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How Do Home Insurance Claims Work

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What Kinds Of Records Are Needed To Validate A Home Claim

How deductibles work home insurance claims

The better your records are, the quicker and more accurate your settlement can be. Its helpful to take photos and keep receipts for valuable items. A photo inventory of the inside and outside of your home is an excellent way to properly and completely account for your belongings. Remember to store the photos in a safe place online or away from home.

Schedule A Damage Review

A Claims Representative will contact you about your in-person or over-the-phone damage review options to estimate the cost of repairing your home. You can help move your claim along faster by uploading a list of all the items in your home, along with photos and receipts of items which are damaged or missing, to your online account. If your claim is eligible, a Claims Representative can also view your property remotely using video chat.

More helpful information:

How Do Insurance Companies Pay Out Claims

Every insurance company is different, and every state has different requirements on claims payout periods. That said, the claims settlement process in general tends to follow these basic steps:

  • You file a claim.
  • An adjuster is assigned to your case.
  • The adjuster assesses the damage.
  • The adjuster determines coverage.
  • The claim is paid and you make repairs.
  • But how is the claim paid for, exactly? And what determines how much youâll get? This overview will help you answer those questions so you know what to expect when you file a claim on your homeowners insurance policy.

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    How To File A Homeowners Insurance Claim On Work You Do Yourself

    When Robert Gale and his wife returned from vacation, they found their kitchen flooded. It turned out a mouse had chewed through the small plastic hose that ran from the sink to the fridges ice maker and water dispenser.

    Gale received an estimate from the insurance adjuster, which would only replace the areas that suffered water damage. The payout? Roughly $7,000. For Gale to hire a contractor to repair the damaged areas, plus restore his kitchen to full functionality, it would cost $20,000.

    Although Im no contractor, Im fairly handy, says Gale, who is 31 and the founder of Real Money Robert. I opted to do it DIY so that I could replace everything, including the stuff that was not water damaged, and come out with a brand new kitchen in the end. All in all, the repairs, from the dryout process to remodeling, took six months to complete.

    Home Insurance Claim Mistake No : Not Having The Right Coverage

    How Does A Homeowners Insurance Claim Work

    One of the worst mistakes a homeowner can make happens before a loss occurs, says Gina Clausen Lozer, a partner at the law firm Berger Singerman. Its not having the right coverage.

    If you dont have the right insurance, you could find yourself in a significant financial hole. A thoughtful conversation with an insurance agent can help you avoid these errors.

    For example, if your policy has only actual cash value coverage for your possessions, and youre expecting to be paid replacement cost, youll be very disappointed.

    Some homeowners assume that damage from hurricane wind and flood water is covered by their home insurance policies. But that assumption could be a costly mistake. Insurance companies in hurricane-prone regions might exclude wind damage, and flood damage is generally excluded from a standard home insurance policy. A good hurricane insurance plan might actually be made up of three separate policies to ensure you have the right coverage in place.

    The bottom line is that a policys exclusions can come back to bite you, especially if you live in an area thats affected by natural disasters.

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    How Long Do Home Insurance Claims Take

    It might vary depending on the compliexity of the claim and the company dealing with it.

    The 2020-2021 pandemic also stamped on the brakes in terms of policy claims, in some cases.

    Because of the sheer range of claim complexities theres no agreed time period or guarantee to settle claims.

    But most insurers dont want a stressful claims process and should attempt to turn around claims smartly.

    Some buildings insurance cases are complex.

    If theres water or fire damage or anything that could make your home less safe then some insurance claims could take several months.

    If the claim is potentially big then a loss adjuster might be involved.

    If youre claiming on your contents insurance it tends to be simpler.

    A claims team might write, email or phone you promptly after youve got in touch and take things from there.

    They should also confirm what excess is involved.

    Ultimately, short claim times save an insurer money. And reputable insurers should uphold a genuine claim.

    So its in their interests and yours to behave promptly and fairly with your claim.

    Q: The Insurance Company Will Only Pay According To Its Pricing Guidelines But They Dont Match What Local Contractors Are Charging What Can I Do

    Computers dont repair and build homeslicensed contractors do. Your insurance company owes you for what an experienced and reputable contractor would charge you to do the required work to put your home back to its pre-loss condition. Insurance companies use guideline pricing and Xactimate to predict how much materials and labor should cost. But an estimate prepared by a qualified local, licensed and bonded contractor who has visited the loss site and reviewed information about the pre-loss structure is generally the most reliable basis for a claim settlement.

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    How Does A Homeowners Insurance Claim Work

    In the unfortunate scenario that damage to your home occurs, home insurance payouts help curb out-of-pocket costs for the damage. Once you let your insurance company know what has happened, they take it upon themselves to assess the damage and determine the payout.

    In this section we provide a step-by-step guide of what the home insurance claims process looks like starting with a brief overview of how to file a home insurance claim and ending with a transition to the payout process.

