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How Can You Find Out If Someone Has Life Insurance

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Look In Storage Areas For Evidence Of A Past Payment

How To Find Out If Someone Has (or Had) A Life Insurance Policy (Explained)

If you’re uncertain whether your loved one had a life insurance policy, check through storage areas such as file cabinets and safety deposit boxes to uncover old billing notices or receipts for paid premiums . Then, look through bank statements, canceled checks or credit card statements to find any record of past premium payments.

Use A Policy Locator Service

You can also use a policy locator service such as the Medical Information Bureau or the Policy Inspector Service. provides you information about the MIB, and a portion of the website is dedicated to locating lost policies. The MIB is a nonprofit member-owned corporation that was created to share underwriting and applicant information across its members, which are comprised of life insurance companies. It has become a broad information sharing system across life insurance companies, that help companies assess risk and price life insurance appropriately. Because so many life insurance companies are members, the lost policy locator is effective because the MIB can search across its entire database. The database contains almost every policy in the United States. Chances are good that they will locate your policy. It does cost $75.

Policy Inspector is a private company that will contact life insurance companies looking for a policy on your behalf. They have relationships with over 500 life insurance companies, who they can go out to and attempt to locate a policy. Policy Inspector charges $99 for a search, per policy.

Choosing A Life Insurance Beneficiary

As part of the process when buying life insurance, you’ll need to designate one or more beneficiaries. This is who you want to receive the death benefit from your policy when you pass away. A life insurance beneficiary can be:

  • A spouse
  • Charitable organization
  • A trust

You can choose to name a single beneficiary or a primary beneficiary and one or more contingent beneficiaries. A contingent beneficiary would receive death benefits from your life insurance policy if the primary beneficiary passes away.

Minor children can’t be named as beneficiaries of a life insurance policy.

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Dont Give Up If You Think You Have A Claim

If you strongly believe you may have a life insurance claim but proving it is difficult, the ACLI suggests that you try the Policy Locator Service from MIB Solutions. Here the deceaseds name is matched against roughly 170 million records. If the policyholder applied for the policy in 1996 or after, you might find it here. Executors and administrators are entitled to order a report, but in cases where neither is available, a surviving spouse or closest relative has the right. Reports cost $75 and MIB says searches receive a 30 percent response rate.

Another resource is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Life Insurance Policy Locator Service. This is a free service NAIC is providing. On request per deceased individual is all that is needed for this search of all participating companies databases.

One of the best resources may be other relatives. Life insurance is part of most inheritances, and where theres a will, theres a relative. After someone dies, everyone has an interest in seeing his or her affairs settled, particularly when there are funeral expenses to be paid.

Locating The Deceaseds Life Insurance Policy

Life and Disability: Taking Care of Your Family Whatever The Future ...

When you are managing a deceaseds financial matters, you may find everything you need in a filing cabinet or on their computer. This is not always the case, and it can take a lot of time to locate all relevant paperwork.

If you know your loved one had a life insurance policy, here is a list of where to look:

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Does Your Living Relative Have Life Insurance

Though the best way to figure out if your relative has coverage is to ask him or her, there are some situations where its not an option. For example, if your loved one lives with dementia or mental illness, he or she may not be able to tell you the status of his or her coverage. The same may be true if your relative has been injured in a sudden accident or unforeseen medical emergency. If you need to know if your living relative has life insurance, you should follow the same steps listed above.

Review Bank Statements Or Mail

Mailed letters could provide updates on the life insurance policy. Or reviewing bank statements could show premiums were paid. This can be a helpful approach to conducting a life insurance policy search. If bank statements show checks were sent to an insurer, it’s possible to contact that insurance company.

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How To Find Out If You’re A Beneficiary

Insurance companies will contact beneficiaries of life insurance policies. This is one way people can find out if they are a beneficiary if the deceased person did not tell them.

If a potential beneficiary has permission or legal authority to review the deceased person’s financial paperwork or to request a copy of the life insurance policy, this is another way to find out if they are a beneficiary.

How Can You Find Out If Somebody Had A Life Insurance Policy Before They Died

How to Find Out if Someone Had Life Insurance When They Died : Life Insurance & More

Life insurance can be uncomfortable to talk about. It is perfectly natural to wonder if somebody has a life insurance policy at the time of their death. Unfortunately, when people pass away, they often pass away with life insurance policies that their loved ones never knew existed! If they did know at one time that a policy existed, it may have been long forgotten about. Sometimes even the owner of a life insurance policy forgets that it exists if it is paid up for years.

