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Does Renters Insurance Cover Damage From Pets

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Does Renters Insurance Cover Dog Damage

Does Renters Insurance Cover Pet Damage?

Renters insurance is similar to homeowners insurance, but it is different in the sense that it is for people that are renting their living space versus people that own their own home. Renters insurance typically covers any type of dwelling that you are renting such as a house, an apartment, a condo, or a townhome. Renters insurance is meant to cover various situations that are outside of your control including natural disasters, theft, or in cases where you may cause harm to someone else within your home it can also cover the injuries of others.

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So, you may be wondering how your dog might fit into all of this. Unfortunately, dog damage is not covered in all cases and well explore the differences in which the damage caused by a dog is covered and when its not.

Renters Liability Insurance Might Not Cover Dog Breeds Or Exotic Pets

Depending on your insurance provider, renters insurance liability coverage might not cover some dog breeds or exotic pets. Rightly or wrongly, some breeds of dogs, like pit bulls and German Shepherds, are considered to be more aggressive than other breeds and may not be covered for that reason. In addition, exotic pets like reptiles, wolves or other wild animals usually arent covered. If youre not sure whether your renters insurance covers your pet, you should check with your provider.

Options if Liability Insurance Doesnt Cover Your Pet Liability

Even if your pet isnt covered under renters insurance liability coverage, you still have options. These include purchasing an umbrella policy with expanded coverage or purchasing pet-specific liability insurance, depending on your situation.

What Pet Coverage Is Not Included On A Renters Insurance Policy

The pet damages and liability coverages in your renters policy may not cover you for certain incidents. Additionally, your insurance company may exclude coverage for damages or injuries caused by certain dog breeds. Your renters policy liability limits may be significantly reduced or not applicable at all if you have one of the dog breeds on a restricted breed list. You may want to purchase pet liability insurance for extra coverage.

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Which Types Of Pet Damage Are Covered By Renters Insurance

As I mentioned above, renters insurance generally covers property damage and various liabilities. Generally speaking, both types of incidents are covered under your liability policy.

This means that if a covered incident occurs, you’ll be covered up to the policy’s limits. Here are a few examples of how it works:

  • Injuries: Let’s assume you invited some friends over to your house and your dog scratches a guest. The cut is pretty deep, and your guest goes to the hospital. That person would then file a claim through your insurer. If you’re liable for those injuries, your insurer will attempt to settle with your guest. However, if there’s no settlement, your guest may take the case to court. The insurance would pay for court costs and any fees related to settlement.
  • Property damage: Now let’s assume that your dog is chasing a squirrel and causes damage to your neighbor’s yard. To pay for the damage, your neighbor would file a claim through your insurance company. The same general rules apply here as is the case with injuries. Your insurance company will cover the costs if you’re found liable.

You can speak with your independent insurance agent if you’re confused whether or not certain types of pet damage are covered by your policy. However, these two issues are a good jumping-off point to give you a general lay of the land.

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Does Renters Insurance Cover Pet Damage?

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Please note:

The above is meant as general information and as general policy descriptions to help you understand the different types of coverages. These descriptions do not refer to any specific contract of insurance and they do not modify any definitions, exclusions or any other provision expressly stated in any contracts of insurance. We encourage you to speak to your insurance representative and to read your policy contract to fully understand your coverages.

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Why Cant I Get Renters Insurance For Pet Damage

Your landlord is asking for a product that basically doesnt exist, to be honest. Thats not what you want to hear, and thats not what your landlord wants to hear, but its largely true. Somewhere out there, there probably is some product which covers pet damage, but its definitely not renters insurance! Why would renters insurance exclude pet damage to the residence premises? There are actually two reasons.

The first is that you are covered for a specific set of risks with regards to liability for damage to the residence premises. Those include things like fire, accidental water damage, smoke, and explosion. Does renters insurance cover punching holes in the wall? If you trash your apartment will renters insurance pay? These are actual questions weve been asked, and the answer is no, of course. Even if we set aside that the damage is intentional and that you didnt have to cause the damage with regard to those two questions, theyre still not things that the policy covers you for as far as liability for the premises. Thats out of pocket for you.

Additionally, renters insurance for pet damage isnt something you can find because youre required to mitigate a loss as soon as you know there is one, and youre also supposed to prevent losses from occurring to the best of your ability. You know or should know that your dog chewed the carpet once. Thats a small repair that you could probably take care of by yourself or that could be paid for out of your deposit.

