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Does My Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage

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Most People Simply Assume That Their Home Insurance Covers Termite Damage

Question Nr#50: Homeowners insurance against termites?

Its unfortunate but true.

Just recently, we performed an inspection and found considerable termite damage in a customers home at Robina on the Gold Coast. The main damage was within the lounge room. When showing the damage, she said, When can you do the treatment? Hurry up and get it all organised, Ill contact the insurance company first thing in the morning.

Of course, she wasnt covered for termite damage which resulted in her having to take out a small loan at the bank to not only install a chemical termite barrier, but also an additional $27,000 to repair the structural damage caused to her home.

In some cases weve seen claims almost go through, before an assessor or contractor discovers termite damage. To give you an example weve seen leaking shower heads or plumbing that has caused what was initially thought to be water damage, turn out to be termite damage. As soon as this becomes known, the insurance assessor rejects the claim and the whole insurance policy is void.

In a recent job, again, on the Gold Coast, a homeowner suffered considerable water damage to the inside of his home . It was initially thought to be faulty plumbing, however during the repairs, early evidence of termites were discovered most likely attracted by the water.

Consider A Termite Bond

While theres no such thing as termite coverage under your insurance policy, you may be able to purchase something called a termite bond. Some people call it termite insurance but really its a contract between you and a termite/pest control company to prevent infestations and treat termites as needed.

Most bonds include routine termite inspections and treatments, as needed. Some companies will even pay for retreatment and repairs on future damage if their inspections and routine treatments dont prevent an infestation. Always read the fine print and ask questions. There may be exclusions in the termite bond based on home structure, type of termite, or what exactly is covered.

Although theres no way to use your homeowners insurance policy to deal with termite damage, you do have options to prevent infestations. Take care of your home, keep your eyes open, and bring in the help of qualified professionals when necessary. The old saying is true. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold From Water Damage

No two policies or companies are the same, so take your time reviewing the types of hazard homeowner’s in. Homeowners insurance usually covers wildfires, but it can depend on where a property is located. Every small business needs insurance to protect them against potential losses and damages. The answer rests on the cause of the water leak. Water damage caused by appliance malfunctions, plumbing problems and other household events may be covered by a home insurance policy.

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Who Should Get Atermite Bond

If you want added peace of mind for your home, a termitebond is an excellent investment. Also, if your area is prone to termiteinfestations, this bond is a must-have along with comprehensive insurancecoverage.

You can refer to the Termite Infestation Probability Zone Map that gets published in the International Residential Code publication annually.

This highlights the areas based on the infestation probability. Such a risk level will help you decide if a termite bond is for you. Also, if youre at a high-risk location, its best to purchase a termite bond with a wholesome inclusion of termite species.

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Collateral Damage Caused By Termites

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Termite Damage? The Answer ...

While your insurer wont cover direct damage caused by termites, they will cover collateral damage. In other words, any problems that are a direct result of termite damage will not be covered, but if a wall was damaged by the beam that the termites damaged, that will be covered as the result of a faulty beam.

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Is Termite Damage Ever Covered By Homeowners Insurance

If termite damage is significant enough that there is a collapse in your home, your policy may cover the damage but only if the termite damage was hidden out of sight, such as behind a wall. If the termite damage was visible, then neither the damage nor the collapse would be covered under a standard homeowner insurance policy. In the same vein, if termites chewed the wiring of your home, leading to an electrical fire, then the fire damage would be covered, but the termite damage would not be.

Can You Buy Termite Insurance Policies

Most home insurance companies do not offer termite insurance policies as an endorsement. The only option to insure yourself against termite damage is to contact a pest control company and schedule a yearly inspection for termites. This can be followed up by treatment in the event they discover termites in your home.

Pro Tip: If youre buying a new home, always inspect it for termites. If there is termite damage, you can either re-negotiate the deal for a lower price or have the current owner repair the damage. The house will have to be prepared for fumigation which is much harder if youve already moved in.

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When Might Homeowners Insurance Cover Termite Damage

Itâs a long shot that your homeowners insurance will ever cover damage caused by termites, but it is theoretically possible under two rare circumstances:

  • A storm, fire, burst pipe, or another covered peril directly causes an infestation

  • The damage is hidden away and causes your house to collapse

Is Termite Insurance Available

Termite Coverage in Your Insurance Policy

Certain home insurance policies can cover damage from termites and other wood-boring insects, but these policies are more expensive, and it can be difficult to find an insurer who offers protection of this sort. A better option is to set up a termite maintenance contract in Cordova, such as with AAA Termite & Pest Control. This maintenance plan includes regularly scheduled inspections and treatments, and many termite plans also offer coverage for any termite damage to your home during the life of the plan.

In other words, the cost of repairing termite damage is going to fall on you, in most cases. Thats why we believe prevention is your best defense when it comes to preventing termite damage. We offer protection plans for your home or business. We also offer inspections to anyone going through the process of buying property, so they can make sure the structure they are buying is termite-free.

