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Does State Farm Insurance Have Pet Insurance

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Mixed Breed Cat Quote

State Farm® – Dog Etiquette

The fourth quote is for a 2-year old neutered male mixed breed cat with a $200 deductible and unlimited payouts. The premium for the most-preferred plan is $34.23. The premium with a $500 deductible is $25.21. The price with a $0 deductible is $54.76 while the price with a $1000 deductible is $17.26.

A Guide To Pet Insurance

Youre reading this guide, so you are more than likely interested in buying pet insurance. However, you may already know its not as easy as you first thought.

If you do a quick search on Google, you will get a flood of companies wanting you to choose them as your provider. However, can you rely on every company available online? Sorry, but this is not always the case. In this guide, well help you choose ones that you can trust.

Youre a pet owner, and you obviously care for your pet, right? You want to know that you and your pet are covered in the unfortunate event of an injury or illness. Maintaining a healthy pet is our main priority. This is why we need a pet insurance company we can rely on. And, one thats not going to damage our pocket too much!

In this guide, were going to explain pet insurance more in-depth. Also, how to choose the one you can trust.

Plan For Your Pets Future

Your pet is a part of the family. Unexpected costs can take a toll on your bank account. But by preparing for the unexpected with pet medical insurance and expected costs with a pet savings account, you can have the peace of mind your pet will have the coverage they need when they need it most. Contact your State Farm® agent today to discover how a State Farm Trupanion Pet Medical Insurance policy can help be there throughout your pets life.

We love informed decisions. See theTrupanion policyfor full coverage details.

Trupanion is a registered trademark owned by Trupanion, Inc. Underwritten in Canada by Omega General Insurance Company and in the United States by American Pet Insurance Company, 6100-4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108. Please visit to review all available pet health insurance products.

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State Farms Drive Safe & Save Program

If you have good driving habits and want to earn more discounts on your car insurance, State Farms Drive Safe & Save program may be right for you. The app tracks your driving and you earn discounts for good driving behavior such as avoiding hard stops and excessive speeds. You may save up to 30% on your car insurance with Drive Safe & Save.

The State Farm Drive Safe and Save app provides feedback on each driving trip you make and awards good driving behaviors with discounts. When you enroll, youll receive a driving bluetooth beacon that you attach to the back of your rearview mirror. The bluetooth beacon tracks your driving habits and provides scores based on five variables including acceleration, braking, cornering, speed and phone use.

Why Do Homeowners Insurance Companies Ask About Dogs

State Farm Renters Insurance Pet Damage

Homeowners insurance usually incorporates liability cover. If your dog bites someone or damages their property, the insurer should pay:;

  • For the medical expenses of the victim
  • The replacement or repair costs of the damaged property
  • Your legal expenses if it becomes necessary
  • In some cases, judgments for pain and suffering as a result of a civil suit

Insurers ask questions about what dogs you have to assess their risk more accurately. The greater the chance that the dog will cause severe damage when it bites, the higher the risk of liability issues. With particularly aggressive breeds, theyll load your premiums or decline cover altogether.;

There are some dog breeds homeowners insurance will never cover. If the breed has a reputation for being vicious, like pit bulls, the company may feel that the risk is too high.

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State Farm Pet Health Insurance Pricing Coverage & More

  • State Farm Pet Health Insurance Pricing, Coverage, & More
  • Prepare for unexpected vet bills

    State Farm is an insurance company providing auto, home,rental and medical pet insurance. For many people, its the ultimate answer toaccessing discounts by bundling different policies together. State Farms pet insurance;is through a partnership with Trupanion,;asmall pet insurance company that sells its own individual pet insurancepolicies as well.;

    Some consider State Farm to be more expensive than otherinsurers. Whatever annual premium is agreed upon at the outset, the rates arefixed for the life of the policy, so you may end up paying less than other companies’ policies in the long term. The pricing per month for dogs is between $36 and$100 for most breeds. Some breeds known to carry genetic illnesses may be moreexpensive. Cats premiums are between $23 and $57 per month.

    Deductiblesare agreed upon by the consumer and State Farm at the time of product purchase.Deductibles can range up to $1,000. The higher the deductible, the lower themonthly cost. Conversely, the premium is higher with lower deductibles. Thegood news is that once a deductible has been paid for a new illness or injury,you will not have to pay it again for that condition. Other new illnesses orinjuries will carry their own deductibles which will be the same amount as thepolicy-wide deductible.;

    Included in itscoverage is non-routine:

    • Diagnostic tests

    Average Cost Of Pet Insurance For Dogs

    Across 11 of the top pet insurers, the average monthly premium for dog insurance was $42.45.

    To find the average dog insurance premium, we obtained rates for a sample dog profile from insurers’ online quote generators. For the sample plan, we used:

    • $500 deductible
    • 80% reimbursement level

    Even with the same parameters for location, dog and insurance plan, insurers showed a range of nearly $50 across their plans. As such, if you live somewhere with expensive veterinary costs or own an injury-prone dog, you can expect your monthly premium to be closer to $70 than $25.

    Similarly, you’ll pay a higher premium if you want more coverage, or if you decrease the deductible or increase your reimbursement level.

