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Does Insurance Cover Rental Car For Repairs

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Personal Effects Insurance Coverage For Rental Cars

Does Your Personal Car Insurance Cover Your Rental Car?

Personal effects coverage helps pay for the costs of replacing or repairing belongings in your rental car that were stolen or damaged. If you have homeowners or renters insurance, it most likely will cover your stuff if its stolen or damaged in your rental car, subject to your deductible.

A smart preventative measure is to remove your things from your rental car when youre not in it. If you have very valuable items like jewelry, talk to your insurance agent to increase the limits your personal policy will pay if these items are lost or stolen.

Quick takeaway: Do you need rental car personal effects coverage? Probably not, depending on your existing homeowners and rental coverage.

But if you have high deductibles on personal effects losses, weigh the rental car cost for this coverage versus your potential loss.

What Are My Rights If My Car Is Totaled

In some cases, you may want your car to be totaled rather than repaired.

For instance, lets say your car has an ACV of $15,000, while the repair estimates come out to $10,000. Technically, the insurer could be obligated to pay for repair of your car. However, because of the extensive amount of work that will need to be done, you may prefer to simply buy a new car that has not been in a crash.

Your lawyer from Tate Law Offices, P.C., can help you to negotiate with the insurance company and seek having your car declared a total loss so that you can receive a check for the ACV.

In other cases, a person may want to repair a car even if it is declared a total loss. If you are in this situation, you can hold on to your car by simply allowing the insurer to deduct the cars salvage value from ACV that it pays you.

Of course, a key point of contention in your case may be arriving at the ACV. Insurance companies may turn to sources such as the Kelley Blue Book or their own databases or software systems.

If you disagree with the ACV amount that the insurer arrives at in your case, Tate Law Offices, P.C., can help you to research and present a different figure. We can determine what cars of the same make, model, year and mileage as your car are being sold for in your area.

We can also come up with a figure based on special features of your car such as a custom stereo system or other upgrades.

When Will Insurance Pay For A Rental Car

If you have rental reimbursement coverage, your auto insurance will pay for a replacement rental car if your own breaks down or is in the shop due to a covered loss. A covered loss is a claim or incident that is covered under the terms in your policy. To find out what perils your policy does and does not cover, look at a copy of your policy or contact your insurance company. But generally, as long as rental reimbursement coverage is included in your policy, insurance will cover the cost of a rental car if your car is out of commission due to:

  • An accident with another car

  • Damage from extreme weather, like wind or hail

  • Damage from animals, like a mouse infestation or hitting a deer while driving

  • Damage from falling objects

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Rental Cars & Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to car rentals, insurance might be the least exciting part of getting in the drivers seat of your borrowed ride. Still, when youre going through a claims car insurance process for your damaged vehicle, its good to know what to expect with your replacement rental car when it comes to insurance. Weve looked at the most frequently asked questions about replacement car rentals and put together this helpful guide about your car insurance with the answers you need.

Is Borrowing A Car Covered By Car Insurance

Does Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Yes, the car owners insurance covers someone else borrowing their car insurance follows the vehicle first and foremost. You can give anyone permission to drive your car anywhere in the US, and your car likely will be covered by your insurance. The coverage on your policy typically stays the same too, regardless of whos driving it.

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Does Car Insurance Include Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Rental reimbursement coverage does not come standard in many car insurance policies, but many insurance providers offer it as an add-on coverage. Many insurance professionals recommend that drivers consider adding it as its price usually does not impact the cost of your car insurance policy by very much.

Like all auto insurance coverage types, rental reimbursement or loss of use coverage comes with limits. Usually, you will see these listed in your policy as a per-day and per-incident cap. You might get $30 a day up to $900 total, for example.

To better understand rental reimbursement and loss of use coverage, it may be beneficial to differentiate the two from other similar-sounding or similar-functioning coverage types.

Coverage type
Mechanical breakdown coverageThis optional type of insurance covers mechanical breakdowns that occur to your cars internal parts, like its transmission or drivetrain. It does not cover general maintenance, so you may want to consider its inclusions before purchasing it. Mechanical breakdown coverage does not include rental car reimbursement coverage.

What Does Auto Insurance Cover

There are three main coverage types that can extend to rentals from your personal auto insurance policy:

1. Liability insurance

Car liability coverage pays for repairs if you damage someone elses car or property. It also pays others if you cause injuries in an accident.

2. Collision

Collision insurance coverage pays for repairs to your rental car if its damaged. This type of coverage pays out even if youre responsible for the accident. It also has a deductible, which is the amount subtracted from an insurance claims payment.

3. Comprehensive

This type of coverage pays to repair your rental car if its damaged by fire,vandalism, flood or natural disasters. It also covers vehicle theft. Your comprehensive coverages deductible will apply.

But is it enough?

