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Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars

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Do You Need Insurance To Rent A Car

Does My Insurance Cover A Rental Car?

You dont need to have your own auto insurance policy to rent a car. However, rental agencies typically have minimal coverage on their vehicles, so if you get into an accident, you could be responsible for significant expenses.

Other options include buying additional insurance from the rental car company, using a credit card for coverage or getting a standalone policy through a third party.

How Much Does Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage Cost

While the costs can vary from provider to provider, rental car reimbursement coverage is usually relatively inexpensive, and will often be cheaper than the cost of renting a car out of pocket even one time after a covered loss. Most insurance experts recommend the coverage as it will typically save you money if your car is damaged in a covered event.

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What If I Need A Rental Car Because My Car Is Being Repaired

If you get into an accident or experience covered damage to your car, you may need to rent a car while yours is being repaired. With comprehensive and collision insurance, your personal auto policy may help pay for the extra costs you would incur to get around. Learn more about rental reimbursement.

Will Your Personal Car Insurance Cover A Rental Car

Does insurance cover my rental car?

In many situations, renting a car is a sound and practical solution to your travel needs. Rentals really come in handy when your car is in the shop or youre on vacation in a distant city. While renting a car is a fairly straightforward task, understanding whether you need insurance can be more complex.

First, you need a clear understanding of how a car insurance policy works. Its important to understand that there are different types of car insurance, with the most common options being:

  • Collision Insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Liability coverage

In general, insurance coverage helps cater to the losses you might incur if you are at fault in a car accident. It helps pay for the damage of the other partys vehicle, including their medical bills. Obtaining car insurance is a legal requirement in most states, and in the majority of cases, your policy also extends to rental vehicles.

Your Insurance Policy and Rental Coverage
Do You Need Rental Car Insurance Coverage?

First off, you will need to contact your insurance provider to ascertain whether they cover rentals on your private car insurance policy. If your vehicle already has a comprehensive and liability policy, the chances are that it will extend to the rental within the country.

What Does Rental Car Insurance Cover?

Rental car insurance is pretty similar to standard car insurance. Most rental agencies provide several types of covers you can select from, depending on your needs. Some of these may include:

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When Does Insurance Cover The Costs Of A Rental

If another driver is at fault for an accident that damages your vehicle, their property damage liability coverage should pay for you to rent a car while yours is in the shop. However, the insurance company may limit the length of time it will pay for the rental. It takes an average of two weeks to repair a vehicle damaged in an accident, according to research from Enterprise. The insurer isnt required to provide you with a rental vehicle if yours is totaled, but some do as a courtesy.

If you carry a rental car reimbursement endorsement on your auto insurance policy, it should pay the costs of renting a car after a covered accident. However, this coverage comes with a few caveats:

  • Carriers typically only offer rental car reimbursement endorsements if you purchase collision and comprehensive coverages.
  • Rental car reimbursement coverage has limits. For instance, your coverage may provide $30 per day for up to 30 days. Some providers include both day and claim limits, such as $25 per day up to $750 per claim. If your rental costs exceed those limits, youll pay for them yourself.
  • Although rental car reimbursement coverage typically doesnt have a deductible, you may have to pay the collision or comprehensive deductible for the covered damage.

Collision Damage Waiver/loss Damage Waiver Vs Comprehensive And Collision

If you own collision and comprehensive coverage on your personal auto insurance policy, you can usually choose to decline this waiver, which typically costs about $9 to $19 per day in the U.S. But, your collision and comprehensive insurance limits should ideally cover up to the actual cash value of the rental vehicle for adequate protection.

Renting luxury vehicles

Your comprehensive and collision coverages cover the cost of repairs to a vehicle similar to your own. But if you’re renting an expensive car like a convertible or luxury car, your coverage might not pay for the full cost of repair after an accident.

The collision or loss damage waiver relieves you of financial responsibility for damage done to the rental vehicle. It also eliminates the fee a rental company might otherwise charge you for the loss of use of their vehicle while it is being repaired. Your collision and comprehensive policies often cover these costs, depending on the type of damage, but you should check your policy to make sure it doesn’t exclude loss-of-use coverage for a rental vehicle.

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The Cost Of Car Rental Insurance

Rental car insurances cost can vary heavily based on several factors, including:

  • The company you are purchasing insurance and renting the car from
  • Your state
  • The type of car youre renting
  • The miles you plan to drive the car

Car rental insurance can range from as little as $50 to several hundreds of dollars depending on what you want to cover. Generally, the longer you plan to rent your car, the more value you get out of comprehensive car rental insurance.

