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Does Asthma Affect Travel Insurance

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Always Consult Your Own Doctor Before Travelling

Travelling with Asthma | Cover-More Travel Insurance

These travel tips are intended to provide general information to those who take steroids and are planning to travel abroad. They do not replace a visit to your doctor . If you are planning a holiday you should consult your doctor to ensure that you are fit to travel and discuss any specific health requirements you may have.

You Purchased Travel Insurance When A Big Storm Was Already On The Horizon

Kelly and Gus have been looking forward to their 10th anniversary trip to St. Barts for months. A few days before they’re supposed to leave, the Weather Channel reports that Tropical Storm Teresa is churning toward the island. “Uh-oh,” Kelly thinks. “Id better get travel insurance.” They end up cancelling their vacation because of the storm but their insurance claim is denied.

Allianz Global Assistance names several covered reasons for canceling a trip that can be related to severe weather. For instance:

  • Your travel carrier cannot get you to your original itinerarys destination for at least 24 consecutive hours from the originally scheduled arrival time due to severe weather
  • Your tour operator cancels your multi-day tour that was purchased prior to your departure date due to severe weather
  • Your destination is uninhabitable
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations or foreign equivalent has issued a cyclone, hurricane, or typhoon warning at your destination that is in effect within 24 hours prior to your departure date
  • Government authorities order a mandatory evacuation at your destination that is in effect within 24 hours prior to your departure date.

Clinical Care Is Essential To Ensure That Asthma Is Being Properly Managed

Since asthma is a chronic condition, regular monitoring and education around how to manage asthma are key factors in well managed asthma. The SLCDC found that:

  • 83.8% reported a family doctor or general practitioner was most responsible for their care.
  • 62.3% reported having seen or talked to a family doctor or general practitioner about their condition in the past 12 months.
  • 5.6% reported having seen or talked to an asthma or respiratory educator about their condition in the past 12 months.
  • 77.8% reported ever receiving lung function testing.
  • 65.2% reported ever having had allergy tests and 89.0% were told they have allergies.
  • Individuals with uncontrolled asthma were more likely to report having received a written action plan from their health professional for asthma control compared to individuals with controlled asthma .

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Coronavirus And Kids With Asthma

Children who have asthma may be more likely to have more severe symptoms of any respiratory infection, including COVID-19.

Keep your child at home, have them wear masks in public, and limit their contact with other people. Remind them to wash their hands often. Help them keep toys and electronics clean.

Keep an eye on your childâs symptoms, and call their doctor if you have concerns.

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Tips Every Asthma Patient Should Know During Covid

Asthma Holiday Insurance

Asthma is a chronic lung condition that causes inflammation in the airways. This inflammation causes narrowing of the airways, which leads to wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and a cough.

Asthma is classified as mild, moderate or severe. On average, patients with mild asthma experience symptoms two days per week. Patients with moderate asthma experience symptoms daily, and at least one night per week. These symptoms often take several days to resolve. Patients with severe asthma experience symptoms several times per day, and several nights a week.

Because COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that primarily affects the respiratory tract, it is especially concerning for asthmatic patients who already experience respiratory symptoms from their condition.

While there isnt any evidence that people with asthma are more likely to contract the COVID-19 virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning that patients with moderate-to-severe asthma who contract COVID-19 are at a higher risk for serious complications, including asthma attacks, pneumonia and acute respiratory distress.

In light of that information, here are 10 tips every asthma patient should follow during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Second, closed spaces pose a risk to asthma patients who are frequently using chemical sprays to disinfect indoor spaces, since being in close contact with these sprays can irritate the airways and trigger an asthma attack.

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Travel Vaccinations When You Have Asthma

If youre travelling outside the UK, you may need travel vaccinations. See your GP or a private travel health clinic at least eight weeks before your trip. You will also need to show your NHS COVID Pass to prove your COVID-19 status when travelling abroad.

You can have the usual travel jabs that are recommended for your destination, unless there are other health reasons for not having them.

Tell your GP or practice nurse if youre taking, or have recently taken, oral steroids before you have any vaccinations.

Recommendations For Pregnant Tourists Visiting High Altitude:

Have a check-up with your doctor to assure your pregnancy is low-risk this might include an ultrasoundAvoid trauma if skiing, cycling, climbing, etc.Avoid over-exertion exercise a bit less than at you do at homeStay well hydratedAvoid altitude illness see aboveSeek medical care early if any problems


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High Altitude Resident Mothers

Infants born to women of high altitude residence have lower birth weights on average than those born to low altitude mothers. This is due to slower growth rate in the uterus during late pregnancy, after 33 weeks. With that being said, high altitude babies do not have negative health consequences and risks because of their lower weight, unlike low weight babies born to smoking mothers. Recent data in Colorado shows no increase in infant death rates of babies born at high altitude compared with those born at low altitude. Pregnancy-associated hypertension and preeclampsia are slightly more common in high altitude pregnancies.

Do You Understand Your Travel Insurance

How does asthma work? – Christopher E. Gaw

You may already know that you need to disclose some illnesses and injuries before taking out an insurance policy. But do you really understand the ins and outs?

