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How To File A Claim For National Service Life Insurance

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Advisory Council On Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance

How to file an Insurance Claim

There is an Advisory Council on Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance. The council consists of

the Secretary of the Treasury, who is the chairman of the council

the Secretary of Defense

the Secretary of Commerce

the Secretary of Health and Human Services

the Secretary of Homeland Security and

the Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Members of the council shall serve without additional compensation.

The council shall meet at least once a year, or more often at the call of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The council shall review the operations of the Department under this subchapter and shall advise the Secretary on matters of policy relating to the Secretary’s activities under this subchapter.


section 774 of this title as this section.

Pub. L. 10254 amended section generally. Prior to amendment, section read as follows: “There is hereby established an Advisory Council on Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance consisting of the Secretary of the Treasury as Chairman, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Secretary of Transportation, and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget each of whom shall serve without additional compensation. The Council shall meet once a year, or oftener at the call of the Administrator, and shall review the operations under this subchapter and advise the Administrator on matters of policy relating to the Administrator activities thereunder.”

Replacement Of Surrendered And Expired Insurance

Any person who had United States Government life insurance or National Service Life Insurance on the five-year level premium term plan, the term of which expired while such person was in the active service after April 25, 1951, or within one hundred and twenty days after separation from such active service, and in either case before January 1, 1957, who was entitled on December 31, 1958, to replace such insurance under section 623 of the National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940, shall, upon application made while on continuous active duty which began before January 1, 1959, or within one hundred and twenty days after separation therefrom, payment of premiums and evidence of good health satisfactory to the Secretary, be granted an equivalent amount of insurance on the five-year level premium term plan at the premium rate for such person’s then attained age.

section 782 of this title as this section and substituted “Secretary” for “Administrator”.

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Coverage for windows and windshields is found under Collision, Comprehensive and All Perils. As they are included in the perils part of your coverage, you can feel confident you have coverage.

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National Service Life Insurance Appropriation

The National Service Life Insurance appropriation is continued and there is authorized to be appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, such sums as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter and the provisions heretofore prescribed in the National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940, or related Acts, for the payment of liabilities under National Service Life Insurance. Payment from this appropriation shall be made upon and in accordance with awards by the Secretary.

All premiums heretofore and hereafter paid on insurance issued or reinstated under section 602 of the National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940 where the requirement of good health was waived under such section because of a service-incurred injury or disability shall be credited directly to the National Service Life Insurance appropriation and any payments of benefits heretofore and hereafter made on such insurance shall be made directly from such appropriation.

, provided that: “The amendments made by this section shall take effect at the end of the 90-day period beginning on the date of the enactment of this Act .”

Filing The Claim With American National Insurance Company Provider

VA Form 29

American National Insurance Company customers can file a claim online at or call 1-800-333-2860. The claims hotline is available 24 hours a day for your convenience. Most health insurance policy claims are filed by physicians or medical care providers at the time of or soon after service is rendered. Health insurance claim forms are available online at .

American National Insurance Company was established in the early 1900s by William Moody. In addition to operating as ANIC, the company also works with subsidiaries, including:

  • American National Property and Casualty
  • American National Life Insurance Company of New York
  • Farm Family
  • Standard Life and Accident Insurance
  • Garden State Life Insurance
  • American National Life Insurance Company of Texas

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Total Disability Income Provision Rider

A TDIP rider provides for monthly payments to be paid to an insured starting on the first day of the seventh month of his or her continued total disability. Payments continue as long as the total disability continues. This provision is available on all NSLI policies, except S-DVI and VRI .

Policyholders must apply for TDIP before their 55th birthday and the applicant must be in good health.

Total disability income provision benefits are payable to individuals who:

  • Have a TDIP Rider in force on the date that total disability began or one year from when the rider ceases, and
  • Have a mental or physical disability which prevents him or her from performing substantially gainful employment, and
  • Total disability must begin before the insured’s 65th birthday, and
  • Must continue for at least six consecutive months.
  • If the insured is totally disabled and qualifies for TDIP payments, he/she is also entitled to a waiver of premiums on the basic contract and the TDIP rider. To apply use , Claim for Disability Insurance Benefits.

    Effective Date Of Insurance

    Insurance may be made effective, as specified in the application, not later than the first day of the calendar month following the date of application therefor, but the United States shall not be liable thereunder for death occurring before such effective date.

    section 709 of this title as this section.