If a life insurance policy is left unclaimed unfortunate to the survivors and heirs, because it may mean that they never collect money from the policy. If life insurance money is unclaimed it also means that the policy and the money spent on it were a complete waste. Life insurance is meant to provide financial protection and a nest egg after someone passes away. If somebody you know passed away, you should be aware that it exists. So, how do you know if somebody had a policy before they died? Learn how to find a policy here.

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Finding Your Loved Ones Last Gift

Following our how-to guide can help you find and claim your deceased loved ones final gift. Most of our family and friends dont want to talk about leaving behind life insurance coverage, so some beneficiaries may be totally unaware that theyre entitled to a death benefit. Weve outlined a handful of excellent, free online resources that you can use to track down your endowment.

The painful period that exists right after someone we love dies is also a good time to evaluate our own life insurance options. Our end-of-life planning platform offers a lot of great insights and strategies. You can also learn more abouthow much life insurance you may need, as well as easy ways to find the best life insurance policy.


Selectquote Can Help You Understand Your Life Insurance Policy

One of the best ways to avoid life insurance confusion is to shop for life insurance with someone who can help guide you through the whole process. At SelectQuote, our team of licensed insurance agents can help you by comparing rates from several trusted life insurance carriers at once.

Eliminate future issues with your insurance policys death benefits. Let SelectQuote help you save time and money. Get started on your free life insurance quote today.

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Consult With Financial Advisors

If the deceased had any financial advisors or attorneys, they would be a good resource when determining how to find a life insurance policy that exists. Lawyers or financial advisors might have helped the deceased buy insurance. Or they may have provided advice on how much coverage to buy or who to name as a beneficiary.

Life Insurance Policy Locator

Can You Get Life Insurance On Anyone : How To Find Out If Someone Has ...

To find a missing life insurance policy or annuity contract, use the National Association of Insurance CommissionersLife Insurance Policy Locator Service.

TDI has no way of knowing if a person had life insurance. Here are some tips to help in your search:

  • Look at bank statements and check registers for payments to life insurance companies.
  • Look for insurance agents in your relative’s address book or personal phone directory.
  • Contact the employee benefits offices at your relative’s former employers. Sometimes people buy group life insurance at work.
  • Search the Texas Unclaimed Property website for unclaimed benefits turned over to the state after three years.

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How To File A Life Insurance Claim

To file a life insurance claim:

  • Conduct a life insurance policy search to identify policies that are in effect.
  • Review life insurance documents to see who has been named as a beneficiary.
  • Obtain crucial documents including a death certificate and insurance claim form.
  • Contact the insurer and file a claim using the required forms and providing appropriate documentation.

What If You Still Can’t Find The Life Insurance Policy

If an insurance payout goes unclaimed long enough, the policy may end up as unclaimed property. This generally takes about three years, but this varies depending on the state. If a few years have passed and you haven’t found a life insurance policy, you can use The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators’ free search tool or to search for unclaimed property.

Once you find your relative’s life insurance policy, you or other beneficiaries will have different options for how to receive the death benefit. Getting advice from a financial planner can help you make smart decisions during an emotional time. Used wisely, the proceeds of a life insurance policy can help you pay down debt, maintain a good and live the life your loved one wanted for you.

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Do Life Insurance Companies Contact Beneficiaries

In recent years the life insurance industry has been criticised for not making enough effort to ensure beneficiaries are informed a policy is in place.

As a result, some life insurance providers now have departments dedicated to exactly that.

They search the death register regularly to identify any policyholders who have passed and notify the beneficiaries of the policies presence.

How To Find Out If A Deceased Person Had Life Insurance: Step

How to Find Out if Someone Had a Life Insurance Policy | Quotacy Q& A Fridays

    Youve probably never talked with your beloved parent or grandparent about their life insurance coverage. Its not the most pleasant conversation and can make some people downright uncomfortable. You arent alone if you would rather chat with those closest to you about sports or the weather rather than about life insurance.

    Jump ahead to these sections:

    However, avoiding this type of serious talk could mean youre unaware of any active life insurance policies when the time comes, or you may be confused about where to begin hunting for life coverage when you need to.

    Now that you need to do some digging, you may want to check out our step-by-step guide that explores how to figure out if a deceased person had life insurance.

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    How To Find A Life Insurance Policy

    Life insurance pays out a death benefit when a policyholder passes away. It’s important for survivors to know how to find out if someone has life insurance so they can receive the money they are entitled to. This guide explains how to conduct a life insurance policy search.

