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How To Cancel Expedia Travel Insurance

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Expedia Total Protection Plan For Travel Medical Baggage And Emergencies

How to Cancel Travel During COVID-19 (2 of 2)

This plan is sort of a mix between the cancellation plan and the package protection plan, and usually only applies to packages that have flights booked, but not hotel rooms.

  • Like the cancellation plan, it allows you to be compensated if you cancel your trip before youre scheduled to leave or after youve already left, though only for doctor-certified medical emergencies.
  • Like the package protection plan, it also protects your luggage against loss, theft, damage, destruction, or significant delay. It also covers emergency medical bills, and can compensate you if you or a travelling partner is seriously injured or killed in an accident. Finally, it includes 24/7 emergency travellers assistance.

Expedia Travel Insurance Cover Provided By Aig Travel Guard

AIG Travel Guard is the underwriting partner for Expedia Travel Insurance. AIG is one of the most respected travel insurance carriers in the USA. Indeed, we are a partner of AIGs, and host a number of its comprehensive travel insurance policies. However, the policies that AIG provides to Expedia are not Trip Insurance policies. They are described as Flight Protection plans, and look nearly worthless to us.

Expedias International Travel Insurance Plan is called Expedia Total Protection Plan.

Expedias Domestic Travel Insurance Plan is called Expedia Flight Cancellation Plan.

We will first cover the Domestic Expedia Trip Insurance, followed by the International Expedia Trip Insurance.

Expedia Travel Insurance Financial Stability

Financial stability is an essential factor to consider when choosing an insurance company.

Dedicated credit rating agencies such as A.M Best, Standard and Poors, and Moodys analyze insurance companies and report their findings, publishing results regularly.

Good ratings with any of these are generally indicative of a companys ability to meet its obligations.

Expedia is underwritten by Stonebridge Casualty, a subsidiary of Transamerica Casualty, which has received a rating of A from A. M. Best.

This high rating shows that the backing company can meet its ongoing insurance obligations.

If there were any concerns with the quality of the coverage offered by this company, or of its ability to make good on claims, A. M. Best would have a lower rating.

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Domestic Expedia Travel Insurance Benefit

Here is the exhaustive list of benefits that a traveler will get from this cheap Expedia Travel Insurance

AIG Travel Guard Flight Cancellation Plan

SCHEDULE OF BENEFITSMaximum Limit Per Person

  • Trip Cancellation – Trip Cost
  • Trip Interruption – up to 100% of Trip Cost

As in, this nearly worthless policy has protection for cancellation and interruption only. Thats it. And, of course, the reasons that count as being covered are extreme.

It covers disabling injuries or illnesses that make travel impossible, as certified by a doctor. If you are hi-jacked or quarantined or called to jury duty. If you are made redundant.

Now, we recognize that these are risks worth protecting, but surely most of us would expect far higher levels of trip insurance cover? We have never seen a trip protection policy with so little useful cover for a traveler.

Does Aardy Charge More

Are You Prepared for Post COVID

In the USA, insurance is regulated with anti-discrimination protection in place.

Identical travel insurance policies must be sold at the same price. We cannot mark up a policy. We cannot discount a policy. No one can. We offer a fuller explanation here: Travel Insurance Comparison

What does this mean to me as a travel insurance customer? If you went to each of our travel insurance partners and ran quotes with every one of them, you would see the exact same price as we quote. We do not charge a cent more. All that we do is compare insurance plans within the market. You no longer need to jump from insurer to insurer. You will see the best rates for each trip insurance policy.

All we need is one minute of your time. AARDY is the leading travel insurance marketplace in the USA.

Safe travels.

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How We Got A Refund On A Non

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For the first route change of our year-and-a-half long trip, we were hit with a big one.

Just a few weeks before heading to Egypt a new batch of protests began. These protests were not like the previous ones, and I had a horrible feeling that our plans were about to change.

Within days of the protests that began in July 2013, the US government released warnings to avoid travel to Egypt as well as a global warning that was mainly focused on travel to the Middle East.

After discussing it with a friend who was coming to visit us in Egypt, we decided to change our plans.

We had one problem: Angie and I had already booked $857 worth of non-refundable plane ticket from Expedia for an itinerary of Istanbul to Cairo , Cairo to Istanbul , and Istanbul to Bucharest .

Not resigning ourselves to lose that money, our quest to cancel our Expedia itinerary and get a refund began.

If you find yourself in a similar scenario, you may need to try one of the following methods to get a refund for your non-refundable plane ticket.

Getting A Refund From Expedia On Your Own

Even though we pointed out that individual refunds depend on the respective companies Expedia works with, you can request a refund through Expedia itself.

Whether you need a refund for accommodation, canceled flights, or a package deal, there are three ways you can do it manually:

  • Using Expedia website
  • Emailing Expedia

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Why Should I Buy Travel Insurance

Before we jump into the policies that Expedia offers, it probably makes sense to cover the main reasons that people buy travel insurance in the first place.

Tragic Cancellation Cover We want to be able to cancel our trip if we are presented with terrible circumstances at home. If there is a death or serious illness in the family, for example.

