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Does Health Insurance Pay For Therapy

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Common Therapy Coverage Questions And Concerns

How Much Does the Health Insurance Plan Cost?

Many companies that aren’t governed by the Affordable Care Act or the Mental Health Parity Act choose to provide mental health coverage for their employees. Mental health benefits can be confusing, so well outline a few things to look for.

Before seeing a therapist, it’s important to see if the provider takes your health insurance. One way to find out is to give your provider the details shown on your insurance policy.

For family members, it may be useful to look into a Childrens Health Insurance Program, CHIP. People with diagnosed mental illnesses, substance use disorder, or other mental illness can find their essential health benefits may seek more information with the Consumer Assistance Program.

Medicaid programs are a good option for family members, especially those with a diagnosable disorder, mental health condition, pre-existing condition, or those looking for a childrens health insurance program/CHIP. Learn more about these programs at

If youre interested in minimizing costs, you may seek in-office talk therapy that is covered by your insurance. However, many online therapy options can be much cheaper than even in-network options.

What Therapists Have To Say

Kate McNulty, LCSW: Your insurance may cover some of the cost of therapy if family therapy is a benefit on your plan. Billing for therapy sessions beyond one-on-one treatment can be a source of confusion for some therapists. Billing advice from experts in the field indicates that it is entirely legitimate to bill for family therapy if the people in therapy identify as a family unit. Nevertheless, this does require that billing is in the name of one person as the identified patient.

Health insurance coverage is intended to address costs associated with managing the symptoms of a condition, illness, or disorder, so one person must meet criteria for a diagnosis in the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders used by all credentialed mental health practitioners.

Some insurance companies are beginning to cover family therapy only for situations involving treatment of a child with a diagnosis, and will not cover therapy unless a child is present at the treatment session.

If youre considering using insurance to pay for therapy as a couple, you may want to call your insurer yourself and make sure you understand your benefits. Have your insurance card ready and all numbers the representative may need to locate your plan details. Ask about a deductible, co-pay, and exclusions you can inquire specifically about CPT code 90847, which is used for family therapy.

Jonathan Bartlett, MA, MFT

Now My Brain Is Bursting What Should I Do

That’s completely understandable navigating health insurance is complicated!

First, know that you’re not alone. Even our team members at Zencare get confused when using our own health insurance plans for therapy!

Second, choose the route that feels most manageable for you right now, whether this means finding an in-network therapist, finding an out-of-network therapist, or finding therapists who offer alternatives like a sliding scale.

Third, speak with your therapist. After seeing hundreds of clients, therapists are well-versed in how insurances work. They may not have all the answers, but can help guide you in the best next step. If you’re in college, you might also try asking Counseling Services for guidance.

Finally, even though it’s everyone’s least favorite option, calling your insurance company often clears up a lot of confusion, once you get a human on the line. To make it less daunting, consider preparing a list of questions ahead of time. You’ve got this!

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Does Insurance Cover Couples Therapy

Insurance is not typically required to cover marriage counseling.

Under the Affordable Care Act, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, and other federal laws, insurers must provide equitable coverage for mental health conditions. This means they must treat mental health conditions like physical health conditions, must not exclude them from coverage, and must not charge higher co-pays for these conditions.

Insurance equity laws dont usually apply to couples counseling. Thats because mental health parity laws treat mental health conditions as a medical diagnosis. The need for couples counseling is not a medical diagnosis, so it is not analogous to a physical health issue.

In some cases, an insurer might be required to cover couples counseling if the need for counseling directly arises from a mental health condition. For example, some insurers might cover marriage counseling for a person with a sex addiction or another condition that affects their marriage. Even then, it can be difficult to get insurance coverage.

Though plans are not required to cover marriage counseling, some offer it as an additional benefit. Its important to read your plan documents to get a clear understanding of what is and is not covered. In most cases, youll have to choose from a pre-approved list of providers. You might have to reach a deductible before coverage kicks in. Or you might have to apply for reimbursement instead of paying a copay.

What Health Plans Does The Law Affect

Does Medicare Pay for Home Care?

The federal parity law generally applies to the following types of health insurance:

  • Employer-sponsored health coverage, for companies with 50 or more employees
  • Coverage purchased through health insurance exchanges that were created under the health care reform law also known as the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare
  • Childrens Health Insurance Program
  • Most Medicaid programs.

Some other government plans and programs remain exempt from the parity law. Medicare, unlike Medicaid, for instance, is not subject to the federal parity law. And some state government employee plans may opt out of the parity requirements.

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What Mental Health Treatments Are Covered

Insurance providers typically categorise different types of mental healthcare as inpatient or outpatient.

