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Does My Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers

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Car Insurance Settlement Options

Does My Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers Of My Vehicle?

Your insurance company will review your claim and decide how it will settle your claim.

When you make a claim, you’re always responsible for paying the deductible. How much money you get from your claim depends on your insurance benefits.

Remember that the amount of your deductible may reduce the amount you get from a claim.

How Will Your Car Insurance Policy Cover The Damage

If you have car insurance, and you get involved in an accident causing either third-party property damage or bodily injury to another driver, your insurance company will cover the cost of damages according to the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Provided the policy includes collision and liability coverage, injuries to others and damage to the car itself will be covered.

But, in case a friend borrows your car and gets involved in an accident while driving your car, is it their insurance policy or yours that cover the damage and injuries? The answer to this question will depend upon the severity of the accident.

Coverage offered by the motor insurance policy will be according to the following circumstances: –

1. If the accident is a minor one, resulting in nominal damage to your car, then in most cases, provided all the conditions are met, your policy will provide coverage for the accident. Your insurance policy will cover you, your car, and anyone else who drives your car .

2. If your friend gets involved in an accident that results in serious bodily injury to others and extensive property damage, your car insurance policy will only cover the property damage caused by your vehicle and not the third-party injuries. The at-fault driver cover is only liable to cover the cost of bodily injuries to themselves and other passengers in the car.

**To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions etc read the Policy Wordings carefully.**

Does Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers If They Have Their Own Insurance

If your friend has their own insurance, you might be wondering can they file a claim with their provider? They might be especially insistent on trying this if they feel bad about causing an accident and want to take responsibility. After all, filing an at-fault claim on your insurance could cause your rates to spike in the future.

Unfortunately, thats not how it works in most cases. Since they were driving your car, and insurance follows the car, your insurance will have to be the primary coverage.

That said, they may be able to use their insurance for secondary coverage. As an example, lets say you have coverage on the lower side. If the accident was pretty serious and caused $20,000 in vehicle damage and your property damage coverage is only $15,000, they may be able to use their insurance to cover the remaining $5,000 in liability.

In some cases, though your insurance may directly pay all the bills, they may reach out to your friends insurance company after the fact for reimbursement. That all depends on your states laws and the specifics of your policy, though.

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The Insurance Carrier Of The Person Who Lends The Car Only Covers Drivers Specifically Named In The Policy

Usually you would need to explicitly exclude drivers on your policy for them not to be covered . However, there are some insurance companies that need all drivers to be specifically named/included on a policy if they are to be covered.

In general, though, your insurance will cover any person who you’ve given permission to drive your vehicle, including family members living with you and your dependent children away at school.

It is important to note that insurance companies do generally expect any family members living in your household who will be driving your car on a regular basis to be specifically named and included as drivers in your policy.

Does Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers

Does My Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers?

Car insurance policies follow the car — not the driver behind the wheel.

So, typically your car insurance covers other drivers regardless of whos driving it at the time of the accident as long as the driver has permissive use. Permissive use means that you gave the person permission to drive your car.

There are exceptions, though.

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What A Car Insurance Policy Does Not Cover

Most car insurance policies don’t cover the loss of personal possessions, such when a thief steals golf clubs, clothing or personal electronics from your vehicle. Your home or tenants insurance usually covers these losses.

Check your home insurance policy to find out if it provides coverage for the theft of personal items from your vehicle.

Read your car insurance policy carefully. Always make sure you understand what it does and does not cover. Keep it in a safe and accessible place. Refer to it when needed.

Does Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers If They Take My Car Without My Permission

Heres an interesting scenario. What if you had a bad argument with a family member, said some things, and stormed off in opposite directions? Little known to you, your loved one grabbed the keys to your car, zoomed off in anger, and ended up rear-ending a car in traffic.

Do the same stipulations on car insurance coverage for other drivers we covered above apply?

In short, they might not. Most policies do define whats known as permissive use. Thats when you give someone permission to use your car. In these amicable scenarios, your insurance will likely be responsible for paying for any at-fault accidents.

But if you didnt give permission to use your car? Thats described as non-permissive use, and it may get you off the hook.

That said, if your loved one doesnt have any insurance, you may still need to file a claim with your insurance to help foot the bills.

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S To Take When An Accident Occurs

Before loaning out your vehicle, its important to thoroughly understand the coverage provided by your insurance policy. If the person isnt covered by your policy, doesnt have his or her own insurance, is clearly intoxicated, or doesnt have a drivers license, dont let him or her borrow your car.

Because Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to car accidents , drivers are required to carry auto insurance that pays personal injury protection benefits.