To learn more about our services and how we can keep your home or business termite-free, give AAA Termite & Pest Control a call at 737-7378 to schedule an on-site inspection and consultation with one of our professional technicians. We are proud to serve commercial and residential customers in the areas of Cordova and Memphis in Tennessee.

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Legal Consultation For Termite Damage In Maryland

If you have experienced termite damage despite having had a pest control company out for an inspection, then you could be owed compensation for the termite damage repair. In some cases, pest control companies are negligent when they complete home inspections. When they are negligent, they may be responsible for paying to repair the damage.

Also, home sellers sometimes do not reveal or disclose that their properties have termite damage to potential buyers even though the law requires them to. If you have had to hire a termite damage contractor to mitigate an infestation or repair areas of your home, then you should consider legal consultation for termite damage in Maryland.

At Whitney, LLP, our termite damage lawyers we offer free consultations. We have experience obtaining compensation for those who have suffered from termite damage. In 2019, we recovered a termite damage verdict in Maryland for $1,000,068 against a termite inspection company that was negligent and fraudulent.

Along with negligent pest control companies, we have sued house flippers, real estate agents and dishonest home sellers, winning compensation and settling claims for termite damage claims, repair costs, termite treatment costs, and emotional distress. One of our cases was featured on WBAL with investigative reporter Barry Simms highlighting the danger. After investigating the case, Simms issued a warning to homebuyers.

Can I Get Termite Insurance

Insurance companies generally dont sell termite coverage, but some pest control companies offer plans for annual inspection and treatment. Before buying a home, you should have it inspected for termites. If there is termite damage, you can renegotiate the home price or have the seller repair the damage before the purchase goes through. Its easier to tent a house for fumigation before you move in.

It pays to be aware of the destruction termites can wreak and to inspect your house regularly to catch any damage sooner rather than later. Learn more today about what homeowners insurance covers.

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How To Protect Your Home From Termites

The best way to eradicate termites is to have inspections carried out. This can be done on a monthly or yearly basis. Other factors to consider while deciding on the frequency of inspections include the location of your house and the condition you have kept it in.

It is better if you identify pests in the early stages to prevent damage from happening. A termite control plan is crucial to ensure your house is free from pests. A lot of agencies are providing quality pest control services that can keep your house protected.

Besides these measures, other preventive measures include being careful. Avoid storing firewood near your home as this attracts termites. If you still want to place firewood, it is best that you consult a termite expert. Keep wooden structures in a sealed environment and have a storage shed where wooden items can be kept. Remove any dead trees near your house to prevent the termites from feeding.

These preventive measures can save you from repair expenses. Prevention is better than clean up, especially if you want to go easy on your pockets. Termite control is also crucial for the stability of the house.

Homeowners insurance will not cover termite damage and its up to the owner to carry out regular maintenance and arrange removal services. As a homeowner, you should always be aware of the dangers termites pose to the structure of your home and catch them before they cause significant damage.

What Is The Best Home Insurance Company

Does Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Every homeowner has specific needs when it comes to insurance. Some homeowners look for great customer service, while others look for cheap rates. The best home insurance company is different for everyone, but several companies stand out. Based on our research, Amica, Allstate and Geico offer some great homeowners insurance options.

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Tips For Dealing With Termites In The Home

Termites burrow through mud and will thrive in damp timber. They are attracted to entry points like damp timber struts beneath a home, or exposed piles of firewood. To deal with and prevent termites, homeowners should:

  • Look out for moisture in and around the home, especially around wooden surfaces.
  • Repair leaks as soon as possible.
  • Repair rotting woodwork and other parts as soon as possible.
  • Replace weather stripping and loose mortar around basement foundations and windows.
  • Make sure you have properly-functioning gutters and downspouts that appropriately divert rain.
  • Regularly inspect the foundations of the building and look for signs of mud tubes, uneven or bubbling paint and wood that sounds hollow when tapped.
  • Keep an eye on exterior areas of wood, especially around windows, door frames and skirting boards.
  • Maintain a substantial gap between the soil and wood portions of your home.
  • Store firewood a decent distance from your home and out of the rain.

Its also worth considering annual termite inspections. These will probably cost around $250 to $350 but its cheaper than thoroughly fixing an infestation, and much cheaper than losing your home to termites.

Most Of The Common Termite Damages May Not Be Covered Or Reimbursed By Your Insurance Company

Water damage caused by appliance malfunctions, plumbing problems and other household events may be covered by a home insurance policy. Water damage and flood damage are two separate events and both are not covered by standard renters insurance. Whether you’re buying your first home or shopping around for a new policy, it helps to understand the basics of homeowner’s insurance. No two policies or companies are the same, so take your time reviewing the types of hazard homeowner’s in. Credit cards banks check out our top picks of the best online saving.

