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Does Home Insurance Cover Animal Damage

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How Are Exotic Pets Covered

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Some exotic pets may be covered under your home insurance policy. Be sure to ask your agent for specifics on what exotic pets are covered. Often, owning an exotic pet comes with higher premiums than you would have with a more traditional pet such as a cat or dog.

If your pet isnt covered by your homeowners insurance, you may want to buy exotic pet insurance or animal liability insurance, which would be separate from your homeowners insurance policy but allow peace of mind if your animal hurt someone not covered in your policy or their belongings.

Would Damage Caused By Children Be Covered By Accidental Damage Insurance

Young children can cause plenty of damage around the home, and even if you dont have them yourself- visiting kids could still be a worry.

Accidents involved home entertainment are normally covered as standard, so if your nephew knocks your TV over, youll likely be covered. But always check the small print to make sure.

You can extend your accidental damage cover to protect most other things in your home, so if you end up with a Sharpie drawing on your sofa, you could then claim for it.

Commonly excluded items include portable electricals and clothing. In other words, keep kids away from your iPad and favourite designer boots- and as always, check the wording of your policy.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Insect Infestations

Like wild animals, insects can cause expensive property damage in a variety of ways, but the circumstances under which insect damage is covered are very narrow.

Similar to the case with animals, if an insect infestation is hidden from plain view and causes a section of your home to collapse, you may be covered for repairs. According to a standard policy, youâre covered for collapse if itâs caused by âinsect or vermin damage that is hidden from view, unless the presence of such damage is known to an âinsuredââ. Again, it will depend on the type of loss that occurred and the language in your policy.

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Does House Insurance Cover Pet Damage

No, homeowners insurance does not cover damage your pet does to your personal property or dwelling.

I read a story online about a cat that turned on a tap, but the sink strainer was in the plug position. Water had damaged the kitchen floor by the time the homeowners got to it. Their claim was denied.

However, liability coverage may help cover damage your pet does to another person or their property. Legally your dog is considered your property, meaning you are liable for any damage or injury they cause.

According to the Ontario Dog Owners Liability Act as the dog owner, youre responsible for all acts of your dog. Even if you are unaware of them happening. If, for example, your dog injures someone, that person may be eligible to collect compensation for things such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of income
  • Property damage

Ensure your home insurance company knows you have a pet, especially if its one known to be dangerous or exotic. It can affect your pricing, but its more important that you have the correct coverage in place for when the unthinkable happens.

If your insurance company isnt cool with you owning a pet, compare insurance quotes and find a new company willing to love your pet as much as you do.

It Depends On The Damage

Does Home Insurance Cover Wildlife Damage?

Lets take a closer look at which types of damage caused by animals might be covered by your insurance. To start, a standard homeowners insurance policy has different guidelines for coverage to the structure and your personal property. The home is covered under what is referred to as open perils, or causes of loss. This means that if the cause of loss is not specifically excluded in the policy, you should have coverage for it.1 Your personal property coverage uses 16 named perils to verify if coverage exists. A peril is a specific risk or cause of loss covered by your homeowners insurance policy, such as water damage, fire or theft. If your personal property is damaged by something outside of those 16 perils, there may not be coverage.

From a deer breaking into a home on the hunt for food to your cat knocking over a candle and starting a fire in your home, animal-related claims present unique considerations.

This means if the deer that jumped through your window caused damage to your home, such as scratches to your hardwood floor, a standard home insurance policy would cover the damage to your window and flooring. However, if the deer also damaged your furniture and ate your food, these items would not be covered, as damage caused by animals is not one of the 16 named perils.

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How Does Homeowners Insurance Work

Fire, theft, accidents. . . these are the kinds of threats that might cause you to lose sleep, if you didn’t have the protection of homeowners insurance coverage. Fortunately, a homeowners policy will cover damage to your home and personal property due to a variety of causes . The personal liability portion of a homeowners policy provides coverage, for example if your litigious brother-in-law slips down your steps on a rainy day and injures himself.

Does Home Insurance Cover Pet Damage

Damage to your home caused by your pet is not covered. But damage to your home caused by another persons pet may be covered by their insurance. Likewise, damage to another persons home caused by your pet may be covered under the liability portion of your homeowners insurance. And if your pet bites someone on or off your property, liability insurance will also kick in and pick up a portion of the bill as well.

Got all that? Dont worry, well dive deeper.

