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How To Compare Two Health Insurance Plans

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The Available Hospital Network

How To Compare Health Insurance Plans

Having a health insurance plan doesnt mean you can just walk into a hospital and seek treatment. Different health insurers usually ask you to use specific hospitals. This might mean that you arent able to get treated with your current doctor. The key is to ensure you compare health insurance in terms of what the available hospital network is and you are aware of whats included and what isnt.

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Plum A Health Insurance Start

Plum, a new health insurance start-up has formed a new agreement with payment processing company Razorpay. This collaboration with Razorpay Rize will allow the health insurance startup to provide health benefits to early-stage start-ups. The move will assist new enterprises in providing health benefits to their employees.

20 Dec 2021

How Can I Cut The Cost Of Private Medical Insurance

You can reduce the cost of your health insurance policy by:

  • choosing to pay a bigger excess but make sure its realistic and affordable because youll need to pay it before any claim can be processed.
  • opting for less outpatient cover or none at all.
  • agreeing to a reduced hospital list this means you wont be able to choose from as many hospitals as you might with a standard policy.
  • choosing a six-week option available from some providers, it means that if the NHS can treat you within six weeks, you wont be able to make a claim.

You might also find that youre offered ano claims discount so you could be rewarded with a reduction in premium for every year you dont make a claim. Just be aware that the cost of your premium will rise as you get older and may increase if you actually make a claim, so you might not see a reduction in reality. Some insurance providers will also give you a discount on your premium, or offer cashback, if you can show youre generally fit and healthy.

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How Having Multiple Health Insurance Policies Works

Having multiple health insurance policies doesnt mean you get reimbursed twice for a doctors visit or two bottles of medication. If you have more than one plan, the total amount that your plans pay will never exceed 100% of the cost. Its important here to understand the difference between primary versus secondary insurance.

If you have more than one health plan, coordination of benefits is the process that decides which insurance pays first for a claim. Heres where primary versus secondary insurance comes in:

  • Primary insurance: the insurance that pays first is your primary insurance, and this plan will pay up to coverage limits. You may owe cost sharing.
  • Secondary insurance: once your primary insurance has paid its share, the remaining bill goes to your secondary insurance, if you have more than one health plan. Your secondary insurance may cover part or all of the remaining cost.

Note that both the primary and secondary insurance will cover up to plan limits. After the secondary insurance has paid its share, you may be responsible for any remaining amount that wasnt covered. So, even if you have multiple health insurance policies, you may still have leftover out-of-pocket medical costs.

If youre concerned about your out-of-pocket costs, taking the time to shop and compare health plans may help. eHealths plan finder tool makes it easy to compare plan costs like premiums, deductibles, and copayments side by side.

What To Look For In A Health Insurance Plan

Compare Health Insurance Plans Online

Theres more to comparing health insurance quotes than looking at premiums. Deductibles, copays and coinsurance might all be different, so youll want to take a close look at those out-of-pocket costs while you compare.

Look at the plans deductible how much you must pay out of pocket before the plan starts to pay a portion of the costs. This will appear next to the premium of any plan you look at. If someone on the plan goes to the emergency room or needs a lot of health care services, youll likely have to pay that amount toward care in the next year. For an emergency room visit or expensive treatment, you could be charged the deductible all at once, so there is a risk if you choose a plan with a high deductible.

Pay special attention to prescription coverage if someone in your family relies on a prescription medication. If that drug is an expensive one, you may have to pay full cost for it until the deductible is met, and a coinsurance percentage after that. Ask yourself: Would it be a better deal to pay a higher monthly premium in exchange for a flat copay each time you need to refill at the pharmacy?

Check the plans provider network to make sure there are doctors and hospitals near you who take that plan. If you go out of the network to receive care, you might have to pay full price, whether you knew you went to a non-network provider or not. If you have a doctor you like, also make sure he or she accepts your medical insurance plan.

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How To Buy Health Insurance Plan Online

Getting a health insurance plan which meets all your requirements while meeting your budget is very simple and quick with InsuranceDekho.

  • Step 1: Enter Your Personal Details

    Enter your personal details like Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, Gender, City, etc to see top health insurance plans matching your specific requirements.

  • Compare Health Insurance Plans Online

    From all the available health insurance quotes, select the plan which meets your budget and requirements in the best manner.

  • Make Payment Online

    Pay the plan premium online via secured payment gateway through a payment mode of your choice and receive the policy document at your registered email ID.

What Are The Cheapest Health Insurance Quotes I Can Get

The most affordable health insurance that is available is Medicaid coverage. However, in order to be covered by Medicaid, you must qualify, which is dependent on the state that you live in and your household income. For most areas of the United States, an individual will qualify for Medicaid if their income is less than 138% of the federal poverty level.

