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How Do Insurance Companies Value A Car That Is Totaled

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How Are You Paid For A Total Loss

Auto Insurance : How Do Insurance Companies Define a Total Auto Loss?

The amount you’ll be compensated for a total loss is ACV, the same metric which is used to determine if the car is a total loss. The ACV of the car is determined by its pre-loss market value, less depreciation from when it was new. Ultimately, the ACV of your car will be determined by its wear and tear, and age along with other factors your insurer deems relevant. It is very different from the number you would find on Kelley Blue Book or Most large insurers have their own method of determining ACV.

Once you agree to the value, the insurer will pay you that amount, if you owned the car. If your car is leased or financed, then the compensation goes back to the leasing or financing company.

If you total a leased or financed car, there is a good chance there is a decent amount left to pay. While the insurance company will pay you for the value of the car, it is very likely the value has depreciated, and does not reflect the value of the car, which you took a lease for. If you drive a leased vehicle, you should consider taking out gap insurance, which would cover you for any remaining balance in a lease.

How Much Insurance Pays For A Totaled Car: Quick Guide

Being involved in an accident is stressful enough. Arm yourself with information so you can be well-prepared for dealing with your insurance provider when and if your car is totaled.

If you’ve recently been involved in an accident where your vehicle was badly damaged, you may be wondering how much insurance pays for a totaled car. They will declare your car totaled if it’s not worth the cost to repair it. Each insurance provider has a formula for determining whether or not to total your car. This formula may vary from one provider to the next, but not by much. There are three main factors that insurance companies use to decide when to total a vehicle. They are:

  • If the damage is severe and the vehicle can’t be safely repaired, it’s considered totaled.
  • If it will cost more to repair your vehicle than it’s worth, they will total it.
  • State regulations may dictate the amount of damage your vehicle can have before it’s totaled.

Being involved in an accident is stressful enough. Arm yourself with information so you can be well-prepared for dealing with your insurance provider when and if your car is totaled.

What If The Insurance Settlement Is Not Enough To Cover My Car Loan Or Lease

Actual cash value takes depreciation into account, which means if the car is totaled and you have a loan or lease, you could end up owing more than the car is worth. Gap insurance pays the difference between what you owe on your car loan or lease and the cars ACV.

For example, if your cars ACV was $15,000 but you owed $17,000 on a car loan, gap insurance would cover the $2,000 gap.

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Who Buys Totaled Cars

According to Geico, a leading insurance provider in the US, there are three factors in determining a total loss car:

  • when damage is so severe that the car cant be repaired safely.

  • when the cost of the repairs is more than the vehicle is worth.

  • when vehicle damage is so severe that state regulations dictate that it must be considered a total loss car.

All insurance providers have specific criteria and formulas to determine when to consider a car totaled. It may vary a little from one company to the next but minimally.

As well, you MUST have insurance for total loss. If your insurance coverage has lapsed or youve chosen a policy that limits your claim amount, you may be stuck with a vehicle that wont be repaired or declared a total loss. Or if it is, can you even keep your car if it’s totaled?

How To Trade In Totaled Cars For Cash

How Do Insurance Companies Determine If a Vehicle Is Totaled ...

It doesnt take a major accident for airbags to deploy, although its almost a guarantee that they will deploy in a major smashup. Now you might have heard the question ‘is your car totaled if the air bags deployed’? Just because your airbags have blown doesnt automatically make your vehicle a total loss. Its just one factor, but an expensive one that can jack up the claim total for any collision.

If your airbags deploy, it will definitely get a closer look from your adjuster. Between airbag replacement cost, collision repairs, and other factors like rental car costs, it could mean your claim is marginal or a total loss. However, if you drive a newer vehicle or an expensive car, the repair cost is less likely to be near your cars value. Is it worth it to fix or should you sell your car as is?

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What You Can Do If Your Insurance Company Wants To Total Your Car

Even if you dont want your insurer to total your car, you cant argue with your states total loss threshold or ask the insurer to use a different system. However, you can argue that your car was worth more than the ACV chosen by the insurer.