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Will My Insurance Coverage Cover The Damage Caused By Raccoons

Raccoons are considered wild animals. In this case, if your home is damaged by a raccoon, your insurance policy would pay for it unless an exception is explicitly stated in the coverage. Your insurance policy may include an exclusion clause, but you may ask for reconsideration depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Your insurance policy may also be able to cover for the removal of the raccoon in your property if the costs related to it are exorbitant. Moreover, raccoon removal is a job that is best left in the capable hands of professionals.

However, your standard insurance policy wouldnt cover for damage to your personal property. This means that your insurance policy may pay for damaged roofs and walls. However, if the raccoon chews through your piano, you are on your own. Your insurance company will most likely not cover personal property loss.

We hope that we have provided you with a bit of clarity when it comes to this matter. If you still arent sure about the contents of your policy when it comes to raccoon damage, you can always contact your insurance company to verify.

What Wild Animals Could Do To Your Home

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage From A Broken Pipe?

There are many wild animals that can inflict damage on your property. Although damage to your personal belongings may be limited, damage can still be done to structures and other buildings. Other appliances, wiring and plumbing may also be affected. The damage can be severe if an animal is left alone in your home for too long.

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Is Woodpecker Damage Covered By Insurance

Woodpecker damage is generally not covered by homeowners insurance as it’s considered preventable. If you find cone-shaped holes in your siding or near your roofline, then you likely have a woodpecker infestation. Repairing the damage will help prevent more serious issues, but you’ll also need to find a way to keep the woodpecker from coming back. Here are a few preventative steps you can take to keep these unwanted guests away from your home:

  • Install ultrasonic bird repellant devices around the outside of your home
  • Wrap brightly colored Mylar tape around gutters and roof soffits
  • Seal any existing holes in your attic or siding

If the woodpecker keeps coming back, call a pest control specialist to come and remove it and its nest.

Does My Contents Insurance Cover Damage Caused By My Dog

Cover for contents damaged by pets varies across insurers.

Many will say they cover accidents caused by domestic animals but will have exclusions such as chewing, scratching, tearing up or fouling in the home, which are most of the ways a pet can damage property.

Companies that do cover all the ways a cat or dog can break things may require you to purchase one of their higher levels of cover or buy extended accidental damage cover.

One insurer told us its standard policy wouldnt cover biting, scratching, chewing and fouling, and wed need to upgrade to obtain full cover. However, if the dog were to knock something over with its tail it would be covered.

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Read Your Dogs Body Language

Understanding your pets body language is another important way to determine how your pet is feeling and if theyre becoming uncomfortable. For example, if someone new comes into your home and your dog begins to growl at or cower away from the person, it may be a good idea to kennel your pup or let them go outside until the person leaves.

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Do I Have To Add My Dog To My Homeowners Insurance

While you dont have to, you certainly should. In order for your dog to be covered by your home insurance, you’ll need to add your pet to your policy. If you haven’t made your insurance provider aware of your furry best friend, they may deny you coverage if you file a claim and youll be on the hook to pay for all of the associated costs.

What Pet Cover Will Home Insurance Provide

How can home insurance cover you and your pet? There are a few key areas of cover that may provide important benefits for you:

  • Accidental damage. If you select accidental damage cover, your policy can cover your pets causing accidental damage to your building and contents. So if your pitbull gets a little over-excited watching Bondi Vet and accidentally knocks your TV over, your contents insurance can provide the protection you need.
  • Pet cover. Often offered as an extra-cost option, pet cover under a home insurance policy can provide similar protection to a pet insurance policy. This option provides cover for your veterinary bills when your dog or cat suffers an accidental injury.
  • Temporary accommodation for your pet. If your house and/or contents are damaged by an insured event and your home is uninhabitable as a result, you may need to put your pet in a boarding facility until its safe to return home. When this happens, most policies will provide cover for pet boarding fees.

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Rats I Have Mice Does Home Insurance Pay For Pest Control

Discovering pests in your home like mice and rats can be frustrating and downright gross. But the reality is more Canadians are dealing with pest problems during the pandemic.

The government-mandated restrictions and shutdowns have created a rodent problem in many big urban centres. With restaurants and other foodservice businesses operating at limited capacity, there is less food waste behind buildings where rodents often live and eat.

The lack of food waste has forced rodents to search further for their meals. Add to this, less foot and car traffic means the rodent population has grown at a higher rate without disruption.

Pest control companies like Abell Pest Control are reporting a 50 percent uptick in business during the pandemic.

Rodents like mice and rats can cause a lot of damage to a home. They are chewing through wires, disrupting piping and causing floods. Infestations can mean homeowners have to fumigate and possibly renovate areas where pests have been living.

