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How To Cancel Progressive Auto Insurance

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Progressive Insurance Cancellation Fees

How to Cancel an Auto Insurance Policy : Auto Insurance Basics

Progressive Insurance does not publish its cancellation fee policy online, but users do report being charged fees as recently as February, 2017. Auto insurance cancellation fees can vary based on where you live, the type of coverage you have, and the date of cancellation relative to the policys expiration date. WalletHub reports that Progressives cancellation fees range from a 10% surcharge to a flat fee of $50 to $65.

If you are considering switching away from Progressive, call 888-671-4405 now to find out if you are subject to a short rate, surcharge, or cancellation fee. If you are, ask the agent to point you to the cancellation fee language in your auto policy documentation. Take a read through that documentation to confirm that the agents response was accurate.

Generally speaking, cancellation fees only apply when you cancel your policy mid-term. If you are subject to a fee, plan on switching away from Progressive on the same day your current policy expires.

Does My Boat Policy Cover Damage My Boat Causes To The Dock Or Nearby Boats

In most situations during a “named storm” or catastrophe, liability coverage would not cover damage to docks, boats and other property caused by your boat colliding into it. Because the damage was caused by a violent storm, the boat owner is not liable or legally responsible. If you own a boat, please review your policy contract and declarations page as well as any attached policy endorsements. These attachments would replace coverages and/or exclusions outlined in your initial policy contract. You may easily locate your policy documents online by logging in to your policy.

Progressive Home Insurance Discounts

The discounts and coverages that come with Progressive home insurance, like its rates, vary depending on which underwriters operate in your area. To get an accurate description of the coverages offered near you, Progressive recommends requesting a quote and contacting underwriters in your area.

There are a number of coverages offered by every Progressive home insurance policy. These include protections for:

  • Your primary dwelling
  • The other structures on your property
  • Expenses that arise if you are forced to leave your home
  • Medical payments to others
  • Personal liability costs

Contrary to many other providers, Progressive requires you to purchase personal injury liability coverage as an endorsement rather than including it as a part of your regular liability. We found that not electing to purchase this coverage slightly decreases the price of your premiums. However, it could be beneficial to add if your behavior or that of your family members could leave you open to lawsuits.

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How Progressive Compares To Other Auto Insurance Companies

Premium costs are an important factor to consider when reviewing auto insurance companies. Out of 25 auto insurance companies ranked from lowest to highest prices, Progressive came in 14th for average annual premium and 11th for median annual premium.

Compared to other companies operating in the same states, Progressive was most expensive for Alaska, Vermont, and Georgia, and second-most for South Carolina, Hawaii, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, and Massachusetts. It was the third most expensive for Colorado, Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia. For all other states, it was ranked less expensive compared to its competitors.

If you are looking for an auto insurance provider that makes it easy to apply for and obtain insurance online, Progressive is a great option. The number of policies and discounts available make it simple to find a customized option that will save you money. In addition to the discounts, the Name Your Price tool and Save with Snapshot options may allow for further savings.

Although the company has mixed ratings and reviews, you can contact customer service 24/7 and obtain quotes and apply for and manage your policies online. Progressive isnt typically the cheapest option for auto insurance, so budget-conscious people may want to avoid them. It does have a strong financial reputation and long-standing history, though, making it a popular choice for some able to look past these downfalls.

How Should I Cancel My Auto Insurance Policy

How to cancel Progressive Auto Insurance

If you’re going to cancel your existing policy and you plan to continue driving, don’t cancel your old policy until you find a new one. When you have the effective date of your new policy, you can ask your current insurer to cancel your existing policy effective the first day of your new policy.

It’s essential that there are no gaps in your coverage because even a small one could create problems. If your car is damaged, stolen, or involved in an accident while you’re uninsured, you could be responsible for repairs and medical bills. Any gaps in coverage could also raise your insurance rates, even if it’s just for a day.

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Progressive Auto Insurance Discounts

Progressive offers many discounts, especially for drivers who practice safe driving habits. If you have a teen driver, look for Progressives discounts for teen drivers, good students and distant students.

If youre a loyal Progressive customer, you can benefit from the multi-policy and multi-car discounts. Here are a few other insurance discounts you may qualify for:

Progressive Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison

Across most driver profiles, Progressive offers rates that are near its competitors’ averages, meaning Progressive has mediocre rates for most. However, Progressive is the most forgiving insurance company when it comes to drivers with past accidents. We found that Progressive’s auto insurance rate is $456 cheaper than the next most affordable option for drivers with a previous accident. On the other hand, young drivers will likely find Progressive’s rates to be on the high end. Progressive quoted the second least affordable rates for our sample 18-year-old driver.

