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How Does Pets Best Insurance Work

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Accident And Illness Coverage

How does pet insurance work?

Accident and illness policies are the most comprehensive pet insurance plans because they cover items listed in the accident-only plan as well as illnesses like cancer, arthritis, urinary tract infections, allergies, and more.

Many pet insurance companies limit their illness coverage as pets age, which is why its essential to get insurance while your pet is young to reduce pre-existing condition exemptions and your monthly cost.

What Is Pet Health Insurance

Pet health insurance is a policy that comes with a monthly premium. If your pet is sick or injured, you foot the bill upfront and submit a claim to the insurance agency for reimbursement. Depending on the policy, you may also need to pay a deductible and a percentage of the bill and policies typically exclude certain illnesses and preexisting conditions.

While the monthly premiums can add up to a few hundred dollars per year, the benefit of pet insurance is that cost will be less of a factor when deciding whether to go through with a major procedure. Illness and injury treatments can cost pet owners hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Without insurance, pet owners may be faced with a tough decision if they can’t afford a large vet bill.

But if you put $30 to $40 a month toward a pet health care plan, you can reduce your out-of-pocket costs considerably.

How Does It Work

Pet insurance works in the same way that your health insurance works. You pay a monthly premium for the plan of your choice. Then if your pet falls ill and incurs vet costs, you file a claim with your pet insurance provider and it reimburses some or all of the cost. Whats covered depends on your deductible, any co-pays, and the annual maximum the provider agrees to pay.

Some pet insurance providers require your pets medical records before you can enroll. And no pet insurance provider covers preexisting conditions health conditions that were present before enrolling in the insurance.

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How Does Dog Insurance Work

Lets say you have a dog and no dog insurance. Your dog eats a fruit pit in the yard, but you dont know it. In a few hours, theyre clearly very ill, so you take them to the emergency vet. After some tests and treatment, your dog is recovering, but your bill is over $10,000!

Believe it or not, that happened to the family of a good friend. Their energetic dog just couldnt help himself and got ahold of the pit without anyone seeing.

Had my friend had pet insurance, anywhere from 50% to 100% of the cost of the emergency vet visits related to this accident would have been covered by the pet insurance provider.

With dog insurance, you pay a monthly premium for a specific amount of coverage. Your plan specifies how payouts and reimbursement for covered care will be handled and should also indicate the co-pay amounts.

Kittens Are Highly Prone To Injury

How Pet Insurance Works: Everything You Should know

Despite our best efforts, kittens can still get into plenty of mischief the second were not looking.

Cats may have a reputation for always landing on their feet, but this is simply not the case. Kittens are often excited to begin exploring the world around them, leading to a lot of climbing and jumping. However, this can end poorly if a kitten lands improperly because kittens have softer bones than adult cats.

Frequently, we see kittens for injuries where theyve climbed onto a tall surface, such as a railing or curtain rods, and fallen or gotten their feet tangled up in the curtain during the fall. Both of these scenarios can result in fractured legs.

Apart from the pain, a broken or fractured leg in a young kitten can also disrupt their growth plates, which can require intensive corrective surgery and, in the worst cases, amputation. Treatment for fractured legs will also typically need several follow-ups to ensure that your cat is recovering properly.

Kittens are more susceptible to broken bones in certain parts of their body, such as their tail, which is an extension of their spine. Often, a kitten will accidentally get their tail trapped underneath a door, which can cause a severe injury. Kitten concussions are another pretty common accident caused by falls from high places or trauma.

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Veterinary Care During Covid

The rise in pet ownership during the coronavirus pandemic is placing veterinary services in especially high demand. That makes it more important than usual to choose the medical issues that really require taking your pet to the vet. Before running out to visit your pet care provider, consider the following:

Urgent Care vs. routine checkups

Urgent Care

  • Third-party ratings from websites like TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau

Accident Only Pet Insurance

Accident only pet insurance is the cheapest and most basic type of pet insurance. As the name suggests, it doesn’t cover illnesses – only injuries. Accident only policies provide a fixed sum of money for each accidental injury to help pay for your pets treatment, and will often also stop paying for the injury after twelve months.

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Indoor Cat Insurance Promotes Routine Care That Can Increase Longevity In Pets

Pet insurance helps pet parents feel comfortable taking their cat to the veterinarian when they suspect something is wrong and feel less concerned about the cost of necessary diagnostic testing. Taking your cat to their veterinarian when you suspect they arent feeling good allows your veterinarian to catch illnesses or injuries earlier on.

In turn, this improves your cats prognosis and helps your veterinarian alleviate symptoms and pain now, rather than waiting for symptoms to worsen. Catching illnesses in their early stages will usually be less expensive to treat and prevent the worst-case scenario that your cat cant be treated because some illnesses cant be treated at a certain point.

