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Does Travel Insurance Cover Cycling

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Best Cycle Touring Insurance Providers

The Ultimate Guide to Tour de France | Cover-More Travel Insurance

Below are my recommendations of some of the best cycle touring insurance providers. Ill give an overview of each insurance policy and detail what it covers, as well as the quote I received for 3 months touring in Europe and 12 months touring worldwide to give you an idea of costs. .

Sorry for the bias towards UK providers most of my readers are based in the UK, but there are some listed here that do insure worldwide.

Note: The information provided below is accurate as of January 2022. Policy details and prices are likely to change make sure to check the terms to ensure youre covered for what you need.

Protection If Youre To Blame

Training camps and touring holidays require a lot of riding, often in large groups, many of whom you may not be familiar with. It can be daunting riding with other people you dont know, second-guessing their movements and actions. You need to know you are covered should you cause an accident e.g. injuring another cyclist or damaging their bike causing injury to a pedestrian or damaging a car. Our cycling insurance offers a public liability option which will cover you up to £5m.

A Current Example: The Kalamazoo Tragedy

Lets take this months horrific and unimaginable bike crash tragedy in Michigan as a current example of why we as bicyclists need to start caring more about insurance. While I cannot purport to even come close to understanding the losses and damages of the families of the five bicyclists who were killed in the crash and the four bicyclists who were injured in the crash, when I think about insurance and remedies for these people and families, I cannot help but think about the possibility that their extensive losses and damages might not be covered by Mr. Pickett and his insurer, if any.

If Mr. Pickett and his insurers cannot cover these losses and damages, the losses and damages suffered by each of the nine bicyclists and/or his or her family will either covered by the bicyclists own available insurance or will become the liabilities of the injured bicyclist or his/her estate. If these bicyclists are like many of their counterparts on the roadway, there will simply not be enough insurance coverage. And, while no amount of insurance coverage that these bicyclists could have carried would ever be sufficient to make any of these people or their families whole, having insurance funds available to pay medical bills, cover lost wages and address the other needs of the people and families that survived this horrific event sure wouldnt hurt.

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How To Find The Best Bicycle Insurance For You

The best bicycle insurance policies for you, like most things in life, will depend on your personal needs. The perfect cover for someone else may not suit you. Consider what your needs are and what the nice-to-haves might be. The more of these you add to a policy, the more expensive it’s likely to be, so remain realistic and remember you can always adjust your cover down the line.

Is there any benefit in being covered for racing in the midst of a pandemic while racing is cancelled? Probably not. Are you hoping to do a sportive later in the year? Consider adding that cover to the policy then, rather than now. Additionally, if you never let your £10k carbon race bike out of sight, then you mightn’t need to add away-from-home theft cover.

Consider the true value of replacing your bike should it be damaged or stolen. You might have bought your bike for £2,000 in the sales, but replacing it with a like-for-like replacement today might cost you twice that. Many insurers account for this by offering like-for-like replacement guarantee – especially useful if your 2015 Zipp wheels are totalled and are no longer available.

Travel Insurance For Cyclists Everything You Need To Know

Cycling Travel Insurance

HOW TO PREPARE: An 8 part series to get you ready for your first TDA tour. Click here to read more.

Travel insurance is probably the least exciting part of planning a cycling tour. But without it, you could find yourself stuck in a costly and potentially dangerous medical limbo overseas.

Tour leaders with TDA Global Cycling spend many hours speaking with travel insurance companies calling from satellite phones or cell phones, from desert camps, hospitals, hotel parking lots and a myriad of other locations. This is in an effort to help one of our cyclists start an insurance claim and get support after an accident, serious health issue, theft or loss.

It can be especially challenging to get insurance coverage for all situations and for the multiple countries involved in long distance cycle touring . Here we are trying to cover all aspects of travel insurance and we hope that this information will be really valuable, whether you are cycling a week by yourself in the Pyrenees, bike packing the Great Divide or traveling with a group like TDA Global Cycling through 8 countries across the Silk Route.

As this is a lengthy and detailed post, some of it may not be relevant to you. So use the links here to skip ahead

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What Is Covered With Cycling Travel Insurance

All of our insurance policies come with over 50 sports and activities covered as standard, including cycling, cycle touring and motorcycling. This means you can get cycling travel insurance quickly and easily without the fuss.

With a cycling travel insurance policy from InsureandGo, well cover you for:

  • Medical and hospital expenses
  • Abandoning, cancelling or cutting your holiday short
  • Belongings and baggage cover
  • Passport, money and documents cover
  • Delayed departure cover
  • Accommodation cover

Recommended Cycle Touring & Bikepacking Insurance Providers

The following insurance providers Ive either used myself or been recommended by veteran cyclists on all manner of global bicycle journeys. Each cover cycle touring as an activity or will do so on request, but wont insure the bicycle itself unless Ive mentioned otherwise.

