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How To Calculate Home Insurance And Tax

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Homeowners Insurance Coverage For Small Business Owners

Real Estate Basics : How to Calculate a Mortgage Payment with Insurance & Taxes

It is worth noting if you run a very small business on your propertylike lawn care or gardening business, your homeowners insurance might cover up to a couple of thousand dollars for it. If you do run a business on your property it is recommended you ask your homeowners insurance company upfront if it is covered or not.

If you run a larger business out of your home, it likely will not be covered, and you would need to take out an insurance policy specifically for the business.

For example, if you run something like a daycare in your house, for instance, your homeowners insurance policy would most likely require you to take out a commercial policy for your business.

How Can I Reduce My Home Insurance Premiums

There are a number of steps homeowners can take to save money on their home insurance premiums. Many of these include ways to reduce your risk of incurring damage to your home.

Install preventative measures against water damage, fire damage and theft: Having a security or fire alarm system, a backflow valve, or a sump pump can reduce your premiums.

Use weather-resistant materials to build your roof: Upgrading your roof with class four asphalt shingles or slate tiles can help it withstand intense weather, resulting in lower premiums.

Bundle your home and auto insurance policies: When you bundle your TV, cell phone and internet services together, your provider will often give you a discount. Most insurers will also offer you a discount when you buy both home and auto insurance from them.

Increase your deductible: A higher deductible means you will have to pay more when you make a claim and the insurance company wont have to pay as much. However, your premiums will be lower.

Dont switch insurance companies before the end of your policy term: There may be cancellation fees if you cancel your policy before the term ends. Furthermore, with some providers, cancelling closer to the end of the term will result in lower fees.

Ask about discounts: You may qualify for discounts. For example, you may receive a discount if you havent filed a claim for a number of years or if youve paid off your mortgage.

First What Is Income Tax And What Is Taxable Income

Income tax is the tax levied by the government on an individuals income. This term individual here applies to a person, Hindu Undivided Family, company, co-operative societies and trusts. And, the tax slabs are decided based on ones income and age.

Now, taxable income is income of an individual minus the tax exemptions, deductions and rebate. These processes are laced with complicated calculations and adjustments, so we take you through them to make the math simple.

Step 1: Calculate your gross income

First, write down your annual gross salary you get. This will include all the components of your salary including House Rent Allowance , Leave Travel Allowance and special allowances, like food coupons and mobile reimbursements etc..

Next, take out the exemptions provided on the salary components. The major exemptions you get are HRA i.e. House Rent Allowance and LTA i.e. Leave Travel Allowance.

For HRA, remember you can claim HRA ONLY if you live in a rented house and can submit valid rent receipts as proof. You can easily fill out and from the ETMONEY website and submit it after affixing revenue stamp and getting it signed by your landlord or landlady to claim HRA benefit. If you have your own accommodation or live with parents, then HRA is fully taxable. Also, your tax exemption under HRA is taken as the lowest of the following amounts:

The amount you arrive at is your gross total income.

Step 2 Arrive at your net taxable income by removing deductions

The Bottom line:

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Is Home Insurance Tax Deductible

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Owning a home comes with its own set of expenses, from mortgage payments to home repairs. On the other hand, one of the perks of owning your own home is the tax breaks that come along with it.

Homeowners insurance is one of the main expenses youll pay as a homeowner. Homeowners insurance is typically not tax deductible, but there are other deductions you can claim as long as you keep track of your expenses and itemize your taxes each year. Weve compiled what you need to know to help you save thousands throughout the year.

How A Larger Down Payment Impacts Monthly Payments*

Calculating Mortgage Insurance

*The payment is principal and interest only. To get the total monthly payment for down payments below 20%, add in your property taxes, homeowners insurance and private mortgage insurance .

In general, most homebuyers should aim to have 20% of their desired home price saved before applying for a mortgage. Being able to make a sizeable down payment improves your chances of qualifying for the best mortgage rates. Your credit score and income are two additional factors that will play a role in determining your mortgage rate.

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Tools To Help You Work Out How Much Home Insurance You Need

When buying home insurance, its up to you to determine how much it would cost to replace your home and contents if they were totally destroyed, for example, by fire.

These are called the sums insured and are the maximum amounts well pay. So its important youre comfortable the sums you nominate are enough to replace the home and contents you wish to insure, at todays prices.

Calculating these replacement costs is complex. To help make it easier, weve made available some calculators from leading estimators Cordell Information and Sum Insured.

What Does Cmhc Insurance Cover

CMHC insurance covers your insured mortgage loan amount. If you were to default on your mortgage, the CMHC will provide compensation to your mortgage lender to cover their losses. Even though the CMHC will make up for any shortfalls to the lender after your home is sold, you are still responsible for paying your mortgage. CMHC insurance does not protect you from a foreclosure or prevent you from defaulting on your mortgage.

