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How To Check If Your Car Is Insured Or Not

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Ways To Check Whether Your Car Insurance Is Genuine Or Not

Car Insurance Adjuster Sends You a Check You Didn’t Even Ask For! What Do You Do Now?

Can an insurance policy turn out to be a fake one? Many would struggle to answer this question. But, the truth is that there are many fake policies in the market masquerading as genuine ones. There have been many instances of policyholders being fleeced by fly-by-night companies and link-and-you-miss-it kind of agents. So, it is important to acknowledge the existence of such fraudulent activities, and tread cautiously while buying a car insurance policy.

It can be terrifying for you to find your motor insurance policy is a fake one, as it means you are no longer eligible for any kind of car insurance claim. But, such instances should not deter anyone from opting for car insurance as there are many renowned insurance companies that you can trust. At IFFCO-TOKIO, we pride ourselves on the trust and faith that our customers show in us. The challenge, however, lies in identifying a fake insurance policy from a genuine one. Now, the question foremost on everyones mind is: how to distinguish between the two? There are certain checks with which you can ensure whether the policy is genuine or not. These include: –

Check Well Before Signing

Dont be in a hurry while signing the policy papers. Insurance policies often come with hidden terms and conditions. Therefore, be patient and read every terms and condition properly. Moreover, check all the vital information mentioned in the application form. All policy details, as well as other vehicle-related information, must be checked thoroughly. Also, make sure to fill up the form on your own. If not possible ensure that the final sign on the document is yours and not anybody else.

Does My Car Have Insurance

Before you hit the road in any car, you should know if the vehicle is insured.

Its illegal in almost every state to drive without auto insurance. Beyond the legal issues, if youre in an accident while driving an uninsured vehicle, youll be financially responsible for any damage you cause.

You also need to provide auto insurance information to register a car, renew the plate and change ownership. That makes knowing if the vehicle is insured extremely important.

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Compare Car Insurance Plans Offered By Bajaj Finance

High-end vehicles have a higher insurance premium simply because the cost of repairs/replacement is higher.

Fuel type

Cars that run on petrol are less expensive to repair than those on diesel or compressed natural gas. Therefore, the four-wheeler insurance premium may vary according to the fuel type.

Year of manufacture

The cars year of manufacture and age is taken into consideration while calculating the premium amount.


Accidental damages are more likely in metropolitan areas due to the density of traffic. As a result, the insureds premium may differ depending on where the insured lives.

No Claim Bonus

If the insured has not filed any four-wheeler insurance claims previously, the car insurance holder may be eligible for a discount between 20-50% on the rate. Additionally, the online car insurance renewal will also lower the price.


Car Insurance Add-ons selected by the insurance holder will be included in the policy for an extra cost.

How to save on car insurance premium

Heres how you can save on the car insurance premium:

The car insurance holder can collect up to 50% of NCB if he/she hasnt filed any claims in the preceding years.

Security measures

The car insurance policyholder may be eligible for a discount if the insured has taken extra precautions to keep the four-wheeler safe from being stolen. For instance, installing an anti-theft device on the insureds automobile will often result in a 2.5% reduction.

How Do You Check If Your Insurance Is Active

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Wondering how to check if your insurance is active? Doing so is easy. Pull up your policy online — or look at a paper copy of your insurance policy or most recent renewal notice. The policy will tell you when the policy expires.

The card you carry that shows your proof of insurance also should list when the policy expires. Or, if you prefer, simply call your insurer and ask a representative to tell you whether the policy is still active and how long it will remain in effect.

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Guide To Find Car Registration Details Online

The process to find car registration details is easy. You can trace car owner details by registration number online through a national registry known as VAHAN. The website is a central database that contains all crucial vehicle data or information like fuel type, owner name, road tax details, car class or type, registration date, registration number and so on. Insurance Expiry Date. It centralizes all information pertaining to driving licences and vehicle registration certificates from different DTOs and RTOs. Below is the step to check vehicle registration details online-enabled through VAHAN:

Step 1: Visit the website of VAHAN to check the car owner name.

Step 2: Click on Know Your Vehicle Details.

Step 3: Enter the vehicle registration number which is your Car Plate Number.

