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Does Travel Insurance Cover Car Hire Excess

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Here’s A List Of Brands That Cover Car Hire Excess

Car Hire Excess Insurance from Worldwide Insure

We took a look at a list of our travel insurance partners and found these brands automatically include car rental excess insurance in their policies. If you’re hiring a luxury car or just need a higher excess limit in general, consider choosing an option that allows you to increase your excess for an extra premium.


Does Travel Insurance Cover Car Rental Excess

Travel insurance plans that cover a rental typically only cover damage due to a collision. For instance, this benefit doesnt cover the cost of any personal property inside the car at the time of any incident. It also doesnt cover things like damage to another vehicle or medical care for any individuals who may be hurt in an accident involving the rental car. However, your travel medical coverage may help reimburse for any emergency medical care for people included on the travel insurance plan.

Collision Coverage Through Your Travel

You can add-on a collision coverage to the travel insurance policy you are buying. This is a cost-effective way of getting collision coverage. Non-EU or UK residents need to check with their insurance provider for daily and annual car hire excess insurance for non-EU residents, for terms and conditions.

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Check If Firms’ Foreign Websites Can Cut The Cost Of Big

To find the very cheapest car hire you should always search via a;comparison site. But if you prefer to go with a big-name firm say because you find it more trustworthy or collect loyalty points this sneaky loophole can sometimes cut costs, and even beat comparison sites’ prices for that firm too.

This trick mainly works when booking car hire in Europe, although it can occasionally work elsewhere as well. Essentially it involves booking a car with a firm via one of its foreign websites rather than its UK site. Here’s the lowdown:

  • How does it work?;Type the firm’s web address into your browser, but replace the “” extension with that of another country . This should take you to the firm’s foreign site then search for the car you want. The price’ll be in another currency check what the equivalent is in pounds to see if it’s cheaper than booking via the UK site.;

  • Who does it work with?;When we checked with five major firms – Avis*, Budget*, Europcar*, Hertz*;and Sixt* – they all told us it wasn’t against their T&Cs to do this in Europe. So if you have a UK address and driving licence, you can book a car anywhere in Europe using any of those firms’ European websites.

    Elsewhere it’s more complicated. Avis and Budget don’t allow Brits to book cars in the US via their US sites, for example Sixt does.;

  • Here’s a little inspiration:

    Just saved £440 on my hols car hire by booking with Avis France instead of Avis UK. Thanks.– Mechelle on Twitter

    Easy As Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom

    Car Rental Excess Covered By Travel Insurance

    Relax. We cover your rental car excess costs and include additional benefits that;hire car companies charge for.; In the event of a collision, or if the car is;damaged or;stolen while in your care your rental company will usually;charge your credit card for the excess or repair costs you are liable for ;and that’s;where we come in. Submit a claim with us to be reimbursed for the excess amount you were charged with no hiccups. ;All we need is;a copy of the rental agreement;and a;receipt showing how much you have been billed.;Too easy!;

    • Is car hire excess insurance the same as car hire insurance?
    • No,;they are different things.Most hire cars automatically come with insurance as the rental car company would insure their fleet of cars. ;This cost is usually built into the daily car hire cost that you pay.; However, every rental car comes with an excess amount, which is the amount that you would need to pay if any damage or theft were to happen to your vehicle when in your care. In essence, we cover your rental vehilce excess amount. Simply put, if you damage the car while it is in your possession, the car rental company will assess the cost to repair the damage and will charge your credit card an excess or the cost for repair if it is less. That is the amount that we reimburse you.

    • How much am I covered for?
    • The excess amount insured;with us;starts at $4,000 and can be increased by increments of $1,000. The maximum you would be covered for is ;$8,000.

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    Check Van Insurance Inside Out

    If you’re booking a van for a family or group holiday, you need to be aware of specific insurance issues:

  • Contents.;Vans’ lack of windows make them more attractive to thieves. Check policies before buying to make sure anything left inside overnight is covered. If you have materials on top of the vehicle, again don’t expect these to be covered, so a quick phone call to confirm may be needed.;

  • Breakdown.;Most vans are heavily used, increasing the chances of breakdowns. Some policies include breakdown cover, but separate cover’s often cheaper. See our;Cheap Breakdown Cover;guide.

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    Standard Car Hire Excess

    The standard excess is the basic cover that is included in your car rental cost and limits the amount you are liable for . In short, this is the amount for which you’ll want to purchase cover.

    Standard excess/liability

    • Cost per day to cover excess: $35.85
    • Cost per day on a 7 day hire to cover excess: $6.69

    Figures correct as of June 8 2017. Comparisons based on a driver aged 25+ picking up an economy car from a Melbourne location at 10am and dropping off at 10am.

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    Are There Any Exclusions For Third

    While car rental travel insurance can be a very helpful item to add to your travel insurance plan, some rental car companies will not accept it as a valid form of insurance. If the rental car company you chose requires you to purchase insurance through them, an add-on option from your travel insurance plan isnt a good option for you.