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I Can’t Tell If The Damage To My Vehicle And/or Boat Has Exceeded My Deductible What Should I Do

You should promptly report all claims to us for which you expect coverage. An inspection by a trained claims representative can determine how much it will cost to repair your vehicle or boat. After you report your claim, a Progressive claims representative will inspect the damage and prepare a repair estimate outlining the extent and cost of damage.

Ask Progressive To Match Your Lowest Quote

How to Cancel Life Insurance Policy Auto-Pay : Life Insurance & More

If another provider quoted you a lower rate for the same coverages, ask Progressive to match the quote. Generally, the agent answering the phone doesnt have the authority to lower your rates on request. The agent may, however, ask some questions to see if you qualify for untapped discounts. One of those may involve bunding, which is keeping your home and auto coverage with the same carrier in exchange for reduced premiums on both policies. If you get a bundled quote from Progressive, check other carriers for their rates on a home-and-auto bundle, too.

Oh, and remember that name your price slogan? This refers to Progressives name your price tool, which customizes auto coverages based on the premiums you want to pay. The agent may refer you there but proceed with caution. You might get lower premiums, but the resulting coverages may not suit your needs.

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How Can You File Claims With Gainsco Insurance

GAINSCO allows customers to file claims through the website, the mobile app, and phone. The quickest way to file a claim is through the company website. Your GAINSCO insurance login provides access to the customer portal, which allows you to report a claim.

Filing a claim through the companys mobile app is done the same way. Entering your login credentials will provide access to your policy information and the ability to file claims. You can also submit documentation or photos regarding the incident.

Those who prefer to speak with a representative can file a claim by calling the GAINSCO insurance claims number at 866-424-6726. While claims can be filed anytime online or through the mobile app, customers can only make claims by phone during the following business hours.

  • Monday-Friday between 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Customers who call on weekends or after business hours can leave a voicemail message and receive a call back the next business day.

Does State Farm Have A Cancellation Fee

Step 1: Look up your renewal date Keep in mind that in most cases, State Farm wont charge you a fee to cancel, and you could even receive some of your premium refunded to you, but if youd rather not worry about money going back and forth, youll want to cancel as close to your renewal date as you can.

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How To Cancel Your Progressive Auto Insurance Policy

Car insurance is a legal contract that often requires you to sign or provide ID to enroll, so its no surprise you might need it for canceling your policy. Some states require legal paperwork, so online cancellation is only available in certain states.

Many states require you to inform the DMV when canceling or changing your auto insurance, so check your states guidelines or ask your agent if this is necessary.


If youre located in a state that allows online cancellation, log in to your account and check your options. If you dont see an option to cancel, call an agent or mail in a cancellation letter.

Call to speak with a licensed agent. Cancellations via phone are usually effective immediately, or you can schedule the date for when youd like your coverage to end.

The agent will likely ask for your policy number, name, date of birth and Social Security number, so have these documents ready in advance. Depending on your state of residence, you may need proof of new insurance, plate forfeiture or bill of sale.

In person

For added peace of mind, you can also cancel your insurance policy in person. Visit your local Progressive branch and speak with an agent about canceling.


Some states require a signed document in order to cancel your auto insurance policy, but regardless, its often the simplest method. You can use Progressives request of cancellation form, or you can draft your own letter with the same information.

The Progressive Corporation

What Do I Do If My Car Insurance With Progressive Is Canceled

What is the cancellation fee for Progressive auto ...

If your policy with Progressive was canceled, call 1-800-776-4737 and find out if it can be reinstated. During the reinstatement period, which ranges from 1 answer · Top answer: If your policy with was canceled, **call 1-800-776-4737** and find out if it

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Recap On What You Need To Know About Canceling Your Progressive Insurance Policy

You can cancel your current Progressive insurance policy a bunch of different ways. Making the call or going online to cancel your insurance policy is the easy part.

The step that takes a little more thought is how you are going to pick up the insurance you need if you still have a reason to be driving.

Also, even though the process of switching auto insurance companies is easy, you need to give careful thought as to the quality of coverage you are getting and the track record of the new insurance company in processing and settling claims. Most times with car insurance, you ultimately get what you pay for.