Medical Travel Compared asked one thousand people aged between 44 and 65 about the impact of pre-existing medical conditions when buying travel insurance, and the results showed how complicated the rules can be.

Many people believe you only need to disclose illnesses if youre currently taking medication for them. Only one in five of the people surveyed understood the need to disclose any illness or disease diagnosed or treated within the past two years, even relatively minor ailments.

And seven in ten didnt realise they needed to disclose any diagnosis of depression, however long in the past. Around the same number didnt know they had to disclose any diagnosis of cancer theyd ever suffered.

And 68% incorrectly said they wouldnt disclose a mild heart attack if it was over 15 years ago.

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Will You Be Covered If Youre Travelling During The Covid

There are three things to check so that you can make sure you’re covered:

  • You must be fit to travel
  • The FCDO must NOT have advised against travel to your destination – check the FCDO travel advice
  • You must follow the local government advice for your destination, checking and following their guidelines and entry requirements

You can then be covered for emergency medical expenses and cancellation for a positive diagnosis of COVID-19, with AllClear travel insurance with enhanced Coronavirus cover. Existing policyholders should read our Frequently Asked Questions if your trip is affected by Covid-19.

Should I Be Extra Cautious About Coronavirus If I Have Asthma

Yes. The CDC has released new guidelines for people with asthma, which include the following:

  • Stock up on supplies in case you need to self-isolate .

  • Stay at home and practice social distancing from those you do not live with .

  • Avoid people who are sick, and wash your hands often.

  • Avoid crowds.

  • Avoid non-essential travel.

  • Clean and disinfect your home and car regularly, especially items you touch often like doorknobs, light switches, cell phones, keyboards, faucets, car door handles, and steering wheels.

  • If someone in your home is sick, stay away from them.

  • Avoid sharing personal household items such as cups and towels.

The best way to protect yourself is to keep on top of your asthma and asthma symptoms. Follow these simple asthma management steps:

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What Is Not Covered


This insurance does not provide coverage for anyMedical Emergency concerning, relating to, caused by or arising from any of the following:

  • Any Pre-Existing Condition that was not Stable and Controlled in the 90 days immediately prior to the Effective Date of Insurance or Your Trip Start Date. This includes any reaction that results from a change in medication prescribed for such a condition.

    “Pre-Existing Condition” means any medical or physical condition, symptom, illness or disease for which Medical Attention was received or for which an ordinarily prudent person would have sought Medical Attention prior to the Effective Date of Insurance or Your Trip Start Date.

    “Stable and Controlled” means:

  • the medical or physical condition, symptom, illness or disease did not first manifest itself and/or
  • the medical or physical condition, symptom, illness or disease was not first investigated and/or
  • the medical or physical condition, symptom, illness or disease has not worsened and/or
  • no change in any medication or its usage or dosage occurred, was prescribed and/or recommended by a Physician and/or
  • no Medical Attention was received, prescribed or recommended by a Physician.
  • Any medical or physical condition, symptom, illness or disease for which treatment and/or investigation was recommended but not received prior to Your Effective Date of Insurance or Your Trip Start Date.
  • Suicide, attempted suicide or self-inflicted Injury.
  • Any child born during a Trip.
  • Travel Insurance For Mental Health Conditions

    World Asthma Day

    Some might think that you only need to declare medical conditions if they are physical. If you have a mental health condition, you may need to declare it when you buy your medical travel insurance policy. There are travel insurers out there that cover people with mental health conditions form severe depression to anxiety.

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    N95 And Kn95 Masks Or Respirators

    When supplies are available, you may consider wearing an N95 mask or respirator if you interact with large numbers of the public or are at increased risk for severe illness. NIOSH-approved N95 respirators labeled surgical or medical should be prioritized for health care personnel. N95 and KN95 masks should be properly fitted.

    Although respirators may be available in smaller sizes, they are typically designed to be used by adults in workplaces, so they have not been tested for broad use in children.

    KN95 masks provide an alternative to N95 respirators and are recommended for non-health-care settings for non-medical use. People who are at increased risk of COVID-19 illness, teachers, staff, and other adults in the indoor school setting may prefer KN95 masks.

    Not all KN95 masks meet the similar requirements for N95 masks. Find a reliable source to purchase KN95 masks. Do not use KN95 masks with exhalation valves because they can allow the virus to escape.

    What Types Of Asthma Are There

    Healthcare providers identify asthma as intermittent or persistent . Persistent asthma can be mild, moderate or severe. Healthcare providers base asthma severity on how often you have attacks. They also consider how well you can do things during an attack.

    Asthma can be:

    • Allergic: Some peoples allergies can cause an asthma attack. Molds, pollens and other allergens can cause an attack.
    • Non-allergic: Outside factors can cause asthma to flare up. Exercise, stress, illness and weather may cause a flare.

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    Travel Insurance Cover For Those Who Are Awaiting Treatment Or An Operation

    Obtaining travel insurance when you are on a waiting list can be tricky, but dont worry, are here to help.

    We can provide cover for all types of medical conditions, including when you are on a waiting list for an operation or treatment for a diagnosed condition.