    Some situations may void any coverage. For example, it would not be valid if you were intoxicated at the time of an accident. It also doesnt apply if you are engaged in any illegal activity that damages the vehicle.

    Rental car travel insurance cant be purchased for some types of vehicles, such as RVs and motorcycles. To avoid any potential claims issues, check the terms of the plan prior to purchasing if youll be renting a unique type of vehicle.

    How Do I Claim The Car Hire Excess Back From My Insurer

    What is car hire excess?

    Keep in mind that you may need to pay the rental car company excess upfront before making a claim to your insurer. It is always wise to contact the insurer to advise them of your intention to claim. Most insurers will allow you to claim through the online customer portal, via phone or by posting your claim. You will need to supply documentation with your claim.

    After submitting your claim and being assessed by your insurer, if your claim is accepted you would receive your reimbursement. Despite the cost that might come with any upfront payment, the potential savings and the peace of mind that comes with knowing youre covered could be worth it.

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    What Does Europe Car Hire Excess Cover

    The rates along with the terms and conditions for Annual Europe Car Hire Excess Insurance will differ from a daily car hire excess insurance and annual plans will appeal to frequent travelers. ;Our typical European car hire excess cover includes

    • The excess on damage and theft up to 2,500 per year. This include single vehicle damage, roof and undercarriage damage, auto glass and widescreen damage, towing expenses
    • Provision for multiple drivers, aged between and inclusive of 21 and 84 years.
    • 45 consecutive day rental period.
    • Misfuelling, loss of car key and tyre damage.
    • Cover for courtesy or replacement car.

    A typical European car hire excess insurance does not include

    • Rentals where the insurance policyholder is not mentioned as the main driver.
    • Policy purchased after the rental has started.
    • Vehicles over 10 years old or are exorbitantly costly.
    • Off-road driving.
    • Commercial vehicles or any vehicles with more than 9 seats .
    • Charges for services that are Rental Companys responsibility like a mechanical breakdown or towing costs.

    You should also check for the insurance companys recognition of coverages bought at the car rental and restrictions and requirements for non-EU or UK residents.

    How Does Car Hire Excess Insurance Work

    For example: If you hire a car more often than not the vehicle itself will come with standard insurance, known as a collision damage waiver. In most cases the insurance provider will have written into the clause a voluntary excess that you will have to pay up front, should the vehicle become damaged or stolen.

    In cases like this, you could be paying into the hundreds of pounds for something as minor as a scratch.

    So, say you had a voluntary excess of £500, even with something as minor as a scratch, you’d have to pay that amount before anything else was covered. That’s where car hire excess insurance comes in. Taking out car hire excess gives you that all too important peace of mind that you’ll be protected from these excess charges, should something untoward happen to the hired vehicle while it’s in your possession.

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    Want Your Car Hire Excess Insurance Included In Your Travel Insurance Now Available Through Moneymaxim

    We are occasionally asked by users of our Car Hire Excess Insurance comparison service whether it is possible to buy a combined Travel and Car Hire Excess insurance policy.

    In the past this way of buying both types of cover has tended to be very expensive, costing substantially more than buying two separate policies, but insurer InsureMore has started offering Car Hire Excess Insurance as an optional upgrade when either their standard or deluxe travel insurance policies are purchased. This policy can be very affordable for most travellers.

    InsureMore, who have been offering low cost but comprehensive travel insurance for over 25 years, can now include excess insurance of up to £2,000 for a rented car and include cover for damage to the windows, tyres, roof and undercarriage .

    Do understand that it is primarily a travel insurance policy with a car hire insurance additional benefit rather than a policy designed to meet all the risks covered in a standard car hire excess insurance policy.

    This means the cover is not as comprehensive as a tailor made car hire policy – it doesn’t include lost keys, misfuelling, lock out, and in countries such as Italy or Australia, where excesses can be up to £4,000 it may contribute towards your claim rather than provide full cover.

    It will however cover those between 18 and 20, which car hire excess policies won’t . Older drivers aged over 75 cannot buy a policy, which is rather younger than the 85 maximum limit that excess policies have.

    It’s Not Automatically Included But You May Have The Option To Add It For A Fee

    Does Travel Insurance Cover Car Hire Excess

    If youre hiring a car as part of your trip, you may have the option of adding car hire excess cover to your travel insurance policy for a fee. This could save you time and money as you wont have to bother with shopping around. Although you may need to pay a little more to add this extra cover, it could work out cheaper than buying separate car hire excess cover direct from the rental company.

