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Does Health Insurance Cover Mental Therapy

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Mental Health Care And Health Insurance

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Its estimated that 20 percent of American adults are living with some form of mental health issue. Many of those who are experiencing mental health difficulties fail to seek help for them, either due to a perceived stigma or fear of the cost.

The good news is that its possible to get mental health services, including therapy and counseling, via most health insurance policies. This brings such treatments within reach of a much wider range of people.

Is Mental Health Covered By Aetna

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Aetna and other health insurance companies are legally required to cover care for mental health conditions like depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. Legally speaking, mental health conditions are treated just like any other condition.

Required Diagnosis Of A Mental Illness

The rule is that insurance companies only pay for services that are considered medically necessary . This means that in order to utilize your medical insurance for mental health treatment, you must be diagnosed with a mental illness disorder. Additionally, the clinician must prove that your mental health condition is affecting your health and overall functioning on a daily basis.

The problem is that many of lifes difficulties, and the reasons why people seek mental health treatment, are not mental illness disorders and are not diagnosable. When this is the case, your medical insurance is not going to cover the treatment. Insurance will not cover I am having a hard time or I am grieving a loss. Many of the patients that we see do not have a diagnosable disorder, so any intentions they had of ever using their medical insurance to cover treatment becomes irrelevant.

You may be thinking, so just diagnose me, but equally important is that any ethical therapist will not simply diagnose you for the sake of using your insurance for treatment. While you may initially disregard the importance of this, this is a very good thing.

Couples Therapy

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Reduced Costs For Prescribed Medications

For those who are diagnosed with a mental illness and are prescribed medications, oftentimes medical insurance can significantly lower the out-of-pocket costs that you have to pay. For those who have illnesses that rely on medicated treatment, but dont have the funds to frequently purchase prescriptions on their own, this aspect of medical insurance is extremely beneficial.

It is important to note, however, that even if you are seeing a therapist for talk therapy and paying out of pocket, many insurance carriers will still cover your prescribed medications from a psychiatrist. With LARKR, the mobile platform is largely focused on talk therapy and psychiatric drug prescriptions are widely available through medical doctors. In some cases, those costs may even be eliminated.

Best Affordable Plans: Wellcare

Does Health Insurance Cover Mental Health Treatment ...
  • Policy Types: HMO, PPO, PFFS, D-SNP, C-SNP, PDP
  • AM Best: Not rated

WellCare, part of Centene Corporation, is the best in affordable mental health insurance plans because it provides government-sponsored health coverage via Medicare and Medicaid contracts. It is therefore a low-cost and affordable option that also offers comprehensive treatments for mental health.

  • Offers a number of different types of inpatient and outpatient treatments

  • Has a 24/7 crisis line

  • Mental health support programs limit the number of sessions you can access.

  • Focuses on group treatment options

  • Doesnt offer coverage through the healthcare marketplace

As the winner for the best affordable plans, WellCare offers a variety of plan options under Medicare and Medicaid. Its mental health coverage supports conditions such as depression, drug and alcohol issues, loss of appetite, and many other forms of mental or behavioral health problems.

WellCare allows you to search for a provider on its website, offers a 24-hour crisis line, and gives a wide range of treatment options from telehealth appointments to residential addiction treatment, partial hospitalization, online programs, and outpatient services.

However, the company only offers one mental health assessment and one chemical dependence assessment during a 12-month period. Notably, WellCare’s online resources are limited compared to other providers.

WellCare was founded in 1985 and has not been given a rating by AM Best.

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How Much Do Mental Health Services Cost In Australia

Mental health care is expensive. According to the AustralianInstitute of Health and Welfare, $9.1 billion was spent on mental healthservices between 2016 and 2017.

Psychologist fees vary and can range from $60 to $150 per session,depending on the health professionals qualifications, duration of theconsult, the state you live in and whether treatment is for anindividual or couple. For accommodation in a psychiatric orrehabilitation facility, you could be quoted upwards of $700 per night.

The amount that your health fund will pay depends on the kind of policy and the level of cover that you have.

You May Be Not Seeing A Specialist

When a clinician accepts insurance, they by nature of their contract with the insurance company cannot truly specialize. The clinician can note the areas where they prefer to practice, and likewise advertise this to insured consumers, but they cannot turn away a potential client simply based on the person not being their ideal client so long as they have an opening and take that individuals insurance.

The problem with this is comparable to going to a family practitioner when you really need to see a neurologist. Sure, the family practitioner has medical training and can probably identify from a more general standpoint what may be going on, and they may be able to provide general treatments, but they do not have advanced training or experience in treating your precise problem. This is akin to seeing specialists for mental health treatment. This is also precisely the saying jack of all trades, but master of none. Just like you would seek a specialist to get the best care and outcomes for a physical medical concern, it is equally as important to seek a specialist for psychological concerns.