If this happens to you, will home insurance help?

Coverage Under The Policy

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Originally, a standard homeowners policy covered only the risk of fire. Todays homeowners policies provide protection against a number of the perils of modern life, in one package policy. A typical homeowners policyfootnote can provide insurance protection for the following:

  • Home: The physical dwelling structure and other structures attached to it.
  • Other structures: For example, a detached garage, pool house, guesthouse, green house, or tool shed.
  • Personal property: This covers the contents of the home, such as furniture, appliances or clothing. Certain types of propertyfootnote may have specific dollar limits.
  • Loss of use or additional living expense: If a home is damaged by a covered peril, loss-of-use coverage helps meet the costs of hotel bills, apartment or rental home, eating out, and other living expenses while the home is being repaired. This policy section can also reimburse a homeowner for lost income if a room in the home were rented out. This is sometimes insured on an actual-loss-sustained basis.
  • Personal liability: Provides protection against legal liability for bodily injury or property damage if a third party is accidentally injured.
  • Medical payments: Also known as guest-medical payments, this section provides coverage if a third party is accidentally injured and needs medical treatment.

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Find Cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes In Your Area

Homeowners and renters insurance don’t typically cover pet damage that your own pet causes. However, your homeowners or renters insurance policy’s liability protection will cover you if your pet destroys someone else’s property and you’re sued. You can also seek compensation from another person’s insurance if their pet damages your things.

How Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dogs

As mentioned above, homeowners insurance covers dogs and pets in relatively the same way. If your dog damages your personal property, that is unlikely to be covered by your homeowners insurance.

However, if your dog damages a person or their property in your home, thats typically when your coverage will kick in to help with medical and legal fees.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Household Pet Damage

Homeowners insurance can help cover legal and medical expenses in the event your dog severely injures a guest or passerby, but any damage it causes to your own house or personal belongings is not covered.

According to a standard policy, any damage caused by animals âowned or kept by an insuredâ is not covered. That means if Fido chews through your couch cushion, youâd have to pay for a new one out of your own pocket.

However, if your neighborâs dog damages your property, they would technically be liable for the loss and you could potentially collect a payout via their insurance.

Is Pet Damage Covered By Homeowners Insurance

Does Insurance Cover Deer Damage / Will Hitting A Deer ...

Dogs and cats are the most common pets and cause damage in the home, especially when they are young. Whether it is chewed up personal property like furniture, carpet and clothes or damage to the dwelling structure, like scratched walls and doors, the damage caused by your pet is generally not covered by homeowners insurance.

However, there is one coverage that will cover damage caused by your pet: personal liability. If your pet bites someone who is not a household member and causes injuries, your liability may cover their medical bills. If they sue you, the legal fees and representation could be covered as well. Read your homeowners insurance policy carefully, as there could be restrictions or exclusions for certain pets or breeds. If you own a pet, consider purchasing extra liability protection with a personal umbrella policy.

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Canine Liability And Exotic Pet Insurance Is An Option

If you have a restricted dog breed and cannot get an umbrella policy to cover your pet, you might consider canine liability insurance. Canine liability insurance offers coverage if your dog bites or attacks someone. It’s a separate policy that is helpful if your renters insurance doesn’t offer coverage for your breed.

If you have an exotic pet, X-Insurance offers exotic pet liability insurance.

Will My Home Insurance Cover Animal

A lot of home insurance providers wont cover damage caused by animals, from scratching and tearing to fouling. Very few contents insurance policies will cover for pets.

Some insurers wont even cover for damage caused my insect or vermin infestation.

However, squirrels are specifically excluded from the vermin classification of some home insurance policies- this is worth looking into, especially if you know theres a lot of them around your area.

Some insurers may offer an enhanced accidental damage cover policy, which would pay out to help cover the cost of things like pet-damaged sofas.

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Does Home Insurance Pay For Pest Control

Pest control is considered routine maintenance, and therefore your home insurance policy wont cover it. Much like home insurance doesnt cover the normal wear and tear of your home, either.

If you notice droppings from mice and rats or gnaw marks on garbage bins, hire an exterminator. Hiring a professional is critical because, if left for too long, pests can cause significant damage to your home in other ways.

For example, rats may chew through an electrical cord and start a fire, or carpenter ants can get into wood framing and cause structural damage. Under normal conditions, fire and structural damage from unforeseen events get insurance coverage.

However, if your insurer discovers the origin of the fire or crumbling structure was due to negligence, the insurance company could reject your claim.

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