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How To Cancel Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

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Why Choose Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
  • Healthy Paws offers a 30 days trial period for your insurance policy. If you decide during this time to cancel pet insurance for any reason, you will receive a complete refund as long as you did not submit a claim.
  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers one pet health insurance plan that covers new illnesses and accidents, injuries, genetic conditions, cancer, alternative, and emergency care
  • There is no maximum payout limits or annual limits
  • 99% of Claims are processed within two working days. You can submit all claims by uploading a photo of the veterinary invoice through a mobile app or online
  • Healthy Paws and Foundation help homeless pets receive the medical care they need to get healthy and get adopted
  • To expedite the claim process, Healthy Paws offers an option to pay your vet bill directly to the vet. They can also request direct access to your pet’s medical records to allow faster processing of your claim. The direct payment option is available across the United States for any licensed vet.

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Electronic Disclosure And Consent

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance LLC and ACE American Insurance Company, a Chubb Company,and its affiliated insurers in the Chubb Group are providing you with the option toapply for pet insurance electronically for your pet through the website and the Healthy PawsInternet Customer Center with the option to receive the following documents electronically throughemail to your email address on record or via posting to your Customer Center.

You consent that all your pet insurance documentation will be transacted by electronic means, including but not limitedto your insurance policy policy documentation endorsement documents policyholder notices notices of cancellation andnon-renewal signature pages premium increase or conditional renewal notices applications alerts and communicationsrelating to your policy invoices claims communications and forms claim acknowledgements and, coverage letters andpositions.

You consent to submitting and receiving all of your claims forms electronically to us and via the email address set outbelow.

This consent for electronic delivery is effective immediately and will remain in effect until you withdraw it.Importantly, if you choose to access your Policy Documents electronically, this does not affect the validity, legaleffect, or enforceability of such insurance related documents.

Your selection of “I agree” constitutes your electronic signature. By selecting the “I agree” box I confirm that:

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Who Owns Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws began as Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation back in 2009, and is co-founded by Steve Siadek and Rob Jackson . They met through a local, no-kill animal shelter. Steve had left a corporate career to pursue his pet passion and become the shelters executive director. Rob, an insurance executive, adopted his dogs from the shelter and kept coming back to foster more.

Healthy Paws Vs Pets Best

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance &  Foundation

Pets Best has a shorter waiting period than Healthy Paws 3 days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses.

If you have multiple pets, you can take advantage of the 5% discount on BestBenefit plans.

To find out which company is right for you, have a side by side look at our Pets Best and Healthy Paws Pet Insurance reviews.

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Healthy Paws Vs Trupanion

Healthy Paws has an annual deductible, whereas Trupanion has a lifetime per condition deductible.

Trupanion also has fewer restrictions than Healthy Paws. With Trupanion, you will be getting full coverage after 30 days, whereas if you enroll in Healthy Paws policy, you would need to wait 12 months for hip dysplasia coverage.

Healthy Paws also has some enrollment restrictions for older pets. If there is any truth to the numerous Healthy Paws Pet Insurance reviews from clients claiming that their premium increases after their pet got older, then Trupanion may be a better option for you in the long run if you have an older pet.

And lastly, Trupanion can pay participating hospitals directly. Healthy Paws offers a similar option, but it is only available during working hours.

For a more detailed pet insurance comparison, check out our Trupanion review.

Embrace Doesnt Require Extra Office Visits For Senior Pets

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance requires that pets older than 6 years of age have a physical exam within 30 days prior to policy purchase, or within the first 15 days of the policy. If an older pet hasnât had a visit in that time, a visit it required at the ownerâs expense since Healthy Paws Pet Insurance doesnât have a wellness plan.

Embrace only requires there be a physical examination in the 12-months preceding the policy purchase, or within the first 14 days of the policy start date â no matter the age of your pet. And if you have Embraceâs Wellness Rewards plan, this visit can be reimbursed if done on or after the date of the policy purchase.

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Products

Healthy Paws single plan includes a range of coverage.