It depends, says Zhaneta Gechev, a former manager at a major auto insurance company and founder of One Stop Life Insurance, an insurance site. Most companiesand everyone needs to confirm with his or her agentwill extend coverage to any vehicle you rent for personal use. In other words, the coverage you have on your auto insurance will apply to a rented car. However, there are a couple of things to be mindful of.

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Borrowing A Car Is Covered By The Car Owners Insurance Except In A Few Cases

Letting a friend or family member borrow your car for a quick run to the store seems innocent enough, but whose insurance pays out in an accident? Most of the time, borrowing is covered by the car owners insurance, but its important to know who is borrowing your car and how often damage happens.

Do You Need Rental Reimbursement Coverage If You Are Not At Fault In An Accident

Does car insurance cover repairs?

If you are left without a vehicle because of an accident another person caused, their liability insurance should step in to cover the cost of your rental car. Generally, this coverage will pay for a reasonable replacement, meaning it may cover a vehicle similar to the one you own. And usually, you will continue getting rental car coverage from the at-fault drivers policy until your car is repaired or if your vehicle was totaled, until you get paid in full for it. However, since determining fault in an accident can take time, most insurance experts recommend purchasing your own rental reimbursement coverage. If someone else is at fault in an accident, you can use your own coverage immediately and then have your insurance company recover the cost for the rental car from the at-fault party or their insurance company once fault has been determined.

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When Does Insurance Cover The Costs Of A Rental

If another driver is at fault for an accident that damages your vehicle, their property damage liability coverage should pay for you to rent a car while yours is in the shop. However, the insurance company may limit the length of time it will pay for the rental. It takes an average of two weeks to repair a vehicle damaged in an accident, according to research from Enterprise. The insurer isnt required to provide you with a rental vehicle if yours is totaled, but some do as a courtesy.

If you carry a rental car reimbursement endorsement on your auto insurance policy, it should pay the costs of renting a car after a covered accident. However, this coverage comes with a few caveats:

  • Carriers typically only offer rental car reimbursement endorsements if you purchase collision and comprehensive coverages.
  • Rental car reimbursement coverage has limits. For instance, your coverage may provide $30 per day for up to 30 days. Some providers include both day and claim limits, such as $25 per day up to $750 per claim. If your rental costs exceed those limits, youll pay for them yourself.
  • Although rental car reimbursement coverage typically doesnt have a deductible, you may have to pay the collision or comprehensive deductible for the covered damage.

My Repairs Are Not Completed And I Still Have The Rental Car Can I Extend My Rental

Yes! Dont worry, as long as you have rental coverage, a TD Insurance advisor can work with you to extend your rental within your policys term limits.

Still have questions? Were here and happy to help. Use the or log in to MyInsurance to find out more. You can contact a TD Insurance Advisor with any claim questions at any time of day at 1-866-848-9744.

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Get Help From Our Dallas Car Accident Lawyers

Our focus at Tate Law Offices, P.C., is on serving our clients to the best of our ability, including taking care of the vehicle damage and car rental aspects of their case for free.

We believe in treating our clients the right way as reflected in our 10 Promises to You.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in Dallas or elsewhere in Texas, please contact us today for a free consultation. We are ready to get to work on your case right away.

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Insurance For Rental Vehicles

Does Root Insurance Cover Rental Cars

Many car rental businesses will ask if you want to purchase additional coverage to insure the rented vehicle in the event of an auto accident. Your rental reimbursement insurance coverage does not cover this added cost.

Fortunately, if your car insurance policy includes collision and comprehensive coverage on your regular vehicle, this protection typically transfers to the rental car you are driving while your vehicle is being repaired.

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How Do I Know If I Have Rental Coverage If I Get Into A Car Accident

Your policy may cover a rental carand depending on your coverage, your rental car may also be insured under your TD Insurance policy for the duration that your car is in for repairs or replaced. If your car has been damaged, its also good idea to think about who is going to tow it and where theyre going to take it. Find out some helpful tips for choosing towing and repair services.

There are three ways to check your TD Insurance rental coverage: use the , log in to MyInsurance or call us if you’re unsure at 1-866-848-9744. If youre covered, your coverage starts once your car is in for repairs or when its deemed not driveable.

Things To Know About Car Insurance And Rental Cars Before Starting Your Road Trip

Before starting your road trip, DISB offers some things to remember about car insurance and rental cars before for your summer road trip.

Before Leaving on Vacation

Make sure your insurance identification card is in the car. Double-check that phone numbers for your insurance company and agent are listed on the identification card. If not, make note of these numbers to keep with your ID card and bring it with you.

If Youre In an Accident

  • Remain calm.
  • Check for any injuries and administer first aid, if necessary.
  • Contact the proper authorities and inform them of any injuries. Regardless of the circumstances, report the accident to the police.
  • Record the name, address and phone number of the other driver. Always write down the make, model and license plate number of all vehicles involved.
  • Collect the names, addresses and phone numbers of all passengers and witnesses.
  • Take photos of the accident scene, if possible.
  • Do not admit fault.
  • Ask the investigating officer how to obtain a copy of the police report.
  • Notify your insurance agent or company immediately.

