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How To Compare Car Insurance Quotes

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How To Compare Car Insurance Quote | Car Insurance | New 2022

This is sometimes the case, but not always. A high mileage means youre on the road a lot, which increases the risk of you making a claim. So, keeping your mileage in check is one way to lower your insurance costs.

On the other hand, a low annual mileage say, 1,000 miles could indicate that youre not that experienced behind the wheel. This could also impact your insurance costs.

Honesty is the best policy here. When you get a car insurance quote, try to be as accurate as possible about your mileage.

Compare Car Insurance Companies

Use NerdWallet’s reviews to compare car insurance companies and find the best one for you. NerdWallet has researched policy options, consumer complaint data, customer satisfaction ratings, financial stability and more for all of the country’s top auto insurance companies as well as many smaller, regional insurers.

Collision And Comprehensive Insurance

Collision and comprehensive insurance pay for repairs to your car for a variety of problems, such as car accidents , car theft, vandalism, fires, floods, falling objects and collisions with animals.

While collision and comprehensive coverage are often sold together, you can purchase them individually. For example, if you only want coverage for problems like theft and floods, you can get a car insurance quote for comprehensive insurance without collision.

Just keep in mind that buying one without the other can leave you with a significant coverage gap. For example, if you back into a pole, you need collision coverage to pay for repairs.

If you have a car loan or lease, youre likely required to carry both anyway.

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Compare Car Insurance Quotes Side

If you want to compare car insurance quotes side-by-side, you can do so by filling out forms on car insurance comparison websites such as and Use the estimator tool to get a customized recommendation in minutes for how much coverage you need, and be matched with car insurance companies that can provide quotes. At, you can buy coverage after you compare multiple car insurance quotes on a single form.

How Do I Claim On My Car Insurance

Car Insurance Compare  Buy Now

To make a claim on your car insurance:

  • Check your policy documents for details of how to claim and any time limits.
  • Contact your insurance provider directly.
  • Get a crime reference number from the police if your car has been stolen or vandalised.
  • Gather the information you need to give to your insurance provider, including details of the other driver and any witnesses. Youll need to get all these details at the scene.
  • You must always tell your insurance provider if youve had an accident – whether you claim or not. If you dont tell them, you could invalidate your policy.

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    Use A Quote Comparison Tool

    Next, you should use an online comparison tool to get multiple insurance quotes at once. Compare these quotes by price, making sure each one is the same level/type of coverage. Pay attention to the length of the policy, too, along with whether premiums are quoted on a monthly or annual basis.

    Also, check out possible discounts you may qualify for to get a better idea of what you will actually pay. For example, many insurers offer a discount if you pay for your policy in full up front, rather than over time.

    What Does Car Insurance Cover

    Third party property helps cover damage to other peoples car or property. Third party fire & theft provides additional cover to help cover your car if its damaged by fire or stolen. Comprehensive cover provides third party cover, as well as helping cover your vehicle if its damaged in an accident.

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    Why Comparing Car Insurance Quotes Is Important

    Comparing car insurance quotes side-by-side is important because every car insurance company calculates rates differently. Certain characteristics about you could make one option much more affordable than another, and switching car insurance could save you hundreds of dollars per year.

    For example, all insurers tend to charge higher rates for young drivers than others, but certain insurers charge particularly expensive rates for teens, making them a poor choice for young drivers looking for savings. Age is one of many factors used to calculate rates, and these factors can alter your quote by thousands of dollars per year. Weve highlighted how much rates can change between the cheapest and most expensive insurer for some of the most important of these factors.

    • Age: The difference between the most expensive and cheapest quote for a young driver is over $4,000 per year.
    • Vehicle Model: For certain car models, we found a difference of $3,600 per year between individual companies.
    • : Drivers with poor credit who shop around could save up to $2,700 per year.
    • Driving Record: A driver with an accident on their record could save over $1,700 per year by getting a quite with the cheapest insurer.

    You should also use our resources for comparing quotes in your state. Prices at a national level are a good guide, but certain insurers will offer much cheaper quotes in some states than in others.

    Auto Insurance Calculator

    How To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes

    How to Compare Auto and Home Insurance Quotes
  • Shop around and compare

    Auto insurance rates vary greatly between companies â you need to research which insurer will offer the best coverage specific to your needs.

  • Bundle policies

    Insurance companies value loyal customers. By having your auto and home insurance bundled together under the same carrier, you can expect a substantial rate reduction.