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    Conditions You Must Adhere To In Order To Have Car Rental Excess Cover

    In order to be eligible for travel insurance with rental car excess cover, you will need to make sure you have the following:

    • Basic motor insurance. The car rental company must include CTP and physical damage cover for the car itself. Most insurers will require both types of cover to be included in your car rental agreement in order for you to qualify for car rental excess cover.
    • Licensed rental company. The vehicle must be rented from a licensed rental company or agency.Rental agreement compliance. You must comply with all of the rental companys requirements as outlined in the rental agreement.
    • Vehicle limits. There may be specific limits regarding the size of the vehicles engine or the number of people it can seat. For example, you may only be covered if the car has no more than nine seats.
    • Driving limits. There may be restrictions on where you can drive the vehicle. For example, you may be required to drive only on paved roads.
    • Time limit. Some insurers impose a maximum time limit on the rental contract, such as 15 days.
    • Insured drivers. The car must only be driven by insured persons listed on your travel insurance policy and the car rental contract.
    • Provide documentation in event the event of a claim. You may need to provide copies of supporting documents in order for your car rental excess claim to be approved, such as your rental vehicle agreement, an incident account, an itemised repair bill and written notice from the rental company about the excess you must pay.

    Main Benefits Of Standalone Plans:

    • All drivers listed on the rental agreement are covered behind the wheel so there’s no need to purchase a policy for everyone. That’s a bonus!
    • Cover for motorhomes and campervans at no extra charge.
    • No distance restrictions for domestic journeys .
    • No price hikes if you’ve had a history of pre-existing medical conditions.
    • Certain companies offer no excess on claims.;
    • The longer the hire, the cheaper the daily rate.
    • Country of residence is often irrelevant, so whether you’re an Australian resident or here to holiday you can take out a standalone plan.

    Of course, these;purpose-built policies;don’t;come with all the extra travel trimmings of a;travel insurance;policy such as overseas medical, luggage and cancellation so consider your needs carefully before making a decision.;

    If you have a premium or rewards credit card, you may automatically get cover for rental vehicle excess insurance. However, its important to note that generally isnt as extensive as travel insurance or standalone policies and a number of terms and conditions usually apply.

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    What Does Our Car Hire Excess Insurance Cover

    • Up to £10,000 for any single trip incident
    • Up to £10,000 for a series of incidents during any single car rental agreements
    • Up to £500 for replacing a lost or stolen key
    • Up to £500 for putting the wrong type of fuel into your hire car.
    • Up to £100 of the cost to open a vehicle by a locksmith.

    Our car hire excess insurance is underwritten by Euroins AD.

    It’s Wise To Get A Dvla Code Up To 21 Days In Advance Though Firms Often Won’t Ask

    What is Car Hire Excess Insurance?

    You need to request a personal code from the DVLA up to 21 days before picking up a car either in the UK or abroad. This is so hire firms can check for points, as paper licences are being scrapped for photocard holders with licences issued after 1998.

    In practice, many firms don’t seem to ask for the code at the counter when we asked 1,700 people in a Twitter poll back in 2016, just 3% had been asked for the code when hiring a car overseas, and 14% in the UK. But it’s still wise to get one anyway just to be on the safe side.

    Last summer DVLA started ‘u need a code to hire a car’. Yet IF YOU hired did car firm ever actually asked for this?

    Martin Lewis 25 February 2016

    How to get your DVLA code

    You may not be asked, but to be safe ensure you get one in advance.

  • To get a code, you’ll need to request one from the Share Driving Licence online service via;;or by calling 0300 083 0013.;

  • You will need to provide your driving licence number found on your photocard or on your paper driving licence for paper-only motorists, national insurance number and the postcode on your driving licence.;

  • Give the code to the rental desk when you pick up your car it effectively gives the company temporary access to your licence info. Remember you’ve only got 21 days to use it, so be organised.

  • Got a licence from Northern Ireland?;These changes don’t apply to photocard licences issued by the;Driver & Vehicle Agency.

    Quick questions

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    Our Rental Car Insurance Excess Benefit

    Are you wondering what we consider a rental car? Check out our definition below.

    Rental car means a campervan/motorhome that does not exceed 6 tonnes, SUV, sedan, station wagon, hatchback, people mover, coupe, convertible, four-wheel drive or minibus rented from a licensed motor vehicle rental company or agency.

    This cover applies if you:

  • hire a rental car;
  • are the nominated driver on the rental car agreement; and
  • have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for the rental car for the hire period.
  • If the rental car is damaged or stolen whilst in your control during the journey cover is provided for the lower of the rental car insurance excess or the repair costs to the rental car that you become liable to pay. It is your responsibility to provide the final loss/repair report to substantiate your claim.

    The maximum benefit limit for this section is:;

    Premium Plan

    What Happens If I Damage My Hire Car

    If you have an accident or damage the roof, tyres or windscreen of your hire car, the rental company should take care of any repairs. This is covered under your damage waiver. You will however be asked to contribute towards the cost of these repairs which is your excess. This excess amount would be reimbursed to you by the company you purchase your Car Hire Excess policy through.

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