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Does Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage

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Car Insurance Covers Flood Damage: The Bottom Line

VERIFY: Does renters insurance cover flood damage?

You can only get coverage for flood damage through comprehensive auto insurance. File a claim as soon as possible if your vehicle is flooded.

Liability and collision coverage wont pay for damage from floods, water, or heavy rain. Also, you cant get coverage if you leave your windows or sunroof open.

Its best to be prepared for anything, so we recommend comprehensive insurance.

Now that you know how car insurance covers flood damage, use our free online quote tool to compare multiple companies near you.

Is My Car Covered For Flood Damage

With the right protection in place, recovering from flood damage is possible. By knowing exactly which coverage offers your car the flood protection you need, you can build a policy that helps protect your finances best.

Yes, flood damage is covered with a comprehensive auto policy in place. But you may need other coverages to manage a total loss, or rental car payments if a flood leaves you high and dry without a functioning vehicle.

Does full coverage cover flood damage to your car? In many cases, yes. Full coverage is typically a suite of auto coverages which usually includes comprehensive car insurance. Its that arm of your policy where youll find flood coverage.

Take a look at our recommended flood damage coverages:

What Happens When Your Car Is Flood Damaged

Small amounts of water entering a cars combustion chamber can damage the engine, perhaps beyond repair. Water entering the engine can prevent the car from starting, and this can be potentially dangerous if flood water is rising. As little as a foot of water can cause cars to start to float, and two feet of water can sweep a car away even hefty 4×4 vehicles.

If the engine is flooded and the car wont start, a breakdown service will be able to rescue the car provided it is on dry land or in just a few inches of water.

If you have parked your car, and return to find it in flood water, dont be tempted to start it as this can cause expensive damage. First, call a breakdown service to check the car. Theres a chance that an unstarted flooded vehicle will be OK when it dries out.

If you drive through flood water and the car appears to be undamaged, remember that if there is water in the engine, it could cause the car to stop after a few more miles.

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Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage

Can my comprehensive insurance cover the cost of replacing the interior of a car destroyed by a flood? I was driving home a week ago when I unfortunately got caught in a flood. I’m okayâthough shakenâbut my car’s interior is completely soaked, and it needs to be replaced. I have comprehensive car insurance, but I don’t know if that covers flood damage.


doeswater and flood damage are covered under comprehensive insurance

Does Your Car Insurance Plan Cover Flood Damage

Does Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

Many of us value conscious drivers in Singapore tend to only get the most basic, cheapest car insurance, just to tick the box and get the show on the road. After all, in natural disaster-free Singapore, whats the worst that could happen right? Well, flash floods.

Being a built-up concrete jungle, Singapores roads are particularly susceptible, especially in low-lying areas. And as the weather becomes increasingly erratic due to climate change, we seem to be having a lot of heavy rain these days. The Met Service reported that Singapore experienced its wettest June in a decade this year and the year-end rainy weather could persist till March 2021.

So while you could technically avoid flash floods by remembering where all the flood prone areas are and avoiding them during heavy downpours, your best defense against the rising tide could be getting a more comprehensive car insurance that covers flood damage.


United Motor InsuranceYes

Its important not to take for granted that your car insurance policy covers flood damage. Check your car insurances policy wording document the ones filled with fine print to see if damages caused by acts of God or natural disasters like floods are covered under your benefits.

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In What Circumstances Will Car Insurance Cover Water Damage

Water damage must not be your fault to successfully claim on your car insurance policy. If a river or lake overflows and causes flooding, or there is a severe weather event that results in water damage, these are classed as acts of nature that are not your fault, and you will be able to claim for the cost of repairs so long as your actions didnt cause the damage. For example, you will be able to claim if your car was damaged by flooding while it was parked in its usual place.

However, if you deliberately drive through a flooded area and this causes water damage, the insurance company is likely to argue that this is your fault and will therefore refuse a claim.

When assessing a claim, the insurer wants to make sure that you have taken all reasonable care and not been negligent by putting your car in danger of water damage.

Do I Need Comprehensive Coverage For Floods

Your need to have comprehensive coverage for flooding depends on whether you live in a flood zone, but floods occur outside of flood zones frequently. This is especially true when it comes to flash floods.

Also, flood zones change often. You may not live in a flood zone now, but your area may be categorized as a flood zone in the future. Furthermore, comprehensive coverage protects you from flood damage if youre on a trip away from home. Also, adding comprehensive coverage to your policy is generally pretty affordable.

