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Does Health Insurance Cover A Therapist

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How To Get The Help You Need

Does Health Insurance Cover Therapy?

If you need mental health help but are worried about the cost, there are options. First, if you donât have health coverage you can look into Medicaid. If youâre not insured, you could find one with reasonable rates by looking around for mental health professionals.

âIf you have health insurance, you should check with your provider before your first therapy session. If your insurance plan isnât covering your therapy costs, you can appeal their decision. The way you’d appeal depends on what type of insurance you have. However, you can always appeal your case to the Federal Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services or to the U.S. Department of Labor. They can enforce the parity law and help you get your therapy costs covered.â

If you need help paying for medication related to your mental illness, there are county, state, and national programs available to you. These programs are designed to help you afford your medication through discounts based on financial need.

Mental health services are not as accessible as physical health services. However, there have been a lot of improvements to the system.

American Psychological Association: âDoes your insurance cover mental health services?â âThe Childrenâs Health Insurance Programs .â

Mental Health America: âPaying for Care.â

National Alliance on Mental Illness: âWhat to Do If Youâre Denied Care By Your Insurance.â

Psychology Today: âCost and Insurance Coverage.”

Is Speech Therapy Covered By Insurance

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Realistically, parents do think about the cost of speech therapy.

As much as your late-talking children may need these services, its not advisable to pay directly from your pockets unless you have the cash to spare.

In fact, it may still not be practical then.

So, is speech therapy covered by insurance?

The good news is speech therapy insurance is available to those whose kids require speech therapy medically.

Today, well discuss when speech therapy is medically necessary, how parents can avail of free services, and what the best age to start speech therapy is.

Using Your Mental Health Coverage

Check with your human resources department or insurance company for specific details about your coverage. Here are some important points to consider:

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What Is A Z

Z codes are a special group of codes used for reporting issues that impact health status but are not considered a mental illness.

IF HEALTH INSURANCE COVERS MARRIAGE COUNSELING, IT WILL DO SO because all Z-CODEs are covered by your health insurance plan.

A Z-code accurately describes marriage counseling but, few providers use it when seeking reimbursement.


Theyd rather not risk wasting their time and the clients time submitting a claim when it is most likely to get rejected by your insurance company.

As Dan Stober says:

“Your health insurance is like that. The benefits may be limited to treatment that are considered a medical necessity. My health insurance will pay for my appendectomy, but not my face lift .”

Medicare does not cover marriage and family therapists unless a clinical facility, hospital, or other Medicare eligible agencies employs them.

MOST INSURANCE PLANS COVER WHAT THEY CONSIDER TO BE “MEDICALLY NECESSARY.” Z-codes often fall outside this definition in most plans.

What Can I Do If My Health Insurance Policy Doesnt Cover The Therapy Or Counseling I Need

Does Health Insurance Cover Therapy?

Your most obvious option is to pay for counseling or therapy out of your own pocket if your health insurance wont cover it. A lot of people do this even if their health plan will pay for their therapy or counseling.

If you cant afford to pay for your counseling or therapy yourself, search for a public or community treatment center. Many offer low-cost and even free treatment options to people with financial needs.

If you can afford therapy but want to save money, a health savings or flexible spending account may help. Both let you pay using pre-tax dollars.

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Does Health Insurance Cover Online Therapy

Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, access to telehealth and teletherapy services became more important than ever. While stay-at-home orders were in place, many therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists transitioned from in-person office settings to online therapy. Insurance providers had to move quickly to authorize payments.

Virtual visits may be here to stay. They offer more flexibility and in many cases, better accessibility than in-person appointments. However, figuring out how to pay for online therapy can be confusing and stressful. Learn where to start to figure out if itâs covered by health insurance, as well as where to look for a few low-cost options.

What Type Of Health Insurance Plan Do You Have

Certain plans are required by law to cover treatment for mental health conditions in the same way they cover treatment for physical health conditions. This includes:

  • Insurance provided by your employer
  • Health insurance plans that were purchased on the health insurance exchange
  • Childrens Health Insurance Plan
  • Medicaid plans, but coverage can vary

Knowing what type of health insurance you have will give you a better idea of what type of mental health services are covered in your plan.

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Does Insurance Cover Online Counseling

Possibly. A large group provider whose insurance covers mental health treatment can offer coverage for traditional in-office therapy and online therapy treatments. Under the Mental Health Parity Law, large health providers must cover mental health treatment for around the same out-of-pocket costs as medical services. Check with your provider directly to find out if they cover mental health treatment online, or speak with your therapist to see if they have a contract with an insurance provider.