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What Is A Termite

Termites are social insects that live in colonies that are usually found in wood or in the ground. Termites feed on the cellulose in wood and wood by-products, like paper. A colony is typically made up of three types of termites:

  • Soldier. A soldier termites role is to defend the colony. Soldiers do not reproduce or forage for food. Soldier termites are pale red, light brown or white. They are larger than average with heads that are darker in color than their bodies and protruding jaws. Soldier termites do not have wings.
  • Swarmer. Swarmer termites are responsible for reproducing. These termites are dark brown or black and about four millimeters in length. Swarmer termites have two pairs of wings that lie flat over their abdomen when not in use.
  • Worker.Worker termites maintain the colony, build and repair the nest, and forage for food for the colony. Workers are cream-colored and around three to four millimeters in length. Worker termites do not have wings.

Termites are found in all 49 states, with the exception of Alaska. Termites thrive in warmer climates, such as the South, Southeast, Southwest and West. There are three main types of termites found in the U.S.:

Most termite species cannot crawl on the open ground like other insects and build mud tubes to travel from their colony to food sources . Some termite species can remain active year-round and eat wood 24 hours a day.

How To Spot Termite Damage

Termites Control Sydney | Home Insurance doesn’t cover Termite damage

Here are some common indicators of a termite problems:

  • Termite tunnels. Termite tunnels look like muddy tubes and are often in a vine pattern. You can find them near the house foundation.
  • Wood damage. Termites carve mazelike patterns into wood.
  • Hollow sounding wood. Termite damage is often hidden. Tap on the wood throughout your home and listen for a hollow sound.
  • Cracks and holes. Termites can cause cracks in beams, and small holes in wood and walls.
  • Irregular or sagging floors. If your floors are buckling, it could be caused by termites.
  • Buckling ceilings or walls. Termites burrowing into wood can cause ceilings and walls to buckle and sag.
  • Actual termites. They can look like flying ants.
  • Shedded wings. Swarmer termites break off their wings and look for places to colonize. If you find discarded wings in your home, it doesnt necessarily mean you have an infestation in your home, but you might have colonies living in your yard.
  • Termite droppings. Drywood termites leave behind tiny droppings which can look like salt and pepper.

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Does My Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage Our Guide To Prevention And Protection

Termites are a real pain, literally! Also known as the silent destroyers, these little critters have the ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected. There are currently as many as 2,000 known termite species in the world, and each year they cause more than $5 billion in property damage across the USA.

Here in Florida, Subterranean termites are very common and, when left undetected, can cause irreversible damage to homes and property throughout the state. A home insurance product that covers damages or destruction as a result of termite infestation is a very worthwhile addition to your regular coverage products.

Is Termite Treatment Covered By Insurance In Florida

Homeowners insurance rarely covers termite treatment, just as it almost never covers the costs of fixing termite damage.

Just as insurance typically does not cover damage caused by termites, it almost never covers termite treatment. Homeowners insurance works to protect you from costs related to property damage, but only damage that was accidental or not preventable. However, that doesnt mean you cant make other arrangements. Termite bonds are a special type of insurance policy you enter into with a pest control company wherein your home will be inspected and treated for termites regularly.

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Background Of Homeowners Insurance

Basic homeowner insurance clauses will cover certainconditions and perils relative to the industrys standard practice. Most of thetime, this insurance policy will cover storm damage. However, termite damage isfar from common when it comes to these inclusions.

Some will argue that it should be included in the building clause, which covers the structure of the house. It does cover structural damages, but its usually divided into two: repair and replacement.

The repair clause

The repair clause covers all basic damages brought bynatural disasters. Still, this part isnt absolute. You have to check thestipulations that govern this clause. Insurance policies usually havetriggers situations that will categorize the damage to define its repaircost.

Meanwhile, replacement coverage covers the total replacementof your home if it happens to crumble on the ground. Again, specific clauseswill apply here.

Although it may seem like termite damage fits the bill, onefact excludes it from the coverage.

Homeowners Policies Are Set Up To Protect You From Water Damage Related To Storms

Does My Homeownerâs Insurance Cover Termite Damage ...

Every small business needs insurance to protect them against potential losses and damages. Water damage caused by appliance malfunctions are typi. The short answer is that homeowners insurance might cover some leaks and not others. When the dishwasher floods the house you expect your insurance company to come to the rescue. Water damage and flood damage are two separate events and both are not covered by standard renters insurance. Termite damage is only covered in very specific cases by homeowners insurance. Whether you’re buying your first home or shopping around for a new policy, it helps to understand the basics of homeowner’s insurance. But homeowners should be aware of some exclusions. Keep reading to see which homeowners may need a dedicated wildfire policy. Water damage caused by appliance malfunctions, plumbing problems and other household events may be covered by a home insurance policy. No two policies or companies are the same, so take your time reviewing the types of hazard homeowner’s in. Consumers purchase homeowners insurance because it protects them in case their home is damaged or someone gets injured while at the home. Homeowners policies are set up to protect you from water damage related to storms.

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