The treatments covered include, but are not limited to, the following, which almost all insurers include in their plans:

  • Diagnostic radiology and imaging tests such as X-rays
  • Diagnostic lab work such as blood tests
  • Surgeries
  • Prescription medication

The companys policies also omit these expenses, as do most insurers:

  • Routine care such as wellness and prevention that might include vaccinations, spaying/neutering, flea/parasite/worm control, and grooming
  • Any type of pre-existing condition, as detailed in the insurance policy
  • Congenital conditions when symptoms have already been evident
  • Injuries or treatment provided during the waiting periods
  • Boarding or daycare facilities

However, Healthy Paws also does not cover the following, which some other insurers do include in their accident and illness plans:

  • Normal veterinary exam fees
  • Basic dental healthcare such as cleaning or dental decay procedures
  • Behavioral treatment such as training or group socialization
  • Specially formulated pet food or dietary supplements

You can enroll dogs and cats from 8-weeks of age up until theyre 14 years old. Once enrolled, the coverage lasts for the life of the pet or until you cancel.

Furthermore, if you have multiple pets that you wish to insure, or if you get a new pet after insuring your current one, you can add them to your already existing plan with corresponding additional costs.

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Get Better Coverage For Malignant Growths With Embrace

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance excludes all cancer coverage if a pet has had a malignant growth prior to the start of coverage. That means that if a pet had skin cancer prior to the start of Healthy Paws Pet Insuranceâs policy, all cancer is excluded. Embrace would not be able to cover pre-existing cancer, but if your pet were to get a different and unrelated cancer or malignant growth, we would cover it.

Healthy Paws Vs Other Companies

Interested in seeing how Healthy Paws stacks up against other popular pet insurance companies? Weve written many comparison articles for you to see how Healthy Paws and other leading pet insurance companies compare in coverage, customer service and reputation, claim repayment timeline, plan customization, and price.

Healthy Paws has a history of excellent customer service, an annual deductible, and unlimited lifetime benefits with every policy. When you sign up for your initial plan, you choose your yearly deductible and the percentage of the vet bill for reimbursement.

If youre still not sure if Healthy Paws is the right pet insurance provider for you, youve got lots of options, and you should always get multiple quotes to compare coverage and costs to find the best value for your family.

Our best pet insurance article ranks our top three picks for pet insurance as well as the best options for specific characteristics and conditions to help you determine the best fit.

If youre thinking about getting pet insurance but still have some unanswered questions, feel free to ask us. Were here to help you and your pets live a better, less stressful life.

Do you have any questions about Healthy Paws and what they cover?

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Judging from various individual testimonies and reviews from customers, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is legit.

The scam-free company that started in 2009 as healthy paws pet insurance and foundation, is a non-profit created to help pet owners deal with the financial obligations of caring for their pets while also helping animal rescue organizations to care for sick pets

It allows dogs and cats owners to pay a monthly or annual premium to defray the cost of veterinarian care such as accidents illnesses emergency care cancer and medications. it is ranked number one investment pet insurance company of 2021 and it has 4.3 out of a 5 star.

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Healthy Paws Policy Overview

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance TV Commercial,

Healthy Paws premiums start at around $15 monthly for cats and $20 per month for dogs. For a more detailed pricing plan, you will have to ask for a quote on their website and provide information about your pet to determine the monthly costs.

If you want to get more details about what Healthy Paws policies cover, check the table below:


  • Accidents and illnesses within the first 15 days after the policy is signed
  • Cosmetic and preventive procedures

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Cost

Most insurance companies advertise their prices transparently to allow their potential customers to evaluate the offered price against the competitors price.

However, Healthy Paws does not indicate them on its website, nor does it provide online simulations of rates applicable to annual subscriptions for pet cat insurance.

Therefore, you will be obliged to make a personalized request using the form to be completed online.

But you are lucky because you have us who have a lot of experience in the pet insurance field.

Some of our friends who bought pet insurance Healthy Paws said that their premiums start around $ 15 per month for cats and $ 20 per month for dogs.

An affordable price!

Is My Dog Eligible For Healthy Paws

All dog breeds are eligible for Healthy Paws no-caps-on-claim payouts. Dogs between the ages of 8 weeks and 14 years* are eligible to enroll, and your dog has coverage for the policys lifetime.

Healthy Paws has some restrictions on reimbursement and annual deductible amounts depending on your pets age at enrollment.

  • Dogs and cats 5 years and under:
  • 90%, 80%, and 70% reimbursement
  • $100, $250, and $500 deductible
  • Dogs and cats 6 and 7 years old:
  • 80%, 70%, or 60% reimbursement
  • $250, $500, or $750 deductible
  • Dogs 8 years and older:
  • 50% or 60% reimbursement
  • *Pets older than 4 years old arent eligible for enrollment in New York.