    Below are the quotes for our sample dog across all insurers:


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    State Farms Steer Clear Program

    Looking for ways to save money on car insurance for a young driver? The State Farm Steer Clear app allows you to do just that with savings up to 20%.

    To sign up for the State Farm Steer Clear app, drivers must be under 25 and have no at-fault accident or violations in the past three years. The app provides five training modules that consist of lessons, driving scenarios and quizzes. If you complete all modules within six months of starting, you might be eligible for discounts.

    Types Of Pet Insurance Plans

    Axel and Archie | Why Pet Medical Insurance Matters | State Farm®

    When youre looking to insure your pet, the first thing to do is take a good look at your finances and how much youre able and willing to spend in case of an emergency. Each type of pet insurance policy will have different types of coverage and come at a different price point. Knowing what each type has to offer is crucial for understanding how to buy pet insurance.

    • Accident-only policies An accident-only plan may suit you best if your main concern is your cat or dogs propensity for mishaps. Theyre usually more affordable than plans with more coverage.
    • Accident & Illness policies These are the all-inclusive pet insurance plans, covering both accident and illness coverage. They can be expanded to be truly comprehensive by adding wellness coverage, which is usually an add-on rather than an integrated part of the plan.
    • Comprehensive policies Some insurers offer comprehensive policies covering everything, from accidents to illnesses to wellness to routine care. For example, they may cover the cost of dental care, chiropractic care, spaying, vaccinations, behavioral therapy, and more. Naturally, these plans have the heftiest price tag but are worth it for the peace of mind.

    If you want to evaluate whether an insurer is right for you, it might be a good idea to download one of their online sample policies.

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    Best Pet Insurance Companies Reviews

    • No caps on claim payouts
    • Unlimited annual benefits
    • 99% of claims processed in 2 days
    • Submit claims via email, fax, online, or using the Healthy Paws’ mobile app
    • Visit any licensed veterinarian
    • No wellness plan or preventative care
    • 15-day waiting period for accident and illness
    • Charges a one-time $25 fee
    • Limits deductibles and reimbursement options for pets over age 6

    Healthy Paws plans start at $20 per month for dogs, with no limit to how many claims you can make, making it the best value compared to the competition.

    Healthy Paws offers one comprehensive pet insurance plan covering:

    • accidents
    • hospital stays
    • and emergencies

    You can visit any licensed 24-hour emergency animal hospital and see specialists such as ophthalmologists, radiologists, cardiologists, oncologists for cancer care, and internal medicine experts without a referral. Healthy Paws covers pets aged six and older with a full accident and illness policy with unlimited lifetime coverage. Potential customers should be aware that pets must be at least 8 weeks old and under age 14 at the time of enrollment.

    Preventative care such as vaccinations, flea control, heartworm medication, deworming, nail trimming, and grooming are not covered. Neither are parasite control, spaying, and neutering, or dental healthcare.

    Healthy Paws Foundations Every Quote Gives Hope Program donates a homeless pets medical care with every free pet insurance quote.

    All of FIGOs plans cover the same expenses:

    • hospitalizations

    The State Farm Pet Insurance Partnership With Trupanion Is Meant For Dogs And Cats Only

    Trupanion has been selling dog and cat medical policies in the United States since 2000. It is a well-established provider in this segment of the industry. It is known for keeping premiums steady even after a claim has been made or as an animal ages. Moreover, it is currently the only pet insurer accepted by veterinarians as a direct payment at the time of checkout. This eliminates the need for animal owners to have to initially foot the bill and then seek reimbursement. Puppies and kittens can be enrolled from birth, achieving the best coverage and rate for the owner as this minimizes the chance of pre-existing condition which would add exclusions and cost to a policy.

    Pet health issues can be unexpected and expensive, explained State Farm Agency Vice President Ken Heidrich. He added that the State Farm pet insurance: helps reduce the stress of veterinary medical bills, allowing families to focus on their beloved pet. Were excited to expand our alliance with Trupanion and offer this product as a way to help even more customers prepare for and recover from the unexpected.

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    What Breeds Of Dogs Will Insurance Not Cover

    The list of uninsurable dogs may differ between states, municipalities, and insurers. Its crucial to check the breed restriction list with the insurance company first. Theyll typically adhere to federal and local guidelines.;

    Also, confirm any dog breed restrictions by state and your towns bylaws. If you live in an apartment complex or gated community, also check what their rules state. They may enforce dog breed restrictions carefully to limit their liability.;

    As a general guide, the dog breeds that homeowners insurance wont cover typically include:;

    • German Shepherd
    • Great Dane
    • Some Wolf Mixes

    In determining which dogs to ban, insurers must consider the number and size of potential claims. In the case of aggressive dog breeds, they take on more risk by insuring your home. Some companies arent willing to take the chance.;

    What Happens If My Dog Is An Ineligible Breed

    Pet insurance state farm

    If you own a dog whose breed is on your companys ineligible list, you may still have options. Your company may exclude coverage for these breeds on its basic policy, but you may be able to add the coverage for an additional fee. If this is not an option, you can search for a company that will insure your dog. Every company has the right to create its own list of ineligible dog breeds, so you may find a company that does not consider your dog a higher-than-average risk. Additionally, some companies do not use a dogs breed to determine eligibility and instead only consider a dogs history of aggression.