  • Increase your deductible

    The deductible is what you pay when something happens to your car before the insurance company pays the rest. Increasing your deductible can lower your annual premiums.

  • Ask about group discounts

    Many insurers offer discounts to members of professional organizations or affiliation groups â so it pays to ask about discount relationships.

  • Pay premiums annually

    If you pay your premiums upfront for the year â or even per half-year â you will usually end up paying less than if you paid monthly.

  • Maintain a good driving record

    At-fault collisions and driving convictions stay on your insurance record for years and make your rates go way up â if you drive safely over a long period, youâll pay the lowest car insurance rates.

  • Track your driving

    With usage-based insurance , you can earn discounts for driving well. Car insurance companies can track your driving behaviour, so you can earn discounts by being a low-mileage or safe driver.

  • Take a course

    Accredited driving courses will not only make you a safer driver but can also result in discounts from many auto insurance companies.

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    What Is A No

    A no-claims bonus is the number of years that you havent claimed on your car insurance policy. Insurers offer discounts for each year you havent claimed. The more years you have, the bigger the discount as youre less likely to claim in the future.

    Each time you make a claim on your car insurance, your insurer might reduce your NCB by a number of years or even take it away completely.

    Decide On Auto Insurance Coverages

    When you compare car insurance rates, make sure you select the same set of coverages for each quote. Coverage requirements vary and some coverages are optional. See our state car insurance guides for state-specific information.

    Here’s an overview to help compare car insurance coverages:

    Our Coverage Calculator is your best friend when it comes to understanding the terms you need to know while comparing car insurance quotes. Other important terms include:

    • Rental reimbursement may help pay your rental car costs while your car is being repaired as a result of a covered claim
    • Emergency road service may pay for towing of a disabled car to the nearest shop for repairs or for mechanical labor, up to one hour, at the place of breakdown
    • Mechanical breakdown insurance may help cover services while your car is repaired or if your car breaks down

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    Decide If You Need Full Coverage Car Insurance

    Liability coverage doesnt pay for your car or injuries, or for any injuries your passengers sustain if you cause a wreck. This is why you may want full coverage car insurance, especially if your car isnt paid off yet. Note that this isnt actually a type of coverage, but typically refers to policies that include liability coverage, plus comprehensive and collision coverage.

    In other words, you cant just click a full coverage button when comparing insurance quotes online or buy something called a full coverage auto insurance policy. Youll need to add collision and comprehensive coverage in the amounts you want.

    Collision insurance pays for

  • Damage to your car in an accident you cause.

  • Damage to your car if you hit an object such as a fence or pole.

  • Damage to your car if someone else hits you. Another option in this case is to make a claim against the other drivers liability insurance.

  • Comprehensive insurance pays for

    The value of your car if its stolen and not recovered, and damage from:

  • Weather such as tornadoes or hail.

  • Floods.

  • Crashes with an animal, such as striking a deer.

  • Riots and civil disturbances.

  • Auto insurance quote comparison tip: Whatever coverage you choose, make sure you compare the quotes for the same type and amount of coverage so you can find the best price.

    How To Get An Ontario Driver’s Licence


    In 1994, the Ontario government introduced its graduated licensing system requiring each driver to progress through a 3-step educational program to be a fully licensed driver. Successfully participating in the graduated licensing system allows you to legally operate a car or motorcycle.

    Prior to this, a driver only needed to pass a single written and road test in order to become fully licensed.

    Once you begin the graduated licensing journey you have a 5-year window to earn your G licence. At a minimum, it will take you at least 20 months to become fully licensed. Letâs take a quick look at this phased approach:

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    Choose A Higher Deductible

    Policies with higher deductibles generally have lower monthly payments. Just be sure that you dont make your deductible so high that you cant afford to pay it.

    If you know you are unlikely to get into an accident, a high-deductible policy could be a good idea. If you drive in a crowded city with a lot of accidents, a high-deductible policy probably isnt for you.

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    Evaluate Your Specific Personal Circumstances

    Naturally, car insurance companies give their best quote in order to get the highest number of potential customers, but the best quote may not necessarily work based on your personal circumstances.

    Its very important to understand that each insurance company gives different weight to various negatives in your profile. This can include your credit rating, any traffic citations, accidents, or even drunk driving episodes. If you have any one of these issues running against you, the impact on the premium can vary dramatically from one company to another.