For each provider, at the time of writing I retrieved the lowest possible quote for a UK resident going on a 3month trip in Europe and a 12-month trip around the world, then listed them in ascending order of price. You should of course request your own quotes before making a decision.

1. Insure And Go have grown into one of the UKs biggest basic travel insurance providers, and all of their policies explicitly cover cycle touring, though its worth mentioning that personal accident and personal liability are excluded. Which, in simple English, means that theres no financial compensation for getting hurt or hurting someone else while on your bike. Cover is basic, but aspects can be upgraded. 3 months in Europe was £63, and 12 months worldwide was £342. Visit

2. Adventures Insurance specialise in youve guessed it bespoke insurance for more adventurous pursuits, and cycle touring can be specified as an activity. Theyll allow for individual items of equipment up to £600 in value to be covered. 3 months in Europe was £163, and 12 months worldwide was a very reasonable £479. Visit*.

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Planning A Cycling Holiday

Before heading abroad with your bike, there are certain things you need to remember. Heres our ultimate cycling holiday check-list to help you prepare to the full-effect

The website is clear and easy to understand. The range of cover gives a good choice for individual requirements.

Policy was exactly what I was seeking with good cover. Easy website to navigate and overall, a very good experience.

A very smooth and seamless experience. Excellent and prompt service, with the documents arriving by post in 48 hours. Good value for money.

Friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent service when I had a skiing accident. I would highly recommend them.

I would certainly recommend SportsCover Direct. They offer a super-fast service and the best prices. I am entirely satisfied with the policy too.

Heres Our Guide To Choosing The Right Insurance Policy For Your French Cycling Holiday For You And Your Bike By Lynette Eyb

Does travel insurance cover a coronavirus-related cancellation?

Scare thieves away with a decent bike lock it’s the best insurance policy you can buy. Photo: Nir Nussbaum

Good cycle insurance policies are hard to find, especially for cyclists undertaking extended trips. Leave plenty of time to find the best policy that covers you AND your bike. Depending on your trip, it may be necessary to insure yourself and your bike and accessories separately.

Make sure you ask plenty of questions of insurance companies and read the fine print to make sure you understand the policys conditions, and what is and isnt included. Its also important to know what caveats the insurance company has put in place to avoid having to pay out in the event of a claim: using a lock not on the insurers approved list not having evidence of ownership of your bike and your lock not locking the bike to a fixed object or not using an ‘official’ cycle rack at a train station can all render a policy useless.

It is also a good idea to photograph your bike and accessories prior to departure. If you opt not to wear a helmet, check that the personal liability component of any policy doesnt require that you wear one.

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Should I Get Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is something you shouldnt purchase without doing research and reading the fine print of the plan. The Adventure Cycling materials lists TripAssure as a suggested travel insurance company, but before you purchase any plan make sure you know what you are purchasing and what it covers.

It All Started Over Tacos

One very rainy day at a local taco joint in Fort Lauderdale we started discussing how badly home and renters policies insured bicycles. We knew there had to be a better way so we set about finding out how we could take a traditional piece of insurance and make it better, much better. On that wet day over tacos, Velosurance was founded.

We partnered with Markel American Insurance Company, an A.M. Best, A rated, US insurance company, and a leader in recreational insurance, to offer a multi-risk bicycle insurance policy providing protection to all types of cyclists, and with none of the silly restrictions that other insurance wants to place on riders.

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Why You Should Register Your Bike


It is good practice to register your bike with one of a number of popular services.

In the UK, Bike Register is the most popular and is the service used by the police when trying to identify a stolen bike.

Provided the bike has been registered via the scheme, a logbook will also be available online, meaning youre able to check whether a second-hand bike is stolen.

Travel Insurance Covering Cycle Touring & Bikepacking

Cycling Travel Insurance

If youre looking to travel for longer than a couple of months, youre willing to rely on your wits to keep your expensive bike safe, or your bike is worthless and not worth insuring anyway, youll be looking primarily at travel insurance policies that cover cycle touring .

At which point you must understand that :

  • most so-called annual travel insurance policies actually only cover individual trips of up to 90 days within that year,
  • most long-term travel insurance policies do not cover cycle touring and bikepacking only cycling that is incidental to the trip,
  • most long-term travel insurance policies that do cover cycle touring and bikepacking still exclude intercontinental trips, and
  • even the best and most comprehensive of these are unlikely to cover the loss, theft or damage of an expensive touring bike or bikepacking rig.

Cycle touring and bikepacking is considered by many insurers to be a hazardous activity or extreme sport, involving increased risk and thus either incurring an additional premium or being excluded from the list of activities covered. Expensive touring bicycles and bikepacking bikes are also considered to be extremely steal-able things. Which they are.