    You can obtain instant travel insurance cover for your holiday online or by phone. Simply tell us that you are awaiting treatment and then declare your diagnosed medical conditions. Please note: If you are awaiting an initial diagnosis for symptoms you are currently experiencing we are unable to provide cover until you have a confirmed diagnosis.

    Do I Need A Medical Screening For Travel Insurance If I Have Asthma

    Access to Asthma Medications

    Some insurance companies do require you to obtain a declaration from your doctor that you are fit to travel, particularly if you are travelling by air . Additionally, as part of the quote process, the insurance company is likely to ask you a series of questions to ascertain the severity of your condition. These may include the following:

    How old were you when you were diagnosed with Asthma? Are you a smoker? How many types of medication do you take to treat your Asthma? Have you been admitted to hospital as a result of an Asthma attack in the last year? Have you ever been prescribed oxygen to help treat your condition?

    These questions help the insurance company calculate your premiums. You should always answer all questions fully and truthfully, to avoid encountering problems, or even refusal, in case you need to make a claim.

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    How To Declare Your Pre

    When you get a quote for yourtravel insurance, youll be asked to provide information about your previous and current state of health. There are a few easy-to-answer questions that may then lead to a medical screening process where youll need to disclose pre-existing medical conditions including recurring illnesses or injuries, on-going or lifelong conditions, previous surgeries and any conditions you are currently suffering from.

    This information will then be used to determine any extra premium , or a medical-related exclusion.

    Its essential you declare all pre-existing medical conditions before you buy your policy. Unfortunately, we wont be able to cover you if you try to claim for something which is pre-existing that has not already been declared.

    View ourpolicy documentsfor more information.

    Additional Medical Expenses Cover

    Specialising in providing travel insurance for those with medical conditions means that we can provide extra cover which other insurers rarely include in their policies.

    • Mobility Aids up to £2,500

    Plus, if you undergo surgery abroad and have to stay in hospital for at least 5 days we will provide the following:

    • Cost of a recuperation holiday up to £750
    • Health examination when you return to the UK up to £500
    • Cost of employing a home help or nanny up to £500
    • Cosmetic surgery to correct damage caused by an accident on your trip up to £2,500
    • Kennel and Cattery cover up to £500

    Please read the Policy Wording for the full terms and conditions of this cancer travel insurance cover.

    Please note: The additional medical expenses detailed are only available on our Silver, Gold and Platinum policies, not our Cruise Specific products.

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    Travel Insurance For Heart Conditions

    There are many different heart conditions, like Atrial Fibrillation for instance, that can be an ongoing issue that requires daily management. Some conditions can be classed as standalone events.

    For example, if you have had a heart attack, you might think that because it’s in the past, you won’t need to declare it. It’s important to because it may have led to other underlying heart problems.

    Using Oxygen Whilst Flying

    Asthma Attacks Greatly Reduced By Taking Vitamin D
    • If you use oxygen when travelling with COPD, you may want to check specific airport and airline regulations on oxygen prior to travel and see if they will allow you to carry a portable oxygen concentrator on board. You may be required to use a special inflight oxygen concentrator when on the plane. Book direct flights whenever possible as this eliminates the need to have oxygen during layovers. Always be sure to arrive at the airport early to help ensure a stress free check in.

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    Crohns Travel Insurance Cover

    Again, there might be a misconception that its difficult for people diagnosed with Crohns Disease or IBD to gain access to suitable travel insurance cover.

    With Medical Travel Compared, its easy to compare quotes for Crohns travel insurance. Obviously, we will need to find out a few personal details regarding the nature of your condition but this enables us to find the most suitable cover for you.

    Travel Insurance With Asthma

    In the UK alone, around 5.4 million people are receiving treatment for Asthma that is around 1 in 12 adults, and 1 in every 11 children. The condition affects every person differently, with some having frequent attacks, and other managing to go through weeks, or even months, without any attacks with the help of medication.

    While Asthma is considered a chronic, rather than life threatening, condition, it currently cannot be cured and can prove fatal and more advancements are needed, both with regards to treatment and patient education, particularly in developing countries.

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    How To Declare Your Asthma

    Its essential to declare your asthma when completing your quote so that you are covered for any asthma related complications you could potentially have while youre away.

    As part of our medical screening process, youll be asked to provide information about your previous and current state of health. There are a few easy to answer questions about your personal details and then you move onto the pre-existing medical conditions section where you answer questions on recurring illnesses, on-going or lifelong conditions, previous surgeries and any conditions youre currently suffering living with.

    This information will then be used to determine your premium . Our bespoke system then generates a list of suitable quotes from our providers in price order for your review.

    Additonal Waiting List Cover

    Understanding What is a Deductible and How Does It Affect Travel Insurance Cost

    Our optional Waiting List Cover provides additional cancellation and curtailment cover if you are on a waiting list for treatment or investigation for a diagnosed condition.

    This means that if you receive an appointment for the awaited treatment which causes you to cancel or cut short your trip, or you are unable to travel due to the treatment, we would provide cover for the cancellation or curtailment costs up to the amount detailed in your schedule of cover.

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