Keep in mind that protecting yourself from flood damage isnt the only reason to buy comprehensive insurance. It also covers:

  • Car theft
  • Damage due to earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes
  • Falling objects
  • Hail and snow
  • Vandalism

How much insurance coverage you need depends on your cars make and model, age, and value. Most experts will tell you to carry comprehensive coverage on a car if its less than 10 years old and if its worth more than $3,000 or $4,000.

Comprehensive insurance covers you up to the actual cash value of your vehicle. This means you get paid out based on the value of your car minus depreciation. If your car isnt worth much, you may not see much of a return on investment on a flood claim. If your car is old or isnt worth much, or if youre no longer making payments on it, consider dropping comprehensive coverage.

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How Do I File A Claim If My Car Was Flooded With Water

Contact the agent or company that sold you the insurance policy to file a claim. Many insurers have already or soon will be setting up disaster response stations in some of the damaged areas.

Document your property damage with photos and video as soon as possible, if you can do it safely, and provide this information to your insurance adjuster.

Consumer Reports urges owners to get a claim number and the name and phone number of the adjuster when filing a report.

“Find out when you can expect to be contacted. Ask for a payout estimate, and ask how you can limit your out-of-pocket expenses. If youll need to rent a car, ask for details about reimbursement before you do so.”

Beware Of Flooded Cars For Sale

Flood damage vs. water damage: How to know what insurance will cover

Cars damaged by floodwaters often make their way on the market. According to Carfax, 446,836 flood-damaged cars were on U.S. roads in 2020.

If an insurance company totals a vehicle after a flood damage claim, it will issue a salvage title. That means the car cant be driven until its repaired, passes an inspection and gets retitled. The new title will indicate that the vehicle had significant damage and has been rebuilt.

Salvage title cars are usually sold at auctions to junkyards for parts or to dealers who will rebuild them, but can be sold to private buyers if the title shows theres been flood damage.

State regulations and laws regarding titles differ, with some states more lenient than others in their definition of salvage-titled cars. That means sometimes flood-damaged cars are retitled over the course of several sales, often across state lines, and wind up with a title that doesnt disclose the damage.

Flooded cars are also cleaned up and sold on the private market by unscrupulous owners who dont tell unsuspecting buyers about the damage.

Vehicles with flood damage can rot from the inside, sometimes gradually, and have mechanical, electrical and safety systems that could fail at any time, so naturally you want to avoid buying one. That means steering clear of cars with salvage or rebuilt titles.

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Does Car Insurance Cover Driving Through A Large Puddle Or Flooded Streets

Flooded streets can cause a wide variety of damage to your vehicle from cosmetic issues like rust and fogged lights to mold on the interior of your vehicle. If your car is stopped in floodwater or gets damaged by driving through a flooded street or large puddle, comprehensive coverage may pay for the repairs, minus your deductible. Even if your car is parked on a street that ends up flooded, the damage may be covered.

Whats The Most Effective Way To Prevent Flood

If there are flood warnings in your area, park on higher ground if possible. If your car does get flooded, let it dry before you try to start it. While waiting, remove as much as you can from the inside of the vehicle to allow the vehicle to dry more quickly . If you have a wet/dry vacuum, use it to remove water from all absorbent surfaces.

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Alternatives To Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is the only type that covers flood damage to your car. Your home flood policy doesnt cover your autos, even if they’re parked in your garage. If you decide not to add comprehensive coverage to your policy, youll be responsible for any repair or car replacement costs that the flood causes.

Some people may choose to forego comprehensive insurance if they have the money to repair or replace a damaged car. Then if a flood occurs, theyd cover the costs on their own.

Comprehensive and collision both protect your car, but under different circumstances. Collision covers damage when your car collides with objects or other cars. Comprehensive covers flood, theft, hail, and other damage .

If You’re Wondering Does Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage Unless You Have Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Insurance Companies Will Not Pay You For Flood Damage

Does Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage? Tips For Protecting ...

Floods and hurricanes are natural disasters that impact our lives in a lot of different ways. It’s been noticed that over the last couple of years, the northeast coastal areas are impacted by floods more than other regions around the country.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Among the different stressful impacts of floods are life, the automobile became one of the trending concerns between car owners. According to, many people who got their vehicles swarmed by hurricanes like hurricane Ida are facing two different stressful elements, including what other vehicles are completely totaled and what they will be compensated for the flooded vehicles.

This article walks through all that you need to know about whether insurance companies cover flood damage or not and at what point your car will be considered as totaled if it got impacted by cold water damage.

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Will My Car Insurance Cover Me If I Drive During A Red Weather Warning

The short answer is yes.

