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Does Santander Credit Card Include Travel Insurance

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Travelling With The Santander World Elite Mastercard

First of all, the Santander World Elite Mastercard® gives you access to more than 1,000 airport lounges around the world. With extensive lounge access, you dont have to worry about uncomfortable airport seating and those dreadful long layovers. In fact, you might just wish you had more time to spend in the luxurious lounges between your flights. In addition, this card gives you access to over 1 million WIFI hot spots worldwide.

When you travel, insurance is a must. However, it can be quite expensive. Thats why this credit card comes with a 40% online discount on Santander Travel Insurance. With this affordable benefit, you can relax abroad knowing youre covered. For added peace of mind, you also get access to a Mastercard Concierge 24/7 when using your card.

The pesky and dreaded foreign transaction fees, we all know they can be through the roof with some banks. However, with the Santander World Elite Mastercard® you pay nothing in foreign transaction fees while you travel abroad. You wont have to worry about the extra charges that often come with using a credit card abroad. Just another one of the great travel perks that come with this card.

Yet another advantage thats helpful when travelling is that you can get three more cards or family members of your choice at no extra cost. This way, if you split up during your holiday, you can still be sure that everyone has a way to access funds.

What Will You Find In Santanders Card Portfolio

Santander is a card provider that looks to offer competitive interest-free offers. Be it for balance transfers or purchases, every card in its portfolio has a decent length 0% promotional period.

What you will also find is cashback offers. While they are not the highest cashback yield around, they are a definite perk and can build overtime. Plus, you can combine them with the banks Retailer Offers, which give you up to 15% at certain retailers.

Travel is also a big theme in Santanders card portfolio. Be it the lack of foriegn transaction fees, or more specific travel offers such as access to airport lounges or discounts on travel insurance Santander has positioned itself as a provider to strongly consider for your travel credit card needs.

Are Trips Affected By Covid

If you have a trip booked to an area affected by COVID-19, you may wonder whether you can cancel your trip and file a claim for reimbursement. The answer and specifics will vary based on the card you used and the details of why you want to cancel. But in general, you wont be able to get a refund from trip cancellation and interruption insurance if your reason is primarily related to:

  • Youre no longer willing to take your trip.
  • Your destination has reported incidents or confirmed cases of COVID-19.
  • Theres a CDC travel warning for your destination.
  • Your destination wont offer you entry or would require testing, vaccination or quarantine for entry.
  • The flight to or from your destination is canceled due to COVID-19.

However, some cards may offer coverage in specific cases. For example, Amex may provide coverage if the reason for your trip cancellation is that you contract COVID-19 or are quarantined by a physician for health reasons related to COVID-19 before departing for your trip.

Of course, many airlines now offer free changes or cancellations. And you may be able to work with other travel suppliers to change or cancel your arrangements. So, you may be able to be refunded or otherwise accommodated even if your reasons for cancellation or interruption arent eligible for reimbursement by your insurance.

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Fee 5: Credit Card Interest Rates

The costs are worked out in a similar way if you use a credit card, but youll also have to pay any interest charges you might incur. Dont forget, theres no grace period on currency withdrawals on a credit card, so you start to pay interest as soon as you have got your cash.

The exact fees youre liable for will be detailed online or on the back of your card statements. These below are a guide, because different card types might have some variances. For example, with the Gold Visa debit card, youll find you can get fee free ATM withdrawals from Santander machines in most countries, and the World Elite Mastercard means you dont get charged foreign transaction fees, as long as you steer clear of DCC.

Here are the fees youll be charged to use your Santander credit or debit card while youre away:

How To Redeem Santander Cash Rewards

The Top 10 Most Exclusive Black Cards You Dont Know About ...

There are 2 main ways to manage your rewards:

  • Via the Santander Online Banking website
  • You can use your rewards for statement credits, e-certificates, merchandise, and gift cards. However, you cant redeem your rewards for travel, electronic deposit, or a check.

    So, the best thing to do is to use statement credits to erase the purchases you make. The good news is that there are no minimums to redeem your rewards!

    Who Are The Cards Best Suited To

    If you can pay your credit card bill off in full every month, then a reward or cashback credit card can be a good way of clawing something back at no extra effort.

    But if you dont always pay off your entire credit card balance, these types of credit card are not a good option. This is because the cards come with particularly high interest rates, around 23% APR .

    Paying this will not only wipe anything you can earn in cashback or rewards, its likely to start costing you instead.

    Finally, to make the most of these deals, youll need to do either all of your spending on the card. This means using it like a debit card for everyday transactions, as well as large purchases.

