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How Life Insurance Loans Work

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How Much Does Life Insurance Cost

How Do Life Insurance Policy Loans Work?

The cost of your life insurance premium will depend on the type youre buying , but other things play a role too, like your age, health and lifestyle.

Lets look at Sarah. Shes in her 30s, a nonsmoker, in good health, married with one child and earns $40,000 a year. On average:

  • If she took out a 20-year term life policy with a $400,000 death benefit, she would pay around $18 a month for this plan.
  • If she opted for a permanent type of life insurance with a death benefit of $125,000, she would pay around $100 a month for it.

This is what insurance providers will look at when theyre working out your life insurance premium:

  • Age
  • Personal and family medical history
  • Weight
  • If your lifestyle includes risky hobbies like skydiving, shark wrestling and the like
  • If you regularly travel to dangerous parts of the world

After they have these details, the insurance provider will schedule a medical exam with you .

So, now that you know what theyre after, how can you reduce your premium? While you cant do much about your age, you can quit smoking, take up regular exercise, and try to lose weight if you need to, to bring those premiums down.

Pros And Cons Of Group Life Insurance Through Work

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If you recently got a new job, or if its open enrollment season, you might have a chance to get life insurance through your employer at little or no cost to you.

But is group life insurance a good idea? Here is a rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of getting coverage through work.

Should You Borrow From Your Policy

Before you move forward on a policy loan, talk with your financial planner to understand the long-term and short-term consequences and risks. There are many hidden costs you may not be aware of, so you want to be sure this is truly the best option for you.

Ask your agent or advisor to run an “in-force illustration,” which will show you how taking a loan would impact your policy. Weigh the pros and cons, and also explore other options. Keep these topics in mind:

  • Find out how the loan and interest would impact your policy. Ensure that the death benefit portion is not at risk.
  • Learn whether you will have to pay an “opportunity cost.”
  • Make sure you can afford to pay the loan interest and other fees. Interest costs could be compounded, meaning you could be paying interest on your interest.
  • If you aren’t able to pay back the interest on your loan, think twice.
  • If you rely on the policy’s dividends to pay the loan interest, take a close look at the details with your planner. If you borrow from the policy’s cash value, it reduces the amount of available collateral for the loan. It also reduces dividends and generates less money to cover interest payments. This can be costly, and it could even cause you to lose your policy.
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    You Cant Qualify For A Standard Loan Or Need Cash Now

    Because the money is already within the policy and immediately available, it’s a quick source of immediate funds for a new furnace, medical bills, or another emergency, with no credit check required. Even if you qualify for a traditional loan from a bank or , a life insurance loan could be a valuable stopgap if you dont have time to wait for your application to be processed. When the traditional loan comes through, immediately use it to repay the life insurance loan.

    What Type Of Life Insurance Is Right For Me

    How Life Insurance Policy Loans Work

    In case it wasnt clear in our discussion of the two main types, the only type of life insurance wed recommend you get is term life. Its not only cheaper than the permanent kinds of policies , it also expires right around the time you no longer need it. And when would that be?

    At the point when you and your assets become self-insured. Being self-insured just means that:

    • You have a fully funded emergency fund with enough money in it to keep your Four Walls covered for three to six months
    • Your kids are heading off to college or living on their own
    • Your retirement accounts are in great shape

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    Life Insurance Policy Loans Give You Great Flexibility

    You have great flexibility in repaying life insurance loans. Pay back the loan on your schedule, not some banks schedule. Skip payments as necessary. Since any unpaid interest will be added to your loan, we recommend that you pay at least the interest due each year. Loans taken for retirement income are an exception, and Ill comment on those in the section, Should You Pay Back Your Policy Loan? below.

    When you take out your loan, your Bank On Yourself Professional can help you set up a repayment plan with payments that will automatically come out of your checking account each month.

    Get instant access to the FREE 18-page Special Report that reveals how super-charged dividend paying whole life insurance lets you Wall Street, fire your banker, and take control of your financial future.

    Do you have to follow the plan you and your Professional set up? You want to be a responsible borrower, and in a perfect world, you would follow that plan. But if you have an unforeseen emergency, youre in the drivers seat. You call the shots. Reduce or skip a few payments, if necessary. But then get yourself back on track. After all, youre banking on yourself. And you dont want to cheat the banker !

    Youll have continued growth of cash valueboth the guaranteed annual cash value increase and the same dividendas if you hadnt taken the loan. And as with all Bank On Yourself-type policies, you can continue to know the guaranteed minimum cash value of your plan at any given point in time.

