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How Do You Bill Medical Insurance For Dental Procedures

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With The Right System You Can Help Your Patients Get The Most From Their Insurance Coverage

How to Fill Out a CMS1500 Medical Claim Form for Dental Procedures

Your patient relationships will improve as you become their advocate for maximizing their insurance provisions. Planet DDSs Denticon Dental Practice Management Software helps you standardize those systems that help you assist your patients with their insurance benefits.

Observe how one dental practice is utilizes the Denticon Dental Dashboard, Dental Bookkeeping, and Dental Charting Software System to centralize tasks and grow their practice.

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How Much Is Dental Insurance

The cost to have dental insurance varies based on your coverage, where you live, and other factors such as:

  • Is it an individual or family policy?
  • Is the dental insurance provided through an employer?
  • What are the annual maximums?
  • What are the annual deductible and the copays?

Affordable dental insurance plans might pay for preventive care but not pay as high of a percentage for major services. If you need thousands of dollars of work done for crowns or a bridge, a higher-cost dental plan might pay for itself.

Overall, monthly premiums range between $39 per month for an individual to $139 per month for a family . FAIR Health has a handy calculator for dental costs, which you can use to estimate the cost of specific dental services.

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How To Successfully Bill Medical Insurance For Dental Treatment: An Interview With Laurie Owens Of Devdent

We recently hosted Laurie Owens, the Director of Medical Billing at Devdent for an online webinar. Her discussion about how dentists can utilize medical billing was so impressive that we decided to revisit the topic with her for our blog. Laurie says, Medical billing for dental procedures isnt just about maximizing reimbursement for patients its about creating more value for your practice by treating the patients whole health.

Laurie has extensive experience in the dental industry. She worked as a treatment coordinator for a dental clinic for many years. What set her apart was her expertise as a medical biller. Laurie is a Certified Professional Biller and holds certification as a Certified Professional Coder . After the owners of the clinic retired, she joined Devdent, where she now educates dental practices on medical billing while also continuing to bill medical for 6 dental practices.

Laurie says there are several compelling reasons why your practice can benefit from medical billing:

  • You decrease the amount the patient owes
  • You increase case acceptance
  • You create more value for procedures
  • Youre treating the whole patient
  • Overview Of The System

    Medical Billing for Dentists

    First, heres a breakdown of how private dental insurance works. You select a plan based on the providers you want to be able to choose from and what you can afford to pay.

    • If you already have a dentist you like, and they are in the insurance companys network, youll be able to opt for one of the less expensive plans.
    • If you dont have a dentist at all, you can choose from the dentists who are in the network and again have the option of a less expensive plan.
    • If your existing dentist is not in the network, you can still get insurance, but youll pay significantly more to see your dentist than an in-network oneso much more that you may not have any chance at coming out ahead by being insured.

    The monthly premiums will depend on the insurance company, your location, and the plan you choose. For many people, the monthly premium will be around $50 a month. This means that youre spending $600 on dental costs each year even if you dont get any work done.

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    Understanding Dental Insurance Billing

    Fortunately, health insurance will cover dental insurance work like dental procedures and treatments. Dental insurance coverage will give some scope for a dental specialist charging dental insurance work.

    Dental insurance billing rules make it clear about the dental treatments they will explicitly cover. Dental insurance coverage differs from the plan. A few health insurances

    Focus On Patients Not Billing Issues

    While medical billing for dental offices is important to keep the office operating, its not the most important aspect of a successful business. When dental offices utilize the services provided by OMS Partners, they can focus more on providing the best service possible to their patients. Many offices have to hire new employees just to handle the billing side of the business. This strategy can help ensure patients get the attention they deserve, but it also creates more expenses than necessary since another salary has to be paid out.

    OMS Partners takes away the burden of having to pay an extra salary and allow the current staff to provide the best service possible to patients. And when it comes to billing issues, we always go the extra mile to ensure the highest reimbursement possible is received.

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    Converting Dental To Medical Billing

    Medical Billing For Dentists – Easy To Understand Billing Medical Procedure with OneMedAll

    Theres a call to the dental profession to work with patients who are at risk. This is the compromised patient who has an illness that links to the whole body. You can bill these through risk programs added by dental insurance companies, or through medical insurance. It is within the scope of your practice and license! A large number of routine procedures performed in dental practices are billable to medical plans. Also, many procedures that have been billed only to dental plans can also be billed simultaneously to the medical carrier, with no fear of legal ramifications.

