and model
  • Your location
  • The type of glass used

Bear in mind, depending on your state car insurance requirements and policy, if you file an auto glass claim, the most you’ll need to pay is your deductible your insurance should cover the rest of the bill if the damage qualifies for coverage. Some state laws, like Florida’s windshield replacement law, waive deductibles for broken windshields if the driver carries comprehensive coverage.

Pro Tip:

With Progressive, you can get a cracked windshield repaired without paying a deductible so long as the crack is repairable and less than 6 inches long. Plus, we offer a $0 deductible option for glass-only replacement claims in some states. Learn more about filing an auto claim with Progressive.

What Is A Comprehensive Deductible

Windshield and Auto Glass Insurance FAQ

When you purchase Comprehensive Insurance Coverage, you will choose a set of deductibles. While the cost of those deductibles will vary depending on where you live and your choice of insurance provider, generally, they will range from $100 to $2,000, so you have options. Of course, this also includes a glass deductible. There is a glimmer of hope, in rare cases, if your mechanic decides they can waive the whole deductible. Also, keep in mind that the Comprehensive Coverage has a limit. The maximum amount the insurance company will pay is the current cash value of your car.

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Windshield Repair And Your Auto Insurance

First, its a tiny chip. Then it becomes a crack. You watch it creep across your windshield, wondering how long you have before you absolutely have to fix it. Does insurance cover windshield repair? What about long cracks? Heres what you need to know.

Smack. Its the cringe-inducing sound of a pebble striking your windshield, and its usually followed by the appearance of a chip in the glass. Its easy to ignore a chipped windshield, but you should have it fixed as soon as possible. Why? A windshield chip is a simple fix, but once it turns into a crack itll be a much more expensive windshield repair. Hot or cold weather conditions, or even driving on a bumpy road, can create cracks.

A chipped windshield is also a safety hazard. According to Safelite Auto Glass, a windshield provides up to 30 percent of a vehicles structural strength, and a weakened windshield may compromise your safety in a crash or rollover situation.

How To Save On Windshield Repairs And Replacement

Comprehensive insurance coverage typically includes windshield replacement for non-collision damage. You may have the option to add full glass coverage to your policy, which can mean replacement of a broken windshield cost you nothing out of pocket. In some cases, your insurance company may waive the deductible if your windshield qualifies for a repair. Contact your insurance agent to find out exactly what your policy covers and what your options for repair or replacement are.

If it doesnt make economic sense to involve the insurance company, find an auto glass repair shop in your area to assessand potentially fixthe damage. Be sure the company is registered with the Auto Glass Safety Council and approved by AAA to ensure the work will be done to the highest safety standards. You can ask your insurance agent for recommendations. Using a reputable company also minimizes the risk of fraudnever accept an unsolicited offer to fix your windshieldand unnecessary upsells. Get a second opinion if youre not sure whether youre being scammed into a full windshield replacement when a repair is possible.

In many cases, a technician may be able to come to you, at home or at work, to repair or replace your windshield at your convenienceso you have no excuse for delaying.

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