Is Geico Good For Sr

What if the other drivers insurance company refuses to pay my claim?

GEICO is the second-largest car insurance company in the United States. They insure millions of drivers across the country. They also provide thousands of SR-22 certificates to drivers nationwide.

Generally, GEICO has average reviews for customer service, claims satisfaction, and overall quality. Some customers have a good claim experience with GEICO, while others have a bad experience. Overall, GEICOs reviews work out to be roughly average similar to other large car insurance companies.

However, GEICO does have strong reviews for pricing. In many states, GEICO is the cheapest or second cheapest car insurance company overall. If you need an SR-22, then you could pay thousands more per year because of these requirements, so every saved dollar helps.

GEICO also has the resources of a large company. Its easy to contact GEICO when needed, for example, and you can easily make a claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Is It Mandatory In The Us

Yes, it is obligatory in most states except Florida, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Texas, and Virginia. The mentioned states have unique car insurance laws, many of which require third-party coverage, but in a different form. For example, deposits or bonds in Massachusetts and Texas.

Most states, however, require the following three types of coverage:

  • Bodily injury per individual.

In practice, it looks like this: 20/50/25, where:

  • 20 refers to $20,000 in bodily injury coverage per individual.
  • 50 refers to $50,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident
  • 25 refers to $25,000 in property damage coverage.

All numbers are the minimums required by law. Different states require different limits for different sub-types of car insurance coverage.

Does Car Insurance Follow The Car Or The Driver

Its not an uncommon scenario: Your car is at the mechanics shop being repaired and your mother-in-law has offered her car to you until yours is road-ready again. Or youre home from college for a visit and want to meet some friends, but you left your car on campus. In any situation, should you borrow someone elses car or let someone borrow yours? Would you still be covered if you do? What happens if you or they are in an accident? As a driver, there are times when you may find yourself in a position of driving someone elses vehicle or lending your vehicle to someone temporarily. Regardless of the scenario, there are some things you need to know. Are you protected in case of an accident? Does your insurance follow the car or the driver?

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What If Someone Driving My Car Was In An Accident That Wasnt Their Fault

Lets say you let your sister take your car to pick up pizza you ordered. You get a frantic call from her telling you that she got into an accident, but fortunately it wasnt her fault. In this case, it normally wouldnt be yours or her insurance that takes the hit its the at-fault driver who would pay for any damages . Youll file a claim with the at-fault drivers insurance company and your insurance shouldnt be affected. Just make sure your sister knows to get all of their insurance info before taking off follow these tips if you get in a car accident.

Does Car Insurance Cover The Car Or The Driver

Does My Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers?

There are many variables as to whether insurance will follow the vehicle or if it will follow the driver. Generally, auto insurance will follow the vehicle rather than the driver, but some coverage types follow the driver too.

The realm of car insurance can often be confusing for those who don’t make it a part of their daily lives answering such questions of Can someone who is not on your insurance drive your vehicle, or if someone else can insure your financed vehicle. Another common question people ask is if auto insurance follows the vehicle or the driver.

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What Does Comprehensive And Collision Coverage Exclude And Is It Mandatory

Both comprehensive and collision coverage are optional except in cases where the vehicle is leased or there is an auto loan. While they are often together in a package, comprehensive and collision can be bought separately. As for stipulations for comprehensive and collision, another driver might not be covered in an accident if they are not listed as a covered driver. Family members are typically included in the policy, but insurance does not cover someone who does not have the owner’s permission to drive the vehicle.

What Is Gap Insurance And Do I Need It

Collision and comprehensive only cover the market value of your car, not what you paid for itand new cars depreciate quickly. If your car is totaled or stolen, there may be a gap between what you owe on the vehicle and your insurance coverage. To cover this, you may want to look into purchasing gap insurance to pay the difference. Note that for leased vehicles, gap coverage is usually rolled into your lease payments.

Next steps: Check out this handy infographic on the types of required and optional drivers insurance coverages.

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Confirm Your Insurance Before Letting Someone Drive Your Car

Remember, all of this being said, different insurance companies may have different limitations, so its best to check-in with your insurance agent before letting someone else drive your car. That way you know what you may be facing if they were to get into an accident.

You can also check out our auto insurance coverages to ensure you’re protected from the unexpected.

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The i’s on Insurance: Auto Coverage: You’re in the Driver’s Seat

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  • yes
  • After most car accidents, figuring out whether a driver is covered under a car insurance policy isn’t usually necessary. The other driver will typically be covered by liability insurance, you’ll have your own coverage, and that’s all you’ll need to know. But disputes over liability coverage do crop up after some car accidents. Most of these disputes revolve around whether the driver or vehicle in the accident fits into any of the specific categories that may be included or excluded from a liability policy. Below is a quick guide to common inclusions and exclusions.

