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How Does Bupa Health Insurance Work

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Bupa is the largest UK health insurance provider that we work with. They have been providing health insurance policies since 1947, operating within 49 health clinics and the Bupa Cromwell Hospital. They offer market-leading cancer care, an extensive hospital list, discounts for some medical professionals and they arenât owned by shareholders. This is what you should know about Bupa if youâre considering purchasing a health insurance policy with them.

Please note: the information presented in this blog is correct as of 21st May 2021 and has been sourced directly from .

Alternative Options If You Want To Go Private

  • Use savings for all or part of your medical costs around one in five private patients do this. Hip and knee replacements cost an average of £10,000 each, while MRI scans cost from £500. You can shop around for scan prices your GP can help you do this.
  • Pay for a private consultation if you want an expert or second opinion. Then, if necessary, your consultant will refer you back into the NHS for treatment.

Coronavirus Health Insurance Update

The spread of coronavirus has not – at the time of writing – resulted in major changes to the availability or cost of private health insurance.

However, anyone considering taking out private health insurance should be aware that it will be of limited assistance if they catch coronavirus, as all treatment is being led by the NHS.

You can find the latest coronavirus updates in our dedicated Which? coronavirus information hub.

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Does Health Insurance Cover Pre

You can still take out private health insurance if you have a pre-existing condition, but its unlikely youll be covered for treatment for it. For instance, if you have asthma, most policies would pay for private treatment if you broke your leg, but not for treatment for your asthma. Some providers will offer cover for certain pre-existing conditions if they view them as minor or think the symptoms are unlikely to occur again, but its best to speak to the insurance provider to be absolutely sure.

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

Max Bupa Health Insurance

Access our blog where you can read more about what our doctors and affiliated industry experts have to say on living healthy

26 August 2020

Niva Bupa
Covid-19 Survivor stories: Dr Rohit Mehta shares his journey of struggle, hope and his takeaway from the experience

COVID-19 Survivor Stories: Dr Rohit Mehta shares his journey of struggle, hope and his takeaway from the experience.

10 September 2020

Niva Bupa
Covid-19 Survivor stories: Dr Aarushi Gupta shares her story of battle with the Coronavirus and victory along with her take-way of strength inside out

COVID-19 Survivor Stories: Dr Aarushi Gupta shares her story of battle with the Coronavirus and victory along with her take-way of strength inside out.

04 September 2020

Niva Bupa
Covid-19 Survivor stories: Mr Rajesh Sawant recalls a tumultuous time fighting the dreaded Coronavirus and how he finally won his battle against it

“All I want to convey is that dont panic if you notice symptoms take help of the medical staff. And most importantly, invest in your and your familys well-being. I strongly recommend Niva Bupa as a perfect health partner for their seamless and quick service.”

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What Is A Group Insurance Plan

The Bupa Global Company plan is a group insurance plan. You are therefore one of a group of members, which has a sponsor . The person who runs the membership within your organisation is usually referred to as the group secretary.

The plan is governed by an agreement between your sponsor and Bupa Global, which covers the terms and conditions of your membership. This means that there is no legal contract between you and Bupa Global. Only the sponsor and Bupa Global have legal rights under the agreement relating to your cover, and only they can enforce the agreement.

As a member of the plan, you do have access to our complaints process. This includes the use of any dispute resolution scheme we have for our members.

What Is Health Insurance Policy

A health insurance policy serves as a financial cover for unforeseen medical expenses. With a health insurance policy, you and your insurance provider have an agreement that in the case of a medical emergency, the policyholder will be covered financially by the insurer. As with any kind of insurance, health insurance is an investment made over time with the goal of continuing your coverage in order to protect your hard-earned savings.

Insurance providers are mindful that there is no one size fits all, which is why there is not just one type of health insurance out there for every individual. There are actually several different kinds of health insurance plans in India to fit individual needs.

As a careful customer,

  • You should pick the best health insurance for your family and yourself, so that you no longer have to worry about paying hefty medical bills. Depending on the type of plan you choose,
  • You are not only covered for your medical bills but also cashless treatment at our network of hospitals.
  • Bid adieu to medical expenses when you decide to invest in a health insurance policy for yourself and your family.

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What Does Bupa’s Comprehensive’ Policy Cover

Bupa’s comprehensive cover goes further than the treatment and care cover and includes diagnostic tests and scans, out-patient consultations as well as post-diagnostic tests, scans and consultations. As it is a more comprehensive plan than the treatment and care cover, it is more expensive and we give example costs later in this article. We have summarised the main policy benefits of Bupa’s comprehensive policy below.