    How Do I File A Claim

    If youre in a situation where you believe you may be eligible for your credit cards travel insurance, your first step should be to read your cards guide to benefits and/or call the number on the back of your card. Even if you believe your insurance will cover you after reading your cards guide to benefits, it is usually a good idea to call the number on the back of your card. Doing so will let you ensure youre covered, learn about deadlines for making your claim and determine what documents youll need to collect.

    The benefits administrator will usually walk you through the necessary steps for making your claim. Luckily, many card issuers now allow you to make claims online, so you may not even need to send in any physical documents. Be sure to pay attention to any deadline for starting your claim and uploading documents, as well as any specific requirements for requested documentation.

    How Can I Make A Claim

    The pandemic has left thousands of holidaymakers out of pocket. If you had a trip booked that you now cant take, you might need to make a claim yourself.

    Insurers will only pay out for costs that cant be refunded by travel or accommodation providers, so you should get in touch with them first. If you approach insurers with a claim before exploring the refund route, they will want you to do that before you can progress further.

    Next, make a list of all the non-refundable costs you want to claim for. Not just hotels and flights, but transfers, tours and excursions.

    After that, youre ready to contact your insurer. Weve gathered the claims numbers for more than 40 travel insurance providers in the table below. Click the name of the insurer to see our review of its service and find more details about how to make a claim.

    If we dont have a review, contact your insurer directly for more information.

    Why Should I Use The Eligibility Checker

    Your credit report is incredibly important its a record of how youve managed credit-based products in the past, and its used to determine whether youll be accepted for products in the future.

    If your file shows lots of applications for products, lenders might think youre struggling to be accepted, or that youre desperate for credit. But the Eligibility Checker enables you to see which cards youre likely to be accepted for without leaving a mark on your file.

    For Those Who Live And Work Globally

    Offered only to our Private and Select Banking clients, the Santander World Elite Mastercard presents a range of premium services tailored to clients who enjoy a global lifestyle.

    As well as everything youd expect from a premium credit card, the World Elite Mastercard connects you to a dedicated team of lifestyle managers. Let them take the stress out of life by arranging your travel, securing a reservation at your favourite restaurant, or buying a last-minute gift.

    Mastercard clients also enjoy unforgettable experiences offered with Mastercard Priceless Cities. Wherever you are in the world, be first in line for unlocking hidden gems or unearthing the best of the local culture.   

    All credit is subject to status and credit checks.

    Other Trip Protections And Benefits You Can Use

    There are other travel protections and benefits that can save you money or provide assurance during your trip. Look for these protections and benefits on your current rewards credit card or one youre considering.

    Note that these are general, abbreviated descriptions of complimentary protections or benefits that may come with your card. Coverage varies widely so youll want to check the cards Guide to Benefits for limits, terms, and conditions.

    The Best Chase Credit Cards For Trip Cancellation And Trip Interruption Insurance

    Chase is a leader when it comes to overall travel insurance coverage, specifically trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance. The issuer offers several cards with these valuable benefits.

    Expect to receive the following benefit compensation levels for a covered travel incident, from these Chase credit cards:

    UP’s Bonus Valuation*:$2,000Must Reads: For more info on the Chase Sapphire Preferred, see our thoughts on its and travel insurance coverage, which includes primary car rental insurance. Take a look at our full review to see why it’s one of our favorite cards.

    If your trip is canceled for a covered reason, you or a covered immediate family member could be reimbursed for the non-refundable amount of your trip. The limit for each coverage is $10,000 per occurrence.

    The maximum benefit under each separate coverage for trip cancellation and trip interruption is $20,000 per incident and $40,000 per 12-month period.

    What Should I Do If I Lose My Credit Card Abroad

    How to Apply for a Santander Zero Credit Card

    Cancel your card as soon as possible. This can be done via your online account or your card providers app.

    Alternatively, call the provider direct. Youll find the relevant phone number for calling from abroad on its website, but its worth putting it in your phone before you set off.

    A new credit card will be sent to your home address within 10 working days. Obviously, this wont help you while youre away, but some banks or card providers will arrange for emergency cash to reach you so that you continue your holiday.

    Eligible Trip Cancellation Or Interruption Events

    Youll only be eligible for reimbursement if certain events cause cancellation or interruption of your travel arrangements. For example, Chase may provide trip cancellation and interruption coverage for the following circumstances:

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    Additionally, Chase may provide trip cancellation coverage for the following events:

    • Terrorist incident within 25 miles of you or your traveling companions place of permanent residence within 30 days of the scheduled departure.
    • Terrorist incident within 25 miles of an airport, booked lodging and/or destination host within 30 days of your scheduled arrival.
    • A travel warning due to terrorism issued by the U.S. government for the immediate vicinity of you or your traveling companions place of permanent residence within 10 days of the scheduled departure.
    • A travel warning due to terrorism issued by the U.S. government for a geographic area within 25 miles of an airport, booked lodging and/or destination host that is in effect within 30 days immediately preceding the scheduled departure.

