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Does Metlife Have Individual Dental Insurance

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Diabetes And Your Mouth

Has MetLife Insurance Denied Your Long Term Disability Claim?

People with diabetes may be at greater risk for gum disease, as well as other mouth conditions. Heres what you need to know.

UnitedHealth Group Inc. is an American for-profit managed health care company based in MinnetonkaMinnesota. As of 2018, it is ranked #5 on the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. UnitedHealth Group offers health care products and insurance services. UnitedHealth Group is the largest healthcare company in the world by revenue with $201 billion in 2017. UnitedHealth Group subsidiary companies together serves approximately 115 million individuals in 2016.

Beginning in 2011 and continuing into 2012, UnitedHealth Group implemented an enterprise reorganization. This coincided with retiring brands adopted following the various acquisitions of previous years and adopting the unified brand UnitedHealthcare. The firm decided to refocus its UK business solely on commissioning support under the name of Optum, and exploit the opportunities presented by the United Kingdom Government’s NHS reforms in 2011. Towards this end, it sold its six primary care clinics.

Optum includes five divisions:

What Is A Dental Blue Indemnity Plan

Dental Blue is our traditional indemnity dental plan. It offers access to:

  • A network of nearly 90% of the practicing dentists in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

  • Nearly 65,000 credentialed provider locations nationwide through the DenteMax network

Aetna Inc.  is an American managed health carecompany, which sells traditional and consumer directed health care insurance plans and related services, such as medical, pharmaceutical, dental, behavioral health, long-term care, and disability plans. Aetna ranked No. 49 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.

In June 2017, the company announced plans to move its headquarters to New York City in late 2018. On December 3, 2017, it was announced that  would purchase Aetna for an estimated $69 billion, a deal which The New York Times reported would “reshape the American health care industry”. In doing so, CVS announced the company’s headquarters would remain in Hartford, scrapping plans to move to New York City.

Aetna offers health care, dental, pharmacy, group life, disability, and long-term care insurance and employee benefits, primarily through employer-paid insurance and benefit programs, and through Medicare. Membership numbers:

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Where Do I Find Individual Dental Insurance Plans

You can get individual dental insurance online, over the phone, or through a broker. Purchasing dental insurance directly through an insurance provider online may be the quickest and easiest option.

However, while you can purchase dental insurance from anywhere, your physical location will likely impact the options available to you. When you get a dental insurance quote, youll be able to review policy options in your location based on your zip code.

Tips For Buying Dental Insurance

Risk Management and Insurance / Dental Insurance

There are a number of things to keep in mind when shopping for dental insurance. Here are five tips for every senior who is looking to insure their smile.

  • Anticipate your dental needs. How often do you find yourself visiting the dentist? And when you do, what services are typically needed? Has your dentist warned you about any developing problems with your teeth? Are you taking any medications that may affect your oral health? Dont just think of the services you need now, but think of the care you may need in the future. 
  • Determine your budget. How much can you set aside every month to pay premiums? And how much room do you have for out-of-pocket costs? Would a discount plan be better suited for your financial situation?
  • Get quotes. It takes just a few minutes to request dental insurance quotes, and doing so can give you a great starting point in your quest to find the best dental insurance.
  • Know the details. Read the details of each plan that appeals to you. Look for things like waiting periods, deductibles, prescription drug coverage and so on.
  • Get coverage before you need it. Because of waiting periods and plans that may not cover pre-existing dental problems, its wise not to wait until youre in pain to enroll in dental coverage. 
  • As a bonus tip, ask questions. Research customer satisfaction ratings for various plans. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Talk to people you know about their dental insurance plans and what they do and dont like. 


    Whether Youre In Need Of Routine Cleanings Braces Or A Filling A Solid Dental Plan Makes It Easier For You To Help Protect Your Smile And Your Budget1

    • Routine visits to the dentist help prevent costly dental bills later on, as well as problems linked to medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease.2
    • If you have a choice of plans, consider your oral health needs and ability to pay for unexpected major services, like a crown.
    • If you have children, consider more comprehensive coverage for less out-of-pocket costs, as well as an option for braces.