Inpatient Psychiatric Treatments

Inpatient care is defined as care and treatment that requires the use of a hospital bed. In the case of mental healthcare, admission to a psychiatric hospital would fall under this category.

As an inpatient in a private psychiatric hospital, you will have access to a range of different therapies, personally assigned nurses and psychiatrists and recreational facilities.

Typically, mental health care insurance cover will cover the costs of your assessments, treatments and any medications that you may be prescribed while staying at a private psychiatric hospital.

Outpatient Mental Healthcare and Therapies

Outpatient care covers any treatments or consultations that dont require the use of a bed. This typically includes therapy sessions, diagnostic sessions and psychiatric assessments.

Today, most treatments for mental health problems are outpatient. Initial assessments, consultations, counselling and therapy sessions are considered as outpatient treatments.

How Should I Pay For My Physical Therapy

The best way to stay on top of your physical therapy cost is by paying at each visit. If you have a good insurance plan that will cover the vast majority of your therapy, then you should definitely use your insurance. If your insurance plans deductible is extremely high, then self-pay may be your most affordable option. Each clinic has a set self-pay amount, and your therapist can help you budget out your individual payments. A third option is using a medical spending account if you have one, which allows you to use pre-tax money for qualified medical expenses. If you dont have insurance, self-pay is your only option. If you are struggling to self-pay for your sessions, your therapist can tailor a care plan to fit your budget so that you receive the therapy you need.

Depending on your insurance coverage, it can be difficult to determine your out-of-pocket cost before you visit the front desk to pay after your session. There are many other things that can increase your treatment cost, and if you would like to learn more about these things, read our physical therapy pricing guide for more information.

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What Does Insurance Cover

Unfortunately, there are no fast and easy answers to the question of whether your health insurance plan will cover your therapy sessions or mental health services. The law doesn’t mandate small health insurance companies with fewer than fifty employees to have health insurance cover the cost of therapy. A therapist’s office can also help with these questions and you can always check with your health insurance benefits department or insurance company to verify what level of mental health coverage you have.

How Much Does Therapy Cost With A Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan

Veteran Health Care: Veteran Health Insurance

If you choose a therapist who is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, your therapy sessions likely cost between $15 – $50 per session, after you meet your deductible. The $15 – $50 amount is your copay, or the fixed amount that you owe at each therapy visit. The deductible is the total amount you need to spend in medical costs in any given year before your health insurance begins to cover the cost of services. Here are examples you may see on your Summary of Benefits under the In-network Outpatient Mental Health category and what they mean:

  • $15 copay, after $5,000 deductible After you spend $5,000 in medical costs this year, your therapy sessions will cost $15 per session.
  • $15 copay, after $1,000 deductible After you spend $1,000 in medical costs this year, your therapy sessions will cost $15 per session.
  • $15 copay, deductible does not apply Your therapy sessions will cost $15 per session regardless of your deductible amount .
  • 20% coinsurance, after $5,000 deductible, therapist charges $100/session After you spend $5,000 in medical costs this year, your plan will reimburse you $80 of your therapy session fee your effective therapy cost is $20/session.
  • 20% coinsurance, after $1,000 deductible, therapist charges $150/session After you spend $1,000 in medical costs this year, your plan will reimburse you $120 of your therapy fee each time you submit a claim your effective therapy cost is $24/session.

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Health Insurance Marketplace Plans

Under the Affordable Care Act, all plans purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace must cover 10 essential health benefits. These include mental health services and substance use disorder services.

All Marketplace plans, whether theyre state or federally managed, include coverage for mental health. This pertains to individual plans, family plans, and small business plans.

Plans and their coverage vary by state. States also offer multiple plan options, which vary in terms of their coverage.

When Would Insurance Not Cover Physical Therapy

Some physical therapy patients choose or may have to self-pay for their therapy. At EW Motion Therapy, we have a small percentage of patients who self-pay for their treatment. There are a few reasons, other than not having insurance at all, that a patient would use this method.

First, some insurance plans have very high deductibles that are difficult to meet. Just to review, a deductible is a set amount that you would have to pay off for your insurance policy to start covering any additional costs. Some plans have deductibles in the thousands of dollars, so it may save money for these patients, in the long run, to self-pay for their treatment. With some plans, your payment toward your deductible may cost more than the clinics self-pay rate. The amount you pay toward your deductible can vary, but the self-pay rate of the clinic is a set amount.

Second, there are a few types of therapy that insurance will not cover, even if they benefit your condition. In many instances, your therapist will point these out to you before they implement them into your treatment plan, but the vast majority of physical therapy treatments are covered.