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Private Health Insurance For Mental Health

If youre considering mental health support, because of stress, depression, grief or addiction, then a private health insurance policy providing coverage for psychological and psychiatric services might be beneficial. With 1 in 5 Australians experiencing a mental illness sometime in their lives, appropriate insurance to help pay for these expenses are essential.

Mental health insurance can help cover the cost of mental health care treatments and services, thus reducing out-of-pocket expenses. Generally, a Hospital policy will provide coverage for in-hospital psychiatric treatment or drug and alcohol rehabilitation, while an Extras policy usually pays for counselling and therapy received outside of the hospital.

The benefit and amount you can claim depend on the type of privatehealth insurance policy and the level of coverage you purchase.

Our Health Insurance Helps Put You Back In Control

Is mental health covered by insurance? Find out if your insurance company covers mental health

Our mental health support provides ongoing, around-the-clock support for a wealth of mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression and addiction. Getting the right help is important, thats why we offer access to a number of support options, such as our mental health support team or our family mental healthline. If youre struggling with your mental health, Bupa will continue to support you every step of the way.

So if you arent feeling yourself, our mental health support team can listen, advise and put you through to a mental health nurse^. Or you can speak to our direct access team they could refer you to a specialist, maybe even without needing to see a GP first.

Since mental health conditions can recur, our Bupa By You insurance doesnt put a time limit on your cover. We wont leave you without support if a condition comes back or a new one develops.

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Does Insurance Cover Online Counseling

Possibly. A large group provider whose insurance covers mental health treatment can offer coverage for traditional in-office therapy and online therapy treatments. Under the Mental Health Parity Law, large health providers must cover mental health treatment for around the same out-of-pocket costs as medical services. Check with your provider directly to find out if they cover mental health treatment online, or speak with your therapist to see if they have a contract with an insurance provider.

Loss Of Control Of Treatment

When you see an in-network provider through your insurance, neither you nor the clinician get to decide how you spend your time in treatment. Insurance companies require that a treatment plan be submitted in order to approve the number of sessions and ultimately, they use this to determine how your time in therapy is spent. The number of sessions is determined ahead of time by the claims specialist and is not based on need.

Attempting to extend the number of covered sessions often proves futile, as the insurance company has a matrix for determining what they believe are the number of sessions needed to correct the problem. The huge difficulty with this is that therapy is not at all predictable, so treatment may very well take longer. Further, their version of correcting the problem often means getting you out of crisis or back to a very minimal level of functioning. Truly effective and thorough therapy requires time, and insurance companies NEVER cover this type of treatment.

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Q: How Do I Find Out If My Health Insurance Plan Is Supposed To Be Covering Mental Health Or Substance Use Disorder Services In Parity With Medical And Surgical Benefits What Do I Do If I Think My Plan Is Not Meeting Parity Requirements

Answer: In general, for those in large employer plans, if mental health or substance use disorder services are offered, they are subject to the parity protections required under MHPAEA. And, as of 2014, for most small employer and individual plans, mental health and substance use disorder services must meet MHPAEA requirements.

If you have questions about your insurance plan, we recommend you first look at your plans enrollment materials, or any other information you have on the plan, to see what the coverage levels are for all benefits. Because of the Affordable Care Act, health insurers are required to provide you with an easy-to-understand summary about your benefits including mental health benefits, which should make it easier to see what your coverage is. More information also may be available via the Mental Health and Addiction Insurance Help consumer portal prototype and with your state Consumer Assistance Program . Additional, helpful information on what you can do to better understand the parity protections you have is available in Know your Rights: Parity for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits.

Young Adults Get Insured

Does Health Insurance Cover Mental Health Therapy Or You ...

In 2010, the ACA began allowing young adults to remain on their parents health plans until age 26. This provision along with the expansion of Medicaid and premium subsidies in the health insurance exchanges has resulted in a sharp decline in the number of young adults without health insurance. According to US Census data, 22.1 percent of people aged 19-25 were uninsured in 2013, and that had fallen to 13.1 percent by 2016 .

Johanna Jarcho, Ph.D, is a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health. She explains that the vast majority of mental health disorders do emerge during ones adolescence or early 20s. With the drop in the uninsured rate for young adults, treatment for mental health and addiction problems is much more within reach for this demographic than it was prior to the ACA.