    However, some basic steps should be followed: 1. Provide a medical intake from the first phone call and continue to ask questions throughout the visit. 2. Provide risk assessments 4. Have the patient referred by a medical provider

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    What Is The Medical Billing Claim Form For Dentists

    As of 2021, the current medical claim form, which should always be used, is the CMS 1500 .

    While some insurance companies may continue to accept a handwritten claim, it is not advisable. These handwritten forms are scanned into the payers software and read by the software, so a rejection is highly possible. For example, in dentistry, we utilize many ICD-10-CM diagnoses codes that begin with the letter Z. A handwritten Z is almost always misread as a 2, and the claim is rejected as invalid diagnosis code.

    Also, note that some third-party payers may require the original red and white CMS 1500 form. The original red and white form has information on the front and back of the form. An original form may be purchased from office supply companies or your local dental supply company. Other payers may allow the submission of a printed black and white or printed red and white form generated by the dental practice management software. Know your third-party payers and their requirements to avoid unnecessary claim rejections.

    At first glance, the medical insurance claim form can be intimidating however, it is important to remember that unlike the dental claim form, the medical claim form is designed for ALL healthcare providers, submitting procedures to medical plans. This includes, but is not limited to hospitals and other facilities, anesthesiologists, mental health providers, medical doctors, and dentists.

    Taking Out A Dental Loan

    A personal loan is an unsecured loan that you can use for almost anything. And because of this flexibility, many people use personal loans to pay for out of pocket medical expenses.

    And personal loans tend to have lower interest rates than credit cards.

    Using a personal loan to finance dental work might be a better option to finance dental work than using a credit card. The lower the interest rate, the lower your monthly payment. And personal loans tend to have lower interest rates than credit cards.

    Credit cards currently have an average interest rate of around 17% , but online lenders such as SoFi offer personal loans with lower interest rates to qualified borrowers.

    How much you can borrow is also flexible when it comes to personal loans to finance your dental work. In short, a dental loan might be a good option to cover additional dental needs, from basic cavity fillings to more complex, high-cost procedures.

    A dental loan can help you pay your dental bills while staying on top of your finances. Check out SoFi personal loans.


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    Dental Insurance Billing Rules

    Usually, when a system is clinical, health insurance is ought to be recorded first. It is prudent to hold the dental case until the insurer and dentist settle that case. Around then, the case could be forwarded to the dentist with proof of dental insurance coverage. Recording both clinical and dental claims at the same time may bring about an excessive charge expecting discounts to the payer as well as patients.

    Reimbursements will frequently come down to the insurance agency, dates of administration, and the dental consideration that the insured is claiming an installment for.

    Precision in guaranteed dental insurance coverage is crucial in the case of utilizing electronic cases accommodation or submitting manual cases. Required case structures give some essential direction while presenting a claim to a medical coverage organization.

    The clarification of advantages that a patient gets should diagram inclusion of all claims. This data decides the techniques needed be fore inclusion endorsement.

    Everything considered, the estimation of dental insurance coverage is the way it facilitates the monetary burden on patients. They will once in a while pay more for a specific procedure, however, their overall wellbeing is the center advantage.

    Its for the potential benefit of a dentist to disclose what theyve been permitted billing to and assist them with expanding their yearly dental protection benefits.

    What Is A Deductible

    Medical Billing For Dental Offices

    A deductible is the minimum cost that must be paid by the patient before your dental benefits kick in. In a plan that covered routine maintenance exams, your deductible would begin with any restorative work completed. After the deductible is met, your insurance should pay the established percentage of any further bills.

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    Are Dental Implants Covered By Medical Plans

    The big question patients ask Will health insurance cover implants? Dental implant costs are substantial. And for the primary reason that theyre restoring an essential tooth root.

    Your patients oral health cannot be placed at risk by dental insurance companies and their denial of coverage for dental implants. In some instances, replacing a tooth root falls under what is allowable by a patients medical plan.

    Its vital that you, as the dental provider, are specific in your examination and diagnosis regarding tooth replacement with implant treatment. Keep in mind that cut-and-dried cases where trauma or health related bone loss such as with certain cancers are easier for billing to your patients health insurance.

    Deductibles Copays And Coinsurance

    An insurance deductible is the minimum amount that must be paid before the insurance policy pays for anything. For example, if the deductible is $200, and the covered individuals procedure is $179, the insurance does not kick in and the individual pays the entire amount. Copays, which are a set dollar amount, may also be required at the time of the procedure.

    When a dental deductible is met, most policies only cover a percentage of the remaining costs. The remaining balance of the bill paid by the patient is called coinsurance, which typically ranges from 20% to 80% of the total bill.