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When Using Our Compare Tool And Browsing Health Insurance Plans You Will Notice That Policies Are Categorized By Metal Tiers The Metal Tiers Are Differentiated By The Amount You Would Pay For Premiums Deductibles Out

In most state health insurance exchanges, there are five different metal tiers available for purchase: Catastrophic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Choosing the right health insurance plan will require you to identify which metal tier is best for your current health and financial situation.

Catastrophic and Bronze health plans have the cheapest premiums but the highest deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums. For this reason, Bronze and Catastrophic plans are most affordable for individuals who are in great health and do not expect to have large medical expenses during the year.

Silver metal tier plans are a middle ground policy with modest premiums and deductibles. These plans are best-suited for individuals or families with average health insurance needs and household income. The federal government also allows Silver health insurance policyholders to receive cost-sharing reductions if your household income falls below 250% of the federal poverty level. This benefit will allow you to pay less in coinsurance, copays and deductibles.

Q: Can I Buy My Own Health Insurance

How to Compare Health Insurance Plans

Ans: Health is wealth. You need to properly take care of your health and for this, its wise to buy health insurance for you & your family. It will ensure to get the financial coverage for your health care expenses. You can simply compare health insurance plans from different insurers and pick the right one for you.

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Eligibility Criteria To Buy Health Insurance

Buying a health insurance policy is essential because medical care, especially in the private sector is expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. To avoid a tough situation during medical emergency or illness, paying a small annual premium can certainly help to lessen your stress.

You can easily purchase a good insurance plan online that usually covers expenses incurred towards doctor consultation fees, ambulance services, hospitalization to a certain extent. Here are the eligibility criteria-

  • Entry age for adults- 18-65 years
  • Entry age for children-90 days-18 years.

Buying a health insurance policy during early age can be cost-effective as one might not necessarily have to undergo medical tests conducted by the insurers.

How To Calculate Health Insurance Premium Before Buying Your Policy

It is essential to pay a fixed premium regularly in order to keep the policy in force. Have you ever wondered how this premium is calculated? Certain factors affect health insurance premiums like your familys medical background, your personal medical history, and so on.

Depending on that, you might want to calculate your premium to know how much you would have to pay for the policy. It can be done via a Health Insurance Premium Calculator. A premium calculator is an online tool that calculates the premium to be paid as per your information. At, you can calculate your medical insurance premium easily.

Factors Affecting Health Insurance Premium

As the medical facilities are advancing, so are the health care costs. The primary benefit of health insurance is that it takes care of healthcare costs. It gives financial security to you and your family if any unanticipated serious illness or accidental injuries drains all your savings. Learn how the cost of your insurance premium is determined:

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What Is Health Insurance Portability

Health Insurance Portability refers to the right conferred to a health insurance policyholder to switch from one insurer to another without losing the credit gained with respect to the waiting period for a preexisting condition and other time-bound exclusions. IRDAI had issued guidelines on the portability of health insurance policies. Portability in health insurance has come into force w.e.f 1st October 2011. The health insurance policyholders thereby have the right to buy a policy from another insurance company of their choice. The portability also applies when you switch from one plan to another with the same insurer. Porting of policy is possible only at the time of renewal. You can carry forward the credit given by the previous insurer, such as the waiting period for Preexisting conditions and other time-bound exclusions. You can port your health policy to any general insurer or specialized health insurer. Under this provision, your new insurer is bound to insure you at least up to the sum assured as mentioned under the previous policy.

Looking For Life Insurance Too

Compare health insurance plans calculator

If you havent sorted out life cover yet, its better not to put it off.

Our guide: How to find the best life insurance in Ireland, explains everything you need to know about the different types of life cover, how it works, and what it covers.

The earlier you start a policy, the cheaper it will be, plus, youll have peace of mind that your loved ones will be protected financially if the worst happens.

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What Is The Average Cost Of Health Insurance In India

In India, the insurance providers use factors like age, health condition, coverage and number of individuals to be covered to determine the premium of a health plan. Let’s take the help of an example for better understanding.

At the age of 25, if you want to purchase an individual health plan of the sum insured , your premium amount will be Rs.608/month. Whereas, if you want to purchase an individual health plan of the sum insured at the age of 50 with smoking habits, your premium amount will be Rs.1831/month.

If you want to opt for a higher sum insured or require a family floater plan, take the help of our health insurance premium calculator to know the correct amount.

Note –The premium values keep on changing. Please check the amount first before investing in a plan.

What Factors Affect The Premium Payable For A Health Insurance Policy

Age is the biggest factor that determines the premium payable. The older you are, the higher is your premium, as you’ll be more prone to illness. Your medical history is another factor that will go into determining the premium. If you don’t have any medical history, the premium would be naturally lower. You are also eligible for a discount on the future premium payable if you have not claimed in the previous years.

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Why Should I Buy Health Insurance

Here are some top reasons why you should buy a Health Insurance Policy.