Does My Renters Insurance Cover My Pet

Our furry friends provide us with love and affection, but they also leave unwanted surprises like chewed-up slippers, scratched-up furniture and urine-damaged flooring. If youre welcoming a puppy or kitten into your home, you might be wondering if renters insurance will protect you against damages caused by your pet. Unfortunately, youll be responsible for damage to your property caused by your pet since neither renters insurance policies nor pet insurance policies typically cover pet damage. Renters insurance is still definitely worth having, especially if you have a pet since most renters policies include liability insurance.

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Pet Damages That Aren’t Covered By Your Renters Insurance Policy

  • Damage to your own property: Renters insurance doesn’t cover pet damage to your personal belongings. For example, if your cat decides to use your sofa as a scratching post, you’ll have to repair or replace it yourself.
  • Injuries to yourself, your family, and/or roommates: Your renters insurance policy won’t pay for dog bites or other injuries sustained by anyone who resides in your home, but does cover houseguests.

Is There Separate Insurance For Pet Damage

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There probably is such a product out there, somewhere. Were not familiar with any particular insurance for pet damage that we could point you towards, because its comparatively rare and if the coverage can be found its likely to be quite limited in what it covers, and quite broad with regard to your own duty to mitigate and other responsibilities under the policy.

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Does Renters Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage

Yes, for the most part. Hurricanes are sort of strange. In some states, like Rhode Island, youll have a Hurricane Deductible in your standard renters insurance policy. In others, like New Jersey, some policies may include a separate, mandatory, or optional hurricane deductible in the insurance policy. Still other renters insurance policies, like California, dont even mention the word hurricane in their policy.

A hurricane is basically a giant windstorm , rain , and possibly flooding .

Bonus: if for some reason, your place becomes uninhabitable renters insurance offers perks like reimbursement if you need to stay in a hotel, or any expenses above what youd normally have to pay on a daily basis.

Moral of the story? If you live in an area where they get past the Cs when naming the next hurricane , you should probably take a look at your policy or contact your insurer and see what your options are.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Pets

Renters insurance may cover pet damage as part of your policy’s liability coverage. This may help protect your finances if your pet injures someone else or damages their property. However, renters insurance won’t cover damage to your own property that’s caused by your pet. In some instances, repairs that are made by your landlord may come out of your security deposit.

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When Does Renters Insurance Cover Your Pet

Of the two main renters insurance coverages personal property and personal liability the personal liability portion of renters insurance covers third-party damage or injury caused by your pet. This means you are only covered if your pet hurts others or damages others property, while you and your property are not covered. When you purchase a renters insurance policy, youll have to decide on a liability coverage limit, and youll be responsible for expenses above that limit.

Renters insurance only covers damages and injuries your pet causes to others, not to you.

Some examples of pet incidents typically covered by personal liability insurance include:

  • Your cat scratches a guest, and they require medical treatment.
  • Your dog bites a visitor, and they need to go to the hospital.
  • Your pet damages a guests personal property, like having an accident on their expensive laptop.

A typical renters insurance policy covers $100,000 in personal liability, but you often have the option to purchase additional coverage. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average cost of a dog bite claim in the U.S. is almost $45,000, and severe incidents can cost even more. This means that renters insurance with pet coverage is a good investment even if you have calm, well-behaved pets, since even the best pets may lash out when stressed and you never know when an accident could occur.

What Renters Insurance Doesn’t Cover For Pets

Does Renters Insurance Cover Dog Damage?  Budget Method

The liability portion of a renters policy covers damages and injuries to other people. Not you. So, if Fido goes pee on your Xbox or tears a hole in the carpet, renters insurance won’t cover it.

Similarly, if your exotic fish aquarium springs a leak and dumps 150 gallons of water into your home, renters insurance won’t cover it. But if the aquarium pump malfunctions and causes a fire, renters will probably kick in for your belongings and liability. Most policies cover fire damage regardless of the cause.

Renters insurance is not the same thing as pet insurance. If your pet gets sick or injured, renters insurance doesn’t cover it. If you want insurance protection for your pet’s health and safety, you’ll need pet insurance.

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How Much Does It Cost To Add Renters Insurance With Pets

Renters insurance policies already include a certain amount of liability coverage for your pets. Cost of insuring your pet is included in the price of the base policy.

However, in most cases, policies are different from one company to the next. Most companies may charge an additional fee for dogs of a particular breed, over a certain weight or of a specific type.

If your dog falls among one of these categories, you can likely still find pet liability insurance with a personal umbrella liability policy.