When Does It Make Sense To Purchase Insurance From The Rental Company

Does my car insurance cover car rentals?

If you do have coverage through your credit card or personal auto insurance, consider whether you want any additional insurance offered by the rental car company. You might opt for supplemental liability insurance if you arent protected by a personal policy. Or you might purchase personal effects insurance if you are worried about having items stolen from the rental car .

If your credit card or personal insurance policies provide adequate coverage, the additional expenses are probably not worthwhile. But if you do decide to purchase insurance from the rental company, be sure to ask about its terms and conditions. What is covered? Which drivers? Whats excluded?

Whatever your decision, its crucial to understand what you pay for and what youre ultimately responsible for when renting a car.

  • Certain terms and conditions apply. Please refer to your Benefits Guide for details.
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    Heres Our Answer And Our Recommendation

    Having been in the insurance industry for 15 years and seeing numerous scenarios and claims involving rental cars, our recommendation is YES, you should buy the rental car agencys insurance policy.

    The ability to spend an extra few bucks a day and buy that extra peace of mind is well worth it, in our opinion. Most rental car agencies policies offer $1 million in third party liability coverage and also offer a collision damage waiver which essentially allows you to walk away from any damage you cause to the rental vehicle. For the small price theyll charge you for this coverage, we say to go ahead and purchase it.

    Quick Tip most sales people at the rental car counter make a commission by selling you the insurance policy. This means they have a little wiggle room in the pricing. Negotiate with them! Usually you can have great success in lowering the initial price they offer you.

    *As always, please note that each policy and each state is different. Please check your specific policy for exact coverage information. If youre wondering does your insurance cover rental car, dont rely on any generic insurance website. Check with your insurance agent.

    Please complete the form below for a quote.

    What If My Passengers Are Injured In The Rental Car

    If you or your passengers are injured in a rental car, you will only be covered if you have medical payments or personal injury protection on your personal auto insurance policy. These coverages are often optional. PIP is required in some states. If you do not have these coverages on your existing policy, you may consider adding medical payments coverage to your policy or buying personal accident insurance from the rental company, the most expensive option of the two.

    There are also reasons for buying the rental insurance from the car rental company.

    There are reasons to consider buying rental insurance from the car rental company. For one, you won’t have to pay a deductible if you do have an accident. You also would not be raising your rate by filing an auto insurance accident claim if you do have an accident in the rental. Plus, if you don’t have medical payments or collision and comprehensive, it’s nice to be assured that you have the right coverage in the rental car.

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    When Should You Consider Rental Car Coverage

    You dont want to get caught flat-footed at the rental car counter when barraged with the long list of questions one must answer before youre out the door, keys in hand. Rental car businesses ask these questions to ensure the safety of their vehicles. Expect to answer questions such as:

    • Do you have auto insurance?
    • Will there be more than one driver?
    • Does your trip include an off-road detour?
    • Will you take additional coverage?

    The last question is puzzling, especially if you had no idea rental cars also need coverage. As mentioned, specific auto insurance policies include additional coverage for rental cars. But if yours doesn’t, then you should consider rental car coverage.

    Although the car will come with liability insurance, you must either purchase extra collision coverage or sign a waiver that indicates youll be financially responsible for all repairs before rolling out the rental car companys parking lot.

    The good news is that many insurers offer short-term car rental insurance. This type of coverage is flexible. Insurers offer bespoke policies to fit all situations. However, the most common temporary car insurance policy runs from two to twenty-eight days.

    Do You Always Need Rental Car Insurance

    Does Your Car Insurance Cover A Rental Car?

    Not at all. However, rental car insurance can be an excellent idea when:

    • You dont have a personal vehicle or a personal auto insurance policy. In this case, your personal car insurance wont cover any of the above damage types and youll be on the hook for financial costs if something unfortunate happens
    • You have personal car insurance, but not collision or comprehensive coverage. If you dont have collision or comprehensive coverage, youll have to pay for the costs of repairs to your vehicle and other vehicles if you get into an accident, especially if its your fault
    • Youre going on a long vacation or business trip. Some personal car insurance policies have limitations if youre driving a rental car to a work-related destination or meeting
    • You really dont want to pay a deductible if something bad happens to your rental car. In some cases, the cost of rental car insurance can be cheaper than the cost for a deductible after an accident

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    Do You Need Rental Reimbursement Coverage If You Are Not At Fault In An Accident

    If you are left without a vehicle because of an accident another person caused, their liability insurance should step in to cover the cost of your rental car. Generally, this coverage will pay for a reasonable replacement, meaning it may cover a vehicle similar to the one you own. And usually, you will continue getting rental car coverage from the at-fault drivers policy until your car is repaired or if your vehicle was totaled, until you get paid in full for it. However, since determining fault in an accident can take time, most insurance experts recommend purchasing your own rental reimbursement coverage. If someone else is at fault in an accident, you can use your own coverage immediately and then have your insurance company recover the cost for the rental car from the at-fault party or their insurance company once fault has been determined.