Step 4: Enter the human verification code and click on Search Car.

Step 5: Make a note of the car owners name and other details of the car.

What Is A Vehicle Registration Number

All road vehicles in India are required to be registered with a licence number. The licence number is also referred to as vehicle registration number or number plate. The registration number is issued by the Regional Transport Office of the concerned state. The registration number plate is placed on the front and back of the car or bike.

As per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the registration number should be in modern Hindu-Arabic numerals and Latin letters. Also, the number plate should be lit up at night so that it is visible and the fonts are required to be as per law.

The vehicle registration number is unique to each state and their locality it has been registered at. Below is the format for vehicle registration number plated in Karnataka:

  • TN or KA or DL Signifies the state.

  • 01 Is the RTO that the vehicle has been registered at.

  • AA Is given when there is no number to be given and to make it unique.

  • 4567 Is the registration number exclusive to your vehicle.

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How Do I Check If My Car Is Insured Or Not

I just bought a car from my friend and I want to see if her policy is still active. I’d like to wait a bit before dealing with insurance on my own. How can I check if the car has insurance or not?

no longer be coveredyour

  • Compare rates from the nationâs largest insurance companies
  • Sign you up for your new policy
  • Take care of all the forms and phone calls
  • Save you an average of $879 per year on car insurance
  • Automatically look for new quotes before every policy renewal period

How To Get Cheap Car Insurance

Michigan auto insurers to issue $400 refunds to drivers: How to not get scammed

Once you have decided about the type and level of cover you want, you can search for cheap car insurance deals online.

A comparison website is a good place to start as you can compare car insurance policies by the type of cover and level of excess you are willing to pay.

It’s worth using more than one though, as different sites have different relationships with each insurer.

Some insurers, such as Direct Line and Aviva, don’t use comparison sites, so you should contact them directly to see what they’ll offer.

You may also get discounts for adding two cars to a policy, known as multi-car insurance.

This isn’t always available on comparison websites so you will need to check with an insurer directly.

When it comes to renewal time, insurers rely on you not bothering to shop around.

You can knock hundreds of pounds off your annual bill by spending just a few minutes comparing other deals.

Once you’ve found the best deal – contact your existing provider to see if they can beat it.

Make sure you tell them the new cheaper price that you’ve found.

If they can’t match it, then switch.

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Penalties For Driving Without Insurance

Driving without insurance is illegal in all states. Some states do not technically require auto insurance , although these states still require proof of some type of insurance like a surety bond.

If you are caught driving without insurance, then you may pay a fine for your first conviction. Most states charge a fine of $500 to $1,000 for the first offense, although some states charge as much as $5,000 even for the first offense. You might also have to pay the DMV hundreds of dollars in reinstatement fees.

You might also face higher insurance premiums in the future. If you are caught driving without insurance, then your insurer will consider you a high-risk driver. If you try to buy a policy, then you might pay significantly higher rates than a low-risk driver. You have a history of driving without insurance, and that means youre considered a higher risk.

Obviously, theres another cost of driving without insurance: you might have to pay accident costs out of pocket. If you cause an accident as an uninsured driver, then you still have to pay for any medical bills and vehicle damage. Typically, car insurance would cover these costs. As an uninsured driver, you must cover these costs yourself. That could mean paying thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to the other driver after an at-fault accident.

For all of these reasons, driving without insurance is rarely worth it.

Damage To Internal Car Assets

A car insurance policy does not include internal car assets such as a touchscreen pad, car seats, handles and drawers, etc. Therefore, any damage to them would not give rise to a claim.

*Coverage, terms and exclusions may differ from insurer to insurer. Please read respective productâs terms and conditions carefully before concluding a sale.

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How To Check If A Car Is Insured

Check How Much My Car Insurance

Car owners or operators are in nearly all states are required by law to carry minimum liability insurance coverage before they can legally drive the car. The most up-to-date information on a car insurance policy will come from the insurance company, or the insurance agent who sold the insurance. Once you have the insurance company’s name, increase your chances of finding out if a car is insured by providing as much information as possible. However, there are some other options you can consider.