  • Hospital treatments
  • Post diagnosis out-patient consultations
  • Post diagnostic scans

When you receive a comprehensive’ quote you are given additional cover options and we explain each of them below.

How Big Is Private Health Insurance In The Uk

Bupa health insurance – why do I need a GP referral?

If you ask anyone to name things the UK should be proud of, the NHS is likely to be near the top of the list.

Despite this, approximately eight million people in the UK currently have private health insurance.

Most access private health insurance as part of their employee benefits package. Others pay for it themselves, just as they do for car insurance or home insurance.

The biggest private health insurance providers in the UK include:

  • Bupa
  • Saga

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Public Hospital Outpatient Clinics

If you are treated in a hospital outpatient clinic, this does not mean you have been admitted to hospital.

If you are treated as a public patient in a public hospital outpatient clinic you wont pay anything.

If you have a private referral to see a doctor in a public hospital outpatient clinic and the treatment is on the MBS, you can claim a Medicare benefit.

Medicare pays 75% of the MBS fee for services on the MBS that you receive as a private patient in a public or private hospital.

Do You Need Private Health Insurance

Its very much a personal choice. UK residents get free treatment on the NHS, so you only really need private medical insurance if:

  • you would prefer not to wait for NHS treatment
  • you dont want to use the NHS, and would prefer private hospitals where possible
  • you want to be covered for drugs and treatment you cant get on the NHS, such as specialist surgery for sports-related injuries check the treatment is included in your policy before you buy.

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Max Bupa Provides You With A Range Of Health Insurance Plans To Pick From That Best Suit The Needs Of You And Your Family

How does bupa health insurance work. Bupa health insurance covers all the things weve discussed above but there are also some things we do a bit differently. Two plans offered by Max Bupa namely ReAssure and Health Companion offer a range of benefits which cater specifically toward protecting every member of the family from a range of medical issues that can crop up. At Bupa Dental Care you can be sure that youre in the hands of an experienced implant dentist.

The insurance coverage has low waiting periods. Ad Compare 50 Medical Insurance Plans Designed for Expatriates. The person who runs the membership within your organisation is usually referred to as the group secretary.

Couples receive a 5 discount and there is a 10 discount for family cover. What kind of health insurance does Bupa offer. Choosing a higher excess will reduce the cost of your policy but you need to remember youll have to pay this should you claim for any treatment.

Ad Compare 50 Medical Insurance Plans Designed for Expatriates. Benefits such as health check-ups organ transplant mental disorder treatment bariatric surgery etc. Some of the benefits of choosing us for implants include.

Your insurance will cover some or all of the costs of private treatments and may even give you a cash benefit for stays in NHS hospitals. Get the Best Quote and Save 30 Today. – Free Quote – Fast Secure – 5 Star Service – Top Providers.

Bupa Global An International Insurance Company

Corporate Responsibility Bupa

How Does Bupa Optical Work

Bupa Health &  Care 15 second ad

Book an Eye Test We check your prescription for clear, comfortable vision and thoroughly examine the health of your eyes. We also supply disposable and conventional contact lenses from all leading brands. We check your prescription for clear, comfortable vision and thoroughly examine the health of your eyes.

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What Does Private Health Insurance Cover

Private healthcare policies range from treatment only through to treatment and full diagnosis. Treatment only

Provides cover for either diagnostics only or treatment only. Some basic policies also provide cancer cover.

Treatment and limited diagnosis

Provides full treatment and cancer cover, with limited cover of diagnostics.

Treatment and full diagnosis

Provides full cover of diagnostics, treatment and cancer cover. Some providers also include a variety of value-added extras, including complementary therapies, mental health cover and dental cover – however, some providers offer these as optional for extra payment.

Here Are Some Reviews We Think You May Like

The Niva Bupa doctors work to ensure that you receive a fair Insurance experience.

I have been a Niva Bupa customer for years, and now I trust them more than ever. Not just me, but I have been suggesting it even to my employees and near and dear ones to opt for Niva Bupa. Its hassles free, convenient, and most importantly, the team is proactive in their dealings. Great Job!

Everyone needs health insurance

I had Niva Bupa as my health insurance partner, and I must say that they truly process claims in under 30 minutes. It really is true and not just one of those hoax promises by a brand. Their team has been supportive throughout. Thank You!