Just because there is a red weather warning doesnt mean your insurance is invalidated should you chose to drive through it.

However, if you ignore speed restrictions or drive dangerously and have a crash, thisll influence any decision by the insurer to cover your claim.

So while bad weather itself cant invalidate your insurance, driving recklessly can.

Which is why it’s always best to drive safely in heavy rain and wind.

S When Filing Flood Claims

Once you have decided to file a claim, and you have comprehensive coverage, you must follow these steps:

  • If the cost of flood damage is more than your deductible, then you should start the claims process as soon as possible, especially with natural disasters. Call in the claim as soon as you assess the damage.
  • Take pictures and videos of the damage and share them with the adjuster and those repairing the vehicle.
  • Dry the vehicle as quickly as possible, either with towels, a shop vac, fans, or a dehumidifier if needed.

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How Do You Get Insurance For A Flooded Car

If youre going to keep driving your car after it’s been flooded, or youre thinking about buying a car with flood damage, youll have to insure it. But finding a company that will insure a car with flood damage isn’t always easy.

In some states, your car is given a flood title if damage to the car was caused by water deep enough to fill the engine compartment. Some cars that have flood damage may have a more generic salvage title. In some cases, a car with flood damage could be issued a clean title after repairs.

Not every company will insure cars that have been flooded. Check with your provider to see if they insure salvage cars or cars with flood damage. If youre considering purchasing a used vehicle that may have been flooded, provide your insurance agent with the VIN so they can check your coverage options.

Not every car with flood damage is totaled. If the flooding incident resulted in minor repairs, you can file a claim, pay your deductible, and get it repaired. Be aware that filing a comprehensive claim may raise your rates.

What Damage And Loss Does Car Insurance Not Cover

Car insurance may not cover flood damage

Car insurance will not cover damage or loss that is caused by driver or owner negligence or intentional acts. Also, car insurance is not designed to cover normal wear and tear such as tire or brake wear. And remember that minimum levels of coverage required by state law only cover bodily injury or property damage you cause to others. These policies will not cover your own injuries or damage to your vehicle.

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Can Your Car Be Totaled From Flood Damage

Because insurance companies also realize the difficulties in repairing flooded vehicles, they may be more inclined to declare a flooded car totaled. This is particularly true if the vehicle was exposed to water that rose several inches or more and remained in the vehicle for a longer period. You should also raise this issue with your insurer and stress that most flooding damage likely will appear later.

What Will The Insurance Policy Cover

If your provider insures you for floods, this might include damage to upholstery and entertainment systems.

It might also include any necessary repairs to the mechanics and electrics of the vehicle.

This does depend on the terms of your policy though.

If your personal possessions have been damaged, your car policy may also include contents cover.

If it doesnt, its possible you may already have contents outside the home cover as part of your contents home insurance, so its worth checking.

Another aspect worth considering is if the finance owed on the car is far greater than the sum an insurer would pay out.

You can mitigate this with gap insurance.

Gap insurance is a stand-alone policy. Its designed to bridge the gapbetween the amount you paid for your car, and the amount your insurer would pay out in the event of a claim

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How To Check For Flood Damage

Justin Herndon, a spokesperson for Allstate Insurance, urged owners to be careful when they are finally reunited with their vehicles. When inspecting your flood-damaged vehicle, Herndon suggests you:

  • Survey the cars potential damage and note how high the water rose in your car.
  • Don’t try to start your car when you get back to it. This will cause more damage if water is in the engine.
  • Start drying out your vehicle as quickly as possible, and contact a towing service to get it back to higher ground.

Quickly drying a car flooded by saltwater is especially important, because saltwater is very corrosive, Herndon said.

What Should I Do If My Car Is Flooded

Does Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage? 9 Things You Need ...

Flooding causes damage to property worth millions of dollars every year. A flood could affect not only your home and personal belongings but also your primary mode of transportation your vehicle. If floods have damaged your car, we recommend you take photos of the said damage. In order to secure a fair settlement from the insurance company, make sure you thoroughly document what happened to your car.

This includes photographing and videotaping the vehicle from all angles so that the insurance company can observe how high the water has risen. If the interior is wet, the National Auto Dealers Association recommends drying the vehicle as much as possible and eliminating moisture from the vehicle to avoid any sort of electrical gremlins.

Once you have photographed the necessary evidence to support your claim, it is time to contact your insurance agent or car insurance provider. If a major hurricane has hit, you can expect that a lot of other people are filing claims as well. So the faster you file your claim, the better are your chances of getting it resolved soon.

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Find affordable car washes near youto ensure your car is in showroom condition after a flood.

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