In addition to pet insurance, many veterinary providers offer supplemental wellness packages that can promote your cats optimal wellbeing. This can include special cat food, vitamins, heartworm supplements, and more to help your cat feel their best now and promote a healthier future for them.

Buying Guide For Best Pet Insurance Providers

How Does Pet Insurance Work In 2021? SPOT Pet Insurance

If you are one of the several million pet owners worldwide, chances are your pets are near and dear to you. Animals, like humans, experience aging, illness, and injury over the years, which makes pet insurance worth considering.

An animals medical costs can add up quickly, from getting spayed to arthritic joints, not to mention any emergencies. Like health insurance for people, depending on the policy, pet insurance can relieve part or all of the cost of medical procedures. Pet insurance can help cover the cost of routine wellness checks, treatment for a long-term illness, accidents, prescription medications, and more. Your pets level of coverage will depend on the type of pet insurance you buy.

To choose the best pet insurance for your companion, you want to research your options, taking into consideration your pets health and age and your budget. To learn more about what to look for when shopping for pet insurance, keep reading our buying guide below and take a look at our favorites.

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What Does Pet Insurance Cost

The price of pet insurance is determined by several factors such as type of pet, breed, age, location, policy terms, and more. Nearly all providers allow for some form of customization to the policy, allowing you to receive different prices while many of the factors mentioned remain the same.

We received several quotes from the providers mentioned above, and prices varied from under $20 to over $130 per month. However, some providers do claim to offer policies with even lower premiums than what we received.

Best Pet Insurance Companies Of August 2021

Best for DogsBest for Innovation and Affordability
Healthy Paws

$7-15k for cats, $10-20k for dogs


$7-15k for cats, $10-20k for dogs

Pet insurance helps pay for your pets medical care, with many policies covering up to 90 percent of your vet bill. However, this can be less if a procedure is excluded from coverage or surpassed your annual expense cap. The best pet insurance company is the one that meets your pets needs when you need them.

Most leading pet insurance companies give pet owners comprehensive coverage at an affordable monthly premium. Yet, a study from March 2021 on pet ownership found that only 25% of pet owners have pet insurance. Shop around, do the research into what pet insurance coverage costs, and then make a well-informed decision about the insurance thats best suited to care for your pet and your pocket.

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What Can You Afford To Pay Out Of Pocket

Consider how much you can afford to pay out of pocket. If you have a $10,000 emergency fund in a high-interest savings account and you are comfortable spending a good portion of that on your pet, your insurance needs will be different than someone living on a reduced income with no emergency fund. If you make a budget and regularly contribute to a pet fund regularly, you can likely opt for a less expensive policy.

Best For Claims Processing

What is Pet Insurance and How Does it Work?

Why we chose it

  • 2.75 Reviews Score Score is based on companys customer experience, financial stability, and coverage options.
  • $100$500/yr. Deductible A deductible is the amount of money you pay out of pocket before insurance kicks in.
  • 90% Reimbursement Rate This is the percentage of the vet bill that a pet insurance company will pay you after submitting a claim.
  • 1 No. of Plans

Why we chose it


  • Fast claims processing and payments
  • No payout limit
  • Doesnt cover pet exams
  • Doesnt cover hip dysplasia after 6 years old
  • Not 100% coverage

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The Coverage Has Limitations

Many plans also limit the amount you can claim, either annually or over your pets lifetime. If your pet is unfortunate enough to suffer a major medical problem, you could max out your plans limit quickly and find yourself paying the difference. Its then that pet insurance costs seemed worth it.

If your pet only needs routine vet care, you wont save much. If they insure their pets, owners spend an average of $324 out of pocket on a dog and $264 out of pocket on a cat, according to the zoology and veterinary sciences journal, Animals, compared to $251 for an uninsured dog and $146 for an uninsured cat.

This is largely because, unsurprisingly, owners with pet insurance take their animals to the vet more often than those who dont have insurance.

Our Top Picks For Best Pet Insurance Of December 2021

  • Healthy Paws Best for Alternative Therapies
  • ASPCA Best for Hereditary and Congenital Conditions
  • Spot Best for Unlimited Coverage
  • Pumpkin Best for Puppies and Kittens
  • Figo Best for Reimbursement Options
  • Embrace Best for Older Pets
  • Pets Best Best for Treatment of Mobility Issues
  • Lemonade Best for Fast Claims Processing
  • Trupanion Best for Direct Payment to Vets
  • Nationwide Best for Exotic Pets

Honorable Mentions: TrustedPals, Petplan, Metlife Pet Insurance, PetFirst, 24PetWatch, Hartville, Pet Assure, USAA Pet Insurance and GEICO Pet Insurance

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Caring For Your Pet In The Social Distancing Era

Aside from the aforementioned veterinary care, there are other measures you can take as a pet owner to keep your furry family member healthy and happy:

  • Buy medicine Make sure to have enough prescriptions, such as heartworm, parasite, flea, and tick medicine, as well as any maintenance drugs.
  • Stock up on food Consider using online services that deliver the food directly to your door to avoid unnecessary visits to the pet store or the supermarket.
  • Work on your mental and physical health Pets pick up on their owners feelings, which means your anxiety can also affect them. Take care of yourself and other household members, so your pets feel more at ease with such an unusual amount of human contact.
  • Exercise your pet Stay-at-home ordinances and self-isolation protocols limit the time you spend with your pet outside. Going for a walk following safety precautions, playing fetch or basic training techniques are some of the many ways to keep them active.
  • Make the most of telemedicine services You keep your pet healthy while limiting visits to the vet and lessen the workload for veterinary staff in clinics and hospitals.