    How Much Liability Coverage Do You Have

    Liability coverage is required in almost all states, so you should have it. This pays for the other drivers injuries if youre at fault in an accident. It also covers damage you cause to other vehicles and property.

    As long as you have a level of coverage that youre comfortable with, you can usually skip on purchasing the supplemental liability coverage.

    But if you only have the state minimum limits for liability, it might be wise to buy the supplemental coverage for that extra protection. Itll ensure that youre properly covered if you get into a car accident.

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    How Much Car Insurance Do I Need

    State laws mandate minimum levels of bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverages. However, most minimum requirements dont provide enough coverage to protect your assets. Financial experts often recommend carrying at least $100,000 in bodily injury coverage per person, $300,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident, and $100,000 in property damage coverage per accident. Your state may also require you to carry other types of coverages, such as medical payments, personal injury protection, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverages. If you finance or lease an automobile, you may also need to purchase collision and comprehensive coverages.

    How To Tell If You Need Rental Car Insurance Coverage

    What Does Rental Car Insurance Cover?

    The first step is to check your auto insurance policy, or contact your provider to see what type of coverage for rental cars may already be included in your personal auto insurance policy. If you carry comprehensive and liability coverage on your personal car, coverage typically will extend to your rental car within the United States.

    If youre renting a car in the U.S. of similar value to your personal car, in all likelihood your auto insurance coverage will be adequate for the rental. But if youre off to a blowout beach weekend in a slick set of wheels like a Corvette Stingray and youre leaving your 2008 Subaru Forester at home, purchasing the extra auto insurance coverage offered by the rental company may be a good idea.

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    Does Full Coverage Insurance Cover Rental Cars

    Your physical damage coverage is generally transferred over to a rental car as well. So, does personal car insurance cover rental cars? If you have comprehensive and collision coverage with $1,000 deductibles then that coverage would most likely transfer to the rental car.

    A key point to note is that we are talking about personal rental cars here, not commercial vehicles. So when wondering does personal auto insurance cover rental cars, remember, things like renting a U-Haul or any other large, commercial vehicle would not be covered under your personal auto insurance policy.

    Does My Insurance Provide Coverage If I Rent A Car

    When you rent a car, the rental company will usually offer liability and damage coverage through their insurance that can be purchased from the rental company. It isn’t always necessary to purchase this coverage, as most standard auto policies extend their coverage limits to any vehicle driven on occasion by the insured. Whether or not you are covered will vary policy to policy.The Hanover’s Platinum Auto Elite makes sure you’re covered. With this feature, if you have an accident in a rented auto, The Hanover will pay :

    • Loss-of-use: The rental value of the duration the car is out of service for which you are liable
    • Diminished value: The difference in the car’s resale value after it has been repaired
    • Reasonable fees: The expenses the rental company incurs processing the claim for which you are liable


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    Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars

    Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

    When renting a car, the rental company will typically ask if youd like to purchase insurance coverage for the vehicle. Its at this point when you have to ask yourself: Do my personal insurance policies provide the coverage I need, or should I purchase insurance through the rental car company?

    Although standard auto insurance policies may extend to rented vehicles, you should never assume you are protected. Examining your own auto insurance policy will show you the types of coverage you already possess and where additional coverage may be needed. Since auto policies differ, its a good rule of thumb to contact your broker so they can help you navigate your policy and determine if you have the appropriate amount of coverage when renting a vehicle.

    Examining Your Insurance Policies

    When deciding whether or not your personal insurance will cover your rental car, there are a few different coverages you should have. If you answer yes to all of the following questions, you may not need to purchase additional coverage:

  • Does your policy cover administrative fees, loss of use or towing charges? Its always a good idea to check see whether your insurance company pays foror provides a rider foradditional fees associated with rental cars. This coverage can be helpful if a car you rent is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • What Is Rental Car Insurance, and What Does It Cover?

    Rental car agencies offer four different coverage options:

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