Redundancy Protection If we lose our job, we would like to be able to cancel our trip and be compensated.

Vacation Cancellation Protection If our vacation is cancelled by our employer, we would like to be compensated for the cancelled vacation.

Medical Cover Whether we travel at home or abroad, we want health cover in case we get sick or involved in an accident.

Medical Evacuation Cover If we do get sick or injured, we want our travel insurance to take care of the costs involved in moving us to a medical facility.

Baggage Protection If our bags are lost by the airline, is there cover in place?

Now, there are more options than this in any trip protection policy, but these are the ones that people are most worried about. The ones we consider most critical are the travel health insurance elements, because these have costs that could bankrupt a traveler. Yes, it is annoying to lose a bag, and compensation is nice. But, a $75k medical bill after a serious injury is something that can destroy a persons financial well-being. Big risks need to be covered, in our opinion.

Second Call To Cancel An Expedia Flight

Travel insurance company wouldn’t pay after disaster forced trip cancellation, couple says

The problem with changing your ticket with Expedia is that their call center employees are, for lack of a better phrase, worthless.

It took many tries with our particular contact to get our ticket changed to the right itinerary. At one point we were going from Egypt to Romania, then round trip to Romania from Istanbul, and so on. We must have tried explaining it about 20 different ways before she got it right- a one-way ticket from Istanbul to Romania.

Then she dropped the bombshell on us:

We could pay a change fee to alter our route, but the remaining balance would be lost.

Wait, what?

Didn’t we just spend 30 minutes on the phone with the rep explaining why we wanted to change our Expedia tickets and how we were wanting to get some of our money back? .

This would have saved a bit of time for all involved if we knew it in advance. Although with how horribly unhelpful this employee was, I was more than happy save another customer the trouble of having to deal with her for a few minutes.

Apparently because you’re on a non-refundable ticket that means no refund on even the difference in changing your flight to a cheaper ticket with the same carrier.

I get the no refunds rule if you need to cancel your ticket, but no adjustments on changing the itinerary while keeping the same carrier? No credit? Nothing?

That is pushing it, and charging the change fee on top of it is a complete insult.

Sadly, even here, it was still probably Expedia’s issue above all others.

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What Is Excluded From Travel Insurance

Incidents not covered by your travel insurance vary by policy and provider.

Pre-existing medical conditions are often excluded from coverage, meaning your benefits dont apply to claims related to that condition. Some policies cover pre-existing medical conditions if you meet certain criteria, for example if you purchased the policy within 14 days of paying for your trip and if you were well enough to travel when you booked your trip.

Plan on mountain-climbing or engaging in other dangerous activities on your trip? Many policies wont cover you if something goes wrong. Other incidents excluded from your policy may involve war, acts of terrorism and the use of alcohol, which can cause your injuries to be designated as self-inflicted, or the use of drugs, which may be illegal.

If you want full flexibility to cancel your trip you’ll need to find a policy that allows you to purchase a Cancel For Any Reason add-on. This additional benefit does exactly what the name implies and allows you to cancel your trip for any reason. Typically, you’ll get around 75% of your prepaid nonrefundable trip expenses back, although exact timing and percentages vary by policy.

» Learn more:Cancel For Any Reason travel insurance explained

Section I: Cancellation Fee Waiver

You may Change or Cancel your trip for ANY REASON one time prior to the start of your trip. All cancellation fees will be covered by Expedia, except the cost of published air. Credit, pursuant to applicable airline policies, may be issued less airline change fees, and Expedia, Inc. will absorb the change fees. The actual airfare could be higher at the time of rebooking in that event the price differential would be your responsibility.


Phone: 1- 453-4079 or 1- 342-2720

Mail: BerkelyCare 300 Jericho Quadrangle, P.O. Box 9022, Jericho, NY 11753 Office Hours: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm ET, Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET, Saturday

IMPORTANT: In order to facilitate prompt claims settlement upon your return, be sure to obtain as applicable:

Accident & Sickness Medical Claims receipts from the treating Physicians, etc. stating the amounts paid and listing the diagnosis and treatment submit these first to your other medical plans. Forward a copy of their final disposition of your claim to BerkelyCare.

Your duties in the event of a Medical or Dental Expense:

  • You must provide us with all bills and reports for medical and/or dental expenses claimed.
  • You must provide any requested information, including but not limited to, an explanation of benefits from any other applicable insurance.
  • You must sign a patient authorization to release any information required by us, to investigate your claim.
  • When Coverage Begins

    When Coverage Ends

  • the Scheduled Return Date
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    What Is Missing From Domestic Expedia Travel Insurance

    Travel Health Insurance

    Most people associate travel insurance with health cover. This is as true for domestic travel as it is for international. Although many of us will have some type of health insurance, there are often restrictions if we travel away from our home state. We should be aware of any additional costs by using out-of-state medical facilities, or out-of-network costs.

    Every single travel insurance policy that we offer through AARDY has travel health insurance embedded in. It is standard every travel insurer seems to offer this on their travel insurance policies. Travelers assume that health cover will be in any policy they buy. We can only assume that most travelers would not even think to check the Expedia Trip Protection policy document. If they did, we assume that they would be shocked by the lack of travel protection.