Options For Paying Without Insurance

Here’s how your health insurance may help cover the cost of Therapy for Teens

If you donât have insurance, or your insurance plan does not includes online therapy, check to see if the therapist youâre interested in seeing offers a sliding scale to make payments more affordable. If you have a health spending account or flexible spending account , you may be able to use those funds to pay for teletherapy as well.

Another resource is your local mental health agency and local and state-level health departments. These can help you find more information about services available where you live.

You can also check out the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective, which is a non-profit nationwide network of mental health professionals who charge between $30 to $60 for in-person and online psychotherapy sessions.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness has a helpline that provides information, resource referrals, and support. It is open to people living with a mental health condition and their families and caregivers. Call 800-950-NAMI , Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.8 p.m., ET, or email .

Community-based centers also offer a wide variety of low- to no-cost care, including mental health and substance abuse services. They are also authorized to provide telehealth services including online therapy. To find out if your community has a center or how to access a center close to you, visit the Federally Qualified Health Centers website.

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Is Speech Therapy Medically Necessary

Speech therapy is considered to be a medical necessity for swallowing disorders and communication disabilities.

However, it is only considered medically necessary in other scenarios if the following set of criteria is met:

  • The doctor determines that the patients condition can improve immensely with speech therapy.
  • The improvement should occur within a reasonable and predictable time frame.
  • Seeks services performed by licensed and certified providers
  • Seeks services that are, by nature, to be performed by a licensed SLP or provided under the supervision of a licensed aide in accordance with state laws
  • Seeks therapy services that are in accordance with the care plan devised by the treating physician as permitted under applicable laws and policies
  • When an 18-month-old or older member experiences delays in speech and language development that are idiopathic. The member must have also been assessed by a qualified provider who determined that a treatable communication issue exists.
  • Home-based speech therapy, given that the member is homebound. This usually occurs when the member transitions from hospital care to home health care.

Does insurance cover speech therapy?

When the requirements are met, yes, speech therapy insurance can be used to offset direct-from-pocket payments.

Insurance Is Great For Your Body But Not For Your Mind

It happens multiple times every week. We get phone calls from potential patients asking if we take their insurance. The very simple answer to this question is no, and we do our very best to educate them about why in the short window of time that we have them on the phone.

When willing to have a brief discussion about the pros and cons of using insurance for mental health treatment, those individuals tend to recognize the benefits of not using their insurance and proceed with scheduling an appointment. However, those who are only looking to use their insurance often decline and report they will call other clinicians to try to use their insurance. These same individuals often call back, though this usually occurs weeks later after they realize that most providers who take insurance are booked out for months.

This can be very frustrating for individuals who have finally made the important decision to seek professional help as there is usually a notable amount of immediacy to get in for an appointment .

Before using your benefits, we encourage you to investigate all options and arrive at an informed decision regarding your health care. You can always decide to use your benefits, but you cant reverse many of the negative consequences after using them. Considering the frequency that Tampa residents contact us about this, we want to share some insight on why you should not use your medical insurance for mental health treatment.

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Mental Health Care And Health Insurance

Its estimated that 20 percent of American adults are living with some form of mental health issue. Many of those who are experiencing mental health difficulties fail to seek help for them, either due to a perceived stigma or fear of the cost.

The good news is that its possible to get mental health services, including therapy and counseling, via most health insurance policies. This brings such treatments within reach of a much wider range of people.

Review Lists From Organizations For Your Location

Does Insurance Cover Therapy? A Health Insurance View

The American Psychiatric Association provides a list of psychiatrists who have opted in to the database by zip code.

The American Psychological Association provides a list of psychologists by zip code.

You can also look for a therapist through the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective. This nonprofit nationwide network offers inexpensive therapeutic options for individuals, couples, and children.

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How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost

If you have health insurance, you’ll probably have to cover a copay of $10 to $50 per physical therapy session. Some plans won’t kick in until you reach your deductible, though, which could add to your costs. Another factor to keep in mind: if you receive this care outside your insurer’s network, you’ll pay more than if you get it from an in-network provider.

If you have to pay out of pocket for physical therapy, expect to pay at least $50 and as much as $350 or more per session. How much you pay in this situation depends on several factors, so do your research and ask plenty of questions before you schedule anything.

How much you or your insurance company pays for physical therapy depends on factors like:

  • The type of therapy.
  • The length of each session.
  • The overall length of treatment.
  • The care provider.