    Will A Life Insurance Company Contact You

    Even if you’re listed as the beneficiary on a life insurance policy, the insurance carrier won’t automatically contact you. Insurance carriers generally don’t know of a policyholder’s death until someone tells them or until they check the Death Master File maintained by the Social Security Administration . The Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act requires most insurance carriers to check this file at least semi-annually, looking for policyholders whose death benefits haven’t been claimed. If they find a match, they must make a good faith effort to find the beneficiary within 90 days.

    The Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act does not apply in every state, but most big insurance carriers comply with its recommendations. Even so, the SSA’s Death Master File doesn’t include every deceased person, only those who had their death reported to the SSA.

    Survivors often need life insurance benefits long before the insurance company checks the SSA’s file. To locate a lost life insurance policy, here are 10 things you can do.

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    How Do I Find Out If I Am A Beneficiary On A Life Insurance Policy

    Technically, if youre indeed the beneficiary of the deceased life insurance benefit, there are 3 main things you need to have to identify yourself as the beneficiary.

    • Proof of your relationship in simple terms, who you are
    • Copy of their death certificate
    • Social Security number of the deceased

    This ultimately depends on the entire situation and the terms and conditions of the policy. The insurance company might even ask for additional documents to be certain that youre the beneficiary.

    However, if youre still having a tough time locating the deceased life insurance policy, you shouldnt give up your search so soon. Keep checking their mail for at least a year, in case they might be receiving any premium notices.

    Also, if the deceased had passed away many years ago, try getting in touch with the unclaimed property office of the deceaseds state government office.

    Confirm Important Insured Info

    Life can come at you fast. Use this tool to find out how life insurance ...

    No matter how you track down your family members missing life insurance, youll eventually have to give the insurer more details. These specifics about the departed will be printed on the death certificate:

    • Full legal name, including maiden name
    • Dates of birth & death
    • State of deceaseds residence
    • Social Security number of the departed
    • Policy number

    Remember, the insurer isnt trying to give you a headache. Instead, the insurance carrier is trying to protect the identity and assets of your departed family member.

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    Can Someone Secretly Take Out A Life Insurance Policy On You

    You may wonder, âCan someone take out a life insurance policy on me without my knowledge?â It’s possible but very unlikely. There are protections in place during the life insurance application process that make this difficult.

    How to take out a life insurance policy on someone else. These are the things required for taking life insurance policy on someone else:

    • A medical exam
    • Your medical information
    • Your consent in the form of your signature

    “Although secret life insurance policies are not common, they are possible,â says attorney Ryan Stump of Randall & Stump, PLLC, which frequently represents clients facing insurance fraud and other fraud or criminal charges related to life insurance.

    Most life insurance policies require a medical exam, but some only demand a signature of the person to be insured, he says.

    âSuch policies can be taken out illegally by someone forging a signature and not informing the person who is the subject of the insurance policy,” Stump says.

    Insurable interest is another safeguard that reduces the potential risk of a secret life insurance policy. get life insurance on you? It must be someone who will suffer a significant financial loss if you die. In this case, a spouse, a close family member or even a business partner may have an “insurable interest” in you and be able to insure you lawfully.

    Search For Digital Files

    If your loved one made a habit of scanning documents or focused on cutting down on waste by moving to electronic documentation, you can search their computer or email inbox for information related to their life insurance policy. In addition to communication from the insurance company, dont forget to look for bank statements, credit card statements or other documentation that could reveal paid premiums.

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    Can You Find Out If Someone Has Life Insurance

    There are approximately £20bn of unclaimed assets in the UK, at least £2bn of which are life insurance policies.

    Too often policies go unclaimed either because policyholders forget about them or don’t share their existence with loved ones.

    As a result, when the policyholder dies their dependants are left questioning whether or not they had life insurance in place.

    Perhaps or ex-spouse who you have lost contact with held a life insurance policy you were unaware of?

    The good news is that YES it’s possible to identify whether or not your loved one had a life insurance policy.

    And the process is easier than you may think. In it’s simplest form you may just need to do some old fashioned detective work…

    Medical Exams Are Often Needed Too

    How To Find Life Insurance

    Instances of fraudulent life insurance policies are extremely rare because most life insurance policies also require medical examinations before issuing a policy. Usually, a medical exam is triggered by the policy being a certain minimum size, so smaller policies such as those under $250,000 may not require an exam. Even underwriting for a smaller policy will probably require medical records to be released to the underwriter. This requires a signature on a form, and your doctor may also alert you to the fact that there is a request pending to get a copy of your records.

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