I recommend Niva Bupa

I strongly recommend Niva Bupa Health insurance to all my near and dear ones. it was truly a wise decision to have selected a healthcare partner that not only provided me with a hassle free experience during covid-19 hospitalisation, but all the convenience during a difficult time

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How To Make A Claim

Your claim form is important as it gives us the information that we need to process your claim. If it is not fully completed we may have to ask for more information. This can delay payment of your claim.You must complete a new claim form:

  • for each member
  • for each condition
  • for each in-patient or day-case stay, and
  • if a condition continues over three months, we will ask for a further claim form to be completed.

What to send us

You need to return the completed form to us by post, with the original invoices, as soon as possible. This must be within three months of receiving the treatment for which you are claiming. Invoices sent to us after three months will not normally be paid.

Requests for further information

We may need to ask you for further information to support your claim. If we do, you must provide this.Examples of things we might ask for include:

  • medical reports and other information about the treatment for which you are claiming
  • the results of any medical examination performed at our expense by an independent medical practitioner appointed by us

If you do not provide the information that we ask for, we may not pay your claim in full.


When making a claim please note:

Confirmation of your claim

We will always send confirmation of how we have dealt with a claim to the principal member.

What Is A Pre

Bupa By You health insurance | How is my price calculated?

A pre-existing condition is anything youve had medical treatment for in the past, like diabetes, heart disease or asthma. Most insurance providers count this as any condition youve had symptoms or treatment for in the past five years, even if you were diagnosed more than five years ago. Some providers might set the limit higher or lower than five years though, so always read your policy documents carefully and compare your options before buying.

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What Is Business Health Insurance

Company health insurance can help you to support your employees health and wellbeing and reduce absence in the workplace. With private medical cover your employees can quickly access health services when they need it most. Helping your team to get back on their feet and feeling their usual selves.

At Bupa, we know that a healthy team makes a happy and engaged team, thats why we offer a range of health cover options. From small businesses to corporate enterprises you can tailor your business health insurance plan to support both your business and employees health and wellbeing needs.

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How Do I Sign Up

  • Review PHC’s brochure, handbook and directory of hospitals to select your plan from four available options and find out what the cost will be to you. Cost is dependent on your plan selection, age and who you would like to cover in your insurance.
  • Fill in your and your partner’s/dependants’ details via this form to join the health insurance scheme. Once you have completed and submitted this form, you have signed up to receive health insurance. Sign up by the last working day of the month to receive coverage from the first day of the following month onwards. You can make a claim from this date if you need to by calling the PHC claims hotline, even if you have not yet received your membership pack in the post.
  • You will receive from PHC a membership pack in the post to your home address by the end of the second month following sign up. Your premiums will be deducted from your pay after tax on a monthly basis.
  • How Private Health Insurance Works With Public Health Care

    BUPA: taking care of your health

    Private health insurance works with our public health care system to offer you more choice and quicker access to some health services.

    This table compares public and private health care services.

    This table shows a list of health services, provides information on how those services might be provided in the public health care system and what private health insurance might offer in addition.

    Health service

    You may be treated as a public patient in a public or private hospital.

    The public health care system will cover the cost of your treatment.

    As a public patient, you cannot choose your hospital, doctor or specialist.

    When you choose to be treated as a private patient in hospital:

    • your health insurer covers some or all of the hospital costs
    • Medicare covers some of the doctors costs
    • your health insurer covers some or all of the remaining doctors costs

    As a private patient, you can choose your hospital, doctor and specialist.

    Doctor and specialist services outside of hospital

    Medicare covers some or all of the costs of services such as:

    • visits to a GP
    • visits to specialists in their rooms
    • diagnostic imaging

    Some state and territory governments provide ambulance cover.

    You can choose policies that cover ambulance costs when they are not covered by your state or territory government.

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    How Does Bupa Cover Work

    Our team believe that rehab is an investment in your roadway to recovery. Now, its possible to utilise your Bupa insurance plan to fund your treatment and individual recovery journey.

    Bupa members will be evaluated by our Bupa-recognised psychiatrist who will then send their patient evaluation and await verification to cover their treatment expenses.

    The length and type of cover will depend on your personal policy and the terms of that policy it will work for any Bupa policy type.

    If you have a Bupa insurance coverage, and you want to start your roadway to recovery, then give us with a call today, and we will discuss what matters to you in more detail. All calls are completely confidential and addressed by addiction specialists.

    Being here for the week of my detox has made all the difference to my future health. They save lives here.

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