Mortgage life insurance, also called mortgage protection insurance, helps cover your mortgage if you cannot make mortgage payments due to job loss, disability, critical illness, or death. You can get mortgage life insurance to cover your mortgage balance even if your mortgage is CMHC-insured. You can get separate mortgage life insurance from a private insurer or from your lender if they offer it. However, mortgage life insurance does not provide coverage for your property. You will need to get home insurance, which will be separate from mortgage life insurance. You can gethome insurance quotesin just a few minutes online.

Since mortgage life insurance covers your mortgage principal balance, the amount of your eligible coverage will slowly decrease over time as you make your monthly mortgage payments, while your insurance premiums will stay the same.

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Adjusting Work Space In Home Expenses For Mixed Use

If you operate a part-time business out of your home and use the space for both business and personal activities, you must adjust your work-from-home expenses accordingly. For instance, suppose you have a home office that you use to run a consulting business five days a week and for the remainder of the time the office is used for personal activities. To calculate your business-use-of-home expenses, you would calculate how many hours in the day you use the workspace in your home for business purposes, divide that amount by 24 hours, and multiply the result by the business portion of your total home expenses.

Using the same example, and operating the business from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., five days a week, seven hours a day, the business is operating for 35 hours a week out of a total 168 weekly hours. Then, the deductible business use claim would be reduced by:

35/168 hours x $1,100 = $229.17 – Your total home based business tax deduction

Note that you must have income to which you can apply tax deductions. You cannot deduct an expense from income that does not exist. In other words, you cannot use business-use-of-home expenses to create a business loss. Therefore, your deduction cannot be more than your net income before you deduct these expenses. If the deduction exceeds your net income, you can carry the amount of these expenses forward into the next year.

Mortgage Payment Calculator With Taxes And Insurance

House Payment B: PMI, Taxes, HOA, and Home Owners Insurance

Use this PITI calculator to calculate your estimated mortgage payment. PITI is an acronym that stands for principal, interest, taxes and insurance. After inputting the cost of your annual property taxes and home insurance costs, you’ll see the full impact of your monthly payment on your household budget. Fill in the blanks and hit “view report” to see the payment schedule, which shows how much of your payment goes toward interest, and how much toward principal. Because the amount of interest is determined by the balance owed, over time the interest remitted with each payment decreases, with more of your monthly payment going toward principal.

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The Least Expensive States For Homeowners Insurance

The states with the least expensive average annual homeowners insurance premiums are Hawaii, Utah, Delaware, Vermont and Oregon. So, how much should you budget for homeowners insurance in these locations? These states have average premiums that are less than $1,000 per year, likely due to a relatively low risk of home damage. The table below shows the average cost of home insurance coverage in these states and how the prices compare to the national average.


These states may have a lower risk for natural disasters, and some could also have low premiums due to a generally low cost of living. The price of materials and labor may be lower in certain areas, which could mean you need less coverage to repair or rebuild your home if it is damaged.

Factors Used To Calculate The Cost Of Home Insurance

Insurance providers consider various factors when calculating your insurance policy premium. If you have valuable property or live in an area where certain risks are higher, you may have to pay more for insurance as a result. Some of the factors that influence the cost of your home insurance policy include:

  • Where you live


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Debris Removal And Extra Building Costs

Well cover not only the replacement value of your home, but also the cost of debris removal demolition and professional and building-application fees and disposal of your damaged contents and storage of your undamaged ones .

Well pay up to 10% of your sum insured for these costs in addition to your total sum insured.

Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply.

For full details, please read the Product Disclosure Statement.

What Is A Homes Assessed Value


One factor that affects your property taxes is how much your property is worth. You probably have a good understanding of your homes market valuethe amount of money a buyer would pay for your place.

Still, tax municipalities use a slightly different number its called your homes assessed value.

Tax assessors can calculate a homes current assessed value as often as once per year. They also may adjust information when a property is sold, bought, built, or renovated, by examining the permits and paperwork filed with the local municipality.

Theyll look at basic features of your home , the purchase price when it changes hands, and comparisons with similar properties nearby.

Sometimes a homes assessed value will be strikingly similar to its fair market valuebut thats not always the case, particularly in heated markets. In general, you can expect your homes assessed value to amount to about 80% to 90% of its market value. You can check your local assessor or municipalitys website, or call the tax office for a more exact figure for your home. You can also search by state, county, and ZIP code on

If you believe the assessor has placed too high a value on your home, you can challenge the calculation of your homes value for tax purposes. You dont need to hire someone to help you reduce your property tax bill. As a homeowner, you may be able to show how you determined that your assessed value is out of line.