Progressive Renters Insurance Discounts

If you decide to purchase Progressive renters insurance, you could decrease the cost of your premiums if you qualify for discounts. The most notable discounts offered by Progressive for its renters are savings for getting a quote at least three days in advance of your policy’s start date and electing to receive policy documentation and bills by email.

The coverage that comes with Progressive renters insurance is comparable to its home insurance policies. Policies come with forms of protection that are commonly offered by other insurers. Like with its homeowners insurance packages, its endorsements are sparse: you could add $5,000 of water backup protection or personal injury liability coverage.

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When To Start Your New Auto Policy

Start your new coverage the day before you end your Progressive auto insurance. This guarantees you wont be charged a cancellation fee and you wont be without auto insurance, even for a day. Going without coverage temporarily is called a coverage gap. Auto carriers see a coverage gap as a risk factor and may charge you higher premiums for it.

The bigger problem, though, is the possibility youll have an accident while you arent covered. If that happens, youre financially responsible for the damage you caused. Your DMV may suspend your drivers license or charge you penalties. In some states, you might even face jail time for driving without insurance.

Dont go down that road. Get your new auto policy in place before you cancel with Progressive.

How Progressive Auto Insurance Works

Keys to Progress 2013 | Recap | Progressive Insurance

When you buy Progressives auto insurance, you are basically buying coverage for your car in case of any damages incurred in the event of an accident or other incidents. Basically, you pay a little to avoid paying a lot in damages later.

When buying Progressive car insurance, your agent will ask you some basic questions about you and your car. You will then be given coverage options which will lead to an impact on your price. The more coverage you choose, the higher your price will be. If you want to claim something, you can ask your insurance to pay the damages if that is being covered by your insurance company.

At Progressive, it is easier to buy auto insurance since you can likely activate it the same day. In some states, you can even download proof of insurance on your phone. Besides getting your policy online, you can even easily find how to cancel progressive auto insurance online.

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Do I Get A Refund If I Cancel My Car Insurance

When you take out a car insurance policy, you have whats called a 14-day cooling-off period during which you can cancel. If your policy hasnt actually started, then cancelling within this period means youll get a full refund. Always carefully consider whether cancelling your car insurance is worth it.

How To Switch Your Car Insurance From Progressive

If you decide to switch your car insurance from Progressive, make sure that you are looking at more than just the price of the new replacement insurance policy when you switch.

The company also needs to be licensed to provide adequate coverage for drivers in your state and should have a positive record for taking care of customers claims.

Getting a low price is definitely important, but it should not be the sole reason that you switch car insurance companies.

Do not sacrifice the amount of the coverage you need and the quality of customer service from your insurance company just for a bottom barrel price on insurance.

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Make The Decision To Cancel Progressive

Are you up for renewal soon?

Most auto insurance policies are written for six-month terms, and your insurance card should show the policy dates youve already paid for.

However, its important to note that you can cancel your policy at any time with Progressive. If youve paid ahead of time, youll receive a refund for the portion of unused premiums.

Does Progressive Give A Refund If You Cancel

Progressive Pay Bill Car Insurance

When you cancel your Progressive insurance plan or switch to another insurer, you are entitled to a prorated refund. If the area is located in a ZIP code with lower rates, Progressive might refund the difference compared to your old coverage. Under specific circumstances, you can receive a refund on your premium.

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What Does Progressive Insurance Snapshot Program Entail

Progressives Snapshot program is a good option if you want a plan that is personalized to your driving habits. After you sign up, the insurer will follow your driving behaviour using the Snapshot app or a plug-in device for some time.

You may earn a vehicle insurance discount on your coverage based on how safe you are on the road.

However, there is a potential drawback: if Progressive finds that you are a terrible driver, your rate may rise. This is in contrast to other usage-based plans, such as State Farms Drive Safe & SaveTM, which does not raise your rate regardless of how poorly you drive.

According to Progressive insurance reviews, the Snapshot program helps many drivers get cheap rates. It can be especially useful for folks who dont drive frequently or who dont drive at night.

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Gainsco Insurance: The Bottom Line

GAINSCO provides affordable auto insurance for high-risk drivers. The company offers the standard types of insurance and SR-22 coverage. Additionally, the company has been rated an A- by A.M. Best.

Knowing about GAINSCO Auto Insurance will help you determine if the company is right for you.

Now that you know about GAINSCO Auto Insurance, enter your ZIP code to get free car insurance quotes in your area.

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