    The Truth About Life Insurance

    The truth is that life insurance is not supposed to be a retirement plan. It is insurance. So by definition its a form of financial protection against known risks. Investing, on the other hand, is a wealth-building tool that has its own place in your overall financial strategy. But heres the thing: When companies try to make life insurance do anything other than replace the policyholders income, a big mess is the usual result.

    Trying to blend insurance with investing is a disaster that will cost you both in terms of higher premiums and in terms of lower return on investment .

    So focus on the simple, proven strategy for life insurance that works: cheap, term coverage thats only designed to replace your income when you die. Thats it!

    Maybe youre wondering, Do I need life insurance? As a matter of fact, almost everybody needs life insurance. No matter what stage of life youre at, life insurance makes up an important part of your financial security.

    Lets take a look to see where you might fit in:

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    Loan Against Life Insurance Policy

    During the course of your life, there will be times when you are in need of a significant sum of money. There could be an upcoming wedding or a house renovation that cannot be put off any longer how, then, would you go about arranging the necessary funds for such events? Most people might immediately apply for a personal loan or a gold loan or even pledge their property as a collateral for funds, if that is an option. While these methods may serve your financial needs just fine, borrowers must be aware of another very viable option to raise funds taking a loan against an existing life insurance policy!

    The primary objective of a life insurance plan is to provide the policyholder with a risk cover that will provide a death benefit to the nominee, should anything happen to the life assured. However, life insurance policies also come with a range of other benefits, that make them a worthy investment option. If you find yourself in the midst of a financially troubled time, you can make the most of your policy by taking a loan against it. Policyholders will be glad to know that most financial institutions will readily provide a loan when offered a life insurance policy as collateral.

    One: Provide Money To Help The People You Love

    How Life Insurance Policy Loans Work / Wealth Labs Podcast with Garrett Gunderson

    You work hard to provide for the people you love, seeing to it they have what they need. But what will happen to them when you die? Think about how theyll be able to pay for such things as your final expenses, debt, the mortgage, care of a child, or a college education for your kids or grandkids.

    Life insurance provides them with a sum of money, known as a death benefit. In general, a term policy can help you to meet these needs. If you want a longer-lasting policy, take a look at a permanent policy.

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    If Your Policy Lapses You Could Owe Taxes

    If your coverage lapses, the value of your depleted life insurance will be considered taxable income by the IRS.

    For example: If your loan was for $100,000, and it accrued $10,000 in interest during the time your policyâs cash value was keeping your policy in force, when the policy lapses you could be taxed on the $110,000, minus any payments you made out of pocket.

    An Example Of Borrowing From A Life Insurance Policy

    When Jane called to get the loan and discuss it with her financial advisor, she found out that she could borrow the money without a problem. But she also learned that the amount might reduce the amount of her death benefit. This reduction would mean that, if she were to die, her family would only get the death benefit minus the amount of the loan she hadn’t yet paid.

    Jane’s advisor also explained that, even though she didn’t have to pay back the loan, she could end up paying interest and compounded interest. When they worked out the details, Jane decided that the loan for the sailboat wasn’t the best use of her accumulated cash value.

    Instead, Jane chose to take money from her life insurance policy to start her own business. Because she had already done market research and had some demand for her services, she felt confident that she could pay back her loan within two years.

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    How Much Life Insurance Do I Need

    If your goal is to establish an inheritance for relatives or leave an amount for charity, you would need to buy the amount necessary to reach those goals. Each situation differs, but many people want to leave enough through a life insurance policy to maintain the support currently provided for dependents. To help determine the amount of life insurance you will need for this purpose, financial experts typically recommend factoring in other sources of income that will support your dependents, such as Social Security or investments.

    Is It A Good Or Bad Idea

    How Life Insurance Policy Loans Work

        Traditional life insurance was designed to provide beneficiary death benefits in the event of the insured person’s death. However, there are now some life insurance products available that include a savings or investment component.

        Some insurance agents tout the benefits of life insurance with investment components. Those benefits include being able to borrow money from the cash value of the policy after you’ve paid premiums. Two types of life insurance policies that provide cash value are whole life insurance and universal life insurance. Check your life insurance policy to see whether it includes a loan provision.

        Being able to use your policy if you need an emergency loan sounds great. But be aware of the pros and cons of policy loans to ensure that you don’t put your coverage and paid premiums at risk.