    We cannot recommend Expedia Travel Insurance if it does not include this most basic of travel health insurance provisions.

    Travel Evacuation Insurance

    In the event that you get seriously injured or very ill, you will need to be moved to the nearest medical facility. The costs of this type of medical transfer can be very high. Thats why we expect to see it in any travel insurance plan. Again, we cannot understand why Expedia does not include it.

    Vacation Cancellation Insurance

    Buying The Best Travelinsurance

    Can You Add Travel Insurance After Booking Flight Expedia ...

    Whether its your dreamhoneymoon to Fiji or your bucket-list trip to see the Northern Lights inIceland, travel insurance is a necessity to protect yourself when you go abroad. Work-related issues, unexpectedillnesses, family emergencies, and even inclement weather at your destinationor home location can cause you to have to cancel even the best-laid plans.Fortunately, there are some great travel insurance companies out there thatgive you the ability to customize your coverage to meet your specific needs, atprices that suit a range of budgets. Plus, booking is easier than you think,and there are many different ways you can go about purchasing coverage for yourtrip but some are more convenient than others.

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    Get Expedia Refunds Quickly With Donotpay

    If you feel like dealing with the Expedia team might be too much of a bother, we wouldnt blame you. Requesting your refund with the help of DoNotPay is your best option its fast, simple, and you dont have to communicate with the Expedia representatives on your own.

    After you access DoNotPay from any web browser, follow these short steps:

  • Navigate to the Chargeback Instantly section
  • Fill out your Expedia payment details
  • Specify Expedia is the company you want a refund from
  • Verify your identity with a digital signature
  • As you see, the process of requesting a refund from Expedia with DoNotPay only takes a couple of clicks on your smartphone or desktop. Our robot lawyer will fax the request to your bank instantly and send you an email confirmation of this.

    Can You Request a Refund Via


    You Didn’t See A Doctor Before Canceling Your Trip Because Of Illness

    Anna has packed her suitcases to fly to Costa Rica for a week-long vacation. The day before she’s set to leave, she comes down with a bad case of the flu. Feeling wretched, Anna decides to stay home. She submits a trip cancellation insurance claim, but it’s denied.

    If you or your traveling companion suffers an illness, injury or medical condition that’s disabling enough to make a reasonable person cancel a trip, Allianz Global Assistance considers that a covered reason for trip cancellation. However, a doctor must examine you or your traveling companion and advise that person to cancel the trip before the decision to cancel is made. If that isnt possible, a doctor must examine you within 72 hours of your trip cancellation.

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    Does Travel Insurance Cover Coronavirus

    In most cases, no. Many travel insurance policies specifically exclude claims related to coronavirus. However, some insurers are making exceptions for policies already in effect. For example, Allianz will cover medical expenses for existing policyholders who get sick with COVID while on a trip. Additionally, they will cover trip cancellation or interruption if you get sick with COVID before or during a trip. But if you havent purchased travel insurance yet, the policy youre considering probably wont cover you for COVID.

    My Brush With Trip Protection Scammers

    Airline customers entitled to refunds being refused by Expedia

    I began covering travel insurance and protection because of a product that called itself trip protection. Decades ago, when I was just a cub reporter, a company began offering trip protection policies to cruise passengers and people who were buying pricey tours.

    But when customers filed a claim, and were denied, they discovered that the protection was basically unregulated insurance. When state regulators began closing in on these insurance scammers, the companies would dissolve and move to a new state. Then the scam would start all over.

    As a consumer advocate specializing in travel cases, I dealt with all of the unhappy travelers whose claims were repeatedly denied. Eventually, working closely with victims and law enforcement, we put these travel protection scammers out of business once and for all.

    Today, travel protection is clearly labeled as not insurance, and regulators are quick to clamp down on any company that claims otherwise. But two decades ago, that wasnt the case. And travelers paid a high price.

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    Do Not Buy Trip Cancellation Insurance From Expedia

    Expedia’s so-called Trip Protection package is a scam. It’s expensive and its coverage is limited to health emergencies.

    I made the mistake of buying it, and it cost me dearly.

    Don’t buy it!

    94 replies to this topic

    Another case of an OP not reading what he bought and calling it a scam. Blaming someone else is the true American pastime, not baseball. Last time I bought trip insurance, it covered health, jury duty, job layoff, terrorism, environmental issues, carrier no longer providing the service, etc. Just read it again to make sure.

    Expedia’s policy would never be a “cancel for any reason you please” policy.

    Those are VERY expensive!! Most policies cover cancelling for very specific reasons that are always listed before you buy.

    I dont doubt that the insurance provided by Expedia was very limited. The real problem is not reading the policy before purchasing the insurance.

    Also, its common knowledge to never buy insurance from a third party from which you are purchasing flights/lodging. When you buy a car, you dont buy insurance from Mazda or Ford or Audi. You buy insurance from a separate, independent insurance company. Its the same with travel insurance. Surely a policy written by Expedia, or worse Kiwi, edreams, Gotogate, etc will be weighted heavily in favor for the company and not the customer.

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