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Does Allianz Travel Insurance Cover Flight Cancellations

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How Does Cancel For Any Reason Coverage Work

What Does Travel Insurance Cover During Pregnancy | Allianz Travel Insurance

To get cancel for any reason coverage youll have to purchase a base travel insurance plan and add cancel for any reason coverage within 14 to 21 days of your first trip payment. The deadline for adding CFAR will depend on the travel insurance company, and not all companies offer it.

If you have CFAR coverage, you can cancel your trip for any reason thats not already a reason covered by your policy. You will generally be reimbursed for 50% or 75% of your pre-paid, forfeited and non-refundable trip costs. The percentage for reimbursement will be listed in the policy.

You might have to cancel your trip within two days of your departure to use CFAR coverage. For example, if youre leaving tomorrow and you want to cancel your trip today, you may not be able to use CFAR coverage.

Make sure to read the policys fine print and know the deadline for canceling the trip if you want to make a CFAR claim.

What If I Have To Rebook My Trip To A Later Date

If you change the dates of your trip, you may move your plan coverage dates to cover a new or rescheduled trip anytime within 770 days from date of initial insurance purchase. Coverage dates must be updated prior to traveling and prior to any loss for which you seek coverage.

There are two options to take advantage of this opportunity:

  • If you know the dates of your rescheduled trip, please go to the Manage a Policy page at to update the travel dates associated with your plan.
  • If you do not yet know your new travel dates, call Allianz Global Assistance at 1-866-681-6003 to put your plan on hold to use later. Once you know your new travel dates, please contact Allianz Global Assistance to update your plan’s travel dates to cover your new trip.

Understand The Covered Reasons For Cancelling A Trip

  • If you have a plan with benefits for Trip Cancellation, there are a variety of Covered Reasons for last-minute trip cancellations. One common reason is a medical emergency: if you, your travel companion or a family member suffers a serious injury or unexpected illness that results in you having to cancel your trip. In these instances, a doctor must examine the sick or injured person and advise that the trip be cancelled.
  • Other Covered Reasons include personal calamities out of your control, such as losing your employment after one or more years on the job or suffering a burglary, fire or other disaster that leaves your home uninhabitable. There may even be other legal covered reasons such as being called to jury duty, or being subpoenaed as a witness, or on a more positive note, your legal adoption of a child during the period of the trip, which necessitates cancellation.
  • Official government-issued travel advisories warning against travel to a particular country or region may also trigger trip cancellation benefits, provided the advisory wasnt already in effect when you purchased the trip cancellation insurance.
  • And from time to time, tour operators and travel suppliers cancel tours and airlines cancel flights. These may also be covered if you have Trip Cancellation insurance and all conditions are met.

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Understand The Covered Reasons For Canceling A Trip

People who buy travel insurance that includes trip cancellation benefits sometimes assume that its cancel for any reason insurance they think they can call off a trip for any reason and get their money back. Thats not how trip cancellation benefits work, however. Dont cancel your trip before finding out if your lost expenses will be covered by your travel insurance!

If you look at your plan documents, youll see a long list of covered reasons for trip cancellation . Covered reasons are the specifically named situations or events for which can be covered under your insurance policy, and these reasons may change depending on the plan you buy. For example, only the OneTrip Premier Plan includes a hurricane warning as a covered reason for trip cancellation

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Which Companies Offer International Covid

Does travel insurance cover flight delays?

The following Australian travel insurance providers are currently offering international cover for COVID-19:

Other travel insurance options

Fast Cover offers an optional COVID-19 Pack including coverage for some COVID-related events. But this pack is only available for travel within Australia & New Zealand, with all other cover excluding COVID-19.

There are also a few international travel insurance companies that will provide COVID-19 cover to Australian residents. A popular option is Spanish insurer Heymondo , which offers competitive pricing. However, as this is not an Australian company, its not clear how easy it would be to make a claim. You may wish to check online reviews before purchasing a policy.

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Why Do I Need Travel Cancellation Insurance

  • If you are unable to travel for unexpected reasons, such as a sudden serious illness , damage to your property or an accident our Travel Cancellation Insurance will reimburse your cancellation costs.
  • In addition, all travel cancellation policies from Allianz Travel include Travel Assistance.
  • We also assist you during your trip with our extensive protective network of doctors and hospitals. Our internal hotline is available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • NEW: We will pay the costs incurred if you have to self-quarantine. Further information can be found here.

Alltrips Annual Plans Cover All Of Your Trips For A 12

If youre a frequent traveler and want to ensure all of your trips are covered without having to purchase individual travel insurance policies, one of the AllTrips plans might be an appropriate choice. All of the trips you book within the 12-month policy period are covered automatically.

Coverage limits are per person, per trip, but more than 1 person can be included in the policy. Children 17 and under are covered at no additional charge when traveling with a parent or grandparent.

The AllTrips Executive plan is the most comprehensive policy and includes the maximum coverage limits listed below. AllTrips Prime and AllTrips Basic have less coverage than the Executive plan but may still be appropriate for your situation.