    Is Metlife A Good Dental Insurance

    With MetLife Dental, the average premiums for comprehensive coverage for individuals and couples were good but not elite. However, the premium for families averaged just $124.25 per month. That said, MetLife Dentals PPO-High plan is likely better because it pays the dentists directly rather than reimbursing you.

    Do All Dental Insurance Plans Have Deductibles

    Not all dental insurance plans have deductibles. There are two main types of dental insurance plans, Dental Preferred Provider Organizations and Dental Health Maintenance Organizations . 

    DPPO plans typically have deductibles, along with higher out-of-pocket costs overall. The main advantage of DPPOs is that they allow you to visit nearly any dentist without a referral and still receive full or partial coverage for the services.

    DHMO plans do not have deductibles and typically have lower premiums. As long as you stay in your network, your co-payment will be your only additional out-of-pocket cost. However, DHMO plans typically encourage you to visit the dentists in your network to receive full coverage.

    Dental Hygiene And Seniors

    Dental Insurance for Seniors – 6 Great Coverage Options

    Seniors have somewhat of a unique relationship with dental health. They tend to have specific oral hygiene complications due to medications, nutrition, and good old wear and tear. And some of those dental problems are known to cause health complications in other areas of the body. 

    For example, many medications seniors rely onsuch as those used for treating high blood pressure or Parkinsons diseasemay cause dry mouth, which in turn may cause cavities.

    The Impact Of Dental Insurance

    With all these premiums, copays, and deductibles, how does dental insurance save you money? Well despite these expenses, a dental insurance plan is still likely to save you money on the overall cost of your dental care. This is especially true for seniors who are more likely to experience oral health complications. 

    Heres a look at some average costs for various dental procedures for somebody without insurance, as provided by Member Benefits.

  • Checkups. A checkup consisting of an exam, cleaning, and x-rays will run about$288 in most places. 
  • Fillings. Depending on the location of the tooth , fillings can cost up to $150 for a silver, amalgam filling, up to $250 for a tooth-colored composite filling, and over $4,000 for a cast-gold or porcelain filling. 
  • Tooth extractions. The cost of pulling a tooth can run up to $200 for a wisdom tooth, $300 for a non-surgical, gum-erupted tooth, $600 for a soft-tissue, surgical extraction, and $650 for a surgical extraction requiring anesthesia.  
  • Crowns. Crowns can cost up to $328 for a resin crown, $776 for a full-cast metal, and $821 for a porcelain-fused one. 
  • Root canals. A root canal for an exposed root can set you back $120 while a residual tooth can fetch up to $185.  
  • Health Insurance Deductibles Vs Dental Insurance Deductibles

    Health insurance deductibles are like dental insurance deductibles. Health insurance deductibles usually reset annually. The deductible is the dollar amount a policyholder is responsible to pay for covered health care services before the health insurance company starts to pay. 

    Medical insurance deductibles are typically higher than dental insurance deductibles. High-deductible health plans are becoming increasingly common, with the average deductible at $1,491 for individuals and $2,788 for families¹. 

    For Our Members Living In Rhode Island

    We are required by the Rhode Island Department of Health to provide you with access to a consumer disclosure notice. This helpful guide can help answer many common questions about your health plan. Download the consumer disclosure notice. For additional information, you may also want to visit the Rhode Island Department of Health website and read the Consumer Guide to Health Plans in Rhode Island. Dental products must be purchased through your employer. Please contact your benefits administrator regarding the specifics of your plan.

    Dental Blue® Indemnity Plan

    Does Metlife Provide Good Dental Insurance

    MetLife TakeAlong Dental


    Dental hygiene and health are directly linked to overall health. Its important to visit the dentist regularly to ensure that you have perfect oral health. This may be costly for you to get a regular dental checkup. For this affordable care from dental insurance is the best idea. PPO have coverage of the largest dentist network. Find the best PPO dentist near me to get all dental coverage plans. In this article, you will get information about dental insurance through Metlife.