Just bear in mind that you cannot simply choose an estimate based on your own opinion. Instead, you need to provide justification for your estimate of the cars value, such as an independent appraisal, photographs of upgrades or modifications you made to the car, and/or the prices of comparable vehicles for sale in the area.

If the insurer does not agree with your statements regarding the cars ACV, you can reach out to your states insurance regulator for help. You can also seek arbitration or litigation, though legal fees are likely to decrease or even negate any monetary gains that you make.

What does it mean when your car is a total loss?

When your car is a total loss, it means the cost to repair the car exceeds the value of the car. If your car is declared a total loss your insurer may replace your totaled car with an equivalent one or issue payment for the actual cash value of the totaled full answer

Do You Pay A Deductible When Your Car Is Totaled

The short answer? Yes, you do. In order for your insurance company to pay out on the claim, theyll subtract your deductible from the total payout. Youll usually have to pay all of your deductible regardless of how much insurance pays for a totaled car. Do you pay a deductible if your car is totaled and you still owe thousands on the vehicle? Again, yes you do.

When buying a new car, most lenders will recommend that you pick up gap lease & loan coverage to help you manage your finances after the total loss of a new car. Does your deductible determine how much insurance pays for a totaled car? No, it doesnt. But because its a cost you select when purchasing auto insurance, it can make a difference in the amount you receive for the claim. Most deductibles range from $500 – $2,000.

What does it mean if you have a $1,000 deductible? Your deductible is the amount you agree to pay out-of-pocket after a covered loss in order to file a claim. Usually, theyre a set dollar amount. So, if you were in an accident that incurred $5,000 in damage, your insurance company would withhold the deductible of $1,000 and pay the remaining $4,000.

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Reliable Auto Insurance Can Help You Get The Most Money For Your Car

Having car insurance in times of need can be comforting and worth the cost. But not all companies or policies are equal. Along with comparing prices, you might want to check ratings and reviews to see how the company responds when they receive a claim. The time to think about how much your car is worthand how much your insurance company thinks its worthis before you need it, not after.

How Is Totaled Car Value Calculated By The Insurance Company

How Do Insurance Companies Determine Totaled? : Insurance Questions

Page Contents

When youre in a car accident, your insurance company may declare your vehicle a total loss.

The insurance adjuster must determine whether it makes financial sense to repair your vehicle or not.

If repair costs exceed the value, the adjuster will likely issue a check for the total loss of your vehicle.

Before accepting a settlement, you might want to know how a totaled car value calculator works and what factors impact your cars value.

If another driver caused the accident, you might have the right to bring a diminished value claim in Colorado.

Heres what you need to know about diminished value claims and determining the total loss value of your vehicle.

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What Is The Best Guide To Use To Determine Car Value

Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds and NADA are all great tools to determine your car value. The best tool is a personal decision and depends on what you are trying to accomplish by valuing your vehicle. Research each of the tools with your end goal in mind to determine which estimate might best serve your needs.

How To Dispute The Valuation

If your car is totaled and the insurance company says that the ACV is lower than you think, you can dispute it. However, theres no guarantee that youll increase your payout. To dispute your cars ACV, here are some things you can do:

  • Determine the insurers ACV formula: Every insurance company uses a different formula to calculate ACV. For example, some companies might put more weight on the total mileage, and others may care more about the age of the car. Your insurance company might not give you the exact calculations, but it can give you an idea of what factors go into their equation.
  • Prove the higher value: The most important thing you need to do is prove that your cars ACV is higher than the insurance company says. You can do this by looking for cars for sale in your city that are similar to yours but not exactly the same make or model. These cars should have roughly the same mileage, accident history and wear and tear your car has. Facebook marketplace and Craigslist are good places to look.
  • Check the KBB value: Kelly Blue Book is one of the largest automobile databases that helps consumers and car dealerships determine the value of cars. Check the KBB value of the make, model, year and mileage of your car and compare it to the insurance companys proposed ACV. If KBB shows a higher value, pull examples and share them with your insurance company.