More vets than ever are incorporating telemedicine alternatives to their practice as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. An example of telemedicine is the vet using a video chat service to observe a patient and provide medical advice without having direct physical contact.

Is The Best Dog Insurance Different Than The Best Cat Insurance

is pet (dog) insurance really worth it? how does it actually work?

All of the pet insurance companies we reviewed offered coverage to both dogs and cats. For that reason, our picks for the best pet insurance companies would remain the same for either a dog or cat.

Its worth noting, however, that some differences showed up in our research. One difference was the benefit limit offered to dogs and cats by Pumpkin. The benefit limit for dogs was $10,000 or $20,000, while the benefit limit for cats was $7,000 or $15,000. Another difference we noticed was specific to preventative care options. Certain plans had benefit limits for vaccinations that, while the same in value, were reserved for different types of vaccinations .

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Our Top Picks For Best Pet Insurance Of August 2021

Honorable Mentions: 24PetWatch, Hartville, Pet Assure

Embrace: Best For Coverage

  • Offers a diminishing deductible of $50 each year you dont receive a claim payment
  • Plans include an accident and illness or accident-only policy and optional wellness coverage
  • Will cover curable pre-existing conditions that go symptom-free for 12 months

Embrace sold its first policy back in 2006 and has been an industry leader ever since. The company only offers pet insurance, ensuring that its customers and their pets get its full support.

The Embrace pet insurance plan was our choice for the best coverage as it was the most comprehensive pet insurance policy of all of the companies we reviewed. On top of similar coverage from other companies, Embrace also covers dental illnesses, exam fees, alternative therapies, and more.

An important term to be aware of with pet insurance is pre-existing conditions. These are conditions that occur before or during your waiting period, and many insurance companies wont cover them. However, Embrace distinguishes between curable and incurable pre-existing conditions. Meaning that if your pet remains symptom- and treatment-free for 12 consecutive months, the condition will be covered in the future.

To help you understand what is and isnt a pre-existing condition, Embrace offers a free Medical History Review after you enroll. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that if anything comes up that you arent happy with, you have the freedom to cancel your policy and walk away with no incurred costs.

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How Long Might It Take For Your Claim To Be Reimbursed

The fastest way to receive a claim is by choosing to be reimbursed via direct deposit. Payment will be made within two days after Pets Best has processed your claim. If you didnt sign up for the direct deposit, expect to receive a paper cheque in the mail within 5-7 days after claim processing.

To submit your claim, the following information is needed:

You must file a claim and supporting paid invoice within 180 days of the treatment date. For the fastest and easiest claim filing experience, please log into your Customer Account at and use the electronic claims upload process to submit your documents. Alternately, you can download a personalized claim form from the Customer Account, or you can contact the Customer Care center at 877-738-7237 and Pets Best Insurance Services will mail, email, or fax one to you.Pets Best Insurance Services may require complete medical history/records associated with your pet to process our claim.1. At Pets Best Insurance Services’ request, you agree to provide all of your Pet’s medical history/records.2. You authorize Pets Best Insurance Services, at the time of enrollment and any time after to contact any and all veterinary clinics or hospitals to obtain all available medical records that exist for your pet.3. You authorize any and all veterinary clinics or hospitals to release to Pets Best Insurance Services all medical records that exist for your Pet.


What Types Of Pet Insurance Are Available To Me

What Is Pet Insurance and How Does It Work? â Health pet

Reinstatement or Lifetime Cover:

  • Reinstatement policies also known as Lifetime policies this type of cover offers ongoing cover for illnesses and injuries.
  • Your pet is covered up to a set amount each policy year for illnesses and injuries as long as the insurance policy remains in force. If the overall limit is reached during the policy year, your pet will not be covered for any further treatment required during that policy year. Each time you renew your policy the full level of cover is reinstated.

Maximum Benefit Policies:

  • Maximum benefit policies provide a fixed amount of money for each illness or injury to help pay for your pet’s treatment.
  • Your pet is covered for each illness and injury until the maximum amount has been spent, as long as the insurance policy remains in force therefore you must renew your policy each year for cover to remain in place.
  • There is no time limit on reaching the amount however, once the full amount of money has been spent, the treatment of illness or injury will not be covered again.

Time Limited:

Accident Only:

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