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    What Other Dogs Never Get Covered By Homeowners Insurance

    Its not just power breeds that may make the list of dog breeds homeowners insurance wont cover. Insurers may exclude animals with a history of biting or aggressive behavior too.;

    They may provide you with coverage on the condition that you sign a waiver when your dog bites someone.;

    The company will usually also decline claims if your dog damages your property in some way. If the dog, for example, damages a door by chewing on it, youll be liable for the cost of repairs.;

    Does State Farm Have Dog Breed Restrictions

    There are no State Farm Insurance dog breed restrictions. The company states that, under the right circumstances, any dog can bite someone. There are also no USAA dog breed restrictions or Liberty Mutual dog breed restrictions.

    Its important to remember, however, that even if you have homeowners insurance that allows rottweilers and other banned breeds, you could lose your coverage after a claim. The companies that dont discriminate will usually terminate policies if your pet establishes a history of aggression.;

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    Bsl: Breed Specific Legislation

    Insurance companies arent the only ones engaging in dog breed discrimination. States, cities and even local municipalities have their own lists that are often different and even contradictory to one another. Its called Breed Specific Legislation or BSL.

    BSL began in the 1980s in response to several fatal dog attacks, according to PetPlace, an information website. These laws equate the qualities of a dangerous dog with certain breeds, and ban or restrict them based on group, not on any offense the individual dog committed.

    They make no concession for therapy dogs, assistance dogs or search and rescue dogs, notes PetPlace.

    How We Found The Best Pet Insurance Companies

    State Farm Insurance, Company Review – Why they have been #1 since 1942

    To thoroughly assess the top pet insurance companies and find the best, we researched several policy aspects that make these providers stand out and spoke to experienced veterinary doctors.

    We evaluated each policy by looking at:

    • Pet insurance costs, including average rates
    • Coverage options
    • Claims processes for all the featured companies
    • Flexibility with premiums and deductibles
    • Any potential limits on payments to policyholders.
    • Available channels to contact customer service agents

    Finally, we sought out pet insurers that offered multiple ways to contact customer service agents.

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    State Farm Vs Safeco: How Much Are The Average Rates

    Below is a list of the average rates that drivers typically pay with State Farm and SAFECO. On average, State Farm charges approximately $160.98 per month while SAFECO comes in at around $175.96 per month. For State Farm, the cheapest state average is Idaho at $76.22 per month and the most expensive is Michigan at $345.07 per month. For SAFECO, the cheapest state average is Florida at $57.56 per month and the most expensive is Georgia at $351.46 per month.

    State Farm

    Do They Have Good Plans

    The core insurance plan for your pet offered by USAA is an accident and illness plan. The plans cover the most crucial veterinary services that are needed to help treat injuries and illnesses. A wellness rewards plan is also available if you want to add coverage for preventive care. This wellness rewards plan offers reimbursement for vaccinations, checkups, and other services that arent considered routine services.

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    How Much Does Esurance Pet Insurance Cost

    Esurance, through Petplan, has competitive pricing, and there are discounts available.

    Of course, the cost of your pet insurance plan will depend on where you live, the breed of your cat or dog, your pets age, and the plan you choose.

    The average monthly premium for dogs is $30.

    The average monthly premium for cats is $19.

    If My Pet Injuries Someone Will My Insurance Go Up

    State Farm Insurance Agent Brian Pinkstaff Insuring Pets

    If you file a claim for injuries caused by your pet, you will likely see an increase in your insurance premium. This is because an insurance company views a claim as an indication that such damages could happen again, so you are charged more to compensate for that higher risk. If the injuries are severe enough, your insurance company may choose to cancel your policy. If your policy has been cancelled due to a pet injury claim, you will likely have trouble finding a policy to extend coverage to your pet.

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    The Controversy Over Banned Dog Breeds

    Not all home insurance companies have official lists of restricted dog breeds. Many decide whether to cover a household with a problematic dog on a case-by-case basis.

    But among insurers with banned breed lists, the lists can be found within filings made by home insurance companies to state insurance departments. Its a rogues gallery of so-called bad breeds who scare people, bite and knock kids off bikes.

    The home insurers banned breeds lists are long and include dogs youd expect, like Rottweilers, some you might not expect, like German Shepherds and rarer breeds like Alaskan Malamutes. Pit bulls of all types top the list.

    Many major insurers filings specifically state that coverage wont be provided to households where these dogs live. And they wont renew a policy if the presence of a vicious dog is discovered in the home.

    Dog advocatesled by the Animal Defense League, American Kennel Club, Best Friends Animal Society, Humane Society and othersare fighting back.They say its wrong for home insurance companies to discriminate against dogs due to breed. In a plea to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners , they raise an even bigger question: If insurers discriminate against the dog, do they also discriminate against the owner?

    The dog advocate groups want a moratorium on banned breed lists. An NAIC spokesperson said the request would be reviewed at the groups spring 2021 meeting.

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