    MetLife Dental Insurance is part of MetLife and is emerging as a key player in the world of dental health care and insurance. A dental plan does not just give an opportunity to people to be secure for future dental care but it also helps individuals to cut down the dentist visit cost for regular check-ups and x – rays. MetLife Dental Insurance gives the options of individual insurance, family insurance, group insurance, and insurance plans for employers as well. With so many options under one roof, MetLife Dental Insurance is no doubt a challenging competitor in the market today.

    Metlife dental providers are some of the best dental insurance providers in the USA. It is a leading insurance and other financial services provider to millions of individuals and consumers throughout the world.

    Why is Metlife the best dental insurance?

    1.Large dentist network

    Metlife Dental Insurance Through Your Employer

    Many people with MetLife dental insurance policies sign up for a plan through their employer. If your employer provides this type of health care package, you need to learn about your benefits. Not all plans include Houston orthodontic treatment programs. When they do offer this coverage, many limit it to only children through age 18.

    If your employer provides a MetLife dental insurance plan with orthodontic benefits for adults, you should take advantage of the benefits you pay for. They can save you so much money in the long run while you also gain a straight, attractive, and healthy smile.

    To learn about your employee MetLife dental insurance coverage, visit your employers human resources department. Ask about orthodontic coverage, annual or lifetime policy maximums, and how long you must wait before the policy benefits begin. Ask about the types of braces you qualify for and whether your orthodontic care must come from your insurance companys network.

    G Orthodontics in Pearland and Houston, Texas provides orthodontic care to MetLife dental insurance policyholders. So, for people with these policies living in the Houston area, chances are you hold the opportunity to improve your smile in the palm of your hand. You can also call G Orthodontics and talk to a caring staff member to learn whether your insurance covers orthodontic care at one of the two G Orthodontics locations.

    How To Get Orthodontic Coverage With Metlife

    Orthodontic coverage isnt something you need to buy separately its simply included in certain MetLife plans. There are two ways to get enrolled in a suitable Metlife dental plan: through your employer, or by purchasing an individual plan.

    About half of all adults in the US receive dental insurance through their employer . There are a couple of advantages to enrolling in dental insurance through an employer plan. For one thing, insurance premiums get deducted directly from your wages before tax, reducing what you owe in taxes. For another, employers often contribute toward the cost of their plans, which results in lower premiums.

    However, there are also some important drawbacks with employer-sponsored dental plans. First, youre limited to the plan options offered by your employer. This can be especially problematic if youre interested in braces or clear aligners, as many dental insurance plans do not cover orthodontics, or offer very limited coverage. Second, employer-sponsored dental plans are often bundled together with health plans, so you may need to wait for an open enrollment period to modify your plan. Lastly, many companies simply dont offer dental insurance at all!

    What Does Dental Insurance Typically Include

    Dental insurance plans can vary widely, and this includes what they will and will not include. For this reason, you should read over the terms and conditions of any plan youre considering to make sure that basic care like fillings as well as major services like crowns and bridges are included in your coverage.

    For the most part, the majority of dental insurance plans cover preventive care like cleanings and X-rays at 100%, although waiting periods may apply. Coverage for basic services like fillings, root canals, and tooth extractions is also included, although its normally limited to a percentage of the cost . You can also buy coverage that includes major services like crowns, bridges, dental implants, and orthodontics, although plans that cover major services tend to cost more and limit the payout to 50% in most cases.

    From Metlife Dental Insurance Website

    Do You Need Dental Insurance?

    MetLife TakeAlong DentalS

    Individual dental insurance is a smart option to help you protect your smile and your savings.

    Your smile is important to you, but it can be expensive to keep healthy. And while it can be hard to find the right dental program to meet your needs, MetLife can help. Our programs reflect dental trends and insights from administering dental benefits for over 20 million people. So you can feel confident youre making the right choice for your smile.

    Our dental programs offer you robust coverage with one of the largest dental networks, so you can worry less about the cost of getting the care you need. Best of all, you can continue to see your dentist typically saving more if your dentist is in-network.1 With MetLife TakeAlong Dental, you get:

    • Lifelong coverage you can count on no matter where life takes you.