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    How To Cancel Healthy Paws Over The Phone

    You can cancel your policy by contacting customer support. The process usually involves these steps:

  • Prepare your contact and insurance information before the call
  • Dial 1-855-898-8991
  • Use DoNotPay to help you jump the queue and get connected to a representative right away
  • Provide your information to the rep and state that you want to cancel your pets insurance
  • Be aware that the process might be somewhat tedious because the customer reps will try to convince you to stay.

    Will My Pet Insurance Go Up If I Claim

    Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats | Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

    Will my pet insurance costs go up if I make a claim? More than likely, yes. Your insurance provider may take the view that if youve made one claim, youre more likely to make another bumping up your premiums as a result. The same is true if youve had to claim for accidents or for losing your pet.10 oct. 2019

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    Fast & Paperless Claims

    The Healthy Paws Mobile App is now allowing you the ability to just take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app to file your claim.This is a super simple and fast way to get the process started, no paperwork needed.

    One added benefit is that if you add your banking details in the customer center, you can have your claim sent via direct deposit.

    This is an impressive feature because now you no longer have to wait for a check to come in the mail, it’s all seamless.


    Trupanion Vs Healthy Paws: Enrollment Process

    As with most pet insurance companies that have fully embraced the digital age, Trupanion and Healthy Paws both provide easy online enrollment processes via a simple instant quote tool. It only takes a few minutes to enter your pets information, select the coverage youd like, and purchase your policy.

    Both Trupanion and Healthy Paws have maximum age limits for enrollment. With Trupanion, its 13 years of age Healthy Paws cuts off new signups at 14. However, coverage is so expensive for these senior pets that purchasing a new policy wouldnt make sense for most owners. Besides, any existing health concerns an older pet has would be considered pre-existing and therefore wouldnt be covered by either insurer.

    To screen for pre-existing conditions, Healthy Paws requires you to show proof that your pet has had a checkup within 12 months prior to enrollment. However, if your pet is younger than 6 years old, then you should show a proof of check-up within 30 days. If you cant show exam records, youll have to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian within the first 15 days or your policy will be canceled. Trupanion doesnt impose any similar requirement.

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    Does Healthy Paws Increase With Age

    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Coverage They Don

    The policy states that the monthly premium can increase to reflect changes in the cost of veterinary medicine. It does not mention age. Call Healthy Paws to confirm that age is not a factor in determining premium increases. Also contact the company for more information on when and how your premium may increase.

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    How Do Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Work

    Healthy Paws pet insurance is different from health insurance. Most plans require you to pay to the veterinarian for the full cost of the services.

    You then send the itemized bill to your pet insurance company.

    The insurance company then reimburses you according to the terms of your plan. Here are the things to look for when considering a plan:

    • Deduction: The deductible is the amount you must pay before the plan starts to pay you back. A higher deductible usually means your monthly premium is lower. Lets say your project has an annual deduction of $500. Your pet has a $500 vet visit, and this is your first vet cost of the year. You have to pay $500. The program will not reimburse you because you did not respect your deduction. The program will reimburse you for all subsequent charges, according to the terms of your plan.
    • Rate reimbursement: The plan reimburses a percentage of covered expenses. You can choose your refund percentage: the higher your return rate, the higher your premium. Lets say you respect your deductible and you have a $700 veterinary bill for covered services. If you have a 70% plan, it will refund you $490. If you have a 90% plan, it will refund you $630.
    • Annual coverage limit: The yearly insurance limit is the maximum that your plan will pay each year. If you choose a project with a coverage limit of $2,500, you will be responsible for the expenses paid after your package has spent $2,500. Some plans offer unlimited coverage.

    Is There An App For Nationwide Pet Insurance

    Get the Nationwide Mobile App for Android, and iPhone® and iPad® Our mobile app lets you access your Nationwide insurance accounts on the go. No more shuffling through your glove box for your proof of insurance. The app keeps everything in order on your phone, ready and waiting for when you need it most.

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    Embraces Reimbursement Method Gives More Money Back On Claims

    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance calculates claims differently than Embrace, subtracting the co-pay off the claimed amount first and then subtracting the deductible, which leads to 7-10% lower reimbursement for claims under $1,000. Embrace calculates claim reimbursements by first subtracting the deductible and then taking off the co-pay.

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