    Subject to the provisions of section 1911 of this title all contracts or policies of insurance heretofore or hereafter issued, reinstated, or converted shall be incontestable from the date of issue, reinstatement, or conversion except for fraud, nonpayment of premium, or on the ground that the applicant was not a member of the military or naval forces of the United States. However, in any case in which a contract or policy of insurance is canceled or voided after March 16, 1954, because of fraud, the Secretary shall refund to the insured, if living, or, if deceased, to the person designated as beneficiary all money, without interest, paid as premiums on such contract or policy for any period subsequent to two years after the date such fraud induced the Secretary to issue, reinstate, or convert such insurance less any dividends, loan, or other payment made to the insured under such contract or policy.

    section 710 of this title as this section.

    §5, substituted “1911” for “711”.

    Pub. L. 10283, §4, , substituted “Secretary” for “Administrator” before “shall”.

    Pub. L. 10283, §4, substituted “Secretary” for “Veterans’ Administration” before “to issue”.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About The Claim Process

    How long does it take to process a claim?

    Once we receive all required forms and documents, most claims are processed within 5-10 business days. We will notify you by mail or email if additional information is needed to process your claim. Its important to note a claim cannot be processed until all beneficiaries complete and return the required forms and documents.

    How do I return my completed forms and documents?

    Please use one of the following methods to return your forms and documents:

    Standard Mail

    Deductions Payment Investment Expenses

    Filing a Claim for VA Service-Connection? | Fully Developed Claim | VA Disability | theSITREP

    During any period in which a member, on active duty or active duty for training under a call or order to such duty that does not specify a period of less than thirty-one days, is insured under Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance, there shall be deducted each month from the member’s basic or other pay until separation or release from such duty an amount determined by the Secretary as the share of the cost attributable to insuring such member under such policy, less any costs traceable to the extra hazard of such duty in the uniformed service.

    During any month in which a member is assigned to the Ready Reserve of a uniformed service under conditions which meet the qualifications of or of section 1965 of this title , and is insured under a policy of insurance purchased by the Secretary, under section 1966 of this title , there shall be contributed from the appropriation made for active duty pay of the uniformed service concerned an amount determined by the Secretary as the share of the cost attributable to insuring such member under this policy, less any costs traceable to the extra hazards of such duty in the uniformed services. Any amounts so contributed on behalf of any individual shall be collected by the Secretary concerned from such individual and shall be credited to the appropriation from which such contribution was made.

    The Secretary shall determine the premium amounts to be charged for life insurance coverage for spouses of members under this subchapter.


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    Beneficiaries Can Be Changed

    When you buy an insurance policy, you can designate each beneficiary as either revocable or irrevocable. When beneficiaries are irrevocable, it can be difficult to remove them from policies or change their share without their consent. For revocable beneficiaries, the change process is relatively easy and you dont need permission . For example, with Guardian, a beneficiary change can be done online in a few minutes by going to and signing in or registering for an account. Other life insurance companies may require a phone call or ask you to fill out a paper form and send it back. An annual review with your agent or financial professional can be a great time to ensure your beneficiaries are up to date.

    Disability Insurance Claims During A Disability Period

    Business expenses report for overhead expensesThis report is necessary when a claim is filed under the overhead expenses benefit.Expense reports and supporting documents are regularly requested during a period of disability. Generally, this information is required every three months as we must ensure that current expenses are equal to the insured amount.

    Employer’s statementIf the insured person has more than one employer, this form may be used to provide a copy to be completed. The form may also be used if the insured person is disabled again after attempting to return to work. In this case, the employer must complete the form again.

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    Contact The Insurance Company

    The first step to filing a death claim for life insurance is informing the life insurance company of the death and obtaining the proper forms from them to file the claim.

    You should try to get in touch with the agent the deceased worked with or any agent who works for the company directly.

    Once contacted, the agents can expedite the process and give you the personal service you need in order to make the process as simple as possible.

    Insuranceopedia Explains National Service Life Insurance

    How to File an Insurance Claim

    Military personnel receive compensation for their service and eligibility for the national service life insurance program was one aspect of that compensation for active service members and veterans of the Second World War. The coverage was available to anyone serving in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and the Women’s Auxiliaries.

    In addition to the death benefit paid out as part of the life insurance coverage, the NSLI also provides a disability benefit to policyholders who become disabled prior to turning 65.Although the policies have not been issued in over six decades, there are still a number of veterans who remain NSLI policyholders.

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    Disability Insurance Initial Claim

    This guide provides information and forms to help you file the initial claim for disability benefits and/or waiver of premiums.Important: Your claim must be submitted to the insurer within 90 days of the onset of disability.