Third, your insurance will most likely require you to have a current, up-to-date referral or signed plan of care. If your doctors referral or signed plan of care has expired, but you wish to visit your therapist for a check-up after that date or number of visits, insurance will probably not cover further treatment without an updated referral.

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What Types Of Therapy Does Blue Crossblue Shield Cover

Blue Cross Blue Shield plans cover most types of therapy, including individual therapy and child therapy, as well as different types of therapy approaches, including:

Any therapy type that is evidence-based and utilized for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions should be covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.

Vi Are There Free Online Therapy Options

Having to pay For Home Health Care  Exactly What Do Medicare and ...

There are several free online therapy options. However, use caution when seeking free online therapy, as the platforms are often more of a peer support model than trained therapy. Trained online therapists may be available at an additional cost.

  • Blah Therapy: You can talk to a stranger to vent or chat or pay to talk to a therapist.
  • iPrevail: This free online therapy service follows a peer-to-peer model. You can log in to talk with a trained peer specialist who has experienced similar issues and can provide support.
  • 7 Cups is another free online therapy site with many different options to choose from. The service has a free 24/7 chat where you can log in and be heard by volunteer listeners, and chat with others who understand and have similar struggles.

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Do Online Therapy Providers Accept Medicare And Medicaid

As with other insurance providers, Medicaid and Medicare have also expanded their coverage for online therapy services.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2020, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services broadened access to Medicare telehealth services to include psychotherapy and other mental health practices.

Medicare Part B covers certain telehealth services such as psychotherapy. For most of the services, you’ll pay the same amount that you would if you got the services in person. That said, there are always caveats. Contact the customer service number on your insurance card or ask your provider for more information.

Whether or not Medicaid covers online therapy and which providers you’re able to see via teletherapy is up to the state . So you’ll need to check in with your state’s Medicaid office.

Check the therapy platform’s website. They will generally note whether they accept Medicaid or Medicare. For online therapists in private practice, call to see if they take these types of insurance.

Most importantly, don’t give up. If youve been told by your insurer that they do not cover teletherapy, keep checking with them. Decisions about how to deliver care change frequently.

Does Health Insurance Cover Mental Health Therapy Or You Have To Pay

Hectic lifestyles and busy schedules have created many health-related issues in youngsters. The most common problems are mental health-related issues. Problems like obsessive-compulsive disorders, loneliness, anxiety, insomnia, depression are increasing. These things we ignore most of the time, and it can be hazardous. We buy life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, but the insurance we should not overlook is health insurance. Health Insurance is vital because health-related issues take a lot of your savings.

Choosing a proper plan according to your requirements is also a challenge sometimes. Before selecting any health insurance plan, we need to understand a few things. Does health insurance cover mental health therapy and counseling? One of the very first questions that come in the mind of the people when it comes to therapy is how much therapy costs, with and without insurance. The answer to this question is it depends on the type of health insurance plan you have. However, mental health care is becoming more affordable.

What has been covered in your health insurance can be a very confusing question sometimes. It is true, especially in cases where insurance plans include mental health services like psychotherapy and counseling. The best thing you can do is ask your health insurance provider directly before going for any sessions, therapy, or counseling. They can answer based on your specific health insurance plan.

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My Copay Is $20 When I See My Psychologist But Only $10 When I Visit My Primary Care Physician Isnt That Against The Law

Not necessarily. The parity law requires copays for mental health services to be equal to or less than the copay for mostnot allmedical/surgical services. In this case, for example, its acceptable to pay a $20 copay for a mental health visit and a $10 copay for a primary care visit, as long as your copay is $20 or more for most of the medical/surgical services covered by your plan.

Iv Can I Use Medicaid Or Medicare For Online Therapy

Understanding your hospital bill and your insurance | Ohio State Medical Center

Medicare telehealth visits include office visits, psychotherapy, consultation, and other medical or health services offered by a provider located elsewhere using 2-way real-time audio and video technology. Most Medicare and Medicaid plans cover telehealth, but coverage varies by state and plan.

According to the Center for Connected Health Policy, Medicaid covers online therapy in each state except for Iowa. Its still a good idea to call and confirm online therapy is covered through your specific plan before connecting with an online therapist.

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How Much Does A Therapist Cost

Therapy helps with various mental health and behavioral difficulties through communication and the development of skills with a trained mental health expert.

For people without health insurance, the cost of an hour-long session is between $60 to $250. The cost of seeing a therapist is determined by the number of sessions you schedule, your location, and whether your therapist charges by the hour or by the session, among other factors.

However, the rates of therapy sessions for those without health insurance are different around the US. For example, if you go to a therapist in New York or Los Angeles, the hourly charge for a therapist might be around $300.

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