    Finally, Chase may provide trip interruption coverage for the following events:

    • Terrorist incident within 25 miles of an airport, booked lodging and/or destination host while on a trip.
    • Travel warning due to terrorism issued by the U.S. government during your trip for a geographic area within 25 miles of an airport, booked lodging and/or destination host.

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    Santander 123 Vs Santander 123 Lite

    Santander 123
    Total cashback:£5.60

    If you have a Lite account, after fees, the the cashback will come to £3.60 per month or £43.20 per year.

    Its important to note that the cashback is capped to £5 per tier each month. That means that even the biggest of spenders can only receive a maximum of £15 per month. Although I would check for leaks if youre receiving the full £5 cashback for water.

    You can visit the Santander site to calculate your exact cashback rates.

    How To File A Claim With Chase

    Most trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance is in excess over other coverage you might have, whether from a separate travel insurance policy you purchased or from compensation you received directly from the common carrier.

    For example, if an airline pays for your hotel room, transport to the hotel, and meals due to a flight cancellation, your credit card coverage is only going to cover reimbursement for eligible expenses you incurred above what the carrier provided or for which they reimbursed you.

    For this reason, some of the documentation youll need to submit will need to come from the common carrier. Its best to be informed upfront, before you travel, of what may be required should you need to file a claim.

    Documentation You May Need to Provide

    • Your completed claim form
    • A copy of your travel itinerary
    • Documentation of the reason for the trip cancellation or interruption
    • Medical documents supporting a covered loss
    • Copy of your credit card statement showing the charges for prepaid travel expenses
    • Proof of other eligible expenses
    • Copy of the carriers or travel providers refund or cancellation policy

    You have 90 days to provide loss documentation but the deadline can be extended to 1 year if there is a valid reason the documentation could not be obtained within the 90 day period.

    Chase states that it will pay the claim within 60 days after they have received all of the required documentation.

    What Should I Watch Out For With Cashback And Rewards Cards

    One of the biggest drawbacks of reward and cashback cards is the high rates of interest they charge. Annual Percentage Rates are often in the region of 23% .

    Some cards also charge set annual fees, which can push the APR up much further.

    Bear in mind also that advertised APRs are representative which means they only need to apply to 51% of successful applicants. In other words, the APR you are offered could be even higher.

    It can be easy to get carried away with spending on a reward card in an attempt to boost the number of loyalty points or amount of cashback you receive particularly as many reward cards offer bonuses in the first few months if you reach a spending milestone.

    But if you cannot afford to pay off your balance each month in full, it is best to avoid reward cards completely as the amount of interest you will pay will far outweigh the potential benefits.

    How Do We Rate Insurers’ Coronavirus Cover

    In October 2020 we contacted 73 travel insurers and quizzed them on whether their policies cover coronavirus-related incidents.

    Specifically we wanted to know if four scenarios would be covered: needing treatment for coronavirus abroad; having to cancel because of a positive test; having to cancel because of self-isolation, or having to cancel because of government advice.

    We didn’t rate insurers on their customer service, other policy elements, or value for money.

    We rated insurers’ coronavirus cover from red up to green:

    Hero Tips: Must Knows About Santander

  • Watch out for monthly fees

    While Santander offers a full package, for some of its cards this comes at a price. Take notice of the monthly fees attached and weigh up whether what you get in benefits offsets the cost.

  • Note the end of the interest-free period

    Once the 0% introductory period on either balance transfers or purchases runs out, youll have to pay the standard interest rate on your balance. In order to avoid costly interest charges, make sure you have cleared your balance before your 0% introductory period ends.

  • Use an eligibility checker

    Santander is after borrowers who have a good or excellent credit score. If you are concerned you may not qualify, its best to use an eligibility checker before making your application.

  • Benefits Of Banking With Us:

    • Use your Mastercard for everyday, on-the-go purchases.1
    • Bank day or night with our highly rated Mobile Banking App.3
    • Enjoy convenient features like Apple Pay.
    • Bank online with the confidence of Santander® PROTECHTION, using digital controls for cards, alerts, and more.
    • Put misplaced cards on hold, until you find them, with Santander® Instant Card Hold.2
    • Rest easier with our Digital Banking Guarantee.4

    Sphere® Mastercard credit card.

    2 Santander® Instant Card Hold will block most types of transactions, including purchases made with your card. Please note that some types of transactions will continue to process, including recurring debit/credit transactions presented to us by certain merchants for monthly membership or subscription fees.

    3 Rating by Apple App Store customers 4.7 out of 5 of 251K ratings as of 6/2/2021.

    4 Please refer to your Digital Banking Agreement and Personal Deposit Account Agreement for details on your responsibility for promptly reporting unauthorized transactions.

    Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Pay and Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    Who Might This Card Be Great For

    Why Your Credit Cards

    This card is great for those who want multiple functions from their credit card. If you are someone who is looking for both 0% on balance transfer and purchases, then you could save yourself some money with this card, as not only do you have a long runway to pay any outstanding balances, but you can also benefit from no balance-transfer fees.

    The Santander All In One card is also suited to anyone who uses their credit card on holiday. The lack of foreign transaction fee makes this easy to do .

    Finally, it is best suited to those who have a good/excellent credit score. To achieve the headline rates on this card, you will need to have proved yourself to be a sensible borrower in the past. Santander also requires that you have an income of at least £7,500 a year.

    The Motley Fool receives compensation from some advertisers who provide products and services that may be covered by our editorial team. Its one way we make money. But know that our editorial integrity and transparency matters most and our ratings arent influenced by compensation. The statements above are The Motley Fools alone and have not been provided or endorsed by bank advertisers.

    The Motley Fool has recommended shares in Lloyds, Tesco and Barclays.

    Santander All In One Credit Card *

    Explore this review

    Santander Car Insurance Customer Reviews

    On customer reviews platform Trustpilot, Santander as a bank has 1.5 out of 5 stars and a rating of Bad, based on more than 2,500 reviews.

    Things are a little better on the Review Centre, where Santander has 3.7 out of 5 stars and 67% of reviewers saying they would recommend the service. However, this is based on just a handful of reviews.

    For Santanders car insurance service, customers like the helpful staff, but many complain of technical issues and some report premium hikes .

    What Happens If I Forget My Pin

    If you use online banking or your card providers app, some banks allow you to view your PIN securely and instantly in this way.

    If not, youll need to phone your bank/card provider. A PIN reminder or new PIN will be sent to your home address within three to five working days.

    Always check you remember your PIN in advance of your next holiday, particularly if you havent used your card for a while.

    Santander All In One Credit Card *

    Great for: 0% offers, cashback and travel benefits in one card

    * Affiliate partner

    A highly multi-functional card that should serve a wide variety of users. The All in One card offers 26-month 0% periods on balance transfers and 20 months 0% on purchases. During the promotional period, theres no balance transfer fee a very nice benefit.

    • 0% interest for 26 months from account opening on balance transfers
    • No balance transfer fee
    • 0% interest for 20 months from account opening on purchases
    • 0.5% cashback on all purchases
    • No foreign transaction fee
    • Special cashback offers of up to 15% with Retailer Offers
    • ** The fee for this card is £3 per month, charged monthly
    • Note: You can apply for a credit card if youre a permanent UK resident aged 18 years or over, have a guaranteed annual income of £7,500 or more , have a good credit record and have not been declared bankrupt, had a CCJ or an IVA within the last 6 years.


    17.9% p.a. on card purchases. This is equivalent to 23.7% APR representative based on an assumed credit limit of £1,200. Monthly fee: £3.

    * This is an offer from one of our affiliate partners. For more information on why and how we work with partners, .

    what we like

    • 0% interest for 26 months from account opening on balance transfers
    • 0% interest for 20 months from account opening on purchases
    • 0.5% cashback on all purchases
    • No balance transfer fee



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    Whats Great About This Card

    Balance-transfer offer This card has several competitive offers. But it is the balance transfer offer that Santander has added to this package that really stands out. Not only can you benefit from 26 months interest-free on balance transfers, but you also can avoid a balance transfer fee. Typically around 3%, this means you could save a decent amount of money if you are planning to make a transfer.

    Purchases offer With this card you dont have to choose between interest-free balance transfers or purchases: you can benefit from both. At 20 months interest-free, the purchase offer gives you a long runway of just under two years to clear your balance before the card reverts to its standard rate.

    Cashback offers Who doesnt want a little something for their spending? The All In One card offers 0.5% cashback on all purchases. And while this is not huge, it can build up over time. Plus, the added benefit of being part of the Santander family is that through its online and mobile banking services, you will also have access to its Retailer Offers, a free service available through online and mobile banking this is up to 15% cash back at certain retailers! And if you are a new cardholder, you could benefit from 25% cashback through the schemes welcome offer.

    Additional cardholders One other little bonus about this card is that you can have up to three additional cardholders.

    Select Bank Of America Credit Cards

    The Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card provides reimbursement of up to $2,500 per person, per trip, for unused prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses, including passenger fares, tours and hotels, if you have to cancel due to a covered reason. The card has a $95 annual fee, but youll earn 2 points for every dollar spent on travel and dining purchases and 1.5 points for every dollar spent on all other purchases. Plus, earn 2 points for every dollar spent on grocery store purchases now through Dec. 31. Check out our Bank of American Premium Rewards card review for more details.

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