    How Long It Takes To Get A Claim Settlement

    Homeowners Claims: How They Work

    Your stateâs insurance commissioner outlines in the homeowner claims bill of rights how long an insurance company has to pay your claim.

    For example, in Florida, the insurance company has 90 days from the start of a claim to send a full payment based on the claimâs approval.

    At Kin, you can choose to receive your funds by:

    • Direct deposit.
    • A printable electronic check.
    • A mailed check.

    If you have a question about making a claim or getting a claim settlement from your Kin policy, feel free to call us at or email .

    Start Saving on Your Home Insurance

    For every new normal

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    Q: What Should My First Steps Be

    If your home has been damaged or destroyed, you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the loss and by the repair, replace and recovery process that lies ahead. If your property was insured, that insurance policy is the best vehicle to get you back home. If this is your first experience with a large insurance claim, recognize that its basically a business negotiation.

    When it comes to insurance lingo, laws and construction estimatingyoure not on a level playing field with the experienced insurance company. But although you may be unfamiliar with your policy and the process in general, there are laws and rules that give you rights. Use them to negotiate and recover the full benefits youre entitled to under the policy you paid for.

    Our goal is to help you understand the process and your rights so you can be your own best advocate and know where and how to get help if you need it.

    Start by reading your policys declarations page. It shows how your policy is divided into coverage categories: Dwelling , Other Structures , Personal Property , Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses , as well as other categories such as liability and medical payments. You may also have additional Endorsements or extras that may be listed on your declaration page. UPs Simplified Guide to Your Homeowners Policy will help you understand whats inside your policy.

    Q: Will My Insurer Cover The Cost If I Live In A Trailer During Reconstruction

    If youre planning to rebuild/repair and stay in the area and are willing to live in a trailer, try negotiating with your insurer to cash-out your Additional Living Expenses coverage limits so that you can buy a trailer or motor home with your ALE policy limits instead of using the money to pay rent. Negotiating a cash-out gives you flexibility and saves you from having to submit more receipts and paperwork to your insurance company.

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    Filing A Homeowners Insurance Claim For Water Damage

    When filing a homeowners insurance claim for water damage, it’s important to know that traditional homeowners policies don’t cover all types of water damage incidents. Issues related to lack of maintenance typically aren’t covered, and things like sewer backup may require a separate policy endorsement.

    Flooding also isn’t covered under a typical homeowners insurance policy. Homeowners interested in this coverage will have to purchase a separate flood insurance policy.

    Can You Do Your Own Home Insurance Repairs

    How Does A Homeowners Insurance Claim Work

    It’s largely up to your insurance company whether you’re allowed to do your own home insurance repairs since the insurer decides how much it will pay to fix your home and when it will pay.

    Most of the time, insurers will let you do the work yourself, but the amount of supervision they’ll want to provide will differ by the severity and complexity of the damage and the insurer’s policies. The insurer is also more likely to grant you permission if the work requires relatively little skill, such as cleaning up debris, rather than if it’s highly technical, like plumbing.

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    Q: My Insurance Company Keeps Reducing What Theyre Going To Pay By Depreciating Items In My Claim What Can I Do

    Depreciation is frustrating and confusing to most people. Its subjectivenot a science. Each adjuster makes his or her own decisions on how much and which items they depreciate. That means its up to you to argue for more reasonable numbers. Many adjusters will try and apply a set depreciation across the board to every item. Thats not fair. The condition of an item, its age and its useful life are all factors to consider. Not everything in your home is subject to depreciation. For example, paint, vinyl and roofing are exposed to the elements, so of course they deteriorate and are subject to depreciation. The underlying materials that held your home togetherstuds, cement, rebar, and framingare not. Studs can last 200 years, so dont allow your adjuster/insurer to depreciate those items.

    Adjusters and insurers rarely volunteer to tell you that if you submit receipts for items you replace, they must pay you the difference between what they paid you for the items Actual Cash Value and what it actually cost you . For more information, read United Policyholders Depreciation Basics.

    Q: If I Cant Handle This Myself And I Need To Hire Professional Help Where Do I Find The Right Help

    Read UPs tips on hiring professional help, and visit the Find Help section of our website. Make sure you check references carefully, and hire only an experienced and reputable, licensed claim or law professional who specializes in representing policyholders, not insurance companies. If you need someone to help you document and value your losses, consider hiring a public adjuster and negotiate a fair fee typically @7-10% of whatever they recover from the insurance company after youve hired them. If you need someone to help you exercise your legal rights, consider hiring a plaintiff-side insurance attorney on a contingent fee basis who will advance litigation costs if a settlement cannot be reached and a lawsuit becomes necessary.