But its not just young adults who have gained health insurance as a result of the ACA. From 2010 to 2016, the number of Americans without health insurance fell by 20 million people. A 2013 University of Minnesota study found that people with mental health problems are disproportionately represented among the uninsured. The ACAs success in means that a significant number of previously uninsured people with mental health problems have been able to obtain health insurance that covers mental health care.

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Why Wont My Mental Health Provider Accept My Insurance

Mental health care providers can choose whether or not to accept insurance. Although some do accept it, many do not.

Why? One reason many therapists and counselors give is insurers dont pay them very well for their services. According to the American Psychological Association, “many insurance companies have not increased the reimbursement rate for psychologists in 10 or even 20 years despite the rising administrative costs of running a practice.” Others have even reduced their reimbursement rates in that time.

Also, insurers have made it increasingly difficult for counselors and therapists to get paid. That’s another reason many mental health care professionals balk at accepting insurance.

Preventive Care Includes Behavioral Health Screening

The ACA also requires all non-grandfathered health plans including large-group plans to cover a range of preventive care at no cost to the patient. Among the benefits included are depression and alcohol misuse screening for adults and adolescents, as well as autism screening and behavioral assessments for children.

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Fees Billed By Health Facilities

RAMQ does not administer the fees billed by health facilities . The rules governing them are different. Claims or complaints concerning these fees must be sent to the service quality and complaint commissioner of the facility in question.

Exception: If you did not present your valid Health Insurance Card at the time of a consultation with a participating health professional and were therefore billed for a professional fee , you may be eligible for a reimbursement.

What You Need To Know About Mental Health Coverage

Does Health Insurance Cover Therapy?

When it comes to our well-being, mental health is just as important as physical health. Unfortunately, insurers havent always seen it that way. In the past, many health insurance companies provided better coverage for physical illness than they did for mental health disorders.

A law passed in 2008, the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act requires coverage of services for mental health, behavioral health and substance-use disorders to be comparable to physical health coverage. Yet many people still arent aware that the law exists or how it affects them. In fact, a 2014 APA survey found that more than 90 percent of Americans were unfamiliar with the mental health parity law.

This guide helps you learn what you need to know about mental health coverage under the mental health parity law.

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My Insurance Company Wont Reimburse Me For A Therapy Visit Because I Havent Met My Deductible Is That A Violation Of The Parity Law

A deductible is the overall amount that you must pay out of your own pocket per year before your health insurance makes any payments. Depending on your plans deductible, for instance, you may have to pay $500, or even $5,000, out of pocket before your insurance company will pay any claims.

Prior to the parity law, many insurance plans required patients to meet different and often higher deductibles for mental health services than for medical services. As a result of the law, a single deductible now applies to both mental health treatment and medical services. In some cases, your plan may pay for mental health treatment after you have paid part of your deductible but not cover physical health treatment until you have reached the full deductible.

Do Therapy And Counselling Mean The Same Thing

Yes.Those words are interchangeable because mental health therapists/counsellors do both things. They use counselling to connect with their clients and build a relationship, and use therapies to facilitate change.

Write down any medication, vitamins or supplements you are already taking.

Think about any life stresses or changes you have gone through recently.

It is important to be educated about medication that is taken for mental health conditions. Here are some general questions that may be asked of a doctor or pharmacist:

  • How long will it take before I feel better?
  • How often and how much do I take?
  • What are the possible side effects, if any, and what can I do to best manage them?
  • Will this medication interfere with other medication or herbal remedies that I take?
  • Do I have allergies to this medication?
  • What should I do if I dont feel better or if I miss a dose?
  • Is there any written information I can get about this medication?
  • Is there anything I should not do when taking this medication ?

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Can You Buy Just Mental Health Insurance

You cannot buy mental health insurance on its own. However, it is required by the Affordable Care Act that all plans include coverage for mental health. That said, the type of coverage you get for mental health and behavioral health services can vary significantly from one insurer to the next and might depend on the choices you or your employer make around policy types and add-ons to coverage. If youre purchasing a plan through the health insurance marketplace, look into what the insurer offers in terms of mental health coverage before you commit to a plan.

What Can I Do If My Health Insurance Policy Doesnt Cover The Therapy Or Counseling I Need

Does Health Insurance Cover Online Therapy?

Your most obvious option is to pay for counseling or therapy out of your own pocket if your health insurance wont cover it. A lot of people do this even if their health plan will pay for their therapy or counseling.

If you cant afford to pay for your counseling or therapy yourself, search for a public or community treatment center. Many offer low-cost and even free treatment options to people with financial needs.

If you can afford therapy but want to save money, a health savings or flexible spending account may help. Both let you pay using pre-tax dollars.

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