    • Big savings because our network negotiated fees average 36% below the average dental fees in the same area.2

    • Choice to see your dentist, even if he/she is not in our network.

    • Coverage for hundreds of services/procedures, including: cleanings, x-rays, fillings, sealants, root canals, crowns, and orthodontics.3

    • Program options to balance cost with your unique needs.

    And when you need help understanding whats right for you, our educational tools and resources  can help make taking care of your smile a little easier.

    What Does Dental Insurance Usually Cover

    Insurance companies often classify dental procedures into one of four categories: preventive, basic, major, and cosmetic.

    Most plans cover 100% of your preventive treatments like cleanings. They might also completely cover basic treatments like fillings, gum disease treatment, and root canals, or they might provide something like 75% coverage. Major treatments like crowns and bridges are usually covered at a lower rate, sometimes around 50%. Cosmetic procedures, like whitening, veneers, and tooth shaping are rarely covered by dental insurance plans. Of course, the percentages for each category depend on your specific plan.

    Notably, clear aligners and braces are sometimes considered a cosmetic form of treatment, and other times they are considered a form of major treatment. Some plans will include orthodontic benefits that can help cover the cost of braces, aligners, or other procedures, while others do not.

    Different providers and plans cover different procedures, so you shouldnt assume that youll receive coverage for your treatment just because you have orthodontic benefits. Additionally, sometimes this coverage comes with an age limit or an annual or lifetime limit.

    Its also important to know some insurance terminology to fully understand your plan, like:

    • Copay: Short for copayment. A set amount that youll pay for certain covered treatments. Copays can vary based on the procedure.

    How Do Dental Insurance Plans Work

    Dental insurance plans are similar to normal health insurance plans. A good measuring stick to use when looking at plans is the 100-80-50 rule. This means the insurance will cover 100 percent of routine care such as checkups and cleanings, 80 percent of the cost of fillings, root canals and other such procedures and 50 percent of the cost of more advanced services such as bridges or crowns. 

    While 100-80-50 is a good rule of thumb, there are a number of variables that may differ from one plan to the next. Its important to carefully consider each of these variables and identify the ones that are most or least important to you, your budget, and your dental needs. 


    A network is a group of selected dentists that have all agreed to contract with the insurance company. The level of your coverage can depend on whether you use a dentist inside or outside of the plans network. 

    Monthly Premiums

    The monthly premium is the amount you must pay each month to remain enrolled in the plan. 


    A deductible is the amount you must first pay out of pocket before the insurance kicks in.


    Copay and coinsurance are both forms of out-of-pocket expenses youre likely to incur when you visit the dentist. A copay is a flat fee while coinsurance is a percentage of the total amount of the service . 

    Out-of-pocket maximums

    Waiting Periods

    Dr Kadamani Is The Metlife Dentist In San Antonio

    When you see a dentist that is in-network on your dental insurance plan, you can count on two things: excellent care and no surprises when it comes time to pay for your treatment. By definition, an in-network dentist has accepted pre-set fees for services that are covered on your plan. At Laith Family Dentistry, Dr. Kadamani is in-network with MetLife. As your MetLife dentist in San Antonio, she and her team are here to provide you and your family with outstanding dental care at a cost that is affordable.

    How Do I Find The Best Dental Insurance For Individuals That Meets My Needs

    Detailed Metlife Life Insurance Reviews

    The individual dental insurance plan that works for your needs depends on a variety of factors such as your budget. When evaluating dental insurance plans, youll want to investigate costs, network size, and plan options among other factors.

    Before you start looking for a plan, consider your budget. Youll want to consider not only your monthly premium cost but also any out-of-pocket costs associated, such as deductible and copay amounts. If you choose a plan with a higher monthly premium, youll usually pay less out-of-pocket.

    The size of a certain insurance providers network of dentists is also important to consider. Youll want to make sure you have a wide selection of dentists you can visit while still enjoying your plan benefits. Plus, its important to choose a plan with providers in your area. If youre attached to the dentist you currently visit, check whether that dentist is in-network or to choose an individual dental insurance PPO plan that still offers partial coverage for out-of-network dentists.