    The details also work going in the other direction. For example, some companies may offer advantageous pricing based on bundling your car insurance with other policies. They may also provide discounts for being a good student, being a homeowner, or offer a substantial discount for making an annual payment, compared with monthly payments.

    This is where you need to remember that any quote you get, particularly on the web, is a preliminary offer. The actual premium may change as you provide more specific information.

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    Your Car Insurance Questions Answered

    The BEST Auto Insurance Quote Comparison Website

    What is comprehensive car insurance?

    Comprehensive car insurance offers peace of mind to vehicle owners. Also known as full or complete cover, it means you can be covered for a range of circumstances, including:

    • Repair or payment of the insured value of your vehicle for events including theft, collision, fire, malicious damage and weather-related damage
    • Repair or payment of the value of other vehicles that are damaged by your vehicle in an accident, and damage to property up to the policy limits

    Some companies offer a variety of optional extras as well, ranging from windscreen protection, to use of hire cars. That said, its important to always read the Product Disclosure Statement of your policy to get a better understanding of policy inclusions, limitations and exclusions.

    What is third party insurance?

    Third party insurance is the minimum car insurance product which most car insurers offer. There are three types available, which are:

    Ensure you review the Product Disclosure Statement for policy inclusions, limitations and exclusions.

    Why is car insurance often more expensive for younger drivers?

    What does market value and agreed value mean?

    How can I reduce my car insurance premium?

    While insurers calculate premiums differently, there are a number of things you can do which may reduce the cost of your car insurance premiums. These include but are not limited to:

    What is a no claims discount?

    Does car insurance cover unlisted drivers?

    What is excess in car insurance?

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    Compare Coverage And Limits Apples

    Make sure each car insurance quote you compare is for the same type and amount of coverage.

    A good way to start is with your current policys declarations page, which lists the types of coverage you have, your deductibles and limits and your premiums you pay for each.

    • Ask yourself if the liability insurance limits you chose would still protect your home, savings and other assets if you were at fault in an accident. If you own very little, you dont need high limits. If youve gotten married, bought a house or built a nest egg, you need more.
    • Ask yourself if you still need comprehensive and collision full coverage — to repair or replace the car. At a certain point the premiums you pay would be better put toward saving for a replacement.
    • Ask yourself how you would pay for treatment if you were injured in an accident that is your fault. If you do not have health insurance, consider adding some kind of medical coverage. If you have health insurance, consider whether you have the savings to pay for deductibles and co-pays, and whether the passengers you routinely carry have health insurance as well.
    • Ask yourself what would happen if an uninsured motorist totaled your car or put you in the hospital. Uninsured motorist bodily injury and uninsured motorist property damage are two very different coverages, and not all states require them. We recommend getting uninsured motorist coverage so you’re protected against such instances.

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    Compare Minimum And Full Coverage Rates For Drivers With An Accident

    Among the largest companies, your history of accidents will affect your auto insurance quote in very different ways. Check out how each insurers average rates for drivers with an accident stack up before you start comparison shopping for auto insurance. If you have an on-record accident, make sure to compare car insurance quotes one, three and five years after the date of the incident to continue to get the best and cheapest rate possible.

    The cheapest car insurance company for a driver with a clean history might not be the cheapest company after an at-fault accident occurs. For example, while Geico typically has the best price for drivers with a clean driving history, our data shows that American Family has the cheapest average rates for drivers with a recent at-fault accident with rates after an accident only 7% higher, on average, than for our base profile.

    Below you can compare average full coverage rates for 35-year-old drivers with a recent at-fault accident by company.



    *USAA is only available to military, veterans and their families.

    One things for sure: Your rates will likely increase after an at-fault accident, so be sure to compare car insurance rates if you have one on record. Below you can compare average full coverage rates for 35-year-old drivers with a recent at-fault accident by state.


    Gather Your Personal Information

    Top 8 Best Car Insurance Compare Quotes For 2021

    If you compare car insurance rates online, its easier to compare quotes side-by-side, which saves you from having to repeatedly give out the same information and write down quotes on your own. Once you know what coverage you need, gather the following information to request a car insurance quote.

    • Name, birth date and driver’s license number of all drivers to be covered.
    • Make and model of each car to be covered.
    • Driving history, including accidents and driving violations, of all drivers to be covered by the policy.

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