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    Shop Around For The Lowest Insurance Premiums

    Your premiums will vary from one insurance company to another. It’s important to shop around, ask for quotes, and compare prices before deciding on one insurance company. In some cases, you may be eligible for a discount by combining your home and car insurance.

    When shopping for a car, check the insurance rating for the car you’re thinking of buying. Insurance companies assign ratings based on the claims made on different makes and models. Cars with better ratings are cheaper to insure. You can get rating information from:

    • your insurance company, broker or agent

    In most provinces and territories, an insurance company can charge higher premiums based on your credit rating.

    Does Your Coverage Cover Drivers Not Included On Your Auto Insurance Policy

    You can find the answer to this problem in explaining other frequently asked questions related to auto insurance. In your opinion, does insurance follow the vehicle or the drivers?

    As the name implies, an auto insurance policy will follow the vehicle and not the driver.

    So its pretty clear that your auto insurance coverage will cover other drivers who rarely use your car, even if your insurance policy doesnt cover them.

    When it comes to this matter, the critical term is rarely.

    Usually, insurance agreements specify that it must mention each member of your family on the car insurance policy, including children. Therefore, it helps insurers set appropriate customer risk figures based on the risks they represent.

    A licensed driver who stays in someones house must be covered by their coverage until they prove that they all hold it.

    If anyone else is regularly using your automobile, this is important to consider putting each other on the insurance policy. As an illustration, this may apply to maids who are responsible for transporting your kids by your vehicle.

    Whenever it is reported that we did not specify a regular motorist of the automobile on the policy, the insurer may refuse any claims.

    Sometimes individuals dont require to include anyone else on their vehicle insurance policy. Whenever the other motorists on their auto insurance do not reside with them and use their automobile rarely, they do not require to include them on their policy.

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    What Happens If Someone Else Is Driving My Car And Gets In An Accident

    Car insurance coverage follows the car, not the driver. If your car is involved in an accident, the car typically receives the coverage provided by your insurance policy.

    You may have to reset your favorite radio stations and move your seat back into place after letting someone else drive your car. However, a much more critical issue is whether your car insurance company will cover damage if your someone else crashes your car.

    The good news is that your car insurance company will likely pay to repair your car if its involved in an accident while someone else drives your car. One key is whether the person has permissive use.

    Now you must be thinking what the permissive use means. Read on the article and get the answers to all your questions.

    • Car insurance covers other drivers regardless of whos driving it at the time of the accident as long as the driver has permissive use.
    • Your insurance policy may not cover the car damage, if the person driving your car is listed as an excluded driver on your car insurance policy.
    • If you don’t own a car, but borrow your friend’s car, you might need to have non-owners car insurance.
    • A car insurance policy covers you if someone steals your car and then gets into an accident.

    Who Needs To Be Added

    Does Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers

    Your insurance policy states that you need to add a driver to your policy if they use the vehicle regularly. That means someone who can be expected to drive the vehicle over a sustained period.

    You do not need to add:

  • Relatives visiting from out of town who wants to take in the sights.
  • Neighbours who borrow your car while theirs is in the shop once per year or so.
  • Siblings running a one-time grocery errand because youre sick.
  • However, you do need to add a relative who uses the car to pick a child up at daycare once every 1-2 weeks, or a roommate who uses the car regularly for shopping trips. It also includes young drivers in the household who have access to the vehicle, even if they only use the car occasionally.

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    Does My Insurance Cover Another Driver

    Knowing what car insurance will cover and what it will not is especially important when it comes to friends driving your car. There is a wide variety of car insurance available to you, each with its own features. Before you let a friend borrow your car, you should know if your auto insurance coverage applies to them. Go through the definitions of the different types of coverage to get an idea of the protection they offer. Then call your insurance company. They will be able to give you a complete rundown of coverage features.

    Liability CoverageLiability car insurance coverage follows a driver no matter what car they are driving. Most states require at least liability coverage and many states have assistance programs for low income residents who qualify. Liability coverage is what allows a driver to drive a friend’s car and still be covered under their own auto insurance policy. If you plan to allow your friends to drive your car, one of the questions you should ask is about what kind and level of insurance coverage they already own. Knowing the answer may prevent problems down the line should they be driving your car and an accident occurs.

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    Other DriversThe question of allowing other drivers to drive your car and whether or not they will be covered by your existing auto insurance is an important one. Unfortunately, there is no blanket yes or no answer, since this is something that varies from policy to policy.

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