What to Expect After the Accident

Rental Cars

If your car was damaged due to another drivers negligence, the other drivers insurance company should pay your rental car costs for a reasonable length of repair time. If your car is totaled, many companies will pay for your rental as a courtesy, but they are not required to do so.

Things to Consider about Insurance Renting a Car

More Car Rental Insurance Tips:


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Auto Insurance Wont Cover Loss Of Use Charges

If you damage a rental car and its in the repair shop, your car rental company may charge a daily loss of use fee.

The issue that can come up is that personal auto insurance policies dont cover the loss of income that a rental car company may try to charge you while the car is being repaired, says Jeff Zander, CEO of Zander Insurance, an insurance agency. If a repair costs $10,000 but takes 18 days, they can try and charge you for the income they lost on those 18 days, and insurance companies will not reimburse for those charges.

Paying For A Rental Car With A Credit Card

Insurance 101 – Rental Car Coverage

The credit card you use to pay for your rental and the benefits it provides can be a determining factor for whether or not you purchase a number of these insurance products. So, it’s worthwhile to make a thoughtful decision about how you’ll pay for your rental.

In addition to the various card benefits, you should consider the amount of credit available on each card. The reason: In the event there are damages, a rental car company is likely to charge your card immediately and let the coverage sort itself out later. Choosing a card with less available credit will limit what the rental car agency can charge on it.

Finally, be aware that most credit cards will require you to decline any rental car insurance coverage in order to receive benefits. Consider calling your credit card company to learn more about your coverage and credit limits before traveling, too.

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Rental Car Classes And Your Options

What type of rental car is covered? The good news is that you have options. You can choose from six classes of rental car options, each with a corresponding premium rate.2 After all, you dont want to find out at the rental counter that youre covered for a compact car when you have four kids and definitely know youll need something bigger.

The rental car classes include:

  • Class 1 is a compact sedan and seats up to 4. Models: Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris or something similar.
  • Class 2 is a traditional sedan that typically seats up to 5. Models: Chrysler 200, Ford Fusion, Chevy Impala or something similar.
  • Class 3 is a small SUV or pickup truck that typically seats up to 5. Models: Ford Escape, Chevy Silverado or something similar.
  • Class 4 is a minivan or midsize SUV that typically seats up to 6 to 7. Models: Chrysler Town & Country, Jeep Grand Cherokee or something similar.
  • Class 5 is a luxury sedan or large SUV that typically seats up to 6. Models: Cadillac DTS, Chevy Tahoe or something similar.
  • Class 6 is a vehicle specially equipped to be operated or accessible by an individual with a disability. Contact your local rental service for available options.

Erie Insurance partners with leading rental car companies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, but you may also use your own favorite company.

Yesif You Have Rental Reimbursement On Your Policy

    If you rely on your car, rental reimbursement is an inexpensive and invaluable option that you’ll want to consider adding to your auto insurance policy.

    On average, a car is in the repair shop for two weeks after an accident and renting a replacement vehicle for that amount of time can be costly. Many insured drivers are surprised to find out that their auto insurance does not automatically cover the cost of their rental because they’ve overlooked the policy option known as rental reimbursement.

    Rental reimbursement coverage is available for a nominal extra amount with almost every auto insurance policy, although the option is often bypassed by those who are shopping for the lowest cost premium.

    But there are a number of other ways to save money on auto insurance and, if your car is in the shop for an extended period, rental reimbursement can be a bargain. Even if your accident is another driver’s fault, the details of a claim may take time and you may have to wait get his or her insurance company to agree to pay for your rental car. With your own replacement rental coverage, there’s no waiting.

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    Loss Damage Waiver For Rental Cars

    Also known as a collision damage waiver, a loss-damage waiver technically is not insurance it basically gets you off the hook for costs involved if the rental car is stolen or damaged as long as the damage isnt caused by speeding, driving on unpaved roads, or other excluded activities in most contracts. It also may cover loss of use which means the loss of income to the rental company while the rental car is getting repaired.

    If you have collision and comprehensive coverage as part of your auto policy, you may not need the loss damage waiver if its only limited to paying for repairs, or replacing the rental car if its stolen.

    If you dont have collision and comprehensive coverage, check to see if your credit card company would cover the costs of theft or damage.

    However, when it comes to loss of use coverage, your auto policy or your credit card might not bail you out. Your insurance provider may challenge these charges by asking the rental car company to prove they had no other rental vehicles available while the vehicle you damaged was out of service. But you may want to consider purchasing the loss damage waiver for extra peace of mind.

    Quick takeaway: Do you need a loss damage waiver? It depends.

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