For example, the AllTips Basic plan does not include trip cancellation/interruption insurance but has emergency medical, evacuation, trip delay, baggage insurance, and car rental insurance.

  • Trip Cancellation up to $10,000 reimbursement for prepaid non-refundable expenses
  • Trip Interruption up to $10,000 reimburses for remaining non-recoverable expenses and increased cost of return transport due to trip interruption as the result of a covered event
  • Emergency Medical up to$50,000
  • 24 Hour Hotline Assistance
  • Optional Pre-Existing Medical Coverage restrictions apply

Bottom Line: Allianzs AllTrips 12-month plans offer affordable options to cover every trip you have booked or have yet to book within a 12-month period.

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Travel Insurance Covers Baggage And Delays

Baggage Coverage can reimburse you for your personal belongings if your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged.

Baggage Delay Coverage provides money to buy essential items until your delayed bags arrive, such as a toiletry kit, a swimsuit, or another change of clothes.

Travel Delay Coverage provides reimbursement for additional expenses if your flight is delayed, such as an extra night in a hotel or a meal at a restaurant.

Summary: Cancel For Any Reason Coverage

Kim Orlando at TravelingMom on Allianz Travel Insurance
column 1column 2
What does it give me?The ability to cancel the trip for any reason, even if its not listed in your policy.
How much do I get back?Only a portion of what you lose to prepaid and nonrefundable deposits, usually 50% or 75%.
Can I buy it any time?No, you generally need to buy CFAR coverage within two to three weeks after your first trip deposit by adding it to a base travel insurance policy.
Can I cancel my trip any time and use CFAR coverage?No, you may have to cancel at least two days before departure in order to claim CFAR reimbursement. Once youre within two days of leaving, CFAR coverage may be void.
How much does cancel for any reason coverage cost?Expect CFAR to add 40% to your travel insurance cost.

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Can Travel Insurance Cover Trip Cancellations Caused By Winter Weather

Yes severe weather can be a covered reason for canceling your trip. Specifically, travel insurance can cover your trip cancellation if your travel carrier cant get you to your original destination for at least 24 consecutive hours because of a natural disaster, severe weather or another covered reason.

So if a blizzard cancels all flights leaving your local airport for 24 hours or more, you could decide to cancel your entire trip and file a claim to be reimbursed for your prepaid, nonrefundable, unused trip costs.

However, you dont have to cancel your trip if you can figure out another way to get there! Your trip cancellation benefits can reimburse you for the reasonable cost of alternate transportation. Lets say an ice storm causes Amtrak to cancel all trains to Boston, where you had planned to spend the weekend. But the buses are still running, so your insurance covers the cost of your ticket.

Trip interruption benefits can apply if you miss at least 50% of the length of your trip due to a travel carrier delay, a natural disaster, roads being closed or impassable due to severe weather, or another covered reason. See your plan documents for details.

How Much Does Covid

To give you an idea of approximate costs for international travel insurance offering COVID-19 cover, we compared the premiums of six different companies for two different types of trips. In each case, weve selected the cheapest available single-trip policy with COVID-19 cover, with a $100 excess .

The quote for Policy A was for a hypothetical trip to the UK for a 50 year-old Australian travelling from 1-31 January 2022. The second sample quote, Policy B, was for a 30 year-old travelling to the USA & Canada from 1 February until 31 March 2022.

Here are the results:

For the month-long trip to the UK, Southern Cross Travel Insurance had the cheapest premium at $116. For the two-month trip to North America, Heymondo would provide the cheapest cover followed by Southern Cross. Bizarrely, Cover-More provided good value for Policy A but was the most expensive by a significant margin for Policy B.

For a week-long trip to Singapore, as another example, Cover-More quoted premiums between $62 and $102 .

It is important though to note that the inclusions with each policy are different. So, price is not the only factor you should consider when choosing travel insurance!

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Other Allianz Onetrip Options & Offshoots

In case that wasnt choice enough for you, Allianz also offer 2 offshoots of their OneTrip policy. If you like, look at them as the highly specialised cousins of the OneTrip family.

  • OneTrip Cancellation Plus Plan

OneTrip Cancellation Plus Plan is definitely Allianzs budget policy. With this plan, you are only covered against trip cancellations, interruptions and delays. Medical coverage, medical transportation and baggage loss is not included.

Personally I would only consider this policy if you are not checking luggage you have medical coverage elsewhere. For example, this may be OK if you are an EU citizen taking a short break to another EU country where you only have carry-on luggage and an EU emergency healthcare card. That said, I am not sure why you should be so concerned about delays or interruptions in such a scenario!

  • OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan

This policy is great for travellers who only want Medical coverage on one single trip. It provides up to £50,00 in emergency medical coverage, and $250,000 in emergency medical transportation coverage.

Remember that this plan only offers protection for medical costs. If you are robbed, your cuts and bruises are covered but your stolen phone is not. If the airline loses your luggage it is not covered and you claim for heartbreak. If your trip is cancelled, it will not be covered.