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        What Is Life Insurance For Personal Loans And Lines Of Credit

        Life Insurance for Personal Loans and Lines of Credit helps protect your family or dependants by paying out the outstanding balance of your personal loans and lines of credit in the event of your death. There is a maximum amount of debt than can be insured typically Personal Loans up to a maximum of $150,000, and Lines of Credit up to a maximum of $250,000 to $750,000.

        Who can apply for Life Insurance on Personal Loans and Lines of Credit?

        Life Insurance on Personal Loans and Lines of Credit is available for consumers who have a borrowing relationship with their bank or credit union. A maximum of two borrowers can usually be insured per loan, and they can typically purchase the insurance while they are between 18 and 64 years of age . While pre-existing health conditions are usually excluded from coverage during the first 12 months, a claim in the first 12 months resulting from a condition that is not pre-existing is eligible to be paid. And Life Insurance on Personal Loans and Lines of Credit typically covers all health conditions after the first year.

        How do I get approved for Life Insurance on Personal Loans and Lines of Credit?

        Life Insurance on Personal Loans versus Term Life Insurance

        Term life insurance can provide for your familys future and may be an important part of your overall financial planning.

        How does Life Insurance on Personal Loans and Lines of Credit work?

        Heres an example of how Life Insurance on Personal Loans and Lines of Credit works:

        What If I Cant Ever Service The Loan And I Default

        Well, lets think about this. Even though you are borrowing from the insurance companys general account, you could simply choose to wipe out that loan any time on a moments notice. Remember, they are holding a liquid asset of yours thats safely compounding and large enough to extinguish the loan whenever you want. So are you technically in debt?

        If you did surrender your policy to wipe out the loan, wouldnt you basically be in the same position as if you had just paid cash in the first place ?

        Lets be clear that the insurance company wont ever let you get upside down. If it ever got close to that point, they would give you some notice to pay the minimal maintenance payment, or you could always just surrender your policys cash value to extinguish the loan.

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        What Is Life Insurance

        Life insurance is an agreement between you and an insurance provider. In exchange for your monthly payments, the insurer agrees to pay a sum of money to your loved ones when you die.

        Okay, its not a fun topic to think about, especially that last part. But focus on this: You buy life insurance not because youre going to die but because those you love are going to liveand you want them to be financially secure after youre gone. FYI, there are two main kinds of life insurance: permanent coverage and term life .

        Five: Pay Less In Taxes

        How policy loans work with whole life insurance and indexed life insurance – Part 2

        Taxes are a fact of life. Many of us dont want to pay any more in taxes than we absolutely have to. Life insurance offers tax benefits. Both term and permanent policies will provide your beneficiaries with a typically tax-free death benefit when you die, per IRC §101.

        While youre living, you can take income tax-free loans from the cash value of your permanent policy.1

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        How To Apply For A Loan Against Your Insurance Policy

        The application process to take a loan against your life insurance policy will vary slightly from place to place. To apply for a loan, the policyholder will have to contact a representative from the insurance company and enquire about the process, the Surrender Value of the policy and any other terms and conditions related to this.

        Pros For Borrowing From Life Insurance

        • The most obvious is that youre borrowing from yourself and paying yourself back yourself.
        • You can use the money for anything you want. You can pay off credit card debt or any other purpose without having to explain yourself.
        • You dont have to pay the loan back. There is a requirement to pay the annual interest on the loan, but no requirement that you pay back the principle. However, be aware that if you dont repay it, the unpaid portion of the loan and interest will be deducted from the death benefit.
        • Credit scores dont matter. There is no examination of your credit report. No application fees or costs deducted for taking out the loan.
        • No impact on your credit score. Payments are not reported to credit bureaus.
        • The interest rate on life insurance loans usually is considerably less than what is charged for a credit card and should be less than what you would pay on a consolidation loan. If you have been paying on the insurance policy for more than 10 years, you could get an interest rate under 4%.

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        Which Is Better: Term Or Whole Life Insurance

        Each type of policy can be important for different reasons to help you achieve separate financial goals. If your primary goal is to leave a certain amount for dependents, a term policy is widely considered the simplest and least expensive solution. On the other hand, a more expensive whole life policy may be right for you if your goal includes building up equity which you may access during your lifetime, or if you simply prefer a guaranteed payout for beneficiaries no matter the age at which you pass. Your financial planner or insurance professional can help you determine what is the best type of policy to meet your specific needs.

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