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    How Will I Be Paid

    Once your claim is accepted, youâll likely receive a claim settlement via check or an electronic transfer, but the time it takes to arrive in your account will vary. When you contact your provider to file a claim, be sure to ask how you can expect to receive the payment, as your company may offer additional options that may be a better fit for you.

    Hereâs what you can expect if your claim settlement arrives in any of the following forms:

    Can You Keep Leftover Money

    Homeowners Insurance Claim: The 5 Simple Steps

    Lets say youve done a bang-up, efficient job and have money remaining from your payout. Theres a chance you can keep the money for your personal use. Of course, you dont want to hide this fact from your insurer. If in doubt, run it by your insurance company first. And check your insurance policy to see if there are any specific rules on how money leftover from a claim should be handled.

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    Should You File A Home Insurance Claim

    Whether or not you should file depends on many factors, including :

    • The cost
    • Your ability to pay for repairs out of pocket
    • Loss of your claims free discount

    In most instances, it makes more sense and is less hassle to pay for small damage out of pocket, especially if you have the money to cover the repairs. Consider all costs before filing – even small ones can have an impact.

    Basics Of Home Insurance Application And Claims

  • When you apply for home insurance then the insurer accepts the risk for covering your home and estimates your annual premium. Insurance companies calculate the premiums as per their analysis of how much they may pay out in claims the following year.
  • You pay your home insurance premiums yearly or on monthly basis for covering the risks to your home.
  • The insurance company collects all the premiums and puts it into a large pool. Since your insurance is a yearly contract, this pool operates only on annual basis.
  • In that year when some clients files claims then the insurer uses that pool to settle the claims for losses.
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    How Can I Report A Home Insurance Claim

    Your home insurance policy is there to protect you, so dont hesitate to file a claim when you need to. At American Family Insurance, our trusted claims professionals will help make your entire experience reassuring and convenient.

    Need to file a claim? There are a few ways to do that.

  • Use the MyAmFam app, anywhere, anytime.
  • Log in to My Account.
  • Call our 24/7 customer care center at .
  • Dont: Pay A Contractor In Full Before The Work Is Completed

    How Do Home Insurance Claims Work

    Your insurance company will be paying for some, or all, of the repairs. Yes, the money wont be coming out of your pocket, but that doesnt mean the insurance company should pay for a job half-done. Be careful not to pay in full or sign on the dotted line before work is actually done to your home. Make sure there is a plan for the work being done, and get all the details in writing.

    Work with the repair contractor to set expectations, including time frame, materials selection, inspections, payments, etc., says Plante. This can prevent future headaches and ensure homeowners and contractors are on the same page.

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    Replacement Cost Versus Actual Cash Value

    Replacement cost is the dollar amount needed to replace a damaged item with one of similar kind and quality without deducting for depreciation the decrease in value due to age, wear and tear, and other factors. An actual cash value policy pays the amount needed to replace the item at the current market value. For example, a tree falls through the roof onto your eight-year old washing machine. If you have a replacement cost policy for the contents of your home, the insurance company would pay to replace the old machine with a new one. If you have an actual cash value policy, the company would likely pay only a percentage of the cost of a new washing machine because a machine that has been in use for eight years would almost certainly be worth less than its original cost according to the current market value.

    The Process Of Making A Homeowners Insurance Repair Yourself

    In order to understand the situations in which you can choose to repair your home yourself under a homeowners insurance claim, it’s helpful to know how the claims process works when you employ a contractor. The exact procedure can vary by insurer, but the claims process usually goes something like this:

  • Contact your insurance company and let it know there was damage to your home.
  • A claims adjuster comes to survey the damage and creates an estimate.
  • You receive a check for the actual cash value of the damaged item. If you have replacement cost value coverage, the ACV check acts as a down payment toward the total cost of the repair.
  • You collect one or more estimates from contractors for the cost of labor and materials to repair the damage, and submit the estimates to your insurance company for approval.
  • The contractor you select repairs your home.
  • Either you or the contractor sends a certificate of completion to the insurer. If you have RCV coverage, the insurer will release the rest of the funds, also called the recoverable depreciation. You’ll use this money to pay the contractor.
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    What Happens If My Home Insurance Claim Is Denied

    Of course, theres also a possibility your insurer will deny your claim. There are a few common reasons this can happen:

    • The incident is not covered by your policy.
    • You filed your claim too late.
    • The damage is determined to have resulted from normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance on your part.
    • The damage doesnt surpass your deductible.
    • You misrepresented the incident .
    • You havent paid your insurance bill or you let your coverage lapse.

    Similar to how your car insurance works, your insurance company might also try to get someone elses insurance company to pay for the damagesay, if a contractor accidentally started a fire while working on your house, or a neighbors obviously rotted, dead tree fell through your roof.

    If you feel your insurer has wrongfully denied your claim, you can typically appeal its decision, try to negotiate with the insurer on a compromise, or, if necessary, hire an attorney to pursue legal action.

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