    Business expenses report for overhead expensesThis form is required to file a claim for the overhead expenses benefit. You must also provide all supporting documents for each of your expenses.Because your overhead expenses claim is related to a sick leave, you must complete the claim forms for disability benefits, which are included in the claimant’s guide to disability insurance. If your claim is related to the overhead expenses benefit only, you don’t need to provide proof of income.Note that since changes in expenses may occur during a disability period, supporting documents may be requested regularly during your leave.

    This form is required for any Long Term Care Insurance coverage.

    How Long Do Beneficiaries Have To Claim A Life Insurance Policy After Death

    Losing someone you love is hard enough, and not receiving the individuals life insurance policy death benefits in a timely manner can make it that much harder. While there is no time limit for claiming life insurance death benefits, life insurance companies do have time limits they must adhere to when it comes to paying out claims. It is usually very uncommon for large companies to not pay within 30 days of an insured individuals death.

    It is extremely rare for an insurer to take longer than 60 days to pay a claim, and if all documents are in order and the claim is pretty straightforward, then the claim should be processed and only take around 10 to 14 days. Pinning an exact amount days is difficult, simply due to the amount of time that it will take depending on the company, the laws of your state, and the speed in which you provide your insurer with all of the claim requirements. Having said that, there are ways to try and make sure that you get your claim within the timeframe needed.

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    Address The Problem With Your Agent Broker Or Company Representative

    If you have a concern about your policy, claim, or any dealings with your insurance company or broker, contact the company. Every company has an internal complaint-handling process which is posted on their website.

    When filing a complaint, remember to:

    • state the facts, such as why you think there is a problem and what you’d like to happen
    • provide copies of documents, such as brochures, account statements, contracts and medical information, if needed
    • keep a record of who you talked to and what was said
    • ask for a letter that clearly states your insurers final decision regarding your complaint

    Death Before Six Months’ Total Disability

    Getting records for a VA disability claim | Department of Veterans Affairs | theSITREP

    Whenever premiums are not waived under section 1912 of this title solely because the insured died prior to the continuance of total disability for six months, and proof of such facts, satisfactory to the Secretary, is filed by the beneficiary with the Department within one year after the insured’s death, the insurance shall be deemed to be in force at the date of the death, and the unpaid premiums shall become a lien against the proceeds of the insurance. If the beneficiary is insane or a minor, proof of such facts may be filed within one year after removal of such legal disability.

    section 713 of this title as this section.

    §5, substituted “1912” for “712”.

    Pub. L. 10283, §4, , substituted “Secretary” for “Administrator”.

    Pub. L. 10283, §4, , substituted “Department” for “Veterans’ Administration”.

    1986 substituted “the” for “his” in three places.

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    Veterans’ Special Life Insurance

    Insurance heretofore granted under the provisions of section 621 of the National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940, against the death of the policyholder occurring while such insurance is in force, is subject to the same terms and conditions as are contained in standard policies of National Service Life Insurance on the five-year level premium term plan except such insurance may not be exchanged for or converted to insurance on any other plan the premium rates for such insurance shall be based on the Commissioners 1941 Standard Ordinary Table of Mortality and interest at the rate of 2¼ per centum per annum all settlements on policies involving annuities shall be calculated on the basis of The Annuity Table for 1949, and interest at the rate of 2¼ per centum per annum all premiums and other collections on such insurance and any total disability provisions added thereto shall be credited to a revolving fund in the Treasury of the United States, which, together with interest earned thereon, shall be available for the payment of liabilities under such insurance and any total disability provisions added thereto, including payments of dividends and refunds of unearned premiums, and for the reimbursement of administrative costs under subsection .

    This subsection shall be in effect only with respect to fiscal year 1996.

    §4, substituted “two Secretaries” for “Administrator and Secretary”.

    Pub. L. 10283, §4, , substituted “Secretary” for “Administrator” after “The”.

    Filing Claims And Prompt Payments

    You do not have to file a claim for a life insurance policy within a certain timeframe. In fact, the life insurance death benefit will usually grow with interest until the claim is filed or the life insurance company can find the beneficiary. The ever-growing death benefit, along with state laws mandating prompt payment of life insurance money, usually force life insurers to act quickly in issuing payment.

    Each state has a different set of laws that regulate life insurance companies differently. This is why you need to read and understand the laws of your state and interpret how they handle these claims. Each state has separate rules with a set maximum amount of time that a life insurance company can take to pay a claim, but most companies will pay must faster if there are certain steps that are taken.

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