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Does My Car Insurance Renew Automatically

Most car insurance policies auto-renew these days, which is helpful in some ways as it means you know you are always covered.

However, there are potential downsides to this. If you forget to shop around when you get your renewal you might be stuck with a deal you dont want and a price thats not competitive.

As the name suggests, all auto-renewal policies automatically renew unless you contact your insurer to cancel.

The term for the renewed policy will likely be for the same length of time as the previous year – typically 12 months.

Its not unheard of for drivers to be unaware that their policy auto-renews each year and take out another insurance policy with a different provider.

The result is two separate policies on one car. Not only is this expensive but could make life complicated if you need to make a claim.

Can I Drive An Uninsured Car With My Insurance

Driving an uninsured vehicle may result in severe penalties because it is illegal.The Road Traffic Act of 1988 mandates that every car on UK roads must be insured even if it is only third-party insurance. It will not only protect you financially but also will protect you legally in the event of an accident. Under certain circumstances, you may drive without insurance.

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What Car Insurance Cover Do I Need

Since continuous insurance enforcement came into force in the UK in 2011, all cars must have a minimum of third party only insurance cover to be road-legal. This will cover you for injury or damage caused to others but wont cover you for damage to your own vehicle.

You will still need insurance even if your vehicle is not being used, unless you declare it off-road with a Statutory Off-Road Notification . If you dont have insurance or a SORN, youre risking a fine and prosecution.

Note that you wont be able to drive your car on public roads, including car parks, if you have declared it off-road, and youll need to keep it parked in a garage, on a driveway or on private property.

Locate Info For Financed Vehicles

Police in Michigan use easy way to check vehicle insurance

Vehicle finance companies will, as part of their financing, not permit insurance policies to lapse on vehicles that they are financing, since they need to protect their collateral. Insurance companies are required to advise these companies of any lapses in the policy or renewals. Check the vehicle registration document to see if it has a finance company listed in the “Lien Holder” section.

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How To Get A Certificate Of Insurance

There is no special procedure to get an Insurance Certificate. When you buy a car/bike insurance policy or renew the car insurance policy, the insurer will issue the Certificate of Insurance along with other policy documents. You need to submit all the necessary documents while purchasing/renewing a motor insurance policy to get the Insurance Certificate. There is no additional process to obtain the Insurance Policy Certificate.

Note that the Certificate of Insurance is a legal document, and the insurance company should issue the certificate without fail. You should produce the Insurance Certificate along with other documents such as a driving licence, registration certificate and PUC certificate whenever your vehicle is stopped by the police for inspection. So, always keep a copy of the Insurance Policy Certificate in your vehicle along with other documents.

Can A Cop Tell If You Have Insurance By Running Plates

We want to get straight into this article by telling you a big, fat YES! Cops can definitely tell if you have insurance by running your plates. The technology that they have requires little more than a number plate.

After running this, all of the car owner registration details will be available to them as well as information about the car including, of course, insurance details.

Police can now use their in-car computers to search on the law enforcement databases that they have access to and gain all kinds of information about our cars, and ultimately, us. Around 10 states in total have automatic license plate recognition that can check if your car is insured automatically if you ever get pulled over. Other states need officials to manually input your information into their search databases or to check your documents. It does, of course, vary depending on your state. Some states have an uninsured drivers database in which insurance companies can track who is and is not insured.

The police do not have immediate access to these databases, though, and must call up the company first to ask them to check it. As well as this, some states have a policy that the DMV must tell the authorities when someone cancels their insurance policy.

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Can You Get Someone’s Insurance Information From Their License Plate

Yes, you can check car insurance by license plate. In fact, this is one of the most crucial pieces of information you can have when trying to track down a driver’s insurance.

“The license plate number should help track down the individual and ultimately establish whether the other driver has insurance,” Walker says.

How Can You Check If Your Car Is Insured

Check How Much My Car Insurance

Checking car insurance will differ depending on the state or territory you live in. For example, if your car is registered in NSW, you can look up the CTP insurer for your vehicle by using Service NSW to check registration. For all other states and territories, CTP insurance is included with your registration. You can still check your car’s CTP with your state or territory’s car registration site.

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