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When Is A Car Considered Totaled

It depends on the insurance company and where you live. Each state sets the threshold for declaring vehicles a total loss but carriers may choose to use a lower threshold. In many cases, the insurance company will total a car even if the repair costs are less than the vehicles actual cash value sometimes a lot less. Thats because it can be difficult to determine the full extent of the damage before repairs begin.

For example, in Arizona, the state threshold for totaling a car is 70% of its ACV. Lets say you have a vehicle thats worth $10,000. Under state law, the insurer must declare it a total loss if the cost of the damage is $7,000 or more. But if the insurers threshold is 60% of the ACV, it will be totaled when repair costs are $6,000 or more.

The reason that some carriers is because when youre adjusting a vehicle, and youre looking at it after a loss, its still together. And all you can see, for the most part, is the exterior of the vehicle and the undercarriage. When the body shop takes the vehicle apart and pulls the panels back, they typically find more damage, said Josh Damico, vice president of insurance operations at Jerry, a car insurance comparison service.

Let Your Attorney Negotiate With Insurance

How Does The Insurance Value A Totaled Car

Our attorneys at the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine can negotiate with the insurance company to get you a fair payout for your totaled car. Many times, people are entitled to much more than what the insurance adjuster is offering. You should never accept the first offer.

It is best to reach out to a lawyer before speaking with an insurance company and then allow them to handle all communications regarding your totaled car. We are familiar with the tactics insurance companies employ to devalue claims, and we do not want to see you get shortchanged. We do not want you to leave money on the table. We will fight for what you deserve.

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How Is A Total Loss Determined

Your primary insurance adjuster will request an estimate for repairs from the repair facility in possession of your vehicle. Based on the estimate, they will determine if it would cost less to repair your vehicle or pay you a total loss settlement. This often involves estimating the amount they would receive for your un-repaired vehicle when sold at auction for salvage, and determining the current market value of your vehicle.

How Can I Increase The Cash Value Of My Car

Keeping your car in excellent condition is generally the best way to maximize its value. However, if you feel that the estimate from your insurance company is too low, there are some additional steps you can take.

An appraisal can help your argument that your car is worth more money. Some dealerships offer free appraisals. So, some clever car owners get appraisals from different dealerships each year. That way, if they get in an accident and their car is declared a total loss, theyll have a recent appraisal they can use to argue that the insurance company should pay out that amount. In some cases, that may convince the insurance company to pay more than it would otherwise.

You can also research the suggested value of your car. Listing services such as Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, and NADA Guides are respected in the car insurance industry. You can also explore sites like and However, remember that the advertised prices are only asking prices. Theres no guarantee that the cars actually sold at those prices. Another resource that may be helpful is eBay, where you can search for a cars final sale price. It allows you to narrow your search to sales that took place near your area in the last year. This research will give you a clearer idea of how much negotiating room you may have with buyers or your insurance company.

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How Does An Insurance Company Decide On The Value Of A Totaled Car

If youre involved in a car accident and your car is severely damaged, your insurance company might declare it a total loss, in which case, they’ll either pay you or replace your car. To determine whether or not your car is actually totaled, the insurance company calculates the cost it would take to repair the car. If the cost is more than the resale value of the car, or if it costs more to repair the car than the amount you can get from selling it, then the insurer declares your car a total loss. Insurance companies use various standards to determine the damages theyll pay you when they declare your car a total loss.

Your Insured Cars Loan Balance

How Car Insurance Companies Value Cars

The payout from your insurance company has nothing to do with your cars loan balance .If youve got a loan hanging over your car, youd need to clear it before getting a new car. You might be lucky and the payout from your insurance company on your totaled car will be more than the loan balance.If this is the case, your insurance company will pay the loan balance and give you whats left as down-payment for a new car.

However, if the loan balance exceeds the payout from your insurance company, then the whole payout will be used to clear the loan. Youd then have to make up the difference left.A GAP insurance can save you if you purchased one after taking the loan on your car. GAP insurance will help you pay for the amount difference between the ACV and the amount left to cover for the loan on your totaled car.

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