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Details Of Texas Housing Market

Texas is the largest state by size in the contiguous U.S., taking up roughly 261,800 square miles. Its the second-largest state by population with an estimated 28.9 million residents.

Most of Texas population resides in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth, which are the five largest cities in the state. Overall, Texas has three of the 10 largest cities in the U.S. by population. Texas also has one of the healthiest housing markets according to SmartAssets Healthiest Housing Markets study. The study was based on stability, affordability, fluidity and risk of loss. Texas number one spot is good news for potential homeowners, as it shows that its one of the best states to buy a home in. The overall median home value in the state is $200,400, according to the Census Bureau.

If youre hoping to live in Houston, youll likely have to have a bigger budget, as the median home value in Austin is $312,300, based on Census data. Austin has had one of the highest home value increases in the past few years, thanks to a number of tech companies moving to the capital city. Thinking about San Antonio? Median home values are lower there, at about $136,800 for a home in the seventh-largest city in the U.S.

Costs To Expect When Buying A Home In Texas

One of the first things to consider when you find a home youd like to buy is a home inspection. In Texas, expect to pay $350 to $600 for the service. If you want a termite or mold inspection or radon testing, youll pay an additional fee for each service. If youre curious about your inspectors education, Texas issues inspector licenses so the industry is regulated.

Closing costs are another expense youll have to consider before buying a home. Luckily, these fees are only charged once at the closing of the mortgage, and dont carry on annually like insurance and property taxes. On average, to cover closing costs for a home in Texas, you’ll need to save around 2.1% of the purchase price. Fortunately, Texas is one of the few states that doesnt levy transfer taxes or include a state recordation tax, which will save you a percentage of overall costs.

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Closing Costs By County


Our Closing Costs Study assumed a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with a 20% down payment on each countys median home value. We considered all applicable closing costs, including the mortgage tax, transfer tax and both fixed and variable fees. Once we calculated the typical closing costs in each county we divided that figure by the countys median home value to find the closing costs as a percentage of home value figure. Sources include U.S. Census Bureau 2018 5-Year American Community Survey, Bankrate and government websites.

At the time of closing, youll be responsible for paying the mortgage lender a number of fees. This includes origination points, commitment fee, broker fee, processing charges, tax service and more. Youll also be responsible for a credit report charge, flood certification and possibly appraisal, survey and attorney fees, if you opt for those services.

Youre also responsible for title insurance, which helps guaranteed the property against problems such as outstanding liens and taxes. Its a hefty charge. In Texas title insurance rates are set by the state, which means pricing isnt competitive – its set. And, according to Dallas News, Texas pays near the highest in the nation for title insurance. Luckily, you do save in other areas: In Texas, you wont have to pay mortgage tax or any local or transfer fees.

Where Can I Get Home Insurance

How to Calculate a Mortgage Payment With Insurance & Taxes : Explaining Mortgages

Home insurance can be purchased through a broker, an insurance company, or by going online. Its best to compare homeowners insurance rates with the calculator provided by This tool is also known as our quoter, because it provides consumers with quotes from real brokers and agents to help them find the best rates on home insurance from insurance companies across Canada. To give it a try, enter your postal code into the form above and click the pink Get Started button.

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Get A Personalized Quote

MoneyGeek’s home insurance cost estimator is an excellent tool for getting an idea of how much youll pay for homeowners insurance. After you use the calculator, comparing quotes from several different providers can ensure that you get the best deal possible.

The cost of home insurance can vary depending on many factors, including where you live, your homes value, the frequency of weather-related risks and potential natural disasters.

Where To Find Property Taxes Plus How To Estimate Property Taxes

Thankfully, in many cases, you may not have to calculate your own property taxes. You can often find the exact amount youll pay on listings at®, or else you can enter a homes location and price into an online home affordability calculator, which will not only estimate your yearly taxes but also how much you can anticipate paying for your mortgage, home insurance, and other expenses.

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Do I Need Cmhc Insurance

CMHC insurance is required if yourdown paymentis less than 20%. You wont be able to get an uninsured mortgage from any major bank in Canada if your down payment is less than 20%. This requirement is put in place by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions , an agency of the federal government that regulates financial institutions such as banks and federal credit unions.

If you make a down payment of at least 20% or more, you do not need CMHC insurance. However, your mortgage lender can still require you to get CMHC insurance even if you make a higher down payment in certain cases, such as if youre purchasing in a remote location where it might be difficult to find a buyer.

CMHC insurance is not available if:

  • Your purchase price is $1,000,000 or above, or
  • Your amortization period is longer than 25 years

In these cases, you must make a down payment of 20% or higher to get a mortgage.

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