With most insurance companies, you will part with about $10 to $20 a month for renters insurance with pet liability coverage. In this case, you will not pay extra. The amount might vary based on the pets size and the risk it poses.

What Is The Cost Of Adding Pet Liability To My Renters Insurance

Personal liability coverage is usually included in renters insurance. Although renters pet insurance isnt generally offered, the liability coverage in your renters policy should extend to personal liability that arises from your pet. This includes both property damage and medical bills for third parties. Legal fees should also be covered under personal liability coverage. But the coverage limits in your policy will state exactly how much coverage youll receive from your policy. Renters insurance with pet liability is generally limited to your personal liability.

You might also be able to find liability insurance specifically for your pet. This insurance is less common and monthly premiums can range quite a bit. Some providers may offer pet liability coverage for as low as $10 per month. But if you have a pet breed thats known to cause liability, your premiums could be much higher.

For example, the liability associated with owning a large dog would be much higher than the liability associated with owning a hamster, so its reasonable to expect the cost of coverage would be more for the large dog.

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Medical Payments And Injury Liability

Lets say you own a cat, and they bite a visitor in your rental home. Your pet causes damage bad enough that your visitor requires medical attention. The damage prompts a visit to the emergency room. Luckily, you have renters insurance to cover your visitor. The visitor can file a claim through your insurance company. If you are found liable, your insurer will settle with your guest for medical payments and damages. If your guest doesnt accept the settlement, they may take you to court. Your insurance company will pay the fees associated with the suit through your liability insurance policy.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Water Damage

Are Pets Covered Under Renters Insurance?

Sort of Lets say your apartment sprinklers go off, soaking all of your stuff. Youre covered. Frozen pipes burst in the winter? Yep, thats covered too. Sewer backs up? Nope, that generally is not covered, so youll need to chase down your landlord for your damages.

Water damages that could be covered include the accidental overflow of water or steam from within your plumbing, heating, AC, or sprinkler system. Basically anything in your place that suddenly causes a flood without any known issues from the inside-out is covered.

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What If You Need Separate Pet Liability Insurance

Theres good news if youve exhausted your basic renters insurance options. A growing number of specialized insurance companies now offer separate dog liability insurance and some even cover the so-called bad dog breeds . In some cases, landlords will only accept your pet if you show proof that youve purchased separate dog liability insurance.

What Does Renters Insurance Protect

Too often, people think they don’t have enough property to make a renters insurance policy worthwhile. But take a minute to think about what you own, and what you’ve got to lose, including:

  • Clothing
  • Accidental discharge of water
  • Other common loss types

Your coverage will also include liability protection, which generally covers injury to another person on your property. If necessary, your policy can even pay for your legal defense in these circumstances. Many landlords actually require tenants to purchase renters insurance with specific liability limits, especially if they own pets.

Additionally, your policy will include medical payments coverage that pays for medical expenses of people who don’t live with you, but who are injured on your property.

Get covered. Get a renters insurance quote now.

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Whats Not Covered By Dog Liability Renters Insurance

There are some circumstances where issues caused by your dog would not be covered with a renters insurance policy. We offer a special add-on coverage that provides up to $1,000 for veterinarian or final expenses for your dog, cat, fish or bird as a result of a covered loss.

Here are a few examples of canine liability losses that are typically not covered by standard renters policies:

  • Damage done by your pets to your own personal property
  • Dog injuries sustained by you and those in your household
  • Damage due to dogs destroying carpets or chewing on the woodwork or any other physical damage to the structure or contents of your rental

Property Damage Of Others Caused By Your Dog

Does Renters Insurance Cover Pet Damage?

If your pet breaks or destroys the belongings of others, you can be covered with this important protection. Suppose youre at a friends home with your dog and it bumps into a table, knocking over and breaking an expensive TV. Your renters policy can help cover the cost of replacing items that your dog damages or destroys.

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Damage To Others Property & Liability Coverage

In a case where your pet damages the property of someone else you may be lucky because it is more common for insurance companies to insure this type of incident. Whether you are in your own home or at someone elses home when the incident occurs it is likely that this is a situation in which your insurance company will cover anything you are liable such as injury or property damage to others. So even if youre at a family members home and your dog tears apart their couch you can count on your insurance to help you pay for situations such as these.

For this coverage, your limits will depend on how much liability coverage you select. The more coverage you select the more you will pay monthly. There are also other factors that may play a part such as your location, driving record, and even your credit score.

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