    Costs and what procedures are required may also differ based on the patient’s age. Seniors on Medicare, for instance, will have a different definition of what constitutes the best dental insurance possible than other age groups.

    Most dental insurance plans follow the 100/80/50 payment structure: They pay 100% for preventive care, 80% for basic procedures, and 50% for major procedures.

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    What Are The Advantages To Dental Providers And Patients

    All things considered the value of insurance coverage is how it eases the financial burden for patients. They will occasionally pay more for a certain procedure but their overall health quality is the core benefit.

    Its to your advantage as a dental provider to explain what theyre allowed to bill to dental and help them maximize their annual dental insurance benefits.

    When necessary some coverage allows for auxiliary services that improve their oral and general health such as tobacco and nutritional counseling. Bottom-line is helping your patients get the most benefit from their dental and medical coverage.

    Preparing To File Medical Insurance In A Dental Office

    A Beginners Guide on Medical Billing for Dental Procedures with OneMedAll
  • Obtain the patients medical insurance information when you obtain the dental insurance information. Your current updated software system may have this on the patient registration form. Take a copy of the cards front and back. Emphasize in writing that while some procedures may be filed with the patients medical plan, patient is responsible for entire fee.
  • Contact the medical carrier prior to treatment to determine eligibility, benefits and the following: The type of medical plan you are billing. Keep in mind that HMOs or PPOs may decline benefits, pay the subscriber, or pay a lower percentage to non-participating providers. Find out the medical plans special requirements for filing dental procedures with medical as primary. The subscriber normally has the right to file with the medical as primary as long as it is not written in his/her plan that dental must be filed first if the procedure is performed by a dentist.
  • Trauma claims require special handling. It is a good idea to request that trauma patients provide you with a copy of the emergency room report or the police report if either applies. These should be attached to the claim along with the narrative. Also, liability carriers will typically be primary to medical carriers.
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    Medical Insurance To Cover Dental Procedures In Kinston Nc

    Dr. Carlyle and Carlyle Dental are excited to announce that we can now offer you the option of accepting medical insurance to cover dental procedures done at Carlyle Dental. If you would like to learn more about this, or to find out if a certain procedure is covered, please call us today at 252-624-9698 to find out more about this huge and game-changing option for paying for your dental care.

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    How Medical Billing Can Save A Life

    Laurie notes that by acting as an advocate for patients, you can achieve better clinical outcomes. She encourages transparency with patients about how you plan to bill medical for reimbursement. You cant guarantee that the cost will be covered, but you want to let the patient know that you are going to be their advocate for getting a reimbursement.

    In one example, Laurie shared how submitting a medical claim on behalf of a patient saved a patients life. In that case, the hygienist was using VELscope, which is a non-invasive, oral assessment system that helps clinicians visualize oral abnormalities such as oral cancer, beyond whats visible to the naked eye.

    Our hygienist used VELscope because something didnt look right. She wasnt sure, but she wanted to screen the patient for oral cancer with VELscope. She ended up finding an ameloblastoma at 2mm. They performed an oral cancer screening, and the doctor recommended that the patient immediately have surgery to have it removed. She emphasized how important it was that the hygienist was looking out for his whole health and how the VELscope caught the oral cancer early. They performed surgery on the mandible, removed the 2mm blastoma, and left space for one implant. That patient is now a patient for life because he knew we were looking at for his whole health.

    Submitting Dental Procedures To Medical Insurance Has Been Voodoountil Now

    What Do Medical Billing Services Are Helpful?

    Here are the most common questions regarding submission of dental procedures to patients’ medical plans, along with advice on how to overcome these challenges

    “Just bill it to medical.” We’ve heard this said for years in reference to implants and cone-beam scans. But where do you find the medical code that corresponds to the Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature you need to bill?

    Increasingly, dental plans are mandating the submission of specific dental procedures to medical plans. While the submission of dental procedures to dental payers can be challenging, the submission of dental procedures to medical payers is often more complex. Although helpful resources are available, dental teams continue to struggle in this area: their efforts are frequently inefficient and inaccurate.

    Here are the most common questions we receive regarding submission of dental procedures to patients’ medical plans, along with advice on how to overcome these challenges.

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    Do medical payers reimburse for dental procedures?

    Medical coverage varies by plan. Many medical plans provide limited benefits for dental procedures. Medical plans often have high deductibles and out-of-network limitations, which decrease the actual dollar amount of reimbursement available.

    Which dental procedures are covered by medical payers?

    Treatment required following an accidental injury


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