This plan is, therefore, for anybody whos sole and only concern is healthcare costs.

Allianz Travel Insurance Review

Cancellation Cover: Do you really need it?

Today we are going to review Allianz Travel Insurance. I have spent hours going through their policies and breaking them down for you. By the end of this post you should know whether Allianz is the right travel insurance for you or whether you would be better served elsewhere.

Before we begin the Allianz Travel Insurance review, please note that a number of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that if you click them, we may receive a commission. Furthermore, do note that terms and conditions of insurance policies are subject to changes and are always ultimately based on your individual circumstances. Therefore, it is very important that you read any policy terms and conditions yourself.

Lets begin

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How Does Travel Insurance Cover Covid

Whether travel insurance covers trip cancellation, medical emergencies, or emergency evacuation due to the coronavirus depends on when you purchased the insurance and what type of coverage you have.

Most standard travel insurance policies distinguish between foreseen and unforeseen events and do not cover claims due to known, foreseeable, or expected events including pandemics. Most travel insurance companies have declared a date by which they considered the COVID-19 pandemic to be a foreseeable risk. If you purchased travel insurance before this date, you may be eligible for trip cancellation or trip interruption benefits if you become sick with COVID-19 before or during your trip, and emergency medical care if you become sick with COVID-19 while traveling.

If you purchased your travel insurance after the pandemic hit, your insurance company will likely consider the coronavirus as a foreseeable event, which may affect your coverage. Some insurers may have a pandemic exclusion, meaning that they do not provide any coverage for this event. However, several insurers consider contracting COVID-19 similar to contracting any other medical condition and may cover emergency medical, trip cancellation and trip interruption if you unexpectedly contract COVID-19 after youve purchased the insurance. You will need to review your particular policy for details applicable to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Allianz Travel Insurance Policies

Allianz are a major financial service provider and as such, they offer quite a few different cover types, policies and plans aimed at different travellers. Were now going to quickly run through them and examine the crucial differences between them.

Firstly, Allianz can offer travellers 2 main types of policy. Within these main policy types are little variations. The main policy types are OneTrip and AllTrips.

As the name kind of suggests, OneTrip covers one single, specific trip generally with a fixed start and end date. For example, if you are headed to Amsterdam for 4 days next June and then coming home, that is One Trip.

AllTrips on the other hand covers any and all trips that you make in a one year period. The period runs from the date you take out the policy, or a date of your choosing, and lasts for 365 days . You can take an unlimited number of trips in the year, and spend a total of up to x days traveling. Do be sure to note that all of your chosen destinations are covered by the policy though, otherwise you may need to obtain additional cover.

Within both the OneTrip and AllTrips umbrellas are 3 variations which vary depending on how much cover you want and how much you want to pay.

  • OneTrip Basic

This policy covers all of the travel insurance basics such as medical costs, cancellations and lost luggage. Look at it as the entry level classic cover if you like.

The plan may be able to offer

  • OneTrip Prime

Missed Connection Coverage up to $800.

  • OneTrip Premier

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Allianz Vs Other Travel Insurance Companies

Before purchasing any travel insurance policy, its wise to compare fortunately thats an easy task to execute. With comparison sites such as the ones listed here, you can compare as many as 100 travel insurance policies very quickly and find a policy that fits your situation and budget.

Keep in mind that insurance rates and coverages are highly regulated by the states. Insurance companies file a certain policy for a certain price with the state insurance commission, then the company is allowed to offer that policy, at that price, in that state.

For this reason, you wont find the same policy offered at different prices. However, you could find a policy that is a better fit and possibly for less money by comparing several companies offerings.

Not all comparison sites include Allianz but when comparing similar policies, youll find that the company is competitively priced . Individual results will vary based on your criteria.

Here are 4 websites that allow you to easily compare travel insurance policies.

There are also specialty companies such as World Nomads that do a great job providing travel insurance for active individuals. If youre into outdoor sports, adventure activities, or even more risky activities such as skydiving, you can find coverage through World Nomads.

Why Purchase Travel Insurance

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions | Allianz Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can protect your trip investment with coverage for disruption due to unforeseen events such as severe weather, should you become ill, for illness in your family, missed connections, medical emergencies, and more.

However, if youre going to be taking several trips, you may be able to save money and receive better coverage if you compare with other travel insurance policies in the marketplace. Additionally, youll want to determine if it makes sense to purchase single insurance coverage for each trip or an annual all-trips-included policy.

Situations where it makes sense to purchase travel insurance include the following:

  • Youre booking an expensive trip that includes a lot of non-refundable upfront expenses
  • Your trip includes several travel providers

While travel insurance is meant to cover unforeseen events, purchasing Cancel for Any Reason coverage may allow you to cancel your trip for any reason.

Bottom Line: If youre uncomfortable with the amount of money you have at risk when you travel, securing travel insurance can provide immediate peace of mind. Youll have solace in knowing that if you needed to cancel your travel plans due to a covered event or if your travel is disrupted, youll be able to recoup most, or all, of your investment.

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