The type of physical therapy matters because some types cost more than others. Also, longer sessions usually cost more than shorter ones. And if your rehabilitation or recovery requires you to visit your physical therapist a number of times, the overall cost of your treatment will be higher than if it only requires one or two visits. Finally, different therapists or providers charge different amounts for their services.

Other components that determine how much physical therapy costs:

Do Online Therapy Providers Take Insurance

Many online therapy providers do take insurance. Online therapy is available from large platforms that specialize in online services, like Talkspace or Better Help, and from individual therapy practices.

Not all online platforms take insurance, but most do. Many therapists who offer online sessions also take insurance.

As a rule, if you have insurance, you can likely find an online therapy provider who will take your plan. However, the exact coverage for online therapy available to you depends on your insurance plan, the therapist you choose, and the regulations of your state.

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What If I Want To See A Therapist Who Is Out

You may prefer to find a therapist through personal recommendations from trusted friends or family members, or your primary care doctor. However, those therapists might not be in your insurance network, or might not accept your insurance.

In that case, you can still use your mental health benefits if you have coverage for out-of-network providers. But youâll probably pay more. In the sample chart above, youâd pay only a $35 copay for an office visit with an in-network therapist. But out-of-network, youâd pay 40% of the providerâs fee yourself.

Some therapists donât accept any insurance, or might not accept your insurance.

âOne challenging thing in some areas of the country is that mental health care is often still provided by solo practitioners,â says Bufka.

Therapists who handle their own billing might not accept insurance or limit the number of plans they take. If you see such a therapist, youâd have to pay for the visits yourself, then submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement.

How Much Does Therapy Cost

Does My Insurance Company Cover Massage Therapy? | #AskRTT 011

The cost of therapy depends on a number of variables, including the training and experience level of the therapist and the location of the therapythe average fee in some regions is considerably higher than in others. In the U.S., the fee for a single session frequently falls between $100 and $200, but many providers will offer lower fees, while some charge more. The ultimate cost to a client also depends on whether health insurance is involved.

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Gratuitous Diagnosis Is A Federal Crime

If you accept insurance reimbursement, you have signed a legally-binding contract. Know if your insurance panel offerings include Z-codes, and if not, don’t seek out a diagnosis to tag a client with for reimbursement sake alone.

Defrauding insurance companies is a federal crime. Providing proper diagnosis to guide treatment is a professional ethical requirement. This point has been addressed in every mental health discipline and by every professional organization:

Diagnose properly, carefully, or not at all. Delivering diagnoses to simply receive insurance reimbursement is a legal and ethical violation. Don’t do it.

Does Health Insurance Cover Therapy How To Navigate Your Insurance For Mental Health Care

    This article is part of In Session: The Teen Vogue Lesson Plan. Find the full lesson planhere.

    Theres no shame in needing help coping with your mental health, and theres no shame in not knowing how to start the process of finding it. Figuring out how to access therapy isnt always easy, and can be confusing even for the most experienced consumers. But, understanding what youre up against is the first step. If you have health insurance, youre one step closer to finding affordable therapy, but first you have to learn how to use your insurance and understand your benefits .

    Insurance is complicated for most adults who have used their health insurance in the past, New York therapist Dhvani Patel Lindsey, LMFT said. So if you are confused or worried about how to navigate it, youre not alone. It does take some time to educate yourself, but the information is out there.

    To help with the process of booking your first therapy session, Teen Vogue has put together a guide of some of the most common questions, terms, and concerns you might run into when you start trying to figure out if your insurance plan can help with the cost of therapy.

    Heres what you need to know about accessing your health insurance benefits.

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    Medical Necessity = On Your Record

    If you use your insurance for therapy, you will have to be diagnosed.

    Insurance companies only pay for services that are deemed medically necessary. In therapy, medical necessity is established by diagnosing a client. Furthermore, as clinicians, we have to demonstrate that a clients mental health condition is affecting and interfering with their overall functioning on a daily basis in a clinically significant manner.

    The problem is that many of lifes challenges, and the reasons why people seek counseling and therapy services, are not mental health disorders, nor are they diagnosable. In this case, your insurance company will not cover treatment. Insurance wont pay for, Im considering divorce and need to talk to someone or I feel like an imposter and its making me anxious or Im grieving the loss of my parent.

    Many of the clients I work with dont even have a mental health disorder. They are simply looking to learn skills and strategies to manage and resolve relationship conflicts, increase productivity in their lives or careers, or improve their ability to manage lifes daily stressors.

    An ethical therapist will not simply diagnose you for the sake of insurance payment. Why? They would be committing fraud.

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