Yes. This sucks. But at least it narrows the field when it comes to choosing from the few travel insurance policies that explicitly do cover cycle touring and bikepacking.

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How To Lock Your Bike

Ben Healy / Immediate Media

If locking your bike away from home, make sure you do so in a well-trafficked, bright and, ideally, CCTV-covered area.

This will not only make your bike less likely to be a target for thieves, but will also make your life easier should you have to make a claim.

Weve got a full guide on how to lock a bike properly, to ensure you dont become a victim of theft.

Otherwise, its worth noting some insurance providers supply a list of approved locks that must be used. To pick one example, Pedalsure requires that:

  • Bikes valued up to £1,000 are secured with a minimum Sold Secure Bronze lock
  • Bikes valued between £1,000 and £2,000 are secured with a Sold Secure Silver or Gold
  • And bikes over £2,000 are secured with a Sold Secure Gold lock

In this particular case, using anything else would void your insurance. Sold Secure has a list of approved locks on its website.

Even if your policy doesnt specify a particular model, you should still invest in a dependable and secure lock read our buyers guide to the best bike locks for more.

Lastly, make sure there are no clauses in the small print regarding the condition you leave your bike in when locking it up.

As BikeRadar reported way back in 2008, one insurer insisted that because a student had not removed their saddle and front wheel when their bike was stolen, their claim was voided.

As far as we can tell, theres nothing like this these days, but it still cant hurt to check.

Mountain Biking Touring And Serious Cycling

If youre a keen mountain biker, you wont be covered under standard travel insurance – it tends to be classed as an extreme sport so youll need to upgrade your cover to include it.

Some types of cycling, like touring and racing, wont be covered under a standard travel insurance policy either. Usually, you either buy the extra activity as an optional extra from the insurer or get cover for a range of activities that are more dangerous than average.

Youll be covered for things like medical expenses if you have an accident, or repatriation back to the UK if you need it.

But, if youre touring on your bike, hopping between countries, or competing dont assume youll be covered – even with additional cover on your travel insurance.

Youll need a specialist cycling travel insurance policy to get the more extensive cover youll need.

Is your bike insured while its at home?If not, compare home insurance with us today

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Check Your Insurance Options

So, the big take awaydont wait until disaster strikes to do your insurance tune up. Just as you wouldnt ride with worn-out brakes or thin tires, dont ride without sufficient UM and medical payment coverage. Make sure you and your families have the necessary coverage in the event that anything happens to you. Then, after you take care of all of this paperwork, go back to riding safely and joyfully on the road with the energetic passion of a five-year-old on a big wheel and the wisdom of your collective years, knowledge and experiences.

I am a bicycle and pedestrian lawyer and not an insurance broker or agent. For information about the best insurance coverage for your individual needs, you should talk to a qualified insurance representative.

Although the story about James is real, James is a fictitious name and the facts of his case have been left sufficiently vague so as to protect the privacy of James and his wife.

Cycle Specific Or Generic Travel

Mountain Bike Crash on a Volcano | Cover-More Travel Insurance

Following our detailed customer research, we realised many people were unaware travel insurance provided by their work or bank accounts excluded claims if they came off their bike whilst on a cycling specific holiday. Some travel insurers will cover cycling if its an incidental part of your holiday, i.e. you hired a bike for a day with your family, but not if the primary purpose of the trip is cycling. So if you were racing an Ironman in Austria, taking on the trails in Morzine, or simply training with a group in the Pyrenees, your normal travel insurance is likely to be inadequate. Similarly, a Global Health Insurance Card, or GHIC, is not designed to replace travel insurance, and shouldnt be relied on while riding abroad.

No matter where you are or what type of cycling you will be enjoying, if you have Cycle Travel Insurance with Yellow Jersey, you can relax and ride with complete confidence youre covered for medical mishaps.

If you are taking several trips over the course of the year, it may work out as better value to take out an annual policy.

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Does Cycling Insurance Cover Racing

In our recent article on the various challenges every cyclist should try, we outlined the benefits of racing on your bike. Its fun, its fast and there are many friends to be made when you race regularly. Theres no better thrill in cycling than putting your training into effect by testing yourself against your fellow riders. But we all have those burning questions stored somewhere deep in our minds on race day: what if I crash? What if I bust my bike up? Well, with Pedalsure you can suppress these doubts and focus on the joy of racing.

So, whether youre stamping on the pedals to win a bunch sprint, hopping over some hurdles in a cyclocross race, or legging it through a transition in a triathlon, Pedalsure covers all types of rider in all sorts of racing scenarios. Here is our detailed guide on racing with cycle insurance.

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