    Youll also want to decide how much coverage youd like to purchase. Guardian Direct® offers Bronze, Silver, and Gold dental insurance plans ranging in cost and coverage levels. If youre married or have dependent children at home, it may be a good idea to investigate purchasing a higher tier plan to cover all your familys needs such as the Gold Plan.

    Your Metlife Dentist In Waco

    Dental insurance is a wonderful investment in your smile, as it helps make the dental services you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums for life fit comfortably within almost any budget. If you have Metlife dental insurance, you are among our patients who are likely to benefit from better oral health thanks to your coverage. The important thing is using your benefits wisely — and your Metlife dentist in Waco is here to help you do just that.

    What Is Dental Insurance

    Dental insurance provides a range of coverage for various dental procedures including preventive care and more involved services like fillings, crowns, and root canals. Like other types of insurance, dental insurance requires you to pay a monthly insurance premium, and you may also pay an annual or lifetime deductible as well as copayments when you visit a dentist for care.

    Still, dental insurance works differently than health insurance in terms of how much coverage you can receive. Where the passage of the Affordable Care Act meant limits can no longer apply to health care coverage in any given year, dental insurance plans often come with annual limits as low as $750 or $1,000 per person. Once your annual maximum benefit amount is met, you will have to pay for dental care out of pocket. Also note that dental insurance frequently comes with waiting periods that can vary depending on the type of care you need.

    Make sure you dont confuse dental insurance with dental discount plans. Dental discount plans only offer reduced pricing on services for dentists in a specific network. 

    How To Get Metlife Dental Insurance Card

    Looking for how to get metlife dental insurance card? Get direct access to how to get metlife dental insurance card through official links provided below.

    Follow these easy steps:

    • Step 1. Go to how to get metlife dental insurance card page via official link below.
    • Step 2. Find the official insurance at the bottom of the website.
    • Step 3. If you still cant access how to get metlife dental insurance card please leave a message below .

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    MetLife Dental Claims P.O. 981282 El Paso, TX 79998-1282 Fax to: 1-859-389-6505 Payor Number: 65978 Your 10 car be used wher canng MetLte or submitting clams. Member Custonwr 9rvice -800-942-0854 website: do need to present an ID Card to confirm that are e4bE for dental benefits. The card is not evdence Of coverage and confers no rOht to

    MetLife Our Network Dental Health Manager Tom Smith, Acme Corporation Tools & Resources Update your profile 4, 2011 Common Questions Print ID card Home See All Benefits v Your Dental Benefits Plan Coverage Claims Get Your Dental ID Card Palticipant Name: Tom Smith Coverage Type: Employee, Spouse Children News & Updates

    Telehealth Pioneer And Leading Dental Insurer Team Up To Expand Consumer Access To Safe Convenient And Affordable Premium Teeth Straightening

    4 Tips On Picking Dental Insurance

    NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 23, 2020 — SmileDirectClub, Inc. , the oral care company with the first telehealth platform for teeth straightening, has partnered with MetLife, one of the leading U.S. dental insurance providers, to deliver in-network coverage of SmileDirectClub’s convenient, affordable, remote orthodontic care to the more than 20 million individuals insured under its dental plans.

    Were pleased to launch this partnership with MetLife and provide their millions of participants with access to our pioneering teledentistry platform and our premium, American-made clear aligners on an in-network basis, said Chief Executive Officer David Katzman. With this partnership, SmileDirectClubs innovative clear aligner treatment is now covered by almost all major insurance providers in the U.S. Were proud to join with MetLife in our mission of making orthodontic care convenient and affordable for everyone.

    MetLife plan participants will have three ways to get started on their SmileDirectClub journey: with a 3D scan performed at one of SmileDirectClubs SmileShops; at a SmileDirectClub Partner Network affiliated dentist or orthodontist office; or with a doctor-prescribed at-home impression kit. Regardless of how a customers journey begins, treatment is prescribed and monitored remotely by state-licensed dentists and orthodontists from start to finish using SmileDirectClubs pioneering teledentistry platform.


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