Hectic Lifestyle

Nowadays, people are busy in their day-to-day life, and typically, they dont have time to look after their health concerns. The hectic lifestyle makes the body suffer from high-stress levels that can lead to serious health issues. In case you need medical treatment, you should be covered by health insurance.

Rising Medical Costs

The medical treatments are becoming unbelievably expensive. 75% of Indian households are paying medical bills out of their pocket. Innovation and development in the medical arena have resulted in the cure for most life-threatening illnesses. Treatment for such critical diseases carries enormous medical costs and thus is not affordable to ordinary people. Treatment in private hospitals will cost you to the extent of bringing a quake in your financial stability.

Effective Financial Planning

Anybody may fall ill, and several medical treatments, especially a critical illness, can obstruct you from achieving your financial goals. If you are not covered by medical insurance, you need to pay the enormous medical bills with money you kept for meeting other financial objectives like buying a car or a new home. If you are the only income-earning family member, it becomes imperative to get yourself health insurance at the earliest.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

How Does The Excess Work

How to Compare Health Insurance Plans

When you take out a private health insurance policy, youll be able to choose the excess amount how much youll pay towards your treatment if you make a claim. Depending on your insurance provider, you could set your excess at zero, £100, or anything up to £1,000. This will be the amount youll need to pay yourself before the policy pay-out kicks in. So, if you set your excess at £500 and make a claim for private treatment costing £2,500, youll pay the first £500 and your insurance provider will stump up the remaining £2,000. The higher your excess amount, the lower your premium Is likely to be. Just make sure to set your excess at an affordable amount. Theres no point in paying a cheaper premium if you then cant afford to make a claim. Youll usually be charged an excess once per person, per policy year. However, some providers might charge you each time you make a claim and some providers offer you the choice of both. Make sure you read the terms and conditions so you know exactly how the excess works and when it will be charged, before you decide on a policy.

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How To Compare Health Insurance

Compare Online

Compare Offline

Step 1: Find out the web aggregators or companies that can provide a comparison. Or you may use online health insurance premium calculator of different insurance companies and prepare a comparative chart yourself.

Step 1: Find out the agent who can offer you health insurance. Meet the person and explain to him in detail about your requirements.

Step 2: The portal will ask the necessary information like your city , date of birth, number of people you want to cover, contact details, and Sum Insured. The portal will process the information and then a quote will be given to you. You may then choose the insurance company and plan accordingly.

Step 2: Give all the information like your age, pre-existing, critical illness, medical history, family history, Sum Insured, and others to the agent. Make sure the information you provide is correct.

Step 3:Then the insurance company will ask for pre-existing illness, general symptoms, medicines or supplements. If there exists any, then the premium will be affected.

Step 3: The agent will ask for quotes from different insurers and submit the same to you. Read thoroughly and choose the insurance company accordingly.

Step 4: Further you may have to provide your personal details like name, age, gender, and weight. It will also ask some personal details to complete the process.

Pros And Cons Of Multiple Health Insurance Policies

There are potential benefits to having more than one healthplan. Having multiple health insurance policies may mean extra help withmedical costs, since dual coverage lets people access two plans to cover healthcarecosts. Additionally, if you have coverage through your parents plan or yourpartners plan, you dont have to worry about going uninsured if you lose yourjob and the health insurance that comes with it.

Having two or more health insurance plans can be a way to maximize benefits and potentially receive more coverage than if you only had one plan. Theres a good chance that you can stay covered under your parents or spouses insurance at little to no cost to them .

Keep in mind that the combined coverage cannot exceed 100%of the cost. Also, as mentioned before, having multiple health insurance plansdoesnt mean you wont have any out-of-pocket costs. Youll still beresponsible for any cost sharing under plan rules, including premiums anddeductibles for both plans.

As mentioned, one of the best ways to lower your overall health-care expenses is to compare plan costs and benefits with a licensed insurance broker like eHealth. Since health insurance costs are regulated by law, youll get the same price no matter where you buy. So, the best strategy is to shop at a broker like eHealth that offers a large selection of affordable health plans in one place.

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How Does Private Health Insurance Work

Private health insurance works in a similar way to other types of insurance. Youll pay a monthly or yearly amount, known as a premium. Youll also agree an excess, which is the amount you pay towards any claim you make. In return, you can claim for the cost of private medical treatment you receive, rather than paying for it all yourself or getting it on the NHS.

  • How to access private healthcare

If you develop a health problem, see your GP as normal, but let them know you have private cover and ask what options are available. They should be able to recommend a specialist or private treatment centre or you might want to choose your own. If you remain unsure who to see or where to go for treatment, simply ask your GP for an open referral letter.

  • How to make a claim

If youre referred to a private specialist or treatment centre, youll need to tell your insurance provider you want to make a claim and provide them with your referral letter. If the private treatment you need is covered under your policy, your provider will approve the claim, take